Monday, October 5, 2015

The Cave Undercard 7.1: Canada Day

"Ryan? Hope you don't mind me let-- oh, Corey. Didn't know you were here. Where's Ryan?"

Corey turns then takes a big bite of the apple he's holding. CRUNCH! I'm a little surprised to see this young (19 years old) musclestud standing buck naked in Ryan's kitchen, but it does explain why my best friend and business partner didn't answer the door. We're supposed to be meeting, but we all went out last night (including the under drinking age Corey). Ryan obviously enjoyed a very late night.

Corey leans against the kitchen counter, confidently relaxing as I wait for a response. The young stud chews slowly, with his usual smirk on his face. When he swallows, he finally says, "Shower."

I nod, happy that Ryan is getting action, but this guy bugs me. Yeah, he's handsome, but he's so damn cocky. He doesn't bother to cover up, but then again, it's not the first time I've seen the stud in all his glory, both physically and psychologically. Yesterday, he managed to piss me off before he beat and fucked Mr. X in an impressive debut for The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company Ryan and I co-own. His character, Mimik, is a villain, a devious doppelgänger who appropriates his opponent's look.

Corey asks, "So Cody, when're you guys releasing my match?"

I let him wait for an answer this time. I move past him to Ryan's fridge, grabbing a bottle of water. After I take a long, slow swig, I finally say, "Not sure. Why?"

Corey suddenly grabs me, pulling me in tight against him. He smiles seductively, "Well, I want more money for the next match and Ryan's being stubborn about it. You know, it'll be good for both of us. Let's face it, once it's out there, my price is gonna go up higher than what I'm asking, so I'm giving you a deal. I get more money now, you save money later."

"Uh huh."

"Seriously. Other, bigger companies are gonna be hunting me down. The more you get in the can now, the more you'll save later. I deserve a little more than rookie scale, don't you think?"

I roll my eyes, "Uh huh. We'll take our chances."

Corey smirks, "Maybe we can arrange something right now? Something mutually beneficial?" The young stud grinds on me, kissing my neck and rubbing my back. It does feel good, but I think about golf. After a minute of no reaction from me other than boredom, Corey releases me then goes back to his apple. This is twice he has tried and failed to seduce me. I think it has him confused.

The teen musclestud looks me up and down for a minute then says, "Last night at the club was fun. Hanging out with you guys. Getting to know you." CRUNCH! I just nod and drink. Corey breaks the silence, telling me, "I like you, Cody. You're cool." CRUNCH!

I have to laugh at that, "Really?"

Corey shrugs, "I just mean you know who you are. You keep it real. I admire that."

I shake my head, "Flattery won't work any better than seduction. I'm not giving you more money."

Corey replies, "Whatever, I'm over it anyway. Seriously. You're hot and you know it. You've got two businesses. Control of your schedule. Wrestle all the time. Got a hot younger guy like Jae in an open relationship. Man, you got it all. You're like the dude I wanna be in, like, 20 years." CRUNCH!

"Uh huh. I get it, because I'm so old." At 29, I'm only ten years older than him, but I refuse to let Corey get to me. "If you need money so bad, 'kid', you could always open a lemonade stand or get a paper route."

Corey furrows his brow, "What the hell's a paper route?" CRUNCH!

Just then, Ryan comes in, apologizing for running late. Corey excuses himself, but not before asking when he and I are going to wrestle. I did semi-challenge him yesterday, so I tell him I'm good anytime he has Bat gear, since that's my Cave persona and his deal is being a copycat. He says he's looking forward to it then kisses Ryan deeply before strutting off to get dressed.

As we get to business. I tell Ryan I actually would love to put Corey in more matches, but I'm not open to paying him more, just out of principle. Ryan agrees and says he's already had that conversation with him. "It's fine. I've told him that we give bonuses for matches that outsell our expectations, so he won't lose anything. He's cool with it and I'm already lining up another opponent for him. In fact, I think I've got the perfect guy for him lined up for Saturday."

I'm surprised, "What? Then why did he try - oh, he was being a little punk. Again."

Ryan grins, "Well, I prefer to think of him as playfully confident. He's really a fun guy once you recognize it. Yeah he can come across as a little into himself, but give him a chance. Once you two wrestle and fuck, I'm sure you'll see what I mean. He likes you and I'd like you to like him. You know, in case he starts hanging out with us more often."

I nod, "Uh huh. Well, you know I'm only about your happiness." Ryan rolls his eyes. Okay, I might be a bit self-absorbed on occasion, but I assure him, "Seriously Ry, I AM that glad you're having fun. You deserve it and I'll happily welcome Corey into the group if he's with you."

Ryan pauses, analyzing my face. "I think you actually mean that."

"Of course I do."

My best friend smiles, "Look at you, putting someone else's feelings ahead of your own. I'm so proud of you."

I grab Ryan in a headlock and rub my knuckles on his head. He powers out, laughing. I stick out my tongue at him then we move on to real business.

The Introductions

True to his word, Ryan lines up a great second match for Corey. The cocky punk will be facing Mac. Like Corey's first opponent Mr. X, Mac is one of our semi-regulars. The guy is a talented wrestler, with a winning record of 5-2. Only the 6'4"/250-lbs Ryan (as Bane) really dominated him, otherwise he's done pretty damn well for himself.

Mac wrestles for us as Guardian, a Canadian-inspired hero. He wears a red mask, red and white briefs styled after the Canadian flag and white leather pro boots. At 6'2" and 180-lbs, he's lean and smooth, with tanned white skin and a lion tattoo that covers his entire left pec.

On a personality level, he's a good contrast. While Corey is a cocky punk, Mac is a pretty basic guy who doesn't play games. Mac's four passions are fucking, fighting, drinking and hockey. We provide him with a direct outlet for the first two and the money for the second two. The important thing is that he's no pushover. Even though he's a hero/good guy, Guardian is willing to stretch the rules.

Guardian stretches in the ring, ready for his opponent. One of the interesting things about these matches will be guys' reactions to seeing the cocky copycat for the first time. Mr. X was pis side. This time when Mimik emerges in his matching gear, the hero just smiles and shakes his head. It looks like the lanky stud is taking it in stride.

With no apparent drama over Mimik's gear, intros move swiftly and it's time for action.

Round One

The two studs circle fast. Mimik says, "Like my gear? First time the Canadian flag has been worn by a man in the ring."

Guardian shrugs, "It's cool. I always wanted a sidekick, kid."

They go for a lock up, but Mimik ducks the long arms of the hero. The teen muscleheel goes for the leg, but gets a knee to the jaw instead. CRACK! The villain falls back onto his ass. Guardian slams his big white boot into the doppelgänger's chest, flattening him onto his back. POW! He follows up with a series of hard stomps to the left pec. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The hero drags the teen muscleheel to his feet then forces him to the corner. CLANG! The Canadian hunk unleashes stiff chops to the left pec, softening up the thick slab of beef. THUD! CHOP! CHOP! He adds in forearms and elbows whenever the heel tries to counter. Mimik's chest is getting red from the relentless abuse. He sags in the ropes, unable to mount an effective resistance.

Guardian steps back, admiring his work. He pounds his own left pec, "Didn't have the courage to copy the tat, eh? It's okay, now you kinda got one of your own, just in red."

When the Canadian stud moves in, Mimik pushes him away. The villain rolls away, escaping the big boots. He rolls right out of the ring, dropping to the floor below, massaging his pec. He looks distracted and confused. I wonder if Guardian's non-reaction to the gimmick has thrown him off. Mac's a chill dude who just wants to fight then fuck. This kind of thing just wouldn't bug him at all.

Mimik finally climbs back into the ring. The hero waits patiently, letting the poser get set. They circle again, this time in silence. They lock up for real this time. The villain overpowers Guardian, driving him all the way back into the ropes. He breaks, only to turn and go for a stuff chop. The hero is ready. He grabs Mimik's wrist and twists, wrenching it into a chicken wing. FUCK!

The teen muscleheel cries out as he's walked around the ring on his toes, his hand lifted up to his shoulder blades. They do one lap before the villain kicks back, bringing his leg up between the hero's legs. ARGH! Guardian loses his grip and staggers back, hunched over as he holds his balls.

Mimik moves in fast, but Guardian isn't that badly hurt. He moves in for a shoulder block. The teen muscleheel sees it coming, spinning to avoid most of the impact. They just brush shoulders then spin to face each other. The hero moves in for a lock up, but Mimik ducks. He comes in behind the taller stud, grabs him around the waist and lifts, throwing the 180-lbs hunk over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHOA! WHAM!

The teen muscleheel doesn't let go, instead rolling them over and dragging his opponent up. He lifts and executes another suplex. WHAM! Again, he holds on, rolling and dragging up. Guardian is clearly stunned as he goes up and over for a third time. WHAM! This time, Mimik lets go. He rolls to a kneeling position, spreading his legs wide and flexing his arms while the hero lies beside him holding his head and kicking the mat in pain and frustration.

Mimik turns and pulls Guardian into a body scissors. The teen muscleheel has powerful legs. Guardian cries out the minute they close around his sides. He grabs for the villain's feet, trying to pry them apart, but it's no use. The lean stud groans, feeling the pain. Mimik hammers the Canadian's back with forearms, adding to the punishment.

Guardian won't give, but he's clearly suffering. Mimik finally releases the hold, rising to his feet. He flexes again then drags the weakened Canadian hunk to his feet. He moves slowly, feeling confident and in control. When the cocky copycat bends down and moves in to scoop the hero up, Guardian counters, grabbing him around the neck and rolling him down into a small package.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. Mimik barely manages to kick out before the three-count. The furious teen muscleheel scrambles up. He moves in fast, but recklessly. Guardian is ready. When the villain bends down to drag him up, the hero grabs him again, rolling over into a spladle. The cocky copycat cries out as his legs are split wide in the hold. ARGH!

Guardian gets set, ensuring the devious doppelgänger is trapped. When he is, the hero reaches for the prominent bulge. Mimik moans, "No, no, no!" The Canadian reminds him of the earlier low blow, calling this some payback. He tightens his big hand over the white spandex prison, engulfing the maple leaf on the front.

Mimik screams and thrashes as his balls are crushed in the steel claw. He whimpers and cries out, but he won't submit. The hold lasts until the villain can finally use his struggling and mighty legs to power free. He falls into the fetal position, clutching his junk. He swears, but Guardian reminds him that he started it.

Guardian moves in. He grabs one leg, lifting it high. He steps over, perhaps going for a figure-four. We'll never know, because Mimik manages to kick free, using his other boot to push on Guardian's butt and send him into the ropes. When the hero turns, the villain is already rising across the ring.

The two studs circle. It seems like they're a lot more serious, but also respectful of the other. This has been fast and tough, so they move cautiously this time. When they go for a lock up, Mimik feints low then high before diving in low for real. It's quick and fools the taller stud. The teen muscleheel grabs Guardian's leg and lifts, toppling the 6'2" wrestler down onto his ass. SPLAT!

Mimik mounts the hero then pins his wrists to the mat. He works his legs into position then spreads them. Guardian grunts as his groin is stretched in the grapevine. The hero moans as I admire the view, looking up their legs at their taints as their matching bulges press together. The two never stop struggling until Guardian finally frees his right arm. He clocks Mimik with a forearm to the face. CRACK! It's enough to enable him to escape.

The two studs move to rise. The teen muscleheel tackles Guardian down. They fight for position on the mat, struggling and neither giving an inch. The power advantage is clearly on the side of the more muscled and compact teen muscleheel. However, Guardian is remarkably flexible and wiry, able to twist and bend his long, lean body enough to avoid any killer submission holds.

Both men work up a killer sweat, their bodies glistening under the spotlights. Guardian manages to lock on an armbar and head scissors combination that has the villain moaning. The Canadian stud cranks on the hold, but the teen muscleheel bridges and twists, escaping. He dives on top, only to get rolled over and schoolboy pinned.

Mimik squirms under the hero, finally able to throw him off. Guardian dives to get back on top, only to get caught in a leg scissors. The villain lies on his back, stretching his legs in the hard hold. The hero arches back, groaning as his sides are compressed. He falls forward, bracing his left hand on the teen muscleheel's right pec.

The cocky copycat demands, "GIVE!"

The Canadian hunk responds, "Fuck you!"

Guardian cocks his right arm back and brings it down fast and hard onto the left pec of his doppelgänger. THUD! Mimik gasps as the heart punch sends shockwaves through his body. The earlier pec work is coming back as Guardian unleashes again. THUD! The teen muscleheel gasps again, his legs falling to the side.

The Canadian stud rises, dragging a stunned Mimik up to his feet. He bends the villain's left hand behind his head. Guardian cocks back and fires a third heart punch, driving his fist deep into the beefy chest muscle. THUD! The villain collapses. The hero wastes no time, diving on him and hooking a leg. Guardian counts the pin.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. This time, there's no kick out. At least not before the final count. A cry of THREE! ends the round. The teen muscleheel is pinned and Guardian goes up a fall.

The hero rises and lifts his arms, celebrating his first fall victory over the cocky copycat.

Round Two

After a break, the two wrestlers come out of their corner. The shorter, younger villain looks eager, bouncing on his feet. Mr. X wasn't able to win a fall, so this is new territory for the rookie in his second match. Meanwhile, the taller, leaner hero looks confident, staring down the teen muscleheel as they circle.

Without any banter, the two studs lock up. Mimik quickly shifts and powers Guardian into a side headlock. He cranks on it, crushing the Canadian wrestler's head into his side. His pecs and biceps bulge as he really applies the pressure. The hero is quickly grunting. He tries a forearm to the back. THUD! The muscular doppelgänger ignores it. He tries again. THUD! Again, no escape.

The struggling wrestlers circle the ring as the long-held headlock has Mimik sweating and Guardian's forehead red. The hero reaches around the villain's waist. He lifts Mimik off the mat. The teen muscleheel instinctively kicks, trying to avoid a suplex, but the Canadian wrestler is read. He extends his leg and drives the cocky copycat down onto his thigh for an atomic drop. WHACK! Pain shoots up Mimik's spine as he loses the headlock.

Mimik walks around the ring in a crouch, his amazing ass thrusting back and out as he tries to recover from the painful move. Guardian doesn't give him the chance. The hero moves behind his prey, runs in and leaps. He grabs the teen by the head, bulldogging him down to the mat. CRACK! The muscleheel manages to slow the impact with his knees and hands, but he still lands head first, bouncing off the mat.

Guardian rises as the teen powerhouse rolls around on the mat, holding his head and kicking the mat. The hero unleashes a series of random stomps on Mimik's big muscles, hitting whatever body part is available. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero drags the villain to his feet. The devious doppelgänger goes for a punch to the gut, but it's blocked and followed up with a fist to the forehead that ends any resistance. CRACK!

The hero pulls Mimik into a full nelson. The broad shoulders collapse under the force as the villain moans. I feel confident the teen muscleheel could easily break free under normal circumstances, but he's clearly still in a fog after the bulldog and fist to the head. Guardian takes advantage. He runs them into the corner, slamming Mimik's pecs and abs into the turnbuckles. CLANG!

After a suggestive and forceful grinding of his bulge on the villain's ass, Guardian releases the nelson then grabs a handful of hair. The Canadian hunk slams Mimik's head down face first onto the top turnbuckle. CRACK! The teen muscleheel goes limp while his dominator positions himself for shoulder blocks to the back. THUD! THUD! THUD! The driving force hammers the doppelgänger's body into the corner, causing him to cry out with every shot.

Guardian rises. He drags Mimik out of the corner then lifts him up and drops him across his thigh, hanging the chiseled villain over his leg with a backbreaker. Every muscle in the helpless heel's body stretches and strains as he dangles in the painful hold. Sweat runs along his muscles, giving him the appearance of being coated in oil as his perfect physique shines under the spotlight.

Mimik won't give, even when the hero grinds his elbow into his abs. With the teen muscleheel showing resilience, Guardian pushes him off his leg. He drags the villain up then slams him down with a body slam. SLAM! He lifts then does it again. SLAM! The Cave rookie writhes on the mat, his thick back breaking down from the torture.

Guardian reaches for the heel, but he wisely rolls away. Mimik exits the ring under the bottom rope. He slowly stretches, trying to work out his back. The hero runs back into the ropes, bouncing off. He leaps down, sliding across the canvas like a defenseman blocking a slapshot, his boots aimed squarely at the recovering villain.

Mimik is ready, dodging the slide. Guardian slides by him, landing on his feet outside the ring. When he turns, the villain charges with a shoulder block that drives the hero into the ring apron back first. WHAM! The lean wrestler grunts. The teen muscleheel lifts, flipping the Canadian stud over his shoulder with a back body drop. WHAM! Guardian lands hard on his back on the thin mats that surround the ring.

Guardian sits up, reaching for his back. Mimik moves in and locks on a chicken wing. He grabs a handful of hair then throws the hero into the ring post, right shoulder first. CLANG! The lean wrestler drops to hands and knees, clutching his shoulder, his right arm hanging limply. The villain moves in, his confidence returning.

The cocky copycat stomps the injured shoulder with his boot. WHACK! He drags the ailing hero up and pushes him into the ring. Mimik comes in fast. He keeps Guardian down with a double axe hand,e to the shoulder. The teen muscleheel sits behind his prey, locking him in a body scissors and an armbar. ARGH!

Mimik squeezes his mighty legs as he bends the hero's arm backwards. Guardian is flexible, but you can tell he's really suffering by his moans of pain. I'm impressed as the Cave veteran refuses to give, holding out against the dual assault. The villain releases the scissors then rolls up. He drags Guardian to his feet by his weakened right arm, twisting it hard.

The hero grunts and moves to try to relieve the pressure. He suddenly kicks his long right leg out, catching Mimik in the abs. THUD! It's enough to get free. The cocky copycat charges in for a clothesline, but Guardian stops him cold, grabbing him around the throat with his left hand. A quick squat then lift and the teen muscleheel is planted on the mat with a choke slam. WHAM!

Guardian grabs a leg, flips and sits, applying a single leg crab. He shakes out his right arm as he holds the villain down. The crab isn't nearly tight enough to hold teen powerhouse for long. Mimik quickly kicks and presses, sending the hero off him. The muscleheel scrambles to his feet and runs right into a big boot to the chest. THUD! He's staggered, backing up.

The hero delivers another boot, this time to the abs. When Mimik bends over, Guardian reaches around his waist. He lifts and flips the villain over his left shoulder. The teen muscleheel kicks his feet, using momentum to slide all the way over to freedom. The cocky copycat looks pleased with himself, even pointing to his temple to emphasize how smart he is. Too bad for him that the match is still going.

Guardian squats, reaches back, grabs under Mimik's chin and drops for a neckbreaker. CRACK! Not the best I've ever seen, but enough to stun the overconfident doppelgänger. The hero rolls over and quickly grabs hold of the legs. He folds the muscleheel's right leg over his left then flips, applying a beautiful sharpshooter variation of the Boston crab. ARGH!

Mimik is immediately moaning in the deadly submission move. The hero strains to get the final submission, looking for a decisive victory with two straight falls. The teen muscleheel is really suffering, his face showing the strain and his cries turning to whimpers as he fights to keep from submitting. The sweaty villain tries to press up, but he can't. He tries to push his legs back, but the hold is cinched in.

The hero tells him to give, but he won't. The villain holds out until he finally twists to the right then quickly to the left, using all his considerable power to roll over. The movement breaks the hold, toppling Guardian off him to the mat. Mimik lies on his back, his big chest and chiseled abs rising and falling with deep breaths as he tries to recover from the near-submission.

Guardian looks to take advantage, leaping onto the teen muscleheel. Mimik is ready for him, grabbing the right wrist and wrapping his powerful legs around the Canadian stud's head and shoulder. He squeezes and this time, it's the hero who's crying out in pain. The combination scissors and armbar works fast, weakening the taller stud.

Mimik cranks hard, his entire body straining as every vein is popping, every muscle bulging. The hero's injured right shoulder gives into the pressure and the Canadian hunk's left hand is tapping the heel's right thigh as he says, "GIVE! GIVE!"

The teen muscleheel releases the hold and rises slowly. His chest is heaving as he breathes, the ripped muscleman pumped and drenched in sweat. He flexes, celebrating his win. I grudgingly admit that he deserves it, showing some real resilience against a tough submission hold. Still, the match isn't over, just tied.

Let's see what he can do in round three.

Round Three

Guardian spends the entire fall working out his arm, while Mimik is pacing outside the ring, psyching himself up for the third and decisive round. As we approach the sound of the bell, both guys look determined. They're shifting, pivoting and moving, clearly thinking about the moves they're going to use without really giving them away.


The two studs come out of their corner fast. They lock up in seconds, each shifting and moving. Guardian plans correctly, twisting when Mimik pushes against him. The hero lifts his elbow ramming it into the villain's head. CRACK! He follows up with a knee to the gut. THUD! OOF! When the teen muscleheel bends forward, the Canadian hunk brings a forearm down onto the back of his neck, dropping the chiseled doppelgänger to his hands and knees. THWACK!

Guardian reaches down, grabbing up between his legs and over his shoulder. With surprising power, the hero hoists upward, powering the ripped heel off the mat then dropping him across his thigh for a gutbuster. OOF! Mimik gags as he hangs there before Guardian pushes him off his leg.

With the cocky copycat hurting, Guardian wastes no time, unleashing a series of stomps into the tender abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He adds in the occasional knee drops, softening up the midsection. THUD! POW! THUD! The Canadian hunk drags Mimik to his feet. He moves fast, bending the villain to the side as he slides his long limbs into place for an ab stretch.

Mimik moans as he's contorted in the rough submission hold. Guardian amps up the force, really punishing the chiseled muscleman. The heel tries multiple counter moves, but the lean stud fights hard to keep the ab stretch locked on. I notice him opening and closing his right hand. He raises his arm and holds his hand up high.

Guardian whips his hand down, pounding on the tight abs. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! After the fourth punch, the hero adds one of his signature moves - the Canadian Claw. He digs his fingers into the muscleheel's hard midsection, punishing the tender 8-pack with the cruel claw. I know from personal experience that it feels like he's tearing your insides out.

Mimik cries out, whimpering in pain as he struggles not to give. The teen muscleheel's face is etched with pain, the veins in his neck popping as he fights. Once again, I'm impressed with his resilience. I've held out against this hold and it took everything I had, so Mimik is definitely proving how tough he is.

The hold is held for a long time, but the ripped doppelgänger just won't submit. Guardian is forced to release the hold. When Mimik collapses to the mat, the hero sits down, looking for a camel clutch. The villain pushes up, toppling his opponent off his back. He rolls away, heading for outside the ring again.

This time, Guardian is able to use his long arms to grab an ankle. He drags the cowardly copycat back into the ring by his boot. The hero drags the teen muscleheel up. The villain dives at his knee, clipping the leg and toppling the lanky hunk to the mat. The taller stud reaches for his knee, in obvious pain.

Mimik rises up and starts stomping the injured knee and leg. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The ripped stud is in obvious pain as he goes on offense for the first time this round, but he fights through it. This time, it's the hero who rolls away. The teen muscleheel grabs him from behind, pulling him back by the back of his trunks. The red and white spandex slides down over the flat, but tight ass, exposing the untanned white flesh.

The villain reaches forward and drags Guardian up to a kneeling position. He wraps his arm around the hero's neck, bending him backwards into a dragon sleeper. UNH! The Canadian hunk moans as he's put in the killer hold, his long body stretched and his big package thrusting outward. Mimik brings his forearm down onto the elevated chest, hammering the tattooed left pec of the Cave veteran. POW! POW! POW!

Mimik is breaking down the pec, but the force of the forearms allow Guardian to twist free. The teen muscleheel works fast to force him up to his feet again. The villain forces his opponent into a front facelock then suplexes him over, slamming him hard onto his back. WHAM! He drags the compliant Canadian up, scoops him across his chest then bodyslams him down to the mat. SLAM! Guardian goes limp at the cocky copycat's feet as the power moves take their toll.

The teen powerhouse drags the hero into a standing head scissors. Before he can tighten his legs, Guardian summons the strength to flip him over with a back body drop. He kicks back, hitting the heel between the shoulder blades. WHACK! The Canadian stud drags him up from behind. He leaps up, putting his knees against the villain's back. When he falls, he drags Mimik down into a backcracker. WHACK! AAHHH!

Mimik bounces off the legs, crying out in pain. Guardian drags him up then whips him into the corner hard. CLANG! When he bounces off, he's met with an impressive drop kick that hits square on the villain's meaty pecs. THUD! He flies back into the corner, this time sagging on the top rope as he tries to re-focus.

Guardian moves in quickly. He grabs the teen muscleheel by the wrist then whips him across the ring. CLANG! The hero follows in right away with a stiff shoulder block to the abs that pushes Mimik's ass up and onto the middle turnbuckle. The Canadian hunk rises up. He pulls Mimik into a front facelock then grabs the side of his trunks.

As the hero goes for the suplex, Mimik uses his foot to block. He pulls his head free then pulls Guardian into a bearhug. ARGH! The teen powerhouse squeezes hard, the pain immediately evident on the lanky hunk's face. The sheer force of Mimik's muscles causes the taller stud to go limp for a moment before he's able to fight to recover.

The bearhug goes on for awhile, with Mimik breaking down the hero slowly, but surely. Guardian must realize how much trouble he's in, because his adrenaline kicks in. He goes from limp and weak to fighting in a second, finally getting free with an elbow to the temple. WHACK! The hero stumbles back, but the villain can't follow up as he holds the side of his face.

Both men rise to their full height. They stare each other down then move in. Mimik goes low, grabbing Guardian around the waist. He drives them to the corner. CLANG! The Canadian stud slams his forearms onto the broad back. THUD! THUD! THUD! The hard and heavy blows drop the villain to one knee. The hero lifts a knee, smacking the copycat in the chin. CRACK!

Mimik flies back onto his ass, stunned. The Canadian stud drags him up then whips him back into the corner. CLANG! He pounds on the chiseled torso, trying to soften the muscleheel up. Mimik withstands the blows, but he grunts with each one. Once again, the hero grabs a wrist then whips his opponent into the opposite corner. CLANG!

The villain bounces out as the hero waits. Guardian lifts his boot. Mimik can't avoid it, running right into it. The devious doppelgänger collapses as the big white boot sinks deep into his softened gut. The Canadian stud grabs the teen musclestud by the hair and forces his head between his thighs. He grabs Mimik's arms and locks them behind his back, perfectly positioning him for a Pedigree.

Mimik shows the power in his legs once more. He drops his butt then pushes up, actually managing to squat the 180-lbs Guardian up and over. WHAM! The two men crash to the canvas, with the Canadian hero landing on his back and the teen muscleheel sitting on his chest.

It only takes a second before Mimik has his calf under Guardian's head. The villain grabs the hero's ears, forcing his opponent's head up towards the teen musclestud's prominent bulge. Guardian starts to fight, but it's too late. He's trapped in a figure-four head scissors, his face buried in Mimik's growing pouch.

The teen muscleheel rolls onto his side, dragging Guardian with him. The Canadian hero is forced to stare at the red maple leaf, distorted by Mimik's semi-hard cock and sizable balls, as his head is crushed in the hold. The cocky copycat flexes one bicep, posing as he controls the lanky hero.

Mimik taunts, "Say good night, eh?"

With that, he grab his ankle and tightens the grip. His powerful legs flex and Guardian goes from struggling to limp in seconds. The villain opens his legs and kicks the hero's lifeless body out from between them. He grabs Guardian's wrist then lifts. It falls. He repeats the move two more times. The arm falls with no resistance.

Mimik rises victoriously. He plants his boot on Guardian's pec, covering the lion tattoo. He runs through an unnecessary ten-count, emphasizing his dominance. The cocky copycat flexes for the cameras, showing off his impressive physique.

Damn, another experienced Cave stud falls to the cocky rookie.

The Stakes

The dominant doppelgänger circles his prey. After a couple of laps, he bends down and begins stripping Guardian of his gear. First, the boots and socks. Next comes the briefs and jock, exposing the hero's soft uncut cock and low-hanging balls nestled in neatly-trimmed pubes. Mimik places the gear to the side, towards the exit. He obviously intends them as a souvenir.

The villain drags the naked masked hero up to a seated position. He measures him up then delivers a hard chop between the shoulder blades. THWACK! The force wakes Guardian up, sending him coughing and bending forward. He sits with face in hands, gathering himself. The Canadian hunk recognizes his stripped condition and knows he was knocked out and defeated.

Guardian mutters, "Fuck."

Mimik responds, "That's the plan, eh?"

The hero looks up at the still-dressed doppelgänger, nodding slowly as he accepts his situation. The heel steps forward, positioning his bulge right in Guardian's face. He orders the Canadian wrestler to suck him through his trunks. The taller stud shifts around to a kneeling position and gets to work. His lips engulf the villain's cock under the maple leaf and his hands cup Mimik's balls in the white spandex prison.

"Do a good job, eh? Remember, that's the flag you're sucking, jobber."

Guardian ravishes the winner's manhood as he sucks the ever-expanding pouch. The white spandex becomes clearer as it's soaked in a bath of the loser's subservience. The teen muscleheel relishes the moment, continuously mocking the kneeling stud. For his part, the Canadian hunk doesn't seem to mind, as his cock expands. The long, thin rod grows to full mast as he worships the flag-covered manhood of the winner.

Mimik forces Guardian off the flag trunks. He says, "Be polite, eh? That's what we're famous for. You should thank me for the chance to worship a real man, eh. Since we've proven you're just a poser. Eh."

The kneeling hero scowls under his mask, knowing the winner has all the power. He's just used to being on the other side. Guardian says, "Okay, okay. Thanks."

Mimik says, "No, eh. Thank me like a Canadian. Eh."

The tall lean hero looks up with a questioning look. Mimik just stares back, so Guardian says, "Thanks. Eh."

The teen muscleheel nods then orders Guardian to peel off his trunks. The defeated hero obeys, grabbing the waistband of Mimik's trunks and peeling them down. The villain's cut cock springs out looking as gorgeous as the man it's attached to. The subservient Canadian stud returns back to kneeling, just staring at the muscleheel's thick manhood. Mimik tells him to beg for it like a good Canadian jobber.

After a deep sigh, Guardian says, "Please. Please fuck me." Mimik waits. "Sure. Please fuck me. Eh. Please. Eh."

The teen muscleheel smirks with smug satisfaction. He forces Guardian onto his back as he kneels down. Mimik forces the hero's leg into the air and begins by sliding his finger inside. Slowly at first, he works the hole open, finger-fucking the moaning good guy. The Canadian hunk's cock swells up and begins leaking pre-cum, hardening as he's played with.

Mimik grabs a condom from inside his boot. Once sheathed, he lifts Guardian's other leg, propping it against his pec. With the hero positioned, the teen muscleheel plunges into the opened hole, using the hero's reaction to judge the pace. He goes deep, his hips pressed against the Canadian's firm butt.

Guardian moans loudly as he's taken, the victorious teen pounding the loser hard and rough. Mimik forces the conquered hero onto all fours, fucking him from behind. Each thrust drives the taller stud forward and he struggles to brace against the force of the powerful fuck. I'm amazed at the ferocity of the fuck as the dominant doppelgänger rides his victim hard.

The hero seems to love it, though, begging Mimik to go harder (eh) and harder (eh). Guardian's whimpers fill the arena as he's mercilessly jackhammered. The teen muscleheel takes the cue, holding nothing back as he rams his cock inside the defeated stud.

When Mimik pulls out, Guardian collapses onto his back, his hard cock bouncing over his abs. The villain strips off the condom then moves up. He orders the hero to open wide, shoving his cock inside the loser's mouth. The Canadian stud accepts the rod and sucks. The teen muscleheel cries out as he's expertly worked.

Within a minute, Mimik is exploding his load down Guardian's throat. The hero swallows, taking it all. The villain falls back, pulling his semi-hard cock out of the loser's mouth.

The cocky copycat rises up and puts his boot back on the loser's lion tattoo. He flexes then notices the hero's hard leaking cock. Mimik commands Guardian to jerk off to him. The Canadian hunk happily complies, admiring the flexing hero as he pumps his long rod. It's not long before Guardian is coating his own chest and abs with his seed, lining his torso with ropes of cum.

The victorious Mimik exits the ring, taking the loser's gear with him.

The Locker Room

"So, Cody, changed your mind about that raise, yet?"

I smile at Corey, "No."

The naked hunk moves in, rubbing into me with his sweaty, pumped body. "How about a quick fuck in the shower to change your mind?"


Corey frowns, "Hm, you're a tough one, Cody. Is it because of your boyfriend? Jae? Are you suppressing your lust for me out of some loyalty to him? Because I'm not trying to break you guys up. He could join us. Or is it Ryan? We're just casual, so it's not like it's cheating. He gets that you want me."

"I think you've got that backwards. You're coming on to me, not the other way around." The teen musclestud just shrugs with a smirk. I tell him, "It's not Jae. It's not Ryan. It's you. I'm just not interested in you."

Corey shakes his head, "We both know THAT can't be true. Look, I just wanna fuck your ass one time." The punk smirks, "You know, before it gets saggy."

I hold it together, "The only way we're fucking is after a match with stakes. So where's your Bat gear?"

"I'm working on it, don't worry. It's not like I have an endless supply of this shit. We only picked the Canadian guy because Ryan had the matching gear from some tag match you guys did." The teen hunk asks, "What about nude? I got that ready to go right now."

I smile at the opening, "I've seen you naked. You're not exactly a match for me." I adjust my bulge in case I was too subtle. Corey is nicely hung, but my cock and balls are epic.

The cocky stud laughs out loud, "Oh my god, I love it! Now you're getting in the spirit. I knew there was some attitude still in there. Fuck, we're gonna have so much fun together. I'm an awesome top. Ask anyone."

"Uh huh."

"Fuck, you're playing a good game, Cody. I gotta admit there aren't any guys who've ever played me this good. It's like the more you deny you want me, the more I want to prove it to you."

I notice Corey is getting hard. It is a nice cock. Too bad it's attached to a self-absorbed brat who thinks he's the greatest thing to ever enter a wrestling ring. We have a little more banter before I finally get him to sign for his pay. He heads to the shower and I get back to the ring area.

My boyfriend Jae has arrived. He's wrestling later as SuperStar, our analog for Superman. As I work to get things ready for the next match, I tell him every detail about my encounter with Corey. He just listens, deep in thought. I'm surprised by his reaction, so I feel compelled to assure him he has nothing to worry about with me and Corey.

Jae says slowly, "It's not Corey I'm thinking about. It's Ryan's interest in a guy like Corey that has me ... never mind."

"It's okay. I hear you. Well, so far Ryan isn't getting too serious."

Jae looks at me intently. It's like he's about to say something. He starts then stops. He pauses then Ryan comes over, telling my boyfriend he better start getting ready. Jae nods, heading back to get into his SuperStar gear for our next taping, where we'll be watching another friend of mine make his debut. I'm glad to see that my boyfriend is so concerned for my best friend's happiness. At least I think that's what he meant.

I do wonder what he was going to say before Ryan came over. Of course by the next time I can follow up, two more matches happen and I forget all about everyone else, as bigger issues take precedence. By the time the long day ends, Corey is the last thing on my mind.

The End


  1. I really enjoyed the action in this match! I was sure at the beginning that Mimik was going to win, but then That certainty left me several times. I enjoy the Guardian making his return too! And then you left us with that great, leading dramatic ending that has me drooling for the next story!! Thanks for making my morning.

    1. Glad you liked the action.

      The foreshadowing really kicks in during the 8/1 story, with the impact in the stories immediately following. It's kind of a hot summer in The Cave.

    2. YEASSS!!! I can't wait!

  2. Oh whoa you've knocked it out of the park, again! Love the Guardian and Mimik! I look forward to seeing more of them! Hot start to a hot summer!

  3. Oof, noooo! That foreshadowing! I was all set to say how it's amazing that Corey's figure-four'd my heart so fast -- over even Jeff! -- but now that that hint about a revelation has come along...

    Amazing story, man, as always. :) And a belated Happy Canada Day!

    1. I'm glad Corey is a hit for you ... he's so fun to write that I've got two more Mimik matches coming in the fall, so everyone who's enjoying him should be happy.

  4. Alex R:

    Ok. So somehow I missed this story and finally got to it. Dang this guy Corey really is trying to get into Cody's pants. And I realized that my comment on the other Corey story was outdated as soon as I posted it lol. Anyways, still this guy Corey has something up his sleeve. Its interesting how Ryan doesnt mind if Cody and Corey hook up even though Jae is the boyfriend. Speaking of which, he also knows like me that Mimik might be up to something....hmmm what an intrigue, so much drama! haha
    But getting into the actual match Ill have to give credit alot of credit to Mimik. He can really take punishment and come back hard. He really knows his wrestling and to be honest he earned everyones respect, including Guardian's. I really liked how you wrote about Mimik slipping to the outside and running away from his opponent. Very heel of him. Maybe just maybe he is winning me over lol. Still his out of the ring his antics have me on Cody's and Jae's side. I have my eye on you Corey! Great stuff Miller.

    1. Thanks. Glad to hear Corey is turning you around. He's got more stories coming, so maybe you'll become a fan. ;)