Friday, October 16, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 7

"You know, Jae is looking amazing, Cody. I mean, he always looks amazing, but I couldn't help noticing as we were watching Aquarius vs. Diablo. It looks like he's bulked up chest and shoulders, but his waist is still in competition shape."

Jae, looking great

I smile, "I know right? We've developed a great program for him."

My best friend Ryan continues, "And I've never seen him so focused. It's good to see him back. When he took more time off, I was worried the Parasite match was the last time we'd see SuperStar."

Cody (me)

I nod, "Im really hoping he can surprise a lot of people when they see today's match. You wouldn't believe how hard we've been working to turn SuperStar back into a winner, but it going to take time."

Ryan nudges me, "We? So The Bat's been doing some coaching, eh? About time, buddy."

I hold up my hands, "Hey, I tried before, but he didn't want me involved."

Ryan chuckles, "Well, I guess three humiliating losses and all that SuperJobber talk on the blogs would change anyone's mind." When I roll my eyes, Ryan asks, "What'd I say?"

"A lot of that SuperJobber talk is led by Jae's ex. The guy's been basically stalking Jae, online harassment, even setting up the match with Parasite. That's how Keegan knew how to beat Jae last match. The guy sounds like a psycho stalker. Frankly, I'm a little worried."

Ryan's mouth drops open, "What? How are you just telling me this NOW?""

"Yeah, long story. I'll tell you all about it tonight."

Ryan nods, "Okay. Well, can't wait to here the rest of the story, but it's showtime."


I'm tucked away, able to watch the action without ending up on camera as we film our next SuperStar match for The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that Ryan and I co-own. I've wrestled as The Bat since we started, but recently my boyfriend Jae adopted the alter ego of SuperStar, our Superman analog. After winning his first four matches, he suffered losses in full stakes matches at the hands of a muscle monster, a pro wrestler and a smaller muscleman who used erotic techniques to defeat him.

It was this last match that really got Jae to get more serious and involve me. As The Bat, I've only legitimately lost four times in seven years and over 50 matches on the site. Yeah, I'm just really, really good. Hopefully I was able to pass enough along in the short amount of time we've had.

Ryan introduces SuperStar first. Jae comes out in full costume. He poses and flexes, showing off his 5'11"/200-lbs of muscle. When he's the hero, he wrestles in red trunks with a yellow belt, red pro boots, blue forearm gauntlets and a blue full-face mask. To the ring, he also has a long red cape that flows majestically behind him.

As a personal trainer, he's super-fit with a natural tan that highlights his ripped muscles. He's on a break from participating in fitness competitions, so we were able to bulk him up, but to Ryan's point, he's not looking as beefy as he did when he was fresh from playing college football.

Jae as SuperStar, the hero

Next up, comes the villain. Brainium emerges, moving slowly, almost robotically. In keeping with his inspiration, he wears pink, white and green, with a green mask, pink trunks and forearm gauntlets and white boots. The mask has a three circle design, fashioned after Brainiac.

Brainium is ripped. At 6'1"/190-lbs, he's a little taller and a little lighter than Jae, but damn, he's going to be a challenge if he knows anything about wrestling. His muscles are beautifully defined and practically popping with power. The muscleheel looks determined, with an intense stare as he marches to the ring. The bright lights shine on his pale white skin, which is smooth and flawless.

Brainium, the villain/heel

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for my boyfriend, hoping for a win.

Round 1

The two musclemen circle the ring. SuperStar is bouncing as he moves, while Brainium moves more methodically. They quickly lock up in a collar-and-elbow. Both men tense as they strain. It's a nice contrast, with the hero's tanned muscle against the pale white flesh of the villain. They grunt and move, testing each other out.

The hero appears stronger, but it's Brainium who shifts then twists him into a chicken wing. The heel wrenches SuperStar's arm up his back. The hero moves, trying to twist free. He leans to take pressure off, but the heel is doing a good job of countering. The hero swings his elbow back, trying to hit Brainium in the head. WHOOSH!

The villain sees it coming a mile away. He smoothly slides his arm under the tanned musclestud's attempt, keeping the chicken wing while locking on a standing half nelson. Okay, this villain does know how to wrestle. He's smooth, knowing exactly what to do, while SuperStar looks tentative. I've tried to train him, but so much of wrestling is speed that you have to move on instinct. Jae hasn't developed that instinct, yet.

SuperStar fights the half nelson, but the heel adjusts. It's not a particularly dangerous submission hold, but it keeps control and wears down an opponent. Suddenly, before the hero can even react, Brainium pulls him back and down across his knee with a backbreaker. CRACK! The move is fast and hard. The hero rolls off the muscleheel's leg to his hands and knees. The heel launches into the air, coming down with an elbow into his back. WHACK! SuperStar is flattened.

Brainium quickly locks on a punishing crossface hold, trapping SuperStar's arm and pulling up under his chin. The hero groans as he fights against the submission hold. He's not giving, so Brainium releases the hold, smoothly spinning on his ass and locking the hero's head between his muscular white legs. He squeezes the masked head, crushing it as he flexes for the cameras.

The heel says, "This is even easier than I had anticipated. Are you even trying, SuperJobber?"

That gets the hero's blood boiling. When the villain smacks his head, SuperStar reaches out, grabbing the heel's wrists. He brings his legs then stands, lifting Brainium into the air. He drops down, slamming the muscleheel onto the canvas. WHAM! The heel loses his scissors, allowing the hero to escape and stumble backwards.

SuperStar shakes out his head as Brainium rises to his feet. The hero charges in fast. He locks on an arm bar then executes a beautiful arm drag takedown that sends the heel flying down hard onto the canvas. The tanned musclestud moves in, stomping Brainium. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero drags him to his feet, but the heel thrusts his hand out, locking on a face claw. ARGH! SuperStar groans, losing all focus.

Brainium keeps control with his claw. The hero clutches the pink-covered wrist and forearm, but he can't pull the grip off his face. Meanwhile, the muscleheel kicks up, driving his boot into the hero's unflexed abs. OOF! He does it again and SuperStar drops to his knees. He's still moaning in pain from the claw, unable to pry the fingers from his temples. The hero finally switches gears. He fires out fists. They slam into Brainium's chiseled abs, bouncing off, but it does enough. The hero pulls free and rolls back out of reach.

Brainium moves in confidently. The hero springs out, tackling his opponent down. The former football player does know how to tackle. It knocks the wind out of the surprised villain. The hero grabs a leg, flips the muscleheel over and locks on a single leg crab. Now it's the villain's turn to moan and groan in pain. ARGH!

SuperStar rubs his head with his free hand, obviously using this as a rest hold. Still, he steps back and really has the crab cranked. Brainium tries to kick free as he pushes up with his hands, but he can't move the tanned musclestud. The hero looks focused again. He shifts back even more and the muscleheel is almost bent in half.

Brainium reaches back. He slams his fist up into the back of the squatting hero's leg. The blows don't do much, but then he turns his hand. The heel runs his long, powerful fingers along the leg. He's got his head turned, searching for the right spot. ARGH! Suddenly, Brainium clamps down with a nerve hold on the back of SuperStar's leg. The hero loses the crab, dropping to a knee. UNH! UNH! He whimpers in pain as he swats back at the killer claw, but it does nothing.

The heel slithers out from under the hero, keeping his vice-like grip in place. He finally lets go, but then lashes out with a boot to the ailing muscle. SuperStar falls forward, gripping his leg. The villain rises, quickly moving over his prey. He stomps the leg, methodically breaking down the muscles. The hero rolls to safety, using the ropes for support. He looks like he's limping as he stares down Brainium.

SuperStar hops back as Brainium inches towards him. The heel kicks out, but the hero blocks the kick with his forearm. The tanned musclestud dives forward, clothes lining Brainium to the mat. The villain goes down onto his upper back, shoulders and neck. The hero works out his leg, trying to undo the damage.

Brainium rolls to hands and knees. SuperStar comes in from behind, looking to keep the advantage, but the muscleheel is ready. He kicks back, catching the hero in the bulge. ACK! SuperStar turns, stumbling into the corner face first. He drops to his knees, clutching his manhood. The hero has his forehead down on the middle turnbuckle. Oh shit, never turn your back to your opponent! Where is your head, Jae?

The heel moves in fast. He grabs the back of SuperStar's mask, lifts it up then slams the hero's face into the middle turnbuckle. WHAM! He then locks on a claw on both traps, crushing the thick muscles in his tight grip. Brainium clearly has powerful fingers, which break down yet another muscle group on the tanned musclestud. ARGH!

Brainium forces the hero to his feet by his nerve hold. He kicks up, slamming the toe of his boot into the injured hamstring muscle. SuperStar drops to his knees again. The villain releases the nerve hold then slams his elbow into the back of the hero's head. CRACK! The blow sends the hero flying forward. He face plants onto the canvas, groaning. The muscleheel unleashes another series of stomps to the injured leg. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

SuperStar tries to crawl away, but instead, he's dragged back by his ankle. The villain slides out of the ring then pulls the hero's legs out on either side of the steel ring post. Uh oh. The hero slides on his front, unable to stop the inevitable. The ring post slams up between his legs as he's dragged all the way back. CRUNCH! ARGH! SuperStar cries out and reaches for his balls. He starts to roll onto his back, but the heel stops him.

Brainium smacks SuperStar's ass, mocking him, then he punches the back of the hero's leg. Damn, he's really making sure the hero can't walk. Satisfied with his diabolical work, the muscleheel slides into the ring. He drags the hero to the middle of the ring then flips him onto his back. The heel lifts the hero's leg. He steps over, going for a figure-four.

As the heel exposes his backside, SuperStar lifts his other foot and kicks the villain off. WHOA! Brainium collides face first with the middle turnbuckle. THUD! The hero slides back to the opposite corner. He reaches up and grabs the top rope on either side of the top turnbuckle. He pulls himself up, testing his leg. It's obviously sore.

Opposite SuperStar, Brainium rises robotically. He turns and looks at the ailing hero who's hanging on the top rope for support. The villain marches towards him, careful not to give SuperStar any opening. When the muscleheel gets close, SuperStar does try for a kick, but it's easily deflected. The villain kicks the hero in the gut then grabs him in a front facelock. OOF!

Brainium drags the hopping hero out of the corner. He grabs the side of SuperStar's trunks. He lifts for a suplex, but the tanned musclestud manages to move his injured leg between the heel's to block. At the same time, the hero drives his fist into the softest part of Brainium's abs just above the top of the trunks. OOF!

SuperStar pulls free then rolls back, pulling Brainium down with him. They flip down until SuperStar is on top with the heel trapped in a small package. The heel kicks, but the hero counts.




SuperStar holds the pin for another second so there's no doubt then releases. He rolls to his corner and sits there, rubbing his leg. I can't tell if he's smiling with his full face mask, but I am. I taught him that counter and it worked perfectly.

One fall down. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. A big part of wrestling in The Cave is withstanding whatever the other guy can do. Even I'm not in control all the time, but I'm the best at weathering the storm and turning shit around. Now, Jae just showed the same resilience.

C'mon, man, let's just keep it going.

Round 2

At the sound of the bell, both guys circle the ring cautiously. After a lap of staring each other down, hands up, fingers waggling, they move in for a collar-and-elbow lock up. SuperStar immediately charges, driving Brainium backwards into the corner. CLANG! He turns then delivers a stiff pec chop, followed up by a knee to the muscleheel's chiseled abs. WHACK! THUD! OOF!

The hero grabs under Brainium's arm then hip tosses him down to the mat. SPLAT! The villain rolls to a seated position, allowing the tanned musclestud to move in from behind and lock on a rear chin lock. UNH! SuperStar cranks it hard, wearing down his opponent while staying away from his dangerous hands.

Brainium pushes back. SuperStar braces against the force and the two men rise up to their feet. The chin lock turns into a side headlock. The hero's bicep flexes into the temple. The villain moans, but forces his hand down the back of the tight red trunks. "What?" The hero is surprised, even more so when Brainium presses his fingers against his hole. "OH! What the fuck?" The hero groans, his headlock losing all power as his concentration shifts.

The villain easily slips free, dropping to one knee as he slides his other hand into the side of the tiny red trunks in the front. SuperStar grabs the invading wrists, rising onto his toes as he's sexually molested. Brainium fondles the hero's junk, getting him to moan. SuperStar throws his head back helplessly, "Oh god, no!"

Brainium pulls SuperStar's manhood out of the trunks at the side, forcing the red fabric to bunch on the far side of his cock and balls. With the hero's cock now free, it swells up even more. The heel starts jacking it. The muscular good guy goes noticeably weaker, losing his pump as blood rushes to his meat, which has fully powered up under the erotic attack.

SuperStar breaks free, his slick cock sliding loose. He spins, pulling away from the fingers inside his ass. The hero staggers away, his trunks a mess as they sit wedged under his ass at the back and to the side of his manhood at the front. He adjusts them, but that means taking his eyes off the heel. Mistake. When he finishes, the villain is already in the air with a dropkick. WHACK! The hero flies back into the corner hard. CLANG!

Brainium charges in with a flying splash. SPLAT! SuperStar sags slightly as Brainium bounces off then moves in again. This time, the heel launches a full-out sexual assault. He simultaneously rubs, squeezes and kisses the hero's nipples, balls and neck. The tanned musclestud sinks lower in the corner as he's molested. His moaning is loud and it's his match against Parasite all over again.

The sexy villain presses their ripped bodies together, grinding on his foe as he dominates the helpless hero through his erogenous zones. The hero is compliant as he gets flipped around, the villain grinding into his ass as he reaches around front with a nipple assault. SuperStar groans, his red trunks moist with pre-cum. He throws his head back, opening up his neck for more kissing and sucking.

The hero manages to push back, sending Brainium back. SuperStar spins in the corner, sagging. His chest is heaving and his wet red briefs are stretched to the limit, dark from the sweat and leakage from his cock. He holds the ropes and sits on the middle turnbuckle, looking ripe for the villain to attack.

Brainium taunts, "Fascinating. When I was instructed to use this tactic to ensure your defeat, I doubted the veracity of the claim. However, it appears that you are susceptible to erotic maneuvers. I should have attempted this tactic during the first fall."

Instructed? This guy too? It seems like SuperStar's been duped for the second time by his ex-boyfriend. I realize now that Jae's ex must've somehow connected with some of our villains and set this up. First Parasite, now Brainium. I have to admit, it's ingenious. And not hard. Just find guys he knows SuperStar would be hot for and who have styles that suit this humiliating plan.

Clever strategy.

The villain saunters forward, but the hero responds by charging out fast, arm extended. Brainium is shocked as he's leveled by a stiff clothesline. WHAM! SuperStar delivers some hard stomps, saying, "Looks like your data is a little out-of-date, smart guy!" STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

I smile. It WAS a clever strategy, before I started working with SuperStar. Now, he's a lot less susceptible to that shit. Or at least he's better at maintaining concentration. All Brainium's assault did was give SuperStar even more time to recover. My chest puffs out a little with pride. The Bat outsmarted SuperStar's very own Lex Luthor. Not bad. Now let's see how guys do against my boyfriend when they have to rely on their wrestling ability.

SuperStar drags Brainium to his feet. He scoops the villain across his chest then unleashes with a big body slam. WHAM! The hero runs back into the ropes, bounces off then leaps in the air. He comes down with a big body splash, slamming his 190-lbs of muscle on top of the muscleheel. SPLAT! OOF! The tanned musclestud rolls to the side then drags Brainium into a head scissors and arm bar combination.

The villain struggles as he's punished, moaning loudly. He holds on, even as he fails to escape. Brainium reaches his free arm up to his neck. He pounds SuperStar's calf then locks on a claw. AAHHHH! The hero moans, losing both holds and rolling onto his side. He reaches for his calf, but Brainium swats his hands away. The heel pulls back his fist, releases the claw then fires a hard series of shots into the aching leg muscle. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

SuperStar yelps with pain. The villain forces him onto his back. He mounts the hero's legs, pinning them down. He puts his hand over the hero's big bulge and squeezes. The tanned musclestud bucks wildly as his manhood is crushed by the powerful grip, but he can't throw the heel off him. Brainium adds an ab claw, digging his fingers into the chiseled six-pack. ARGH! The hero thrashes on the mat, being torn apart by the two claws.

Brainium notices the hero's shoulders are down. He counts, "ONE!" Pause. "TWO!" Just in time, the hero rolls his right shoulder up off the mat. Wow, almost pinned by claws? That's not good. The villain slides up, releasing the claws. He sits on SuperStar's aching bulge, bouncing his rock hard ass on the tender crotch. The muscleheel reaches for the heaving chest muscles, locking on a powerful pec claw. ARGH!

The villain pushes down hard, using the pec claw to try for another pin. "ONE!" Pause. "TWO!" SuperStar manages to roll enough to get a shoulder up. Once the count is broken, he sags back, moaning and suffering under the muscleheel with the deadly hands. The hero won't submit and won't be pinned, so his opponent shifts gears.

Brainium shifts to a squat, but maintains the pec claw. In one powerful move, he stands, forcing the tanned musclestud to his feet along with him. The hero cries out as his pecs are toured by the move. The villain pushes SuperStar into the corner. He steps on the bottom ropes then the middle ropes, increasing his leverage as he towers above the suffering musclestud.

SuperStar is practically whimpering from the prolonged pec abuse, but he won't submit. When Brainium still won't let go, the hero gets enough focus to grab behind the villain's legs. The hero lifts the muscleheel off the turnbuckle. The surprise shift distracts the heel long enough that the claw loosens. As soon as it does, SuperStar dives forward, slamming Brainium's back down onto the canvas. KABOOM!

Both men lie on the mat devastated. They're trying to recover, Brainium on his side, holding his back and SuperStar crouching and massaging his pecs and bulge. The villain rises to his feet. He moves towards the hero, only to be tackled down. The tanned musclestud rolls through the tackle, somersaulting over the heel and pulling Brainium's legs with him. SuperStar counts the pin, but gets thrown off before he even reaches two.

Brainium dives in for a claw, but the hero blocks the move. SuperStar holds onto the heel's wrist and forearm then wraps his legs around the bicep, positioning his feet behind the head. He rolls to his left, smoothly dragging the villain down to the mat. Brainium hits face first, trapped in a great arm submission hold I taught him. My boyfriend has it locked in properly and there's not much the heel can do, but pound the mat in frustration.

SuperStar cranks hard and he's rewarded with grunting and moaning. It takes a minute, but Brainium manages to push up and twist, yanking his arm free. He rolls across the ring to the ropes. The heel shakes out his arm. As the hero approaches, Brainium dives forward, clipping the leg. SuperStar manages to throw him off, but he rises up, limping.

Brainium senses the weakness. He runs into the corner and impressively leaps onto the middle turnbuckle. In one fluid move, he springs back at the hero. The heel hits SuperStar in the chest with the cross body block. THUD! The tanned musclestud recognizes the move, which gives him time to brace. Just like we practiced, he manages to catch the flying heel and deftly dropping him into an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK!

SuperStar pushes down hard, folding the villain over his leg. The heel's back is bent against itself and the pain is apparent in his moans of pain. The hero bounces his leg, adding to the pressure. Brainium holds out bravely, but there's not much he can do. He goes for a nerve hold on whatever body part he can reach, but SuperStar keeps him from locking on by amping the force.

Finally, Brainium cries out, "I SUBMIT!"

SuperStar pushes the villain off his knee. He rises slowly. The hero flexes over the heel's battered body, savoring a victory for the first time in a while. And not only a victory, a triumph over a villain prepared to use his weakness against him. So good for Jae, winning both falls. It wasn't exactly a dominating performance, but it's a win. It'll hopefully end some of the talk and give him some confidence.

Now comes the fun part. Based on how far Jae's red trunks are stretched out, I can tell he's damn excited, too.

The Stakes

SuperStar wastes no time going at Brainium. He forces the villain to his knees then orders him to strip his tight red trunks. When they're down, the hero steps out. Brainium comes back to a kneeling position. The hero roughly shoves his cock down the muscleheel's throat, impaling him. Brainium gags on the rod then starts working the dick.

I can tell SuperStar is enjoying being back in the victory circle. He's being more forceful and dominant than usual, taking out his frustration of being labeled a super-jobber on the helpless musclehunk. Brainium is withstanding the rough face fucking, but I'm sure it's not pleasurable. The hero is guiding the villain's head with one hand, smacking it with the other.

The abuse goes on for awhile before SuperStar gives the loser a break. The muscle hero pulls out then slaps Brainium's face with his hard cock. SuperStar circles behind the heel. He puts his boot between Brainium's shoulder blades then kicks him forward. The villain falls forward, landing hard on his chest and head.

The hero kicks Brainium's legs apart then kneels between them. SuperStar leans forward. He pulls up on the fabric of the back of Brainium's trunks, stretching it out. I wonder what he's doing when he bites into it. I quickly realize he's tearing the trunks, making a hole. SuperStar works the trunks until he's torn the fabric. He tears it, exposing the villain's hole.

The muscleheel just lies on the mat as SuperStar sheathes his cock in latex then moves his cock head into position. It slides through the torn backside of the trunks, as SuperStar guides it into position. With a slow push, he enters the villain, causing the heel to moan loudly. The muscleheel bites his bottom lip, finally adjusting to the big piece of meat inside him.

Once he's all the way in, his hips pressed firmly against Brainium's ass, SuperStar reaches forward. He grabs Brainium's arms, yanking them down against his sides. He pins them down, using them to brace his body. The hero then starts to move, slowly at first then picking up steam.

SuperStar stares into the camera the entire time he's riding Brainium. His hips move rhythmically as he thrusts his cock inside the villain. It's a surprisingly dispassionate and forceful fucking, one that looks like complete domination, rather than anything romantic. It's still hot, but the hero is clearly seeding his opponent. I haven't seen this side of my boyfriend.

The heel moans, his mouth contorted in pain as he's relentlessly pounded. He even begs a couple of times for SuperStar to slow down and ease up. His pleading whimpers only seem to motivate the muscular hero to go deeper and harder.

Finally, SuperStar slows down. He holds his cock inside Brainium's tight hole. He groans as he obviously shoots inside the villain. He erupts for a long time, before finally pulling out. The hero slides the full condom off then flips the heel onto his back. He slides up, kneeling beside Brainium's face. He forces the villain to clean his cock, enjoying one last moment of domination before he rises to his feet. I need to remind SuperStar that cum shots sell, but I get why he did what he did.

The hero puts his boot on Brainium's chest and flexes for the cameras. He marches out of the ring then through the curtains. Back in the ring, the villain is jerking off, pounding a load out of his cock. He quickly erupts, having been denied release up to now. The ripped muscleman covers his chiseled abs with his thick white cum. When he's finished, he lies back and just lies on the canvas.

Ryan ends the video on a lingering shot of the villain's defeated, drained and cum-covered body.

After the Match

Thirty minutes later, I see Ryan coming back from the locker rooms. I tell him, "We have to screen Jae's opponents better."

My best friend squints as he cautiously asks, "What exactly do you mean?"

I hold up my hands, "I'm not criticizing you, buddy. It's just that this is the second guy Jae's ex has sent to us."

Ryan says, "Well, Parasite was on our roster. I convinced him to change IDs. And I found Brainium myself. Neither one came through Jae's ex."

"Really? Then how did he know to talk to them? Is he hacking our system? How big a psycho is this guy?" Ryan just looks at me. We've been friends for almost 20 years. I know that look, so I ask, "What? What am I missing?"

"Occam's Razor." When I just stare, Ryan adds, "Basically, all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the right one."

"And what's the simplest solution?"

Ryan grabs my shoulder, "I like Jae. A lot. But he's young."


"I didn't tell Jae's ex. You didn't. His opponents didn't. That leaves an elaborate scheme or ..." I don't reply. Ryan pauses then steps back and shrugs, "Never mind. You should ask Jae what he thinks. I'm staying out of it."

I say in an exasperated tone, "Just tell me."

Ryan says, "Fine. No stalking. No setup. No hacking. I'm pretty sure that Jae started all of this with the ex. Jae told the guy that he was wrestling as SuperStar for The Cave. Jae bragged about his winning streak. Jae told him who he was facing, even providing the contact information. Perhaps unintentionally, I don't know. But Jae has been in constant contact with his ex and that's all that's going on."

"And you think this why?"

"Because I thought it was weird, what you told me before the match, when I knew I talked with Keegan before he ever even thought about being Parasite. So I just talked to Brainium and this is the story the ex told him. He showed me the initial email from the ex, which included the chain from me to Brainium to me to Jae to the ex, etc. Then I called Keegan and he told me the same thing. The ex got their info from Jae. They both thought it was a hot idea, so they went along. Like a big game."

I think for a moment then ask, "Why would Jae do this? Why wouldn't he tell me?"

Ryan shrugs, "I'd guess because he's young, cocky and wanted to rub it in his ex's face that he's doing this cool thing now. Remember when you first met Jae? He knew your body just from watching a ton of Cave matches. They probably watched together. It probably started as showing off after a bad breakup. Showing how good he's doing without him and it got out of hand. Look, I'm guessing. You really need to ask him."

"Wow. So if he did this then he's been lying to me. Or at least leaving out some important information. Huh. Do you think he's still hung up on this guy?"

Ryan shrugs, "Talk to Jae."

My best friend pulls me in for a hug, enveloping me in his big arms. It feels good, exactly what I need. I hug him back, worried about my relationship for the first time.

To be continued on 8/15 in The Cave 13 ...


  1. Absolutely brilliant as always! Great to see The SuperStar get a win :)

  2. 2 things: 1. I loved Jae's domination at the end of this. Very hot! and 2:THE CAVE 13!!!! That means the return of either The Bat or Bane! Either way I'm excited! This story line is very exciting! I'm really enjoying it.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you're really enjoying it. And congrats on being so perceptive. :)

    2. Did i skim and miss something was there a clue either of them were returning in 13?

    3. No worries, you didn't miss anything. There were no clues in the story. Phil has astutely picked up on the fact that The Cave is the series that features Cody and Ryan.

  3. Alex R:

    Welcome back Superstar So the Cody/Jae drama is unfolding! (In a dragonballz narrator tone) The question is does Corey/Mimik have anything to do with this? Is there some evil plot to sabotage Cody's relationship with Ryan? What is going on with Jae? Is he really creating all the problems? Find out on the nxt chapter of "THE CAVE"!

    Great entry man. Lots of drama at the end. Jae looked amazing in the first image and his ass on his manipulation was amazing lol. The twist at the end caught me by surprise. Great story arc coming. With every story the Universe is getting created. Real cool stuff!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, a little drama for Cody. Not everything can always be perfect, even for a perfect (in his mind) stud.

      Mike Carr doesn't have nearly enough usable images to have fresh ones for much longer, but these two were really, really nice and I was glad to be able to use them.

    2. FYI, with someone that beautiful, we're totally okay with recycled images, if it keeps a hot character in rotation. Besides, recycling is green. It's good for the environment. OH! Brainstorm! Captain Planet-based hero! "The YOURS!"

    3. So a lack of pictures isn't a good reason to write out a major character? Uh oh ... ;)

    4. Heh heh, YOU'RE the author here, so on the other hand, don't mind me! My response is always just, "Have everyone in it, all the time!" and that's just not possible. :) I just have a hard time letting go, but you know, Night, Spartan, Mr. X, Mr. Riddle...there are so many great characters, not to mention great characters who probably haven't been introduced yet, and I know they'll all need their time in the limelight!

  4. The plot thickens!

    I understand Ryan wanting to stay out of this, it being between Cody and Jae, but I think Ryan's cool head would really be helpful. I mean if hotheaded Cody (who knows he's always right) goes in there all confrontational against Jae, poor Jae might not have a chance to defend himself. And sure, Jae seems to be suffering from a serious lack of judgement or common sense, but Cody is probably the LAST person who can criticize anyone else for THAT! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate how engaged you are ... I think you bring up some good points, so we'll see how things go.

    2. Ha ha, I have fun spouting off, but I certainly hope I don't interfere with your process or anything! (And probably I shouldn't have said "poor Jae," because let's face it, saying he's using poor judgement is a best-case scenario, and there might actually be much creepier things afoot...can't wait to find out!)

    3. (Or, you know, the first time reading through I'll just seem to ignore all the clues presented in the stakes part, so seriously, don't listen to me, lol!)

    4. LOL. You're giving this more thought than I have! Never worry about sharing what you think. I don't mind and you certainly not interfering with my process.

  5. Very hot! I love a great hero versus villain battle, and it mixes nicely with the engaging ongoing story sandwiching it. (And that part where Brainium is working over SuperStar's front and back, plus the other erogenous zone attacks after... those were truly excellent.)

    Can't wait for the continuation! Thanks, dude. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the action. I'll admit that it's been fun for me to write Jae being punished, because it's so hot.

  6. First... Damn that first Mike picture is just... his Chest is just... Damn... haha
    Second im really liking this background drama im hoping Jae isnt screwing up to much and is just trying to show up his ex because i dont want to see jae go haha

    1. Thanks! Yeah, these images are great, I just had to find a time to use them.