Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Cave Undercard 7.4: Independence Day

"Fuck. Really?"

"Yeah. I wanted to be the one to tell you."

"Okay. Thanks."

We just stare at each other. We don't show any emotion. We don't get worked up. We don't cry, 'cause guys like us just don't do that. We don't react at all, but it's tense.

He says to me, "Okay, well, good luck, Echo."

I respond, "Same to you, Squatch."


"Tomorrow. Oh-four hundred."

"Shit. Fast."

"Yeah, they don't waste time."

Squatch just nods as he stands there in his underwear in front of his locker. I mean, what else can he do? I'm going home. He's staying. Half a world away. The big stud is happy for me, but I get that it's bad for him. He's a lifer in the army. I'm not and never was. We knew this day was coming, but it's still a tough thing, me getting my discharge. It's especially tough for two guys who've been as close as we've been.

Sasquatch aka Squatch

My name's Luke. Guys started calling me Echo, because I'm from the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Squatch jokes that it's perfect because I'm always following him. His nickname is Sasquatch, because he's big, hairy and he's got huge feet (Bigfoot, get it?). He's also got huge hands and ... well let's just say that everything's in proportion. Somewhere along the way, before I ever knew him, it got shortened to Squatch.

My relationship with Squatch got me through some tough times. I think I've been getting him through shit, too. I can't describe what we are. We compete hard, but we're not rivals. We fuck, but we're not boyfriends. Squatch gives me advice, but he's sure as hell not an older brother, considering what we do together. I guess he's just like the world's greatest buddy who'd do almost anything for me. I'm the same to him. I say almost, because he won't quit the Army and I won't stay.

I grab his arm and pull him into a hug. The big hairy musclestud sinks against me, our bare chests so tight I can feel his heartbeat. We hold the hug for a long time then he starts to squeeze. Hard. I squeeze back, but his arms are under mine. He's got the position. I moan in his bearhug. Like I always do. I suffer in the hold, my body being crushed. Oh fuck, I'm in pain. I'm gonna miss this. I tap his back, so he finally lets up.

Squatch breaks. He asks, "Got time for one more match?"

I just peel down the top of my camouflage pants and underwear, revealing a pair of red, white and blue squarecuts underneath.

Me, showing I'm ready to wrestle

My buddy teases, "Those ain't regulation skivvies." I shrug with a smirk then nod with my chin towards his locker. He knows what I mean. Squatch just nods. We've been doing this for two years. We both know how it goes.

I head to my barracks, throw on a shirt, grab a canteen then march to the secluded storage room across base. The small room's been our sanctuary, with just a mat on the floor, behind some shelves. We've wrestled so many times, I've lost count. We have a pretty even record lately. He's way ahead overall, but that's because he destroyed me for the first year we wrestled. I've learned enough to hang with him and win a few lately.

At first, I was really intimidated by him, which hardly ever happens. I'm 6'1"/215-lbs of big muscle. I'm chiseled, using bodybuilding techniques since I was 14. I was 25 when we met, 27 now, so not a kid, but I look young. I'm clean shaven everywhere, my skin smooth and flawless. I'm packing downstairs, with a thick, cut 7.5" cock and bull balls.

At 6'2"/240-lbs, Squatch is thicker, but he's still built with meaty pecs, a six-pack and a bigger pouch that's noticeable, even in loose khakis. He's ten years older, but it feels like even more. He's just a fucking man. Mature. Strong. Deep voice and a serious look about him. He's even allowed to be hairy with a beard, a reminder that he's special forces.

Still, it's not just the body and super-charged masculine aura that had me in awe. I'm pretty low on the totem pole here. I follow orders, I don't give them. On the other side, Squatch is a stud. He never talks about missions, but he's treated with respect by everyone up to General. He's kind of a legend. So when he took an interest in me, it made me proud. And it still does.

When I get there, Squatch is waiting. We go in together. I lock the door from the inside. Before I can even turn around, Squatch is on me. He presses his body into mine, crushing me against the door. He whispers, "Ready for one more butt-fucking good time, Echo?"

Squatch, waiting for me

I moan as he dominates me, forgetting to even fight back. After a few more seconds, I pull it together, "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna leave you with one helluva sore ass to remember me by."

Squatch lets out a deep throated chuckle. He grinds on me some more then grabs me in a reverse bearhug, crushing me. My buddy carries me to the mat then throws me down hard.

I get up fast, stripping off my shirt. Boots and socks come off and we face each other in just our camo pants and underwear. We silently move in for an intense staredown. I feel his hot breath on my lips, the heat from his body palpable. Nose to nose, hairy pecs on smooth pecs and bulge against bulge, we posture and take our intensity up until we simultaneously break and back off.

It's on.

The First Fall

Shirtless in our camouflage pants, we circle, hunched over. We slap hands a few times as we search for an opening. At this point, it's a game of cat and mouse. We know each other so well that we're predictable. So we have to decide when to go against our instincts to surprise the other. All without thinking because thinking is worse than being predictable. It slows you down.

I dive in, breaking past Squatch's defense. I grab a leg and topple him over onto his back. I pin one leg down with my knee on his inner thigh, while I stretch the other up. He grunts as I tear open his groin muscles. The hairy stud swings up, clubbing me with a forearm onto my shoulder. I just grunt then open him up more. He lets out a louder yell.

I position my shoulder behind his knee and dive forward, folding him up. I wrap my other arm behind his head and lock my hands, bringing his knee almost to his face. I squeeze hard, rolling him so all the pressure is on his neck and groin. The muscleman is powerful, but not entirely flexible.

I strain. He strains. I hear him actually whimper and I wonder if I've got him. Nope. He twists and thrusts out, his thick leg overpowering my arms. I grab his wrist and pull him into a head scissors and armbar combination. He grunts again. I extend my legs, closing my thick thighs and increasing the pressure.

With the big man trapped, I lean back, wrenching his arm as I twist it. If he wasn't such a beast, I could probably dislocate it, but Squatch's muscles are too strong. Still, I can hopefully weaken it. He uses a number of holds where he relies on the power of this arm. Anything I do now will hopefully help me break free later.

Squatch reaches his free hand around and pounds my abs. I laugh them off. My abs are rock hard and he can't get any force behind the shots. I'm not laughing when he unbuckles my belt and pops the button on my pants. Fucker. I explode with a burst of power, stretching his arm and squeezing him, as punishment. The big bear resists, though, still unwilling to give.

I twist his arm then open my legs. I pull fast and hard, sliding him up my body until my legs are positioned for a body scissors. I let go of his arm, crunch up and lock on a front facelock. I pull down, hard as I crush his sides in my legs. When he punches my side, I grab his wrist with my free hand, forcing his hand up his back. I've got him locked up and immobile.

From his moans, I know he's feeling this. Of course he won't give like a normal guy. The pain's gotta be intense in his neck, sides and shoulder, because I'm putting everything into it. Still, no luck. I ease up, getting ready for another burst of power, but he anticipates it. As soon as I decrease the pressure, Squatch is twisting and powering out.

Squatch stands up on the mat, shaking out his arm. I move in, going for his arm, but I get caught with an elbow to my chest, followed by a foot to my abs. The hairy stud goes low, grabbing my pant leg. He yanks forward, pulling my unbuttoned pants down to my knees and dropping me on my ass.

The stud grabs my pants at the ankle and finishes the job, stripping me to my US flag squarecuts. He tosses my pants to the side, smirking as he rubs his growing bulge. I get to my feet, bouncing from side to side. I don't mind losing my pants, but of course I would've preferred to be taking them off to fuck him.

Me, sweaty and stripped

We circle the mat. We hand fight before I move in. Squatch is ready. He grabs me around the head then spins, toppling us down with him on top. I bring up my right foot to kick him off, but he's ready. The big bear grabs my foot, lifts and spins. He steps over me and I'm locked in a single leg crab.

I grunt in the hold until he reaches back and swats my ass. That fires me up and I power out, kicking him forward as I press up. Squatch rolls to his feet and comes in fast, hoping to catch me off guard. Too bad for him, I'm set. I kick out, planting my foot in his rock and abs. I grab him around the waist and flip him over onto his back.

I mount the big bear then roll onto my back, dragging him into a head scissors. He holds my thighs as I squeeze, allowing me to grab his wrists. I yank his arms up my body, stretching out his shoulders. Squatch moans into my pouch, telling me my head and arm work from earlier has him primed for a submission.

The hairy stud fights to get free, but I keep him locked tight. I crunch up, easing the pressure then shoot back, pulling on his shoulders as hard as I can. At the same time, I squeeze my legs around his head. This time, the explosive burst gets him to give, submitting to my power.

Squatch says, "UNCLE!"

I let go then roll him onto his back. I put my shin on his chest and flex. My tenting spandex-covered bulge hangs over his face as I savor the victory of the first fall. I spin, putting my ass on his face as I unbuckle his belt then undo his pants. He just a under me, letting me do what I want. I strip the pants, revealing his bright and tight red, white and blue briefs.

I admire him for a moment while he works out his arm. No matter how many times I see Squatch in his skivvies, I still get hard. He's such a sexy fucking beast.

Squatch in his Stars and Stripes

The Second Fall

We circle the mat. My smooth chest is puffed out a little more. Stripping Squatch of his belt and pants after winning the first fall felt great. The hairy stud looks amazing in his patriotic briefs, but it's more the win that's got me bulging. My buddy feels it, too. He looks irritated and focused.

I tease, "You're not going easy on me because I'm leaving? You just want me to fuck you one more time?"

"Fuck you. It's one fall. You still need two more."

"One fall and your pants. Maybe you should've left mine alone until you actually won something. Maybe that distracted you."

Squatch stands up, putting his hands on his hips. "Look, are we gonna - OOF!"

My foot hits him square in the gut. The hairy abs collapse and he bends forward right into a front facelock. I flip him down onto his back, landing on top of him with all my weight bearing down. I lock his arm and head up, bicep to ear. I add a grapevine, spreading his legs wide.

"Damn, you fell for that? I must have you all kinds of hot and bothered. You wanna give now, get right to my prize?"

I'm a little too cocky and the big bear powers out, throwing me off him. He dives on top of me and we're rolling around the mat. Our sweaty, pumped bodies struggling for dominance. Squatch gets an ankle lock. I kick him off. I get an armbar. He yanks free. I get him folded up. He powers out. We twist our bodies together like a pretzel, both looking for that perfect angle.

It doesn't come and we finally break, collapsing on the mat, exhausted and no one gaining a fall. Two years ago, I never could've countered his moves. Hell, one year ago it would've been tough. I roll to re-start, but Squatch realizes we never ended. He doesn't wait, diving on me and we're at it again.

Okay, I'm not one of those muscle bound jocks who gets winded after 30 seconds of cardio. But I'm sucking air now. I haven't seen the big bear this intense for a long time. It's all I can do to keep up and stay out of one of his submission holds. Fuck, I'm straining and struggling. He mounts my back. I roll him off only to get trapped in a full Nelson. Fuck!

Squatch rolls us over, me on my stomach, his 240-lbs of muscle pressing down on me. My face is mashed into the vinyl match. I taste the pool of sweat as I breathe in, gasping for air. The hairy stud's pouch is right at my ass. He dry humps me with his hard cock. Fuck that feels great, but also not great. I wanna win this. I focus, trying to power out. I can't, but I'm not close to giving, either.

The hairy stud uses his legs to spread mine. He continues to hump, psychologically manipulating me into submitting. It used to work, getting me so horned up that I'd willingly submit just to feel his 8" monster cock inside me. Not anymore. I summon all my strength for one big surprise burst. RRAARRRRR!

I power out, breaking the Nelson and throwing him off me. I get to my knees fast, only to get tackled down. Fuck. We grapple furiously, until I get wrapped up, my head trapped under his armpit. He's got my arms pinned behind my back, his hands locked under my elbows. The bigger muscleman pulls me forward, slamming the top of my head into the mat.

I'm stunned for a moment, allowing him to add a controlling body scissors. Damn, I'm trapped but good. Squatch tells me I'm not going anywhere. I tell him it's okay, I'm perfectly comfortable like this. He laughs, knowing I'm lying. Still, he lets the scissors go. I struggle to get free, but he rolls us over, putting me on my back.

Before I can react, he has my head and arm trapped in a triangle choke. I've got no choice, tapping his thick back in seconds.

Squatch lets go and sits up, his ass resting on my bulge. I look up at him and shake my head, disappointed in myself. He flexes his biceps, reminding me of his power. Like I needed a reminder. The hairy stud pats my left pec, rises then moves to help me to my feet.

Damn, we're tied.

The Third Fall

We guzzle down some water. The long grappling spells on the mat are wearing us both down. Neither of us are short on endurance, but we have limits. After a good break, we put down our bottles. The hairy hunk reaches over and cups my ass while I'm bending over. I stand, turn and feel his chest.

We touch each other, feeling the other's pumped, sweaty body. The tender caresses have us hard as we mutually admire our combined 450-lbs of jacked muscle. We enjoy the long grope session. We nuzzle for a moment. I bury my face against his neck then my buddy does the same. I want to kiss him, but I don't. Squatch doesn't do that, so I resist the urge.

Squatch whispers, "Ready to go again?"

"Um hm."

With us relaxed, I'm caught off guard by his knee, which drives up into my gut. I bend over, allowing him to reach over my back and grab me around the waist. He lifts and flips me over, slamming me onto the mat on my back. WHAM! He drops his knee into my gut. OOF! the big muscleman mounts me and pins me down.

I stare up at him as he pins my wrists down and spreads my legs with a grapevine. He grinds his bulge on mine. I say, "A little early for that, don't you think?"

Squatch smirks, "Just getting us in the right mood for these next two falls."


The hairy hunk ask, "What? You really think I'm letting you win another one?"

I just laugh until he spreads me way open. Then I'm grunting. Fuck. He tries to move my arms, looking for another submission hold, but I break free and force him off me. I get on top with an armbar and front facelock, but he breaks out. It's more back-and-forth action. Muscle vs. muscle. After five minutes of fruitless combat, we end up on our knees, facing each other.

I dive at him, but he's ready. He grabs my head then rolls me up onto my neck. He rubs and kneads my ass, which is sticking straight up. I don't fight back, just moan, even when he spanks my ass. Damn his big hand feels good as he does that. This play time has been a good rest, but then he gets serious. The pressure on my neck increases, but I twist and power out fast.

Squatch is on me right away, dragging me up with a reverse bearhug. He lifts and squeezes, crushing me. I groan in the powerful vice, even as my cock throbs from the feeling of his bulge pressing against my ass. The big hairy hunk lets up and spins me around into a bearhug. Our bulges battle as I suffer against him.

My writhing has us both excited. I nuzzle against his neck as I fight to withstand the crushing hold. The feeling of his body and the smell of his musk are so powerful. I'm tempted to submit right now, but then I focus again. I push on his shoulders, bring my face in front of his. We stare into each other then I get a wicked smile.

My buddy asks me, "What's so funny?"

Before he can react, I dive in, slamming my lips on his. I smother his mouth, shoving my tongue between his lips. He lets out a muffled grunt of surprise as I ravage him. He loses the bearhug and I push free. Dirty trick? Yes, but I wanted to feel his lips one time before I ship out and it seemed like the perfect time.

Still, I feel a little guilty. I offer Squatch the opportunity to put the bearhug back on, admitting it wasn't exactly fair. The hairy hunk just shakes his head and says, "Let's keep going."

We circle. My sweat-soaked trunks are uncomfortable in front, binding my cock. I make a show of fixing them, looking down and away from Squatch. The big musclestud takes the bait, charging at me to take advantage of my distraction. I'm ready, though, having kept him in my peripheral vision.

When he gets close, I manage to turn, dodge and trip him down. I leap down, mounting his back. I slap on a rear naked choke. While he regroups, I grind my bulge into his ass. I warn him that I've got it perfectly applied. He knows it, knowing I can put him out in seconds if I try. Deciding that it's not worth the risk of fighting back, Squatch taps my forearm.

I release then grind into him some more. I tell him, "That's two, big guy."

Squatch rolls over onto his back under me. We lie there, bulge to bulge. He says, "You got me, but you should've saved those tricks for the last fall. Now you got nothing left."

I just smirk, "What makes you so sure?"

The hairy stud smirks back, but doesn't say anything. His hands caress my arms and shoulders. One slides down my ass, slipping under my waistband. Oh shit that feels nice. I feel the urge to kiss him again, so I back off. It's one thing to do it for strategy, but it's another to do it now.

I stand up and help the big man to his feet.

The Fourth Fall

The break lasts a while this time. We're both distracted. Every match we've had has been a loser gets fucked match, but it's never been like this. Things feel almost romantic between us. Maybe I'm reading into it, but the heat, the stares, the caressing? It's all different. Squatch feels it, too. I can tell, because he is rock hard while talking to himself and not looking at me. Shit, why'd this have to happen now?

Then it hits me. Maybe this could only happen now. When I'm going. The army is no place for romance, especially when he goes off for extended periods on missions or I'm out on patrol. I breathe in deeply, telling me to focus and bring this back to our usual fun, competitive buddy match.

We circle again.

This time, I don't even get to bend over before Squatch is charging at me. I'm swept up in his arms. He lifts and pins, slamming me down with a belly-to-belly suplex. My tired body is wracked with pain, giving him time to sit up and pound the crap out of my body. The fists fly hard and fast. I struggle to resist, but the gorgeous bear is relentlessly pummeling my pecs and abs.

I finally push him off. I struggle to my feet using the wall. I turn to face him, running right into a spinning kick to the gut. My abs collapse and I fly back into the wall hard. The force drops me to my knees and has me gagging. Squatch grabs my head and drags me up into a front facelock. He pulls me down, rolling me over into a spladle. Fuck!

My legs are split wide open and my head rests on his side. My neck is bent up painfully. I groan in the hold, powerless to escape. My groin is screaming for me to give, but my stubbornness is keeping me from doing it.

Squatch reaches his free hand out. He explores my bulge, manipulating my cock and balls in my Stars and Stripes squarecuts. He forces his fingers inside the leg opening, sliding them to my hole. He massages my ass, making me moan as he works inside me. I ask him to stop. He asks if I'm giving. I tell him that I'm not.

The hairy hunk pulls his hand out and goes back to my cock. He reaches in and runs his finger along my piss slit, wiping up some pre-cum. Squatch wipes it across my lips, telling me to give. "You obviously want to."

I respond with a hearty 'fuck you' that just makes him laugh. When I still won't give, Squatch lifts his hand. He places the side of it against my taint. I know what's coming. I brace as he lifts his hand then chops my taint. WHACK! Another one and I'm bucking wildly in the spladle. WHACK! I can't break free, so I've got no choice.

"Okay, okay! I give, I give!"

Squatch releases me, allowing me to collapse on the mat. I rub my groin as he sits at my head, his bulge resting on my forehead. Sweat drips down from pecs onto my face. He pats my cheek, "One more."

The Final Fall

I've stretched out and I'm feeling better. We circle and I'm wary of any more tricks. Squatch is surprisingly cautious, too.

We engage in a lock up, bent over, hands on shoulders and biceps. We struggle for control, working and countering. I manage to get inside his defenses and flip him over with a fireman's carry. I lock on an armbar, but he twists free. He grabs my ankle and flips me down. He tries for a leg lock, but I kick out with my other foot.

We dive at each other, grappling on the mat. We roll over and back, neither one on top. As soon as either of us makes a move for a hold, the other is ready. Two years of this has us well-trained in the other's tendencies. I finally get a headlock. As I roll him over, Squatch manages to slip free.

The big musclestud gets an armlock, but I reverse out. I almost get a triangle choke, but he powers me out of position. Legs, arms, head, body ... everything eludes us. With technical skill failing, we start getting rougher. Fists, knees, elbows and feet are flying as we pound any muscle we can reach in the midst of our mat work. I pull no punches, nor does Squatch.

Finally, we both collapse on our backs on the mat, exhausted, aching and bruised. I struggle to get my breath. When I look over, it's the same for Squatch. I stare at the ceiling for I don't know how long. Suddenly, the hairy hunk comes into view. Fuck. He's recovered faster. The big drops an elbow into my gut then goes for a headlock.

In desperation, I grab his briefs and yank up, using a wedgie to escape. I roll onto my side, only to have the big man dive on my back. I fight to push him off, pushing up. Once again, I get no rest, no time to think. He's grabbing my leg. I scramble free. Squatch dives on top of me. I try to push him off, but I'm exhausted. Fuck.

I twist and squirm. Surprisingly, he doesn't go for the kill. I get a burst of energy as I realize that he's toying with me. I throw him off then dive onto him. Unfortunately I dive right into a body scissors. He grabs my body then my wrist, twisting my arm. ARGH! I cry out in pain. I rest limp in the double hold.

Squatch forces me around, locking on a full Nelson with the body scissors. I groan, but won't give. He switches to a rear naked choke, telling me to give unless I want to sleep through his victory fuck. He doesn't go for the kill fast enough. I manage to grab his hand and bend it back. He cries out and I manage to roll across the mat to safety.

I'm gasping for breath as I try to focus. The confident hunk rises and stretches. He finally moves in, looking to finish me off. I dive out, surprising him. I tackle him to the mat then lock on a grapevine and front facelock. He unleashes stiff body shots, but I ignore them. I spread his legs and squeeze as hard as I can.

Squatch moans under me, but he won't give. He rolls us and I lose the leg hold. I roll away to avoid getting into another protracted mat battle. When the hairy hunk comes at me. I clip his leg. He goes down fast and I get to flip him into a single leg crab. He moans as I sit back. I focus all my remaining energy on getting a submission.

I try, but he won't cooperate. I quietly breathe deep, trying not to alert him that I'm about to change gears. I release his leg, leap up, spin in the air and splash onto his back. OOF! I go for a rear naked choke, but he blocks it. I get thrown off, rolling onto my stomach. Before I can move, Squatch is on my back.

The muscleman locks up my arm between his legs. He grabs under my chin and wrenches up. I groan as he stretches out my neck and shoulder. I feel the muscle seizing up from the force. With everything I've got, I push up and flip us. Squatch loses the hold. I instinctively roll over, but he's still got my head. Oh crap.

Squatch shoves my face into his bulge and closes his legs around it. He locks on a figure-four head scissors and tightens. My face is buried in his ample bulge as he tightens. I realize he's not going to warn me, so I tap desperately to avoid being put out by his mighty legs.

The hairy hunk opens up and I collapse. My face rests on his pouch like a pillow as exhaustion settles in. Fuck. I lost. I'm so sore and tired that I don't even want to try to move. My body is drained, soaked with sweat and I just need a nap.

Squatch must be tired, too, because he just lies back, letting me stay between his legs, my head on his manhood. The only noise is our breathing.

One Last Fuck

After a long break, Squatch taps my head. I force myself off him and up to my knees. When I look at him, he smirks, "Don't be disappointed, buddy. You're just going out like you came in. On the bottom."

"Yeah, yeah."

Squatch rubs it in, "Don't worry, you'll find lots of guy you can beat in LA. Easily."

I respond seriously, "But I don't wanna find guys I can beat easy. I wanna find a guy who makes me earn it, like you do."

"Good luck with that." I just nod as it hits me how impossible it'll be to meet anyone as good as Squatch. To break the tension, Squatch gets back to business. "Up on your feet and spread 'em."

I rise and grab the support beams of the wall. I stick my ass out and spread my legs. Squatch runs his finger down my back. I shudder. He hits my trunks then yanks them down, exposing my ass. I step out of them, hold them in my right hand then resume my position. The hairy stud feels me up, inspecting my body. He's done this over a hundred times, but every time is still special.

Squatch takes a long time, longer than normal. When he's finally done caressing me everywhere else, his index finger slides into my crack, working down to my hole. I moan when he forces his finger inside me. Fuck, that feels great. One finger. Then two. Then three as the hairy hunk works my hole, loosening me up for his stacked 8" cock.

When he's ready, he replaces the fingers with the giant mushroom top of his cock. I grunt as he takes my ass once again. My ass clenches down on the familiar pole as it slowly slides deeper and deeper. You'd think it be easy after all the times I've been fucked by it, but it never is. I bite my bottom lip, enjoying the pain as my buddy works in all the way.

We just stand for a minute, with me impaled on his cock. It feels great, having Squatch inside me. I groan as he starts to pound my ass, ramming his rock hard rod into me rough and hard. He's such a fucking man. He makes me feel weak and I love it. I feel proud when I beat him. I enjoy fucking him. But I love this moment. This is what I'll remember most.

The hairy beast rides me slow, stretching out the fuck. I buck my hips, my ass meeting his pelvis as his 8" cock stretches me open. I grab onto the shelves for dear life, trying to brace against the force of the powerful fucking. Squatch speaks in his authoritative, command voice. He orders me to jerk off.

I know I must obey a superior officer. I reach my right hand down and work my cock with my trunks. I'm hard and throbbing almost immediately. My moaning and gasping tells him I'm ready, but I hold back. He tells me to hold on. I struggle not to cum, feeling like I desperately need to explode. I'm sweating and shaking, whimpering as he keeps telling me in his deep voice that I'm not allowed to shoot.

Squatch suddenly says, "SHOOT!"

I feel his body shake as he cries out. The warmth spreads inside me as I feel his seed fills my ass. I erupt immediately, firing into the trunks, which are just a cum rag now. I drain my load, pumping my cock until every drop is out of my sac. Squatch lasts longer than me, finishing up then pulling me up to standing while he remains inside me. My hole tightens on his softening cock, keeping it inside me for another few moments.

Squatch finally slides out and I turn. I collapse against the wall and Squatch moves in, pressing his body into mine. Our faces are so close. I want to kiss him for real, but we never do that. I'm shocked and ecstatic when he leans forward and puts his lips on mine. I did it as a tactic earlier, but this is real. We make out long and hard for the first time. And the last time.

My final day is a whirlwind. We say goodbye again, but only with a handshake as colleagues.

Epilogue: Three Weeks Later

I'm working out hard at my new gym in LA. I can't help thinking about Squatch. I'll never find anyone like him here. I got my shirt off, pounding the heavy bag, working out my frustration. I like this place, because it's basic and real, which isn't easy to find. No one's on me for not wearing a shirt. No one's trying to hit on me. And I can't even see into the 'aerobics' room, it's so full of boxes because no one ever uses it.

I'm doing my thing when I see two of the hottest studs I've ever seen come out of the locker room. My cock is stirring just looking at them. One's in great shape with model good looks, just a little smaller than me. Probably 6'/200-lbs, maybe a little more. All muscle, from the looks of it in his tight Batman compression shirt. Confident, maybe a little cocky.

The shorter one's hot

Yeah, he's a stud, but it's really the other one I'm checking out. He's huge. I'm trying to be subtle, but it's tough. He's tall, like 6'4" and built, like maybe 250-lbs or more. He's in a gray tank top, showing me some huge fucking shoulders. It's baggy, so I can't make out the rest, but he must have a hot body under there.

But I got my eye on the bigger one

Are they a couple? They're laughing, touching and close, but I think they're just buddies. Maybe that's wishful thinking. Not that it matters. It's not like I'm going to go up to them and - uh oh.

Crap, I think they're onto me. Fuck. They're whispering. The smaller one heads to the locker room. When he comes back, he drags the bigger one over. Fuck. I don't want this. I just wanted to look, not talk to them. I've got no interest in actors or gym bunnies, even ones as hot as these two. I just wanna imagine wrestling the big one down and fucking him. Right here, right now. And the smaller one, too. But now they're coming over to ruin the fantasy. I know I'll kick their asses. No challenge equals no fun. Maybe they'd put up some kinda fight, right? They're built enough. Maybe I can wrestle both?

Whatever. I bet they're not even into wrestling. I hate LA. Full of gorgeous hard bodies who can't take a punch. Oh shit, they're here. The smaller one is talking. His name's Cody and his buddy is Ryan. Somehow, Cody gets me spilling my guts. I'm telling him my life story, saying all this shit, turning into an LA douchebag. Half of it isn't even true, but it's like I just want him to like me. Fuck, he's a million times hotter now than he was walking over here.

Even though he approached me, I suddenly get the feeling Cody's not interested. Fuck, what I'd do wrong? I've been outta the dating scene too long. Then he starts asking about what I was doing on the heavy bag. He drops that Ryan wrestles. Really? Tell me more? The big guy relaxes and opens up. His chest gets bigger and he looks more confident. His hotness goes up a million times, surpassing his buddy's again.

We start talking about fighting. We start flexing without even moving. We're posturing now. His right pec bounces under his shirt. I stretch and spread out. It's like we're challenging each other. No, we ARE challenging each other, just not saying it.

I forget about Cody and go back to wanting Ryan. I can tell from what he's saying, he really does wrestle. Like for real wrestles! I seriously need to take him down. Shit, it's like Squatch all over again. There's so much fucking tension between us. Next thing I know, the three of us are heading over to the aerobics/storage room onto some old mats behind the boxes.

This Cody dude gets Ryan to take his shirt off so he and I can exchange holds. Damn, Ryan's fucking rock solid. We start playing around, showing each other shit. It starts loose, but it gets rough real fast. We can both take a lot. I go full force on a scissors. He crushes me with a bearhug. Fuck, it feels so good, my cock is screaming.

It's kinda perfect timing when Cody leaves to take a phone call. I don't think Ryan even realizes he's going, but I do. As he exits, I catch a glimpse of Cody's face. Squatch taught me to notice the little things. This guy has the cockiest smirk on his face that I've ever seen. That's when it hits me. I got played perfectly. Cody never wanted me. He was setting me and Ryan up from the minute they came over.

Who the fuck are these two? The silent giant and the world's best wingman? Is this a dream? Or just my lucky day?

Safely locked in the aerobics room, it feels private. Ryan specifically says that's no one can see us and asks if I want to get more comfortable. I don't need to be told twice. We strip our pants and Ryan is wearing a red, white and blue USA flag jock. Are you fucking kidding me? He notices my flag squarecuts under my pants.

Ryan smiles, "Good sign. Looks like we're in sync."

I just nod, overwhelmed by the situation. My mind is taken back to Squatch. Ryan notices, but I tell him everything is cool. It takes me a minute to settle down, but once we lock up, I'm all business. Fuck or get fucked, I don't give a shit at this point. I just wanna fight this monster and see what happens. Fuck yeah, maybe LA isn't going to be so bad after all.

The End


  1. Happy Birthday America!!! What a HOT HOT HOT story!

  2. Alex R:

    "Fuck. Really?"
    Those two words caught my attention, and sent my heart racing. Then Boom! That sasquatch, oh my Squatch! Oh wow, that sent my blood boiling. Whoa where did you get that man? Who is that? Lord Almighty! Tha image of him on the flag speedos.
    Then, you get Logan F as Echo...and I went for the asthma inhaler even though Im not even asthmatic.
    Its the first time, I actually had to stop reading one of your stories and take a break. Way before the stakes. THen the stakes, and of course, the finale was as good as the first part. It was short, yhet carried so much weight to it. This has to be clearly a TO BE CONTINUED! Has to be! Please say so! We have to know what the hell is going to happen in that room. You just elevated Cody's and Ryans' relationship to a next level. Like Echo says, they were obviously a tag team. You wonder if they had been "scouting" him for some time and then pounced like two velocirraptors!
    On top of that, I loved the extension of the match from three to five Falls. Clearly my man Squatch knew what we all wanted when he like the boss he is took control and said, "I want more of you". Loved the aggressiveness and violence, and the more hard core holds. Two military man going at it no holds barred. And Logan F.. What a site to see. That man is just...a feast to the eyes. Okay. Definitely now this story goes to my top 3. Goes right up with Beau vs Ben. You have two new Characters that right now go all the way to the Spartan, Beau, Cody, Jeff, Ben level. Then you have this new whole side of Cody and Ryan, that really takes their relationship as friends and as business partners to a whole new level. Its like now they have really become a hard core team, like they have surpassed fully their differences and have merged as one. Plus it was really great as that this is a backstory to a new character in the Cave! Something completely new and original. Hopefully Echo will invite his military friend over from time to time. This is clearly a 10++. Completely Excellent!

    1. Wow, I appreciate the comment! Amazing that it worked so hard for you.

      It's very good that you liked the ending with Ryan and Cody, because you'll get to read it two more times in 2016. Once more from Ryan's perspective when he covers what happened in the room. Then again from Cody's perspective as he launches into a story set in The Cave ring.

      Since you asked, I won't wait for the July casting post ... Squatch is Tihomir Rangelov. He has some pics floating around. He was a last minute suggestion for Luke's opponent, which I happily took.

    2. Wait... we have to wait until 2016 to see what happens in that room? I don't know that my heart can take that long of a wait. So many cliff hangers with the cave right now, I love it but also wish I could just binge read like a good netflix series. Anyway you sure know how to keep us coming back for more!!!

    3. Yes, it's a ways off. We have a lot more to get through in The Cave, plus the launch of the Route 69 spinoff and an Encounters story. Phew.

    4. Alex R:

      And i didnt go into the beginning of the story. The whole set up was very good, Luke giving us the introduction to his and Squatch's relationship. Heck it brought me the idea of Squatch's "adventures" in the military.
      Ok so Ill get to read that ending twice more from different angles? Man I knew this was a golden ending! I am really wanting to read it but Ill have patience! Why because you have a few series coming up including the one of the bad guys that you alluded to previously. Plus the current ones still in production lol.