Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Cave Undercard 6: Mimik vs. Mr. X

"Okay, let me check you out before you head to the ring."

As the handsome young stud drops his white robe to show me his gear, I don't know what to say for a second. Corey just smirks as he pulls on his mask and adds a long red cape. The look in his eyes tells me he knows what I'm thinking, but he's only 19, so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just confused.

I finally ask, "Is this a joke?"

"Does THIS look like a joke, man?" Corey flexes, showing off his ripped, near-perfect physique. He drops the cape then flexes to show me his broad, chiseled back and beautiful ass.

After a few more minutes of his pose down, I break the silence, "You can't wear that in the ring today."

Corey stops flexing and shrugs, "Yeah, I can."

I calmly say, "Maybe there's some confusion. You're wrestling Mr. X today. You aren't Mr. X."

Corey's opponent today is Mr. X, whose gear consists of a red cape, black skimpy wet look briefs, leather wrestling boots and shin pads with a red design that forms an X when his legs are together. To hide his identity, he sports a black mask with silver studs forming an X from his forehead, crossing at the bridge of his nose then running under the eye holes.

The REAL Mr. X

Corey is wearing the exact same outfit.

Corey dressed as Mr. X

The ripped young stud moves in really close. I refuse to budge, so his mostly naked, totally ripped muscles press against me. He whispers, his hot minty breath hitting my face, "We'll see who's the real Mr. X after the match. Maybe I'm the best damn Mr. X you'll ever have in The Cave. Your name's Cody, right? Well, Cody, how about I let you watch me stretch while you think about what I can and can't do?"

Corey moves to the mat then bends over into downward dog, showing me his spectacular ass. He drops down, moves onto his back and bridges up, thrusting his pouch at me. Very nice. He springs to his feet and moves close again. He whispers, "Still have a problem with my gear, Cody?"

I smile, "Cute, but let me stop you right here. You're smoking hot. But so am I. I live with an incredibly hot man. My best friend is amazingly hot. As a personal trainer and co-owner of The Cave, my life is filled with more hot men than you could probably count. So save your charm for someone else. It won't work on me."
Corey shrugs and steps back. His tone changes from flirty to cocky. He says, "But it does work on your buddy, Ryan. He's an owner of The Cave, too, and he's cool."

I raise an eyebrow, "Really? He approved you stealing another guy's deal?"

Corey smirks, "Yeah, Ryan approved my gimmick and my gear last night. At his place. And then we confirmed it this morning. Of course, my cock was in his mouth at the time, but I'm sure he mumbled 'yes'. So ... I guess you should talk with him if you don't like it."

The punk actually turns his back to me and starts stretching out for real.

I march out of the locker room, looking for answers. The Cave is a superhero-themed wrestling video company aimed at gay men that I co-own with my best friend Ryan. We're small, but doing pretty well. We've been at it a while, but it's been in the last couple of years that we've really taken off. For the longest time, I was the main draw in my alter ego, The Bat. Now, guys reach out to us ... this Corey guy being the latest example.

I find Ryan and ask why we have two wrestlers wearing the exact same gear in the same match. It's confusing and disrespectful to Eric, the real Mr. X. I wonder if my best friend has traded away his common sense for a hot fuck.

My buddy calmly explains, "Cody, whoa, whoa, whoa. Corey isn't Mr. X. He's a villain called Mimik. With a K instead of a C at the end. His gimmick will be copying his opponent. I think it's fun. Corey's good at getting under people's skin. Exhibit A is your reaction right now. I think the Mimik character suits him, so trust me, it'll be cool."

I'm a little less perturbed, but I still say, "You should've told me before sending me in there to check on him. I don't like being talked down to by a 19-year old punk. Especially in my own place. I almost threw him out on his ass."

Ryan shrugs, "I wanted to get an unprompted reaction to his character. You just confirmed that this Mimik thing is perfect for him."

I don't like it, but I defer to Ryan. When I tell Corey everything's fine, he taps my cheek in a condescending manner and says, "I know."

Like I told Ryan, I don't like this kid's attitude. He's ten years younger than me and basically an employee. I growl, "I don't suppose you've got any Bat gear handy?"

Corey laughs at the implied challenge. He pulls me into a tight hug, "Now you're talking! I knew you wanted me!"

"I don't want you. At the moment, I want to beat on you. There's a difference."

Corey shrugs, "Sure, keep telling yourself that. Look, I don't have any Bat gear, but I can definitely get some. Especially if it means rolling around with you, stud. When do you wanna wrestle - Bat against Bat? Fuck, that's hot."

I correct him, "You mean Bat against Fake Wannabe Poser Bat. And I'm ready any time."

"You're on, hero." Corey leans in for a quick kiss then breaks to get back to prepping for his match.

I soften, seeing what Ryan sees in this guy. He's cocky, but he's kind of fun, too. I still hope he gets his ass kicked today and it's entirely possible. The real Mr. X is a little powerhouse. Eric's tough as nails and has starred in a lot of Cave matches, winning half of them. His body is perfect for wrestling - compact, hard and powerful. His muscles are dusted with a light coating of fur in front.

Mr. X is popular enough that we bring him back, but he hasn't had his signature match. A dominating win over a muscle punk like Mimik could be the thing to make him a star. Our fans love seeing young cocky punks destroyed.


I get back to the ring area and wait. Finally, Ryan signals it's time to start. Eric comes in first, doing his usual entrance. Once he's in the ring, he tosses his cape aside, stretches and poses. He looks great as always, some of our tiniest gear, ripped muscle, slightly hairy and handsome masked face.

When Mimik is introduced, he strides in, copying Mr. X move for move until he reaches the ring. Mr. X is surprised then confused then unimpressed, his arms folded across his chest as he watches the bigger muscleman copy his shtick.

Mimik drops his cape then opens his arms wide, "Move over, jobber, because there's a new X in town." Corey crosses his forearms over his head, forming an X, which is Eric's victory pose.

The match is best two out of three falls and full sex stakes. I ring the bell and we're on.

Round One

Mr. X immediately charges the poser. Mimik is caught by surprise, driven back into the corner hard. CLANG! The smaller musclehunk drags the heel forward, flips him over with a hip toss then stomps the younger stud's back. The cocky doppelgänger grunts then tries to scramble away. As he rises and turns, he's met by a perfect drop kick that sends him flying back, between the top and middle rope down to the padded floor below.

The cocky punk seems confused and surprised by the ferocity of Mr. X's attack. He slowly gets to his feet then starts stretching out his back. Mr. X runs back into the opposite ropes, sprinting off then running at full speed towards Mimik. He leaps between the top and middle rope, driving his shoulder into the shocked rookie, flattening him to the ground below. THUD! OOF! CRASH!

Mr. X springs to his feet, lifts his arms and thrusts his hips out, celebrating his early dominance. He grabs the rookie villain, dragging him to his feet. The shorter powerhouse scoops Mimik up across his chest then slams him down hard onto one of the mats that surround the ring. WHAM! Mimik lifts his hips, trying to ease the pain, only to get a hard stomp to his ripped abs that flattens him on the floor.

After a long series of crushing stomps, the anti-hero forces the docile villain up then shoves him back into the ring. He quickly climbs the corner, leaps off and splashes down onto the chiseled teen musclestud. Mr. X bounces off, springing to his feet and flexing. The veteran stud is having everything his way. Mimik looks hot suffering, but unimpressive as a wrestler.

Without hesitation, Mr. X bends down, grabs hold of Mimik’s mask then forces him up again for another scoop slam. BOOM! He repeats the move the unleashes another series of stomps. The teen punk looks done for already. I really have to wonder if Ryan was thinking with his dick when he approved this guy getting in our ring.

Mr. X echoes my thoughts, “You’re pathetic! Gimme my gear!”

The Cave veteran goes for the trunks first, circling around and straddling Mimik's legs. As he bends down, the teen musclestud flips over onto his back. He says, almost playfully, "No peeking!" As he says this, he sits up and rakes the bent over hunk's eyes. ARGH! Mr. X staggers back, holding his face. Mimik lifts his leg then thrusts out his boot, kicking the anti-hero on the top of the head. CRACK! Mr. X falls back onto his ass, clutching his head while opening and closing his eyes fast.

With renewed energy, Mimik springs to his feet in one smooth move. When he rises up, he has a smile on his face. The teen heel says, "Don't worry, you'll get an up close view of my cock just before I shove it down your throat."

Mr. X staggers to his feet. He's still squinting, but he looks okay. The smaller powerhouse charges the villain, but Mimik is ready. He drops and trips the ring veteran to the canvas, face first. The big teen stud rolls on top of the older muscleman, placing his big hand on the back of Mr. X's masked head. The younger wrestler grinds his pouch into the bulging ass, while pressing the anti-hero's face into the mat.

The teen heel gets his kicks, but is ultimately thrown off by the angry Mr. X. The Cave veteran leaps at his opponent, but Mimik is ready. He lifts his legs and catches the flying hunk in a body scissors. The younger stud extends his legs, squeezing the hard midsection of Mr. X. To my surprise, the shorter powerhouse groans loudly, immediately feeling the force of those amazing legs.

Mr. X goes limp momentarily then struggles in the deadly vice. I've never seen a scissors work this fast, but it's clearly crushing the fight out of the helpless hunk. Mimik sits up and flexes his right arm, showing off the massive bicep. He grabs Mr. X by the hair and forces him to look up at the flexed right bicep.

Mimik taunts, "Yeah, get a good look at this. It's called new and improved." Mr. X swats at the raised arm in frustration as he can't seem to break free. The teen says, "You wanna feel it? Go ahead. It IS pretty damn amazing."

The teen musclestud brings Mr. X's face to the bicep, making sure the anti-hero gets a good look. The heel laughs until the Cave veteran clocks him across the temple with his forearm. WHACK! Mimik's legs open and the older hunk pushes of his opponent's hard body. The shorter powerhouse bursts free, dropping onto one hand and knees, holding his abs with the other hand and coughing.

It's a bad spot, as he's looking right down at the teen stud's bulge. Mimik recovers quickly and swings his legs up. He traps Mr. X by the head before the older hunk can stop him. I see the younger hunk tighten his legs and the anti-hero drops down almost immediately. The head scissors is perfectly applied and if the body scissors was that devastating, I can only imagine how bad the head scissors is.

As if confirming my thought, Mimik says, "I want you to know, I could put you out. Right here. Right now. There's, like, nothing you can do about it. My legs are so fucking awesome. Look how pumped they are! Oh shit, you can't see anything but my cock. Well, trust me, it's pretty hot. Anyway, I wanna make a name for myself in this place, so I'm gonna play with you a bit more, but I can put you out any time I want. All I need is these legs and you're done."

Mimik releases the scissors then rolls to a crouch while Mr. X just lies face down on the mat, massaging his neck. The teen villain rises smoothly then saunters over to drag the Cave veteran off the mat. The devious doppelgänger grabs hold of the shorter powerhouse by the hair and pulls. As Mr. X rises, he fires out a fist to the ripped 8-pack of Mimik. THUD! The fist bounces off, eliciting a slight grunt, but no more.

The teen villain rakes his opponent's eyes again, taking the fight out of the smaller powerhouse. Mimik roughly scoops Mr. X up then slams him down with authority. WHAM! He drags the ailing stud up, this time pressing up overhead. The younger heel holds the 170-lbs muscleman aloft with ease then drops him into a slam. KABOOM! Mr. X bounces off the mat, before lying flat on his back and moaning.

It looks like it'd be easy to pin the anti-hero, but Mimik either doesn't realize it or, more likely, doesn't care. I think the cocky teen muscleman wants to make a example of the ring veteran. He doesn't want to just beat him, he wants to humiliate the tough little musclehunk. He stomps Mr. X hard, getting in a few stiff boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The teen musclestud stops to flex, keeping his boot on the unmoving hunk's chest.

Mimik challenges, "Get up, you fucking Oompa Loompa!"

Mr. X rolls onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow. He struggles to rise, but the teen muscleheel reaches down and grabs his mask. Mimik drags the anti-hero up to his knees then roughly shoves the handsome stud's face into his bulge. The villain rubs his opponent's face with his pouch then forces him down into a standing head scissors. ARGH!

Mimik puts his arms behind his head as he flexes his legs. The Cave veteran groans as his head is crushed by the thick thighs. He struggles to free himself, but it's no use. His younger opponent is in complete control and his powerful legs look immovable. Mr. X is getting weaker and weaker. It looks like he can barely maintain consciousness.

"Yeah, these legs could put you out, shorty, and they will, but not yet. I got even more planned."

Mimik bends forward then grabs the back of Mr. X's trunks. He pulls, forcing the ailing hunk's hips up and exposing his bubble butt. The villain grabs around the older muscleman's waist, loosens his scissors and lifts, flipping the shorter powerhouse into an upside down reverse bearhug. With ease, the teen musclestud shakes the Cave veteran, getting him to moan and cry out.

The younger punk circles the ring, mocking how small and weak the stocky stud is. Finally, he throws Mr. X back to the mat then flexes over the unmoving carcass. Mimik sits by Mr. X's head, which is red from the earlier scissors and being held upside down for so long. It's clear the Cave veteran is dazed and not able to think straight.

Mimik drags his opponent into a head scissors. The villain locks his ankles then slowly ups the pressure until the anti-hero is groaning, his forehead still bright red. The cocky teen leans back then starts doing crunches. His abs look amazing and it shows just how confident he is. The muscleman pauses in mid-crunch then says to the camera, "Okay, I'm bored with this loser."

Mr. X is moaning so loud that his cries echo throughout the arena. Mimik says, "Time to go to sleep, little man!"

The anti-hero furiously taps the legs, getting out his submission, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Mimik slaps the mat in anger, "NO! NO! NO! You're not allowed to do that! I want to put you out!" Mr. X keeps submitting, desperately trying to avoid being knocked out. The teen punk doesn't move for a second, but then he opens his legs. He kicks Mr. X from between his legs and onto his stomach. The heel rolls to his knees, kneeling beside the moaning stud's head.

The teen musclestud grabs a hold of the thick dark hair and pulls Mr. X's face off the mat. He says, "You can give all you want next round, shorty. You can beg. You can plead, but nothing's going to stop me from putting you out."

Mimik smoothly rises then flexes his legs. He shows them to the camera, pointing, "These are the jobber crushers, bitches! No one can escape them. NO ONE!"

I hate to admit it, but I'm impressed. After a shaky start, Mimik looks like a resilient stud in the ring. Still, lots of guys win the first round of matches only to end up getting fucked in the end, literally and figuratively.

Round Two

"Get ready to become the ex-Mr. X. When I'm done with you, you can get a fake tan and change your name to the Oompa Loompa. I beat you with my legs that time. No one can hold out against these legs. Now, I'm gonna beat you with power. I'm gonna slam you until your unconscious."

Even with the break, Mr. X still looks woozy. He's hanging in the corner, limp and breathing heavily. It's always tougher, fighting an unknown quantity. The Cave veteran clearly had no idea what the punk teen was capable of. Now that he does, is it too late?

Mimik charges in to reassert his control. He runs forward, right into a hard boot. The shorter powerhouse grabs him around the waist, lifts then suplexes the muscleheel over, planting him on his broad shoulders and upper back. WHAM! Mr. X was clearly playing possum, because he bounces right up, moving quickly.

Mr. X starts stomping the chiseled muscles of the teen stud. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The shorter powerhouse grabs Mimik by the hair and drags him up. He locks on a front facelock, grabs the side of the heel's trunks then lifts, suplexing the villain over and slamming him down hard. WHAM! The teen musclestud lifts his hips to relieve the force, only to get a stiff shot to the gut. OOF!

The stocky powerhouse drags the heel back up then suplexes him again. WHAM! Mr. X runs back into the ropes, bounces off then leaps up. He splashes down on Mimik with his full 170-lbs of muscle. SPLAT! The anti-hero bounces back to his knees. He leans forward and locks on a pec claw. The younger punk groans as his pecs are squeezed. He actually cries out when Mr. X uses his strength to force the taller muscleman to his feet by the pec claw. AAHHHH!

The dominant Mr. X uses the pec claw to drive the heel backwards, slamming him into the corner. CLANG! He hops onto the middle rope, giving him amazing leverage on the hold as he crushes the sides of Mimik's impressive chest muscles. The shorter stud towers over the villain, sweat dripping from his brow onto the teen's masked face. UNH! No matter what he tries, the younger punk can't seem to pry the older stud's fingers from his chest.

The struggle continues until Mr. X lets go. In one smooth move, he releases then uses the ropes to propel himself up. He comes down with his knees slamming into the heaving pecs of his opponent, who grabs for his chest as the shorter muscleman smoothly drops back to his feet on the canvas. Mr. X launches forward with stiff shoulder blocks into the 8-pack abs, ramming into them as Mimik grunts in the corner. THUD! OOF! THUD! OOF!

Mr. X rises then backs up. Mimik lifts his legs, looking to apply a body scissors, but the Cave veteran knows the power of those limbs. He turns and dives forward, driving his elbow into the aching pecs of the teen musclestud. OOF! That breaks Mimik's focus and his feet drop back to the mat. The Cave veteran knees the younger punk in the abs then forces his opponent's left leg over the middle rope.

The anti-hero backs up and kicks out, stomping the inner left thigh of his opponent, trying to weaken any future attempt at a scissors. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Mimik turns and lunges, forcing Mr. X to jump back to avoid being tackled. It gives the teen muscleman enough time to free his leg and square up.

The two studs face off, looking intense. As they circle, the shorter powerhouse crouches down, ready to attack at the smallest opening. Mimik gives him one, stumbling on his left leg from the stomps. Mr. X dives in, only to get a left knee to the face. CRACK! The teen musclestud follows up with a double axe handle to the back that flattens the older hunk to the mat.

As he stomps the back of Mr. X, Mimik says, "You're not the only one who can play games, shorty!"

Mr. X powers up, fighting off the stomps. He dives in, tackling the bigger muscleman to the mat. The two wrestlers struggle for top, rolling around, attacking and countering. Neither one can get a clear advantage. Mimik tries to get his powerful legs wrapped around his opponent, but Mr. X blocks. The shorter powerhouse locks on a headlock, but the teen musclestud slips free.

After minutes of back-and-forth, the men slide apart, their bodies drenched in sweat and their chests heaving. They kneel across from each other, locked in a stare down. Mimik suddenly lashes out, bitchslapping Mr. X across the face. SLAP! The older hunk explodes, springing at the cocky muscleteen. Unfortunately for him, that's exactly what the punk wanted.

Mimik twists, blocking the dive and letting Mr. X land on the mat, face down. He leaps on top of the smaller muscleman then forces his hands up. The teen musclestud locks on a full nelson, compressing the wide shoulders of his opponent. The Cave veteran squirms, but he can't break the locked hands. With Mimik's 200-lbs of muscle pinning him down, all Mr. X can do is grunt.

The cocky teen grinds his opponent's face into the mat, humiliating him with his dominance. With tremendous power, Mimik rises up, dragging the 170-lbs of trapped muscleman with him. The full nelson stays locked in tight. The taller stud leans back, lifting Mr. X's toes off the mat. The grunts turn into higher-pitched short bursts of pain as the Cave veteran is punished in the killer hold.

Mr. X won't submit, though. Mimik taunts, "I'll give you to the count of five to give."

"Fuck. Uh. You!"

In response, Mimik releases the nelson, smoothly swinging his hand up to Mr. X's throat. He lifts and chokeslams the shorter powerhouse to the mat. WHAM! The cocky teen lightly smacks his opponent across the face. He says, "It's okay, I'm not accepting submissions anyway. You're so done. You just don't know it yet."

Mr. X moves to smack Mimik's hand away, but the muscular teen grabs his wrist. The cocky punk uses the grip to quickly yank the Cave veteran to his feet, immediately scooping him up across his chest. The bigger muscleman holds the older hunk aloft then spins and slams him down to the mat. WHAM! The villain leaps in the air, coming down with a leg drop across Mr. X's throat. URK!

Mimik rolls off the stunned anti-hero then pulls him up by his hair. He scoops him up then drops him across his thigh with and over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The mighty teen musclestud powers Mr. X back up then drops him down onto his leg again. CRACK! The Cave veteran goes limp, looking more like a rag doll than the powerhouse he is. When Mimik hoists him up again, I squint in anticipation. Yep, a third over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK!

This time, the teen villain holds Mr. X on his leg, folding him back until his head almost touch his heels. The older muscleman groans loudly as he's mercilessly tortured in the hold. Mimik doesn't even bother asking for the submission. Instead, he rolls Mr. X off him, pushing him onto his stomach.

The smaller powerhouse moans and rubs his back, but he's not getting a break. Mimik jumps up, coming down with a super-stomp to the lower back. STOMP! He does it again and again, leaping up and coming down with huge force. STOMP! STOMP! Mr. X cries out trying to roll away. Instead, he's pulled up and locked into a front facelock. One second later, he's up in the air, upside down as Mimik holds him up with ease.

All the blood rushes to Mr. X's head as he's held aloft, helpless to do anything. Finally Mimik drops back, bringing the weakened powerhouse to the mat with a deadly suplex. KABOOM! The cocky teen rises up and flexes. He poses over his victim, not bothering with a pin. Under him, Mr. X writhes in pain, unsure of where he is and unable to mount any defense, much less go on the offensive.

Mimik says, "That was the best suplex this ring's ever seen, but I can do better."

The teen muscleman picks up the limp body of Mr. X, lifting him over his shoulder. He carries him around the ring like a sack of potatoes, demonstrating his complete control over his victim. Mimik moves to the corner, where he eases the Cave veteran's butt onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs up in front of Mr. X, making sure his opponent stays seated on the padded corner.

When he reaches the top, Mimik gets his balance then drags Mr. X up. The two men stand up high, the teen on the top ropes and Mr. X on the top turnbuckle. The cocky musclestud locks on a front facelock, grabs a hold of the trunks then swivels his hips. A moment later, he lifts, flipping the limp carcass of the older powerhouse over top. They crash all the way down to the ring in a perfectly executed super-plex! KABOOOM!

Mr. X bounces twice then settles down, completely out of it. Meanwhile, Mimik sits up with a big smile on his face. He rolls over and puts a finger on the Cave veteran's forehead. The cocky teen counts, "ONE!" He flexes his left bicep then brings it close and kisses it. "TWO!" Mimik looks down at the devastated anti-hero. He doesn't count three. Instead he lifts his finger, breaking the count on his own.

"I don't wanna pin you. I wanna hear you beg then you're going out."

Mimik drags the limp, unmoving carcass up then slaps the older hunk until he wakes up. Before Mr. X can even process what's happening, he gets lifted across the shoulders of the cocky teen muscleman. Before any pressure can even be applied, the helpless musclehunk is moaning, trying to submit.

"I give! I give!"

"I know. But what I wanna know is, whose the best Mr. X? Admit it!"

"Oh fuck, please! I give, I give!"

"Say it!"

"You're the best Mr. X! You are! Please! Ahhhh! You're the BESSSTTTTT!"

Mimik arrogantly drops his opponent. He plants a boot on the older hunk's chest and flexes over him. He counts to ten, even though he's already won. I doubt Mr. X could lift his shoulder, even if he wanted to. The cocky teen looks amazing as he displays his perfect body for the cameras.

"Submission. Yeah, I got it. Pin? Yeah, I got it. Even got a ten-count. But that's too easy. You know what I want."

The teen heel drags Mr. X into another standing head scissors. He flexes his thick legs, crushing the already weak stud below him. This time, the destroyed Cave veteran goes out fast. When Mimik opens his legs, the anti-hero collapses in a pile. We get another round of posing as the rookie celebrates his dominating victory.

Wow, a very convincing straight two-fall victory over a tough opponent. Now, I'm really impressed. A great debut in The Cave. From the look of the massive mound that Corey is rubbing in the front of his tiny spandex thong, it's clearly not over yet. The muscle punk still gets to take a much-deserved prize ... Mr. X's tight ass.

The Stakes

The cocky teen pours water onto the unconscious stud. When the Cave veteran springs awake, Mimik orders, "Get on your knees, ex-Mr. X!"

The victorious heel stares down at the defeated wrestler as he struggles to obey. The stocky musclestud rolls over, taking forever to maneuver into a subservient position on his knees. Mr. X hangs his head down, his shoulders slumped in resignation as his red, sweaty muscles shine under the intense spotlight. Meanwhile, the bigger, younger wrestler stands, hands on hips, admiring his conquest.

The two wrestlers are sporting huge bulges that are tenting their matching tiny black trunks. The teen dominator takes his time, letting the moment last. Mr. X shifts, anxious for what's to come next. He's lost before, but never this definitively and never to a rookie. With Mimik being an unknown quantity, the veteran truly has no idea what's next.

Meanwhile, Mimik is very obviously enjoying his mastery over the hot stud, making him wait on his knees. Finally, he grips the thick black curly hair of his victim, running his hand through the wiry mat. He uses it to pull Mr. X's head forward. The anti-hero's face is buried deep into the pouch, as the younger hunk orders, "Suck my cock, shorty!"

Mr. X opens wide and sucks Mimik's manhood through the black spandex. He works as best he can, but there's only so much he can do. The teen muscleman says, "Pathetic." He pushes Mr. X back slightly then orders the kneeling muscleman to unclip his master's trunks. Mr. X complies, letting them fall to the ground. The teen stud's impressive cock springs forward, slapping across the veteran wrestler's face and leaving a moist streak from cheek to chin.

Mimik rams his large shaft into the gaping mouth, shoving it in deep. Mr. X chokes on the over-sized member, unable to handle the size of the copycat's meat. Mimik mocks, "Really pathetic." He lets the kneeling stud use his hands and Mr. X goes to town, trying to redeem himself after the two failed attempts. The victorious muscle hunk bites his bottom lip, obviously impressed, but he remains silent. It's like he's unwilling to give any credit to the loser, even a moan of acknowledgment.

The bigger stud pushes his slave back, off his dick. He orders Mr. X to remove his own trunks. I bet he's happy to do it, as he'd been shifting uncomfortably with his swollen cock trapped inside its smaller black spandex prison. The gear drops between his legs at the front and onto his heels at the back.

Mimik takes a good look at the rock hard cock protruding from the trimmed groin. The defeated Cave veteran has a nicely shaped, uncut cock. It's average length, but thick. Still, the dominant doppelgänger just shakes his head, "Wow, now that's the most pathetic thing of all." Mr. X hangs his head. His dick's not pathetic at all, but it still humiliates, hearing the insult from a teen with a much bigger dick who stole his gimmick then beat him in two straight falls.

"This just proves it. I'm the best Mr. X in literally every way possible." Mimik puts his boot against the engorged member of his opponent. He bats it around before eventually putting his boot on it and pressing down. The pain is obvious on Mr. X's face. The winner says, "Admit I'm better than you in every way."

Mr. X bites his lip then has to say it, "Fuck! You're better than me in every way! Ah!"

Mimik eases up then presses down again, "Say it again, but this time, emphasize 'every'."

"ARGH! Okay, okay! You're better than me in EVERY way!"

"You admit you're pathetic?"

"AH, please! Okay, okay! I'm pathetic. I'm pathetic! I'm PATHETIC!"

"Good little man. You're nothing but an Oompa Loompa, aren't you?"

"Yeah, yeah! I'm nothing but an Oompa Loompa! Oh fuck! C'mon!"

Mimik lifts his boot, "Yeah, you are."

The teen muscleman drags Mr. X to the corner by his hair then forces him to his feet. The bigger stud pulls out a condom and sheathes his cock. He bends down and reaches under his opponent's knees. "Grab behind my head." Mr. X obeys. Mimik smoothly rises, lifting the smaller stud. The loser dangles there, his ass hanging down as he hangs onto his master for dear life.

Mimik carefully lowers the smaller powerhouse down onto his cock. The huge shaft splits his ass and slides in. It's a big cock to take and Mimik does no preparation, so Mr. X cries out as his ass takes the over-sized shaft inside him. "Quit whining!" Finally all the way down, Mr. X adjusts and moans with the pleasure of having his ass filled by the magnificent man who beat him.

The teen muscleman starts moving Mr. X up and down. His biceps bulge as he supports most of the 175-lbs of muscle that's bouncing on his cock. Mimik keeps plowing then suddenly pulls out. He stares at Mr. X in the eye then lifts and slams the loser down with a power bomb! BOOM! The unprepared Mr. X writhes on the canvas, his body wracked by another power move.

Mimik kicks his opponent onto his stomach then drops down. He drives his cock into the exhausted carcass and resumes the fuck with powerful thrusting. Mr. X can't do much but lie there and take it. He's too weak and stunned to even enjoy it. The teen muscleman relentlessly hammers his cock into the helpless hunk, taking the ass with abandon.

Finally, Mimik pulls out. He rips off the condom as he rolls Mr. X onto his back. He grabs a handful of his slave's hair and pulls him up. The dominant doppelgänger shoves his cock in, face fucking the nearly unconscious muscleman. It doesn't take long before he's shooting his load down the Cave veteran's throat, choking him with his white hot cum. The teen's man juice spills out the side of Mr. X's mouth, running onto his chin then onto his chest.

When Mimik releases his grip on the thick black curls, Mr. X collapses to the mat, completely destroyed and humiliated.

Mimik rises to his feet. He flexes over his victim, declaring he's just the first of many.

In the Locker Room

I say, "Nice work."

The naked Corey smirks, "I know."

"Of course you do. Look, you've got some papers to sign then I'll give you your cash."

"You know, Cody, you should be nice to me."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Well, I'm helping your business. Tell me that wasn't the hottest thing you've seen in a while. You could make a lot of money if I keep wrestling for you."

"It was good. But we were fine without you."

"Yeah, but now you know how much better things could be. Imagine a whole series of my matches. I'm the next big star of The Cave, if I want to be. I mean, I get that you're the big stud around here, but seriously, how much longer do you think you can run around in that skimpy Bat gear? You don't wanna be the old guy in the bikini, do you? It'd be good for you to be grooming the next generation."

I ignore the age shot, replying, "Yeah, sure."

For just a second, I see disappointment cross Corey's face that he can't get a rise out of me. He nods, either confused that his schtick isn't working or impressed that I'm resisting his charm. He finally says, "And there's a personal reason, too."

I raise an eyebrow, "Oh?"

"Well, me and Ryan. You know, we're getting to be pretty good friends. I like him, so I'd like to like his friends."

"And for them to like you, of course." Corey just shrugs at that. I smile, "Well, we're headed to a club tonight, but if you get some fake ID, feel free to join us."

Corey smiles, "Cody, Cody, Cody. I don't know what it was like in your day, back when you were young and hot, but this face, this body and this bulge is all the ID I need."

I shake my head, "Your confidence is impressive."

Corey smirks, "Just admit you want me. I get that you didn't want to before, but now? Now that you've seen me in action, I bet you really want me, don't you? C'mon, it won't hurt to say it."

"Any time you have Bat gear, I'm happy to wrestle you. But that's it."

"Cool, I can't wait." Corey walks by me on the way to the shower. He grabs my head and pulls me in for a kiss, "And I bet you can't either, stud." He winks and struts off, flaunting his ass. As I watch, I do have to admit that it is a nice ass.

The End


  1. A great match! But I think my favorite part of this whole story is the set up for Mimik's character in the future, especially the prospect of his match with The Bat!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I hope Mimik/Corey comes across as a fun character to read. I've already written two more matches with him, so it'd be good if he was liked.

  2. That was a really fun match to read, great story! Love the new characters! Everything about this cocky young heel and his victim just perfect!

    1. Fun was my main intent with Mimik/Corey, so thanks for saying that. The cocky young heel will definitely be back, so I'm glad you liked him.

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    Your work is incredible, man! I don't know how you do it! :)

    1. Thank you! Corey vs Xaq? No comment. ;)

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    1. Thanks for comment! Glad you liked Mr. X. That's two interesting directions.

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    As always awsome work Alex cant wait till Julys stories!

    1. I appreciate comments no matter when they come in. You're certainly never late.

      This one isn't in the past. Cody and Jae are together. When Cody mentions that he lives with an incredibly hot man to Corey, that's a reference to Jae.

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    Where do I start? Well lets go with Mr X. I think there is something extremely hot in Mr X. He was featured in a story for Route 69 and I had been wanting to see him for the longest time in the Cave. I ind of figured out that he was a member of the Cave since that "Episode" oF Route 69 was when Ben and Jeff were in LA. There is something very hot about that compact tightly wound muscle body. Chase Hostler (MR X ) is just a pure sexual machine. You say he has a good record so I would think that means that he is actually a good wrestler, but somehow Mimik was better.
    Speaking of the Devil. Ill be honest. He rubs me the wrong way, Im totally in Cody's corner here. There is something about this guy that makes you want to kick his ass. Very different energy than XAQ. Spartan is likable because there is a certain vibe that he gives out that says 'I dont take my self seriously, I like to have fun and geting beat up and felt up". Corey actually thinks hes the big cahuna lol. But having said that, in this match he proves himself, he proves that he likes to win and dominate. Not only that his commentary is real hilarious. The oompa loompa line made me laugh. The constant calling him names. Pretty much an asshole. Also what is his deal with Cody? Why does he want so much to get into his pants even though he is having sex with Ryan? Thats real weird. What is he up to?
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