Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 8

"Hey Cody."

"Hey Jae."

Me, Cody
Jae. He needs a shave.

We stare at each other in the locker room at the gym where we both work as personal trainers. After some awkward silence, Jae says, "I'm glad I ran into you. I'm getting worried. Real worried. You asked for time and I gave you time, but I can't take it. Can we please talk some more?"

I shake my head, "No."

My boyfriend looks upset. He says, "No? Oh god. So you're done with me? Look, I'm sorry for what I did and what I said, but -"

I quickly tell him, "No. I'm not done. We just don't need to talk any more. I think we've said it all. And I want to try again." Jae noticeably relaxes. I tell him, "We don't need to talk. We need to wrestle."


"No. Not as opponents. As a team. We need to do something together. Something where we have to trust and rely on each other. You. Me. SuperStar. The Bat. In a World's Finest tag team match. We spend the week training together, learning about each other again then we get in the ring. It'll be our way to re-connect and prove our commitment."

My alter ego, The Bat
Jae's alter ego, SuperStar

Jae lights up. He jumps on me for a hug and we fall against the lockers.

Half an hour later, were at my place. Jae sits beside me and we cuddle then kiss. We've had a lot of tension, ever since I found out that Jae's been communicating with his ex and misleading me about it. He swears he's not hung up on the guy and that he was just being childish. He swears he didn't realize how far it would go and then he was too embarrassed to admit it. I'm choosing to believe my boyfriend, but there's definitely a trust issue between us right now.

Wrestling is always my default way to solve my problems. I've been wrestling since I was a kid and have never stopped. Now I'm 29-years old and I co-own a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company called The Cave with my best friend Ryan. My 22-year old boyfriend is our Superman analog and I'm our Batman analog. It's only natural that we'd finally team up.

The Opponents

Jae asks about opponents, but I tell him I've worked that out. There's only one choice and Ryan has already arranged it. We need a challenge. A test. We need a match we could lose and be okay with it. Anyone can be happy when things are easy. So we're facing Night and Day in one week. Jae agrees with my choice, commenting how in sync we are, but questions whether I really think we can win.

Night and Day are the undefeated tag team superstars of The Cave. Not that we have any other full-time tag teams, but they've beaten every combination we've put in front of them for six years. They're technically not villains, but they can definitely heel in a match against us. Day is 6'2"/210-lbs of smooth 25-year old muscle, while Night is 5'10"/190-lbs of 35-year old hairy beef. Since I'm 6'/205-lbs and Jae's 5'11"/200-lbs, we match up well in the size department.

Our upcoming opponents

"I just hope you're really going to be okay if we lose," Jae says. "I know you've lost twice to them, but that was as Pink Punk, your jobber identity. This will be you as The Bat. I know how protective you are of your reputation."

I smile, "I'll be fine."

"Okay, great. I mean, we've never wrestled together as a tag team. And I'm still learning."

I realize what he's saying, "You're worried I'm going to blame you and things will get worse between us." Jae shrugs, but then nods. I reassure him. "I promise I won't blame you. Working with you is way more important than my win-loss record as The Bat. Trust me, this is a project that will reconnect us, not divide us."

Jae smiles and reaches for my jeans. We make love for the first time in a week. While we spoon after sex, I whisper, "See, it's working already." Jae looks back then snuggles deeper into my arms. With the stressful week we've had, we quickly fall asleep together.

The Match

The week of training was great. It was awesome to have a project with my boyfriend, where we could be in sync physically and mentally. The Bat and SuperStar, working together as partners. Yes, it WAS great, but this is the here and now. We're finishing up before we head to the ring and we need to show our stuff.

Jae, getting ready

The minutes fly by and next thing we know, were in the ring, facing off against the relaxed and ready veterans of tag team wrestling, Night and Day.

They look pretty confident

We agreed that I'd start out the match. SuperStar is still a little nervous and we both agree that I'm the stronger wrestler. Hopefully I can establish control of the match. If not, I'll end up taking a beating. Either way, it'll give my younger partner time to settle down and focus on the match. I have promised him that I'll tag him in and won't turn the match into "The Bat Show" or anything like that. It's all part of trust-building.

When I stay in the ring, so does Night. Like me, he's the older and more experienced of the team, although Day has developed into one hell of a stud in the ring, too. I like them both, but their styles are different. Facing off against the hairy musclehunk, I know he's a tough brawler. He's going to let fists and boots fly at some point, so I need to keep him off-balance with technical moves.

The bell rings and we're starting.

The Bat vs Night

We move in quickly. Night's a no-nonsense guy, so I meet him halfway. We lock up. I know he's looking for a chance to deliver a knee or boot into my abs. When I see his foot twitching, he pulls me forward and lifts his leg. Unfortunately for him, I see it coming. I turn, deflecting the rising knee with my hip. I power him into a headlock then flip him to the mat with a hip toss. I've fought him twice as Pink Punk. He's never fought The Bat. Advantage me.
Night rolls with my counter, somersaulting free from the headlock. He springs to his feet then leaps back with a flying elbow. I use my forearms to block, but we both end up tumbling to the mat in a heap. I dive on top of him, controlling his head and pinning his legs with mine. The hairy musclehunk unleashes with some fists to my side then rolls us over.

With Night on top, I wrap a tight body scissors around his waist. He goes for an ab shot, but I'm ready. I grab his wrist then pull him forward into my elbow. WHACK! I crack him on the side of the head, which buys me time to roll up and seize control. I lock his head under my armpit as I slide my arms under his. I lock my hands against his back and he's trapped. Night's arms flail, but I've got him locked up tight.

I pull him forward, smacking the top of his head into the mat. CRACK! That has him going limp long enough for me to really cinch in the holds. I crank hard, applying pressure to his neck and shoulders. I get a moan, but that's it. Night squirms and thrashes, trying to power out, which is always his instinct. With my controlling body scissors, he's not going anywhere.

We're already sweating, but I know I've got to shift gears. Problem is, as soon as I free his hands, I know they'll be firing at my body. Instead of giving him that kind of opening, I spread my legs and bridge up, flipping us around. Night tumbles onto his back with me on top. As I let my grip go, I'm already grabbing his wrists, slamming his arms to the mat. The hairy musclehunk is breathing hard under me.

Night smirks, "Nice to finally fight the real you, Bat."

I smile back, "You haven't seen anything yet, stud."

I push my legs up, coming down with a knee to his gut. OOF! I do it again and he's grunting loud. With a burst of energy, Night manages to throw me off before I can do any more damage. He dives at me, but I get my boot up. I slam it against his midsection then kick out, sending him flying backwards.

We rise cautiously, trying to anticipate the other. Again we move in for a lock up. This time, while I'm anticipating a shot, the hairy musclehunk powers me into a side headlock. I grunt for a moment, but I quickly wrap my arm around his waist and the other behind his knee. I lift and fall back, slamming his shoulders into the mat with a side suplex. WHAM!

I roll over then unleash fists into his rock hard abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I dive forward with a forearm to the head. CRACK! With Night dazed, I lie on top of him. I control his legs with a grapevine as I grab his right arm and fold it up into a tight chicken wing. I plant my forearm against his cheek, further controlling the stud.

Night resorts to body punches with his left fist. He's right-handed, which is why I'm weakening his right arm, but he still packs a mean left. POW! POW! POW! The fists move me enough that I lose the grapevine. That's all Night needs to buck me off him. I roll to a crouch, while Night springs to his feet.

I surprise him with a shoulder block into his abs. OOF! The hairy musclehunk bends over my shoulder, giving me the chance to push up, flipping his legs over my shoulder and planting him on his butt behind me. I donkey kick him between his shoulder blades. THUD! I spin fast, dropping an elbow onto the top of his head. CRACK! That dazed him enough so that I can lock on a full nelson and drag him to his feet.

I force Night to the corner where SuperStar can slap my shoulder for the tag.

TAG! Night vs. SuperStar

SuperStar leaps over the top rope, delivering a boot to Night's stretched out stomach. He drops to a knee then unleashes fists into the defenseless abs until Day counts to five. THUD! THUD! THUD! Being the good guy heroes we are, I break the full nelson on time and duck to slip out of the ring. Just as we practiced, my ex-football playing partner drives forward from his knee, perfectly timing a shoulder block that drops the hairy musclehunk before he can even move after I release him.

The smooth hero rises then stomps Night's abs, looking to weaken his core for any eventual submission move we can lock on him. SuperStar reaches down, dragging the hairy musclehunk to his feet. Night goes for an ab shot, but the ripped hero smartly anticipates it. He flexes his midsection and turns, minimizing the impact. WHOOSH! In response, he hammers an elbow into Night's head that stuns the more experienced stud. CRACK!

With the heel dazed, SuperStar quickly finishes dragging him up to his feet. He delivers a big knee to the softening gut then locks on a front facelock. Night squirms, moving so his butt's facing me. SuperStar still gets him up into the air and over for a suplex, but the angle is wrong. Night lands hard on his back, but he manages to roll through to his corner where a waiting Day slaps his outstretched hand.

Smart move by the tag specialist, accepting the punishment, but maneuvering SuperStar into delivering him right to his corner.

TAG! SuperStar vs. Day

Day comes in fast, but SuperStar is up and crouched, ready to face him. That slows the bigger muscleman in his tracks. Instead, they circle. The two smooth musclestuds circle the ring. They quickly lock up, with Day immediately overpowering SuperStar in a neutral corner. CLANG! He lifts his knee into my partner's abs. THUD! OOF! The stud in white unleashes a series of hard pec chops right across the 'S' chest emblem. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!  SuperStar grunts with every chop as his pecs turn visibly redder.

Outside the ring, I shout encouragement to my partner, letting him know I believe in him. As a personal trainer, the power of positive motivation is something I understand. Fuck any stoicism I'm supposed to have as The Bat. I won't shut up as long as SuperStar is in the ring.

The dominant Day grabs the hero by the wrist, whipping him out of the corner. SuperStar goes with it, but grabs Day's wrist. He manages to reverse the whip, sending the bigger musclestud in to the opposite corner. CLANG! Day bounces out, going for a surprise clothesline on the charging hero. Luckily, SuperStar was going for a shoulder block, so he manages to duck the charge.

Both studs turn on a dime and charge back at each other. They both opt for a clothesline, simultaneously hitting the other across the chest. WHACK! THUD! The two smooth studs drop to the mat. They lie on the mat, stunned before rolling in opposite directions apart. Day rises first. He sends his boot out, right into the side of the hero's masked head. WHACK! The bigger stud then jumps on SuperStar's back, splashing him down to the mat. SPLAT!

Day locks on a choke and then rolls them over as he adds a body scissors. SuperStar grunts as he's controlled. The sweaty, smaller muscleman manages to twist and bridge free, using the counters I taught him perfectly. Both guys scramble to their feet. Day goes for a tackle, but the former football-playing hero knows how to handle tackles. He twists and flips, landing on top of Day. WHAM! OOF!

The impact and 200-lbs of muscle wind Day for a moment, long enough for the hero to lock on an armbar and drag him to his feet. SuperStar walks the bigger musclestud to the corner, where he quickly tags me in.

TAG! Day vs. The Bat

I vault onto the top turnbuckle then drop with a double axe handle to Day's outstretched arm. My forearms slam hard into the thick bicep and shoulder. THUD! Day cries out and pulls his arm free, pulling into his body. I fire out a hard stomp to his thigh. WHACK! That distracts him, so I can reach in and grab his injured arm. I twist it with an arm lock then move in behind, locking on a chicken wing.

The big muscleman fights me, but I'm not trying to hold it for long. I drive forward, slamming his trapped shoulder and tricep into our top turnbuckle. WHAM! SuperStar raises his hands, showing he's not cheating as Day crouches sideways, gripping his aching shoulder. The smooth muscleman kicks out at me, but I grab his leg then roll, flipping him to the mat with a leg drag takedown.

I drag him by the leg back to our corner, keeping him isolated. I get a few good kicks into his hamstring. POW! POW! POW! In one seamless move, I flip Day over onto his front and sit down, locking him into a single leg crab. He grunts as I sit on his back. The big muscleman fights, but his arm's still not 100%. I don't wait, though, knowing he's powerful enough to send me flying.

I reach my free arm out. SuperStar slaps my hand and we're changing again.

TAG! Day vs. SuperStar

SuperStar grabs the top rope, stretching it away from the ring. He measures the trapped Day then uses the rope to vault over top. I can only see it out of the corner of my eye, but he flies over and comes down with a perfect leg drop onto the back of Day's head! CRACK! I release the scissors, give Day a parting stomp as I tell my partner how great that move was. I can't see his mouth, but I see the pride in his eyes.

I keep up the encouragement as SuperStar drags Day up to his feet. He quickly scoops the ailing stud up then body slams him down to the mat. WHAM! The hero goes for a quick cover, even hooking the leg, which emphasizes Day's bulge and smooth legs. ONE! Day kicks out. He's a tough one, but good for SuperStar for trying and doing it perfectly.

The hero drags Day to his feet. He pushes him into the ropes then delivers a knee to the gut. With the bigger musclestud still reeling, SuperStar goes for a whip across the ring. Day's a veteran in the ring, despite being only 25. He reverses the whip, sending the smaller stud into the ropes. As the hero backs into the ropes, ready to fly off at Day, I see Night take a step then kick out. The hairy musclehunk kicks the fast-moving stud in the back. WHACK!

SuperStar is stunned by the sneak attack. He stumbles forward, right into Day's raised boot. CRACK! My partner drops to the canvas in a heap.

"HEY!" I cry out.

Across the ring, Night smirks, "Your boy should watch where he's running. I was just stretching out my legs when he ran into it."

"That was some dirty shit."

Day stands over the unmoving SuperStar. He spreads his arms arrogantly and raises his chest, inviting me to do something about it. "If you're the heroes, I guess that makes us the villains."

I stare Day down, debating whether to charge in. He smirks when it becomes obvious I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to trust SuperStar to keep fighting. I will say that the big muscleman in white looks damn good, posing over the hero. It's amazing how fast he recovers.

The bigger musclestud kicks my partner onto his back then puts his boot on his chest. He counts, "ONE!" Pause. "TWO!" Pause. "THR- WHOA!" Under the arrogant stud, SuperStar moves, thrusting his arm out and lifting his shoulder just in time. The move almost trips Day, sending him sidestepping to his right.

SuperStar rolls onto his stomach, shaking out his head. I can tell he's still out of it. Day moves in too fast, viciously stomping my partner's back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He drags the hero up, chopping him across his heaving chest. With a quick turn, he bodyslams the smaller musclestud to the mat with force. BOOM! A few more stomps and my ripped partner is reeling again.

Day drags SuperStar to his feet. I notice Night has lifted his boot onto the middle turnbuckle, pretending like he's retying it. I start a warning, but it's too late. The smooth musclestud whips the hero into the corner with force. SuperStar runs right into the raised boot, which slams into his back. CRACK! The hero ricochets out of the corner.

SuperStar stumbles right into a driving forearm to the head. WHACK! It sends him staggering back to the corner, where he's once again kicked in the back. THUD! The hero stumbles out of the corner again, running right into another forearm. WHACK! This time, my partner is turned. He stumbles, falling to his knees in the wrong corner.

Night grabs the hero's wrists, holding him in the corner. He pretends to be checking on him, but he's obviously making sure he doesn't move while Day measures him up. The bigger smooth musclestud runs into the corner, driving his knee right into SuperStar's back. WHUMP! The hero is crushed between 210-lbs of muscle and the unmoving turnbuckle.

Day stands and spins to stare me down with a huge grin as he rests his butt on the back of SuperStar's shoulders and head. He casually reaches back to tag Night back in.

TAG! SuperStar vs. Night

Day lifts, spins and props SuperStar up in the corner as Night enters. My partner looks exhausted as he hangs there with Day's help. They start pummeling SuperStar with boots, driving him down to a seated position in the corner. I'm counting to five, but these two don't care. They're taking their time, mercilessly punishing SuperStar.

I start to enter the ring, so Day finally hops out, holding his hands up. I back off, but I've had it with their double teaming. Only a sucker would stand here and let them get away with murder. Night grabs SuperStar by the mask and drags him forward onto hands and knees. He locks the hero's head between his thighs then reaches around his waist.

As Night pulls SuperStar to his feet, his ass rises high. Day can't resist. He reaches through the rope and yanks the hero's trunks down, exposing the smooth, bulbous ass in the thong he wears under his trunks. The bigger musclestud mocks his helpless position, playing bongos on the heaving mounds.

When he's humiliated the hero enough, Day backs off. Night backs up, forcing the bent over stud to follow. The hairy musclehunk gets set then lifts my partner into the air for a piledriver. I leap over the top rope and barrel in with a boot to the back. Night collapses with SuperStar on top of him.

Day points at me, but I spread my arms, just as he did. I warn him, "Being a hero doesn't mean I just have to take your shit."

I slide out of the ring back into my corner. I should've done that earlier. SuperStar is still in a bad way. Night rises first. He drags SuperStar up. The bare-assed hero reaches for a tag. I extend my arm. We're getting close. So close that Night has to get between us. He locks SuperStar into a front facelock and pushes him back towards the wrong corner. The smooth muscular hero keeps fighting, showing impressive resilience.

This battle goes on, with just minor shifts towards me then towards Day then back again. I'm calling for SuperStar, hoping he can keep fighting. Night can't do much, because if he breaks to try something, the hero will break free and dive. Day breaks first, leaping over the top rope. He drives his forearms into the hero's break, breaking his resistance. WHACK!

I follow in, but these guys are tag experts. Night doesn't even look back, he just kicks and I run right into his boot to my abs. THUD! OOF! The hairy musclehunk spins and clocks me across the head. I spin and stumble back to my corner. Night walks up from behind, looking to throw me out.

Thanks to his experience, he guessed right that I'd charge in and caught me off guard. Well, I'm experienced, too. I dive out at him, driving my elbow into his unflexed hairy stomach. OOF! I deliver a hard elbow under his jaw and he staggers away. I rise. Day and I stare each other down while the two legal men are fighting to rise. The silent challenge is deafening, as we each dare the other to make the first move.

While Day is bigger than me, I'm still The fucking Bat. He backs up to his corner. We simultaneously exit the ring, choosing to let our partners get back to wrestling instead of indulging in all out chaos.

Night rises first, but SuperStar starts to stand. The hero gets his feet under him. Even in this condition, he looks amazing. His muscles are pumped, his tanned skin gleaming with sweat. Even better, his ass is out, because his trunks are still wedged under his ass cheeks. The hairy musclehunk moves to his right, making sure he can block any attempt at a tag. I encourage my partner to rise and tag, but he's still slow.

The hairy musclehunk moves in. SuperStar tries a tackle, but Night is ready. He grabs the charging stud and falls back for a DDT. CRACK! The hero goes limp. Fuck. He looks out. Night rolls him over then sits on his chest. The arrogant stud holds up his fingers then starts to count. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. Once again, SuperStar impresses. He shoots his arm up and breaks the count.

"FUCK!" Night is pissed.

The hairy musclehunk drags the smooth hero up, scooping him up then dropping with a bodyslam. WHAM! He puts a boot on SuperStar's chest and points at him. Before the more experienced muscleman can speak, the hero grabs the black boot on his pecs, twists and turns. Night tumbles down onto his ass.

SuperStar struggles to his side then starts crawling towards me. I'm so focused on my partner that I miss Day coming in. He grabs the red boot and drags the hero away from me. Fuck. I start to enter, but don't see the point. It won't count as a tag. I debate my options, something more experienced tag wrestlers never do, but I've been more of a lone wolf up to now.

Night is back up. He drops an elbow onto the back of SuperStar's head. WHACK! That slows any resistance. The hairy musclehunk slaps on a crossface, locking the smooth muscle hero up. He cranks on the submission, really torturing my partner. They're too close to the other corner and Day is ready to pounce if I try anything.

SuperStar moans, but he holds out, unwilling to submit. A frustrated Night releases the hold. He reaches down for the red trunks that are bunched under the ample ass cheeks of the hero. The hairy musclehunk rises, dragging the hero up by his gear. He pulls him into a reverse bearhug, pulling him tight against his hard hairy torso.

The hero suffers beautifully, his junk shaking in the tight red thong as his trunks fall below his balls. From behind, Night lets up on the bearhug and reaches around to cop a feel of SuperStar's pouch. He molests the manhood, savoring his domination. The hairy musclehunk grinds into my partner's ass, telling him he's done.

SuperStar surprises Night. He spins with his elbow, clocking him upside the head. CRACK! The smooth musclestud pulls forward. Night kicks out just in time, tripping him to the mat. SPLAT! Before the hero can rise, he's grabbed by the mask and pulled up to a kneeling position. Night locks on a dragon sleeper. The hero's bulge thrusts out and his chest rises as he's bent back, his head locked under the hairy armpit of the older hunk.

The hero's arm flail uselessly as he's trapped. Night cranks on the hold. He reaches his free hand up and rubs SuperStar's smooth beefy pecs. To everyone's surprise, Night breaks the hold before a submission or knock out.

Night looks at me, "I want him to see you when he cries out his submission."

The hairy musclehunk drags SuperStar back and positions his head towards me. He sits on his bare ass then drags his limp body into a camel clutch. The experienced hunk locks in the hold really well. I hear the moaning and see my partner's eyes closedown he fights not to give. I decide I've got to do something.

I hop into the ring, but Day is there. He dives over our partners in the camel clutch, slamming into me with a shoulder block. WHOMP! We land on the mat, bouncing out of the ring entirely to the floor below. Damn, I'm a long way from SuperStar AND I have to deal with this stud? Fuck!

The Bat vs. Day Outside Ring

Day and I get up fast, exchanging hard forearms to the shoulders and traps. I kick out, slamming my boot into the younger buck's ripped abs. OOF! Behind me, I hear SuperStar moaning, but there's not much I can do. If I turn now, Day will be on me.

I drive my forearm into the side of Day's head. He drops to one knee. I lift my knee into his chest and he toppled backwards. I turn to scramble into the ring, but he grabs my ankle just in time. I kick back, hoping to shake him, but he drags me out of the ring. I turn to attack, only to walk right into a stiff gut punch. OOF! Day charges in, slamming my back into the ring apron. ARGH! I sag slightly, pressed between his hard body and the immovable ring.

I bring my arms together, boxing his ears. He staggers back as I reach up and grab the top rope behind me. I use the rope to lift my boots. I kick him in the chest, sending the big muscleman flying back onto his ass. WHUMP! I pull up on the ropes and swing my legs overhead, smoothly flipping into the ring. It's impressive, but it only matters if I can free SuperStar from these cheaters.

I turn to break the camel clutch, but suddenly, Day is reaching under the bottom rope. He trips me and I fall face first onto the canvas. SPLAT! The 210-lbs musclestud drags me out of the ring again. I kick violently, breaking his grip on my boots. I turn, shoulder blocking him to the floor.i want to do more, but I know that time is running out. SuperStar needs me now.

As I climb onto the ring apron, the smooth musclestud is up again. He grabs the back of my trunks, exposing my amazing ass. The force is enough to pull me back to the ground. I turn and slam my forearm into his head, staggering him back, when I turn to the ring, I see SuperStar is still locked in the deadly submission hold.

I move in to save him, but once again, my efforts are thwarted. Day is just able to grab my boot then my trunks. It's enough to stop my momentum, forcing me to just watch my partner in the hairy stud's camel clutch.

Back to Night vs. SuperStar in the Ring

Night sees me crawling in, my ass exposed by his partner's grip on my trunks. We lock eyes. He shoots me the finger with a smirk then pulls back even harder on the camel clutch. SuperStar has held out a long time, but everyone has limits. He screams as his back is tortured. I beg him to hold on, telling him I'm almost there, but Night is too good. He has the hold locked on too tight.

SuperStar cries out his submission, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Night flexes his right bicep and sticks his tongue out in victory before he releases the whimpering hero. I stop struggling, putting my face on my forearm on the mat. Damn. I feel Day's hand fondle my ass as he slides me back out of the ring. I turn, "Good job, holding me back. So, it looks like you're finally getting my ass, sexy."

Day says, "I wish. He's going to want it again. Those Pink Punk times don't count in his head. He wants The Bat."

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Everyone does. It's my curse." He smiles momentarily at my attempt at humor then frowns again. I squeeze his thick muscled trap, "Oh, don't look so down. SuperStar's hot and his ass is amazing."

Day nods, "Yeah, I know." The young stud moves in closer, pressing our bodies together. We each cup the other's ass. He whispers, "But he's not The Bat."

I grind my bulge into his. Fuck, he's so hot. I whisper back, "We have GOT to do a singles match, stud. And soon."

Day leans back, keeping our bulges pressed together. He smirks, "I'm working on it. Trust me, I want singles matches more than you know."

I tell him, "Well, make sure I'm at the top of that list." Day nods, but something stops him from answering me. Suddenly, I see a shadow looming over me, interrupting our conversation.

When I turn my head, there's a black boot right there. I look up to see a smiling Night rubbing his big bulge. Looks like Day was right. The younger winner sighs and pats my butt on his way by. The hairy hunk motions him to get moving, so the smooth musclestud quietly rolls under the ropes and moves to my partner. He looks back and gives me a shrug.

I look up at Night, who simply says, "Get in here. Oh Bat, you have no idea how long I've waited to have my cock up that sweet ass of yours. Fuck, this is gonna be great."

The Stakes

I roll into the ring. SuperStar and I are forced to kneel beside each other while Night and Day flex for the camera. They mock us as the world's finest jobbers, reminding everyone that they're undefeated. When they're done, the two hunks move in front of us. They both peel down their trunks, wedging them under their balls and bulbous butts.

Day grabs SuperStar by the mask then peels up the front. He impales my partner on the long, thick cock. Night does the same to me, holding cowl and face fucking me with his thick shaft. I know we lost, so he's earned this. I accept the brutal pounding before I manage to take control. I bring my hand up and fondle his balls. The hairy hunk loosens his grip on my cowl, letting me move my head.

Once I get him to ease up, I slow things down and more carefully work his cock, getting him to moan loudly as I kneel before him. He praises my technique, telling me things like I should be on my knees more often and this is where I belong. I ignore the words, focused on giving the winner his prize. My own cock is growing uncomfortable in my trunks as I get into servicing this dominant hairy hunk.

I hear Day moaning and I know SuperStar is doing a great job beside me. My cock is huge, so I've trained him how to properly handle a large piece of meat. My partner is one of the best and it sounds like Day is learning that. When Night pulls me off his cock, I see that his smooth musclestud partner is already fucking SuperStar's ample ass. That has my cock trying to tear open the spandex prison that holds it against my body.

Night slips out of his trunks all the way, ordering me to do the same. I welcome the chance to get off my knees and release my cock. I sit, stretching my legs as I pull off my trunks. Meanwhile, the hairy musclehunk is checking out Day riding my partner's ass. He fondles himself, enjoying the view. It is hot, seeing these two smooth young bucks going at it.

The hairy hunk orders me onto hands and knees, facing the action of our partners. He moves in behind me, sliding on a condom then forcing his dick into my ass. I moan as he starts to fuck me doggie style. I'm watching my partner on his back, legs up, getting fucked hard by the bigger musclestud and I'm sure Night is watching, too.

Day thrusts his hips, driving his cock into SuperStar. It's rough, but I know the hero can take it. He's taken mine, so he knows what to do. Still, he's grunting and groaning, acknowledging the power and size of the dominant cock inside him. It's an aggressive fuck, one that leads to a quick release for the top.

The big stud pulls out and fires his load on top of SuperStar, coating his torso. The hero bottom adds his own load, creating a river of hot white seed between his meaty pecs that pools on his abs. Day and SuperStar relax, but Night has other ideas. While still fucking me, he orders SuperStar to get up and move to the corner.

My tag partner obeys, slowly getting into position, facing the corner, hands braced on either side of the top turnbuckle. He thrusts his smooth round ass out and back. Night pulls out of me. I wonder if he's realized the appeal of my partner's ass and is going to finish off in SuperStar. He's not. The hairy musclehunk grabs my cowl and drags me to my feet. He positions me behind the younger hero and hands me a condom.

At Night's command, I slide inside the younger hero. It goes in fairly easily, the hole having been primed by Day's relentless pounding. The hairy hunk grabs my hips and rams his cock back inside me. He starts thrusting his hips and controlling mine. He fucks me hard, causing me to fuck SuperStar hard. The dominant musclehunk rides the two of us, owning my ass and, by the transitive property (Ryan's term), he owns SuperStar's, too.

The older wrestler lasts a long time, making us last. I want to shoot, but I hold out until I feel Night shudder and shake. He cums inside me and I sense the warmth. I shoot inside SuperStar, filling the latex covering, just as Night did to me. Night pulls out of me and I pull out of SuperStar. We end up on our backs with the undefeated tag studs flexing over our used and abused bodies.

In the Ring

When the winners leave the ring, I roll over to check on SuperStar. He immediately says, "I'm sorry I let you down."

I smile at him, letting him know it's all okay. "You did great until they cheated. That's not on you. We'll know better next time."

"Next time. I like that." SuperStar's eyes smile back at me, as the twinkle I love returns.

I peel up his mask to reveal his mouth then kiss him deeply. He reaches around my back and pulls me down on him hard. The long make out session goes further, with me ultimately sliding my sheathed cock inside my boyfriend again, only this time, I'm making love to him. I top SuperStar as The Bat and it's awesome. When all is said and done, we collapse together in a tender embrace.

My hero boyfriend whispers that he loves me. He starts to add more, trying to prove he means it, but I smother his mouth with mine. When I pull off, I tell him that I don't need to hear any more. Eventually we have to leave the ring. We walk to the back with my arm over his shoulder and his around my waist.

Out of the corner of my eye, I realize that Ryan and Pete are still filming, but I don't care. Let the fans have an extra sex round with the heroes being a romantic couple. All that matters is that I feel like Jae and I have grown closer. Our first major trouble and it looks like we made it through.

The End



    Loved it! Things were looking so sinister for a while there with Jae, it's actually kind of amazing to see how great things worked out. I'm actually glad they lost, because that's a much truer test than victory and easy times would be.

    AND...I'm glad that Day and Night won, and remain undefeated. It's fun to read about guys who specialize in tag teaming--and they are both so HOT. Of all four guys in this chapter, I think Night was the hottest; maybe the hairiness, the short-thickness, and the maturity made him an anomaly. And Day seemed to be hinting at a potential breaking-up of a team...maybe betrayal IS afoot, just not from where we expected it? If anything DOES go down between Day and Night, I sure hope the Cave's "cameras" are there to capture it all! OR, if I'm not giving the undefeated tag team enough credit for solidarity, then I STILL hope to see them again, in action together. (Know how sometimes fans of someone name themselves something? If Night and Day's fans are divided up into "Night Riders" and "Day Trippers," I definitely consider myself a "Night Rider!")

    1. Thanks! Yes, it all worked out in the end.

      Night and Day will definitely be back ... I just won't spoil how or when. :)

  2. The Tag Team I've been waiting for!!! That was awesome! I am a sucker for the heros losing out to the cheating villains (a great new role for the team of Night and Day) so this was a brilliant two for one special of that! I like the resolution to the Jae drama as well. As always I'm excited to see what new twists and turns are coming next in The Cave!

    1. Thanks! Glad the story delivered for you. I've known folks wanted to see World's Finest ... I think it was one of the first comments when The Bat started dating SuperStar. It took awhile, but I could finally make it happen.

  3. Alex R:

    I know how difficult is for Miller to do the tag team matches, but....doesnt he write real good tag team matches? Man you really know how to make the action feel alive. The action is so fast and furious and there are so many elements and personalities. Night was so sarcastic and conversationalist which is something that I personally enjoy. And the chemistry between Day and the Bat oozes out of the pages. Those two want each other...bad. The young Day was also very cocky. He is one hot man. The end of the stakes, in which Cody says "owning my ass and, by the transitive property (Ryan's term), he owns SuperStar's, too" I thought that was hilarious. Cody always say the funniest things. And so good to see Jae and Cody be in good terms. Loved it!

    1. Thanks! Tag can be a pain in the butt, but I'll keep doing tag stories as long as you guys keep liking them.

      Glad you like all the personalities. I try to make each guy feel unique, so I'm glad it comes through.

  4. Bat and Superstar tagteaming... then lossing to cheating villians...BEST CHAPTER BY FAR! I gotta say im relived Jae n Codys relationships didnt end on a bad note i was getting worried for a second haha

    1. Thanks for the comment. Not that I wanted you to worry, but it makes me feel good that I've actually created characters where you're relived about their relationship status. Now, Cody and Jae can move to other drama for awhile. LOL.

  5. Dear lord what a battle and what a scene! Hot as hell and tender too!

    1. Thanks! I really try to balance the right tone, so I'm glad it worked for you.

  6. World's Finest! Great to see them in a tag battle, even though it looks like it took a hell of a time coordinating and writing. Very nice work, man.

    That stakes scene was incredible, too. It's always satisfying to me watching the hero finally get taken down and Cody and Jae play the part beautifully.

    Also, the image 'Jae, getting ready' ... yes. So much yes!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it.

      Mike Carr does take a nice picture. I wish he modeled more.

  7. Love your site, man! Do you have any recommendations for good matches that feature heels choking faces, or better yet, heels choking and trying to drown faces in a pool match?

    1. Glad to hear that! Thanks for the compliment.

      I know I've never written a story in a pool. There is some action in the showers in The Cave 2 and The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 5, but there's no drowning. It's more about the area being slippery.

      I don't think I've written any stories where heels choke the face as a major plot point or recurring move. At least none that I remember. I do use a lot of sleepers/rear naked chokes to knock guys out. I use chokeslams occasionally. I can't remember exactly which ones. Sorry.

      Unless you meant commercial videos, like the kinds I review? If you meant those, I still can't remember any, but it's probably more likely to arise. I definitely can picture choking scenes, but not a match where it makes up a lot of the action.