Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cave Undercard 8: Aquarius vs. Diablo

"And then to top it off, I hear he's been badmouthing me to everyone for months, saying I'm so old. Can you fucking believe it? I wasn't too old when I was the one making the money. Now that I'm out of work and he's got the great job, it's over. I'm the one who got him in shape, pulled together and finally fucking self-sufficient. He was still living with his parents when we met! But now, I'm suddenly some boring old man who can't keep up with him.”

Larry pauses then adds, “We were together for ten years. How can I have been so wrong about somebody? I've never felt so betrayed."

I shake my head, "What a load of shit. We never heard him badmouth you or we would’ve set him straight, that’s for sure. He's obviously an asshole. You're better off without him. You know that, right?"

My best friend Ryan chimes in, "Cody's right. We're here for you, Larry."

Larry nods, "I really appreciate you guys supporting me. You're good friends."

I tell him, "Besides, guys will be knocking down your door now that you're single." Ryan smacks me. I look over, “What?” He mouths that it’s not the time. I raise an eyebrow. I say, “Apparently Ryan disagrees with me, but I think that the best thing to do is get back out there, Larry.”

Larry rolls his dreamy blue eyes, "Do you realize that I'm 55 years old and unemployed? Not exactly every guy's dream date. Ugh."

The mature stud takes a giant swig of his beer, guzzling down the last half in one go. He excuses himself to hit the head, leaving Ryan and I alone in his living room. We look at each other, both thinking the same thing. We feel bad for our friend, but we don't know what else we can do or say.

Larry started as a client of mine six years ago at the gym where I'm a personal trainer. He was 49 and looking to get in the best shape of his life. I was only 22 and just starting out. I think he picked me because I was (and still am) the hottest trainer in the place, but it doesn't matter. Fact is, he worked hard and quickly became one of my best success stories with an amazing muscular physique, the rival of bodybuilders half his age. Our relationship shifted from professional to personal along the way and he's been part of my extended circle for awhile.

After another moment of silence, I say to Ryan, "I never think of Larry being 55. He's still a really good looking man." I pause, "Isn't he? I mean, it's not just me seeing him through trainer eyes. You see it, too, right?"

Ryan nods, "Oh yeah, he is hot, hot, hot. That body is ridiculous, but it's his spirit. I never think of him as twice our age. He's sure as hell not boring."

After a moment, I ask idly, "Have you ever wrestled him?" Ryan shakes his head. I tell him, "He's pretty good. I've had him in the ring and he gets it."

Ryan's eyes narrow. My best friend knows me too well. He asks, "Where are you going with this? Asking about his looks and bringing up wrestling."

I shrug, "Well, this whole thing sucks for him, but ..."

Ryan warns, "Cody, there is no 'but' in this situation. Our friend is hurting."

I lean in, whispering, "Sure, sure. I'm just saying. He's a stud who needs money and an ego boost. We own a wrestling video company that always needs talented, attractive musclemen. Win-win."

Ryan gives me another exasperated look, "It's not a win for him. Sure, on the outside he's a built like a tank, but inside he's a lovable, sensitive teddy bear. Again, he's hurting. I know it's hard for you sometimes, but we need to be selfless and sensitive to what he's going through and let him actually go through a grieving process."

"Okay, okay. I hear you. Buuuuttt, can you really call it selfish or insensitive to make a suggestion that would totally help him out, just because it might also help us out?"

"Yes. Don't do it."

One Week Later

"Good gravy Marie. Why am I doing this?"

I repeat, quizzically, "Good gravy Marie?"

Larry shrugs, "Sorry, I've been watching reruns of Match Game. One of the curses of being old, alone and unemployed."

"Stop that. You look awesome, Larry, so you obviously haven't been sitting in front of the TV all day. Even if you haven’t been to my gym …"

“I don’t have money for personal training any more, Cody.”

"You know that I’d train you for free. And my home gym is always open for you.”

Larry nods, but says, "I don't want to take advantage of you. Damn, I'm having serious second thoughts on this. Bad enough you've got me against a 23-year old kid in a stakes match, but it's on video AND in front of a crowd? Oh God. Cody, Cody, Cody. How did I ever let you talk me into this?" Larry looks at himself in the mirror as he strips. He turns to me, "God, just imagine if you used that charm of yours to solve the world's problems instead of getting guys naked for your wrestling fetish."

I smirk, "Yeah? Well, just imagine how many of the world's problems could be solved if more guys just got naked and wrestled?" I grab his bare shoulders and look him in the eye, "You'll be great."

Larry nods. He drops his last bit of clothing then paces nervously around the locker room of the arena we use to film matches for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that I co-own with Ryan. After some convincing, the older musclestud will be making his debut as Aquarius for us. The mature musclestud checks out the gear, giving me a questioning look. I nod, so he starts to pull it on.

I put out the call to get a small crowd of bloggers and wrestlers to come and cheer. I've already seen a half dozen of them, including our top tag team Night and Day hanging out with Bang Boy. Plus I know Animal, Jokemaster and Star Boy are here. Even Ryan's new ... "friend" ... Corey aka Mimik has stuck around after his match where he beat and fucked one of our veterans, Guardian.

Of course I'll be ringside in my Bat gear, along with my boyfriend Jae in his SuperStar persona. I've already told the guys to cheer for Aquarius and urge him on.

Day, Night and Bang Boy


Star Boy

In spite of Ryan's reservations, I do think this will be a win-win. When I brought it up, Larry wasn't offended at all, just surprised then anxious. My plan is simple. Aquarius will put on a good show, Larry will feel the love from the crowd and he'll feel better about himself. We pay him and he can pay his mortgage for another month.

Ryan's annoying friend Pete sticks his fat stupid face into the locker room, telling Larry he's got three minutes. I wish Larry luck, head out then take my seat in the back of the arena before the cameras start rolling.


Entering first is the villain, Diablo, aka Carlos. He's a dark-skinned Hispanic kid (age 23) who's been wrestling on and off for us for a while now. He works construction or something, but he has a swimmer's build, smooth with long limbs and tight muscles. The tanned stud is tall (6'3"), muscled (220-lbs) and tough (4-2 in The Cave).

While Diablo is a lot younger, I think Larry can hang with him. Ryan was surprised by my choice, but I specifically didn't want to set up a squash. I don't think that'd prove much. In my head, even a hard-fought loss will be better for the mature muscleman's ego than a cakewalk over some wimpy jobber.

The younger heel looks menacing as he enters through the curtain, with a scowl visible under his red latex face mask. He wears red leather chaps and vest over tiny black briefs and black leather pro-style boots. He marches confidently, playing his villain role very well as most of the assembled wrestlers and bloggers boo him mercilessly. BOOOOOOO!

Diablo reaches the ring, slowly unbuckles then peels off his vest and chaps. He stretches and flexes for the camera then turns, waiting for his first glance at his opponent.

Ryan calls for Aquarius. Larry moves through the curtain then pauses, taking it all in. He nervously adjusts his blue trunks with teal trim. The front of his trunks and mask have an Aquarius symbol on them, plus we added a stylized zodiac tattoo over his left shoulder and pec for added effect. He looks great.

In the ring, Diablo laughs, "Oh shit, what retirement home did you come from? Holy fuck."

The hero flexes for the camera, following my advice perfectly. He's so damn built. He has a scruffy beard that's visible under his mask, but the rest of his tanned body is smooth. Aquarius climbs into the ring and bounces, waiting for his first match in The Cave to start. Across the ring, Diablo is staring him down, a confident smirk on his face.

The heel says to the mature muscleman, "Too bad for you, old-timer, but you caught me on a bad day. And when Diablo has a bad day, someone's gotta suffer."


Round One

Diablo and Aquarius emerge from their corner. From their demeanor, it's clear the older hero is the rookie and the younger villain is the veteran. The heel circles, darting and jabbing, already putting the beefy musclehunk on edge, backing him up towards the corner. Suddenly, Diablo backs off. He extends a hand, whispering, "Sorry man, just playing wit' you. We're cool."

Aquarius nods and accepts the handshake. WHOMP! The devious heel pulls the hero into a clothesline that flattens him. "Shit, I just suckered the oldest wrestler with the oldest trick." He unleashes a series of stomps, the entire laughing about how stupid and gullible the beefy hunk is. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Every time Aquarius tries to rise, he's beat down fast.

Diablo reaches down and drags a slow-moving Aquarius to his feet by his hair. The villain draws a fist back and unleashes with a heart punch that sends the big hero back to the mat. The younger stud mocks, "What's that? You've fallen and you can't get up?" He grabs Aquarius by the hair again, forcing him to his feet. He locks on a front facelock, grabs the side of the small trunks then lifts up, bringing the bigger muscleman over with a snap suplex. WHAM!

Aquarius sits up as Diablo rolls up to one knee behind him. The villain drives his knee between the mature muscleman's shoulder blades, grabs under his chin and pulls back. Aquarius moans in the rear chin lock as he's stretched back. He reaches for the heel's big hands, trying to pry them apart. The older hunk starts to succeed, so Diablo releases the hold, keeping one hand on the chin and lifting the other.

Diablo brings his forearm down across the older stud's chest. SLAM! OOF! He pushes Aquarius to the left, sending him down to the mat. The young punk pushes the mature muscleman onto his stomach, plants his knee on his back then grabs under the chin. The heel pulls up, wrenching the hero's neck.

Pained is etched on the face of the handsome hero. He kicks the mat in frustration as he's abused by the younger villain. Aquarius finally pushes up, throwing Diablo off his back. He rises up slowly, rubbing his neck. When the mature muscleman turns to go after the kneeling heel, he runs into a double axe handle to the midsection. THUD! OOF! The beefy hero bends over at the waist, moaning.

From his knees, Diablo grabs Aquarius by the mask and pulls him down. He rolls the mature musclehunk into a ball, locking his legs open in a spladle. The beefy hero groans as he's folded down on his neck, his legs held in a wide split by the villain. I see Aquarius kicking, but he can't get free. The young punk has it locked and knows it.

The heel laughs off the escape attempts, "The only way you're getting out is submitting, bitch."

Aquarius isn't willing to give, so the heel takes full advantage of their position. He rubs his free hand down the hero's smooth, thick legs, feeling the muscles. Diablo slides his hand down to the crunched torso, pinching and fondling his captive. Every inch the villain can reach, he does. He slides his hand back up, grabbing hold of the prominent bulge, squeezing and rubbing. The hero moans as his manhood is manhandled by the young punk.

Diablo teases, "Not bad, but let's see what I'm gonna win."

The young muscleman slides his long fingers along the leg opening. He forces them under the tight elastic towards the mature stud's taint. Aquarius groans at the feeling then breathes heavier as the heel pushes his fingers over the older hunk's hole. Diablo pushes down, forcing his fingers inside the helpless hero. The heel gently finger fucks his victim, making the most of the compromising position.

"Huh, pretty tight. I figured an old bottom like you'd be used up by now, but this ain't so bad. I know you're a bottom because you're such a submissive bitch. I mean, shit, you gonna put up any kind of fight?"

In response, Aquarius kicks out. I can't tell if he breaks free or Diablo lets go, but either way, it's clear who's in control. The heel actually backs off. When the hero starts to rise, Diablo extends a hand. The mature musclehunk accepts the help back to his feet. Immediately, the villain pulls him forward then clothes lines him down hard. WHAM! Stomps to the chest and abs follow, punishing the beefier stud for his naïveté. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Diablo drags Aquarius to his feet then clothes lines him down again. WHAM! More stomps are followed by a cocky pose by the heel as he plants his boot on the beefy pecs and flexes. The hero swats the boot off him as he rolls onto his side. The villain saunters up, only to get an elbow to the gut. OOF! The crowd cheers as Aquarius shows life for the first time.

The older wrestler rises slowly. He adjusts his trunks and shakes out his head. The hero is taking a break, but his opponent isn't. The young heel moves in, dropping and sweeping Aquarius' feet out from under him. WHOA! CRASH! I cover my face, looking through my fingers, as I can barely stand to watch any more of this humiliating beat down.

Diablo forces Aquarius up then locks on a front facelock. He moves his hips from side to side. After the third thrust, he pulls fast and hard, spinning their bodies and leaping. The swinging neckbreaker is perfectly executed, as they fall to the mat. The sudden twist and flip has Aquarius holding his head as the villain chuckles.

"Too fucking easy. What a fucking waste of time. If that ass wasn't so tight, I wouldn't even finish this."

The villain rolls Aquarius onto his back for a cocky pin. He counts, "ONE!" Exaggerated pause. "TWO!" Another longer than usual pause. Diablo then drags the hero off the mat, stopping the count with a big production, making sure we all know that he pulled the mature muscleman up at the two-count. The heel slaps his opponent's face, challenging him to fight back. Aquarius squirms then pushes the young punk off him.

Both men rise, but Diablo is much faster. He launches a boot to the gut before Aquarius can even set his feet. OOF! The taller stud pulls the hero forward into a standing head scissors. The lean legs tighten, securing the beefy musclehunk in place. The cocky heel runs his thumb across his throat, signaling this is it. He reaches around the hero's waist, drops then lifts.

Diablo flips Aquarius over his shoulder then eases the big man down his back into a hangman. He locks on a tight grip around the hero's chin and bends forward, stretching out the older stud's back in the painful hold. The hero groans as he hangs helplessly on his younger opponent's back, his arms and legs limp as they hang out to the side.

Diablo demands, "SUBMIT!"

Aquarius moans weakly, "... give ..."

The young punk says, "Bitch, that was weak! BEG! MAKE IT GOOD!" He bounces a little to up the pressure, making Aquarius scream out in pain.


Diablo drops the battered old body of his opponent then flexes in total, dominant victory. Aquarius rolls to his corner, the heel strutting to his, laughing at the easy fall.

Between Rounds

Ryan and Pete are still filming, so I adjust my Bat cowl, cape and trunks to make sure I'm completely in character. Once set, I climb into the ring to check on Larry. So far, my plan's a disaster. I massage his shoulders, unsure what exactly to say.

Across the ring, Diablo is laughing with one of his buddies, the Silver Sword. As soon as I look over at him, I can tell the young stud is itching to get back at it and finish this thing off.

I hear Silver Sword comment, "Holy shit, the 'great' Bat is checking on the old fart. Probably checking to make sure he's not gonna have a heart attack."

Diablo says, "Naw, I think they're little super-butt buddies." The heel calls over, "Hey, Bat! If I'd known the Ancient Mariner there was one of your bitches, I wouldn't have gone so easy on him."

I don't respond. Diablo's perfectly in character to be an ass right now. I'm a hero, he's a villain. Plus, I'm one of his two losses, which he's still bitter about. I hope he doesn't really take it out on Aquarius now that he knows we're friends. Things are bad enough right now without adding to the potential humiliation.

As if reading my mind, Diablo says, "I was gonna make the next round quick and painless, but now it'll just be quick. Stakes round, I'm gonna do something special to him, just for you." He turns to the dozen wrestlers hanging out, " Okay, once I'm done with this loser, anybody else wanna go? I need a real man to wrestle tonight, baby."

I come around front, looking Aquarius in the eye. I tell him, "Ignore him. You can win this, you just have to focus. You're a good wrestler. Better than him, I can tell you that."

Aquarius shakes his head, "What the fuck did you get me into? I'm too ..."

I grab his cheeks in my palms, forcing the mature musclehunk to look me in the eye, "You're too what?"

Aquarius whispers, "Nothing. I just thought this was supposed to be fun."

"It is, if you're winning. But you have to take this seriously, man. Come on, be smart. Be resilient. He's going to get control, but you can weather whatever he's got in store for you. Even I'm not in control 100% of my matches."

Larry rolls his eyes, "Even you? I don't believe it."

I smile, "At least you can still joke around. Look, you have to dig deep, see what you're made of. I know you can win if you just focus. You have the skill, strength and stamina to beat him."

Aquarius replies resolutely, "Dig deep. Okay, I'll try."

"There's no try. You've got to do it. I believe in you. Focus. Be strong. Be smart."

Round Two

The round two bell rings too soon for my liking, but what can you do? The guys leave their corners, circling the ring. Diablo looks loose and confident, his chest up and shoulders back. On the other hand, Aquarius looks tense and apprehensive. After the second lap, the guys move in for a lockup, their muscles immediately straining.

Aquarius pushes forward, driving Diablo back into the corner hard. CLANG! He drives in, lifting his knee into the smooth, tight abs of his younger opponent. The heel grunts before he's hip-tossed out of the corner. Diablo lands on his ass, scrambling to the opposite corner before the mature muscle hero can follow up. He looks back with a smirk, "Ooh, gonna try and make this a fight, old man? Don't fucking bother."

The hero ignores the taunt and moves in. Diablo goes for a kick to the gut, but Aquarius blocks it. The villain spins, giving the hero a chance to grab him around the waist. With a quick lift, he throws the muscleheel's long, lean body over his shoulder, falling back for a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Aquarius dives on top of the young punk, locking on a headlock.

Diablo grunts as he lies under his opponent, head trapped in the powerful vice-like grip. Aquarius rolls to his knees, dragging the young villain along with him. He rises to his feet, maintaining his grip and applying even more force to the standing side headlock. The heel slides his hand up between the legs, but the hero notices the move. He twists and flips them down to the mat. WHAM! Diablo lands on his back, taking the full brunt of the mature muscleman landing on his chest, all the while keeping the headlock cinched in tight.

The villain slaps the mat in frustration, clearly angry at how this fall is going. He reaches up and grabs hold of the hero's head, stretching the mask back and out. Aquarius has no choice but to release the headlock and roll with the move. He swings his feet around, getting into a low squat while Diablo rolls to his feet. The hero springs out, driving his shoulder into the lean punk's midsection and tackling him down. THUD! OOF!

Aquarius locks on an armbar, pinning Diablo down by putting his shin on the heel's head. The villain slaps the mat with his free hand, again showing his frustration. The hero cranks on the hold, really wrenching on the shoulder and elbow. The young punk manages to roll out, relieving the pressure, but he's quickly dragged up by his arm.

The hero uses his arm hold to fling Diablo into the corner. CLANG! Instead of sinking in the corner, villain manages to bounce out fast, launching himself into Aquarius with a flying shoulder block. WHAM! The mature muscleman is flattened, falling to his back. As he tries to get up, the heel dives on his back. The cocky punk grabs hold of the hero's head then slams it down into the mat. CRACK! Aquarius goes limp for a moment, clearly dazed.

Diablo rises up and stretches out, getting his wits back. As Aquarius rises, the muscleheel's ready. He moves in behind, grabbing the hero around the waist. With a quick lift, the big man is thrown back with a suplex. The villain springs up then grabs the mature musclestud's ankle. He lifts then slams it down, driving the hero's knee into the mat hard. CRACK! Aquarius bounces off the mat, holding his knee as he rolls on his back.

The heel wastes no time. He bounces off the ropes, leaps and comes down with a leg drop across his opponent's throat. URK! Aquarius forgets all about his knee as he reaches for his neck. Diablo swats his hands away, rolling him onto his stomach. The villain sits on Aquarius' back and grabs under his chin. He lifts up, targeting the mature muscleman's thick neck. ARGH!

Aquarius kicks the mat as his head is wrenched up and back. He claws at Diablo's hands before he finally realizes the mistake he's making. He plants his hands and pushes up, lifting the cocky punk with him. The hero thrusts to the left, toppling Diablo off his back. The heel responds by kicking out, clocking Aquarius in the temple with his boot. CRACK! The hero collapses to the mat. He might be unconscious.

The villain rises again, staring down at his unmoving opponent. He shakes his head, saying, "You stupid old fuck. I'm done with you."

Diablo bends down then strips Aquarius of his small trunks, exposing his firm ass. He rips them over the boots and then holds the gear overhead, like a prize. The villain twirls the spandex briefs on his finger as he circles his prey. The mature muscleman is awake now, but too late to protect his gear.

As the groggy hero struggles to rise to hands and knees, the heel forces Aquarius' head through the leg opening. He uses them as a leash to force the older stud to his feet. Diablo grabs the hero's cheeks, "You wanna play with me? Let's play!"

The cruel young punk forces the hero to stumble around the ring as he's led by his own trunks. The helpless bodybuilder is exposed to the cameras and crowds, eliciting hollers, whistles and cheers for his ample manhood as it flops back and forth. Under the hero's mask, I can see his face turning red. Damn, he's getting weaker.

Diablo is once again in complete control, not just trying to beat his older opponent, but looking to humiliate him. The villain stops them, standing behind the hero. He unleashes a series of forearms up and down Aquarius' back. THUD! THUD! THUD! After each blow, the hero stumbles forward only to be pulled back by the trunks around his neck.

When Aquarius is softened up, Diablo turns, positioning them back-to-back. The cocky young heel reaches back with one hand, grabbing the hero's head and putting it on his shoulder. The villain releases the trunks and secures his hold. It's a clear setup for his finishing neckbreaker. The exposed older muscleman looks at the ceiling as he hangs limp on the shoulder.

Diablo swirls his hips, declaring this squash job finally over. Suddenly, Aquarius' arms shoot up and over his shoulders. He surprises everyone, including the villain, by grabbing under Diablo's chin and bending forward, dragging the young stud with him. Diablo's feet quickly leave the mat and his arms fall to the side.

Aquarius leans down, bending in half with the heel draped on his back. Diablo moans loudly as his back feels the effect of this hanging backbreaker. The young stud swears loudly, cursing in pain as the mature muscleman punishes him with the same hold he used to win the first fall. He starts threatening Aquarius, who does nothing but holds this position, obviously recovering his wits.

Diablo's body stretches, his lean muscles popping and his bulge sticking out prominently. He tries to pry the hands of Aquarius from his chin, but can't do it. The young stud starts kicking his feet, eventually falling to the side. The villain quickly springs to his feet to reassume control, but Aquarius dives sideways, toppling them both down with a shoulder tackle.

The hero lands on top, sliding off then locking on a tight side headlock. He breathes heavy, using the hold to recover as much as he can. Diablo squirms underneath, yanking his head free. The heel reaches around, going for a rear naked choke, but Aquarius pulls free. The cocky punk moves in, but gets a donkey kick to the gut. THUD!

The mature muscleman rises up and moves in, but Diablo fires his hand out fast. He grabs Aquarius by the balls, squeezing. To everyone's surprise, the hero doesn't fight back. He lifts his hands and puts them behind his head. He smugly says, "Go for it, kid." As if to prove he's serious, the big man's cock gets hard, pressing against Diablo's wrist.

Diablo is confused, frozen as he tries to process the open invitation to abuse the large bulge. Hesitation is deadly in wrestling and this is no exception. Before the young heel can do anything, Aquarius thrusts his hands down, slamming them into the villain's traps. THWACK! Diablo cries out and he releases his grip. I guess we're not going to find out if Aquarius was bluffing or not.

Aquarius follows up on the chops with a forearm to the side of the head that drops Diablo to one knee. The hero brings his knee up, slamming it into the kneeling muscleheel. The cocky punk tumbles back onto his butt. The mature muscleman grabs the red leather boots, locking them under his arms. He puts his boots under Diablo's ass and falls back. The villain flies up and is catapulted over top, flying into the corner where he hits the top turnbuckle face first.

Diablo drops to his knees, holding his chin. Aquarius rises up behind him then stomps his back hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero moves in and reaches his left arm around the front of the weakened heel's face. He drags him out in a standing dragon sleeper. The villain is bent back, his package thrust out as he groans and tries to break free.

Aquarius keeps the pressure up then brings his right forearm down on the younger hunk's chest. POW! He does it again, this time releasing the hold and driving Diablo all the way down to the mat. WHAM! The heel reaches for his head, but the hero rolls them, wrapping his legs around the cocky punk's head. Aquarius sits, propped up on his hands with the villain's face buried in his naked crotch.

The mature muscleman extends his legs, the muscles tightening and pumping as they crush the heel's head. AHHH! Diablo cries out in pain as the thick upper legs expand around him. The hero keeps the pressure up, but no submission comes. Aquarius doesn't release, though. Instead, he rolls them over, so he's kneeling with Diablo's back facing the mat. The heel's head pokes out between the thighs as he's forced to bridge thanks to the back of the hero's boots digging into his back.

I can hear gasping as the villain struggles in the uncomfortable position. His head is still being crushed, but now he's tiring as he has to stay up. Every time he sags, his neck is stretched and his back aches. Finally, he has no choice but to ask for release. First, he taps, but Aquarius either doesn't feel it or chooses not to feel it. Either way, the young punk has to admit verbally that he's in a no-win position.


Aquarius teases, "Sorry, I don't have my hearing aid in, are you saying something? Did you say 'please'?"


The hero releases, letting go of the villain. As Aquarius rises, I overhear Diablo mutter, "You're so gonna pay for that. I'm gonna wreck you!"

Between Rounds

Aquarius moves slowly to his corner. Even though he won the fall, he's clearly suffering from the abuse he's taken. He pulls his trunks off his head then starts flipping them. When he moves to step back into them, the arena erupts.

The crowd yells, "BOOOOO!" and "NOOOOO!" When he looks up, they tell him things like, "LEAVE 'EM OFF, STUD!" and "C'MON SEXY! WRESTLE NAKED!" and "FLAUNT IT, GORGEOUS!"

Aquarius gets swept up in the adoration and casually tosses the trunks out to the audience, leaving his ass and manhood exposed. The wrestlers and blogger react loudly, rewarding his decision with cheers, hoots and howls. The mature muscleman even strikes poses for them as they tell him how hot he is.

Across the ring, Diablo is staring, clearly upset with himself for giving. I'm sure this whole scene is only adding to his frustration and motivation to win in the end. He looks focused and angry, the scowl apparent, even under his mask.

I move in close and warn my buddy that it's not over. He gets the hint and re-focuses on the task at hand. I give him another pep talk and Aquarius finally looks ready for the final round. I leave the hero to stretch and strategize, hoping he can keep the momentum going.

Round Three

As soon as the bell rings, Aquarius comes out fast. He charges the surprised heel, wrapping his arms around the leaner hunk's shoulders. With a quick lift and spin, the hero plants the villain down with a belly-to-belly suplex. CRASH! The older wrestler slides off fast, dragging Diablo up by his hair and wrist.

Aquarius locks on a front facelock, grabs the side of Diablo's trunks. He squats, lifts and flips the taller stud over with a bigger suplex. WHAM! The hero wastes no time, rolling over then dragging Diablo up again. He scoops the hard-bodied punk up in his arms then body slams him down. SLAM! The villain bounces off the mat then rolls onto his side, moaning in pain. Before he can react, he's dragged up, scooped up and slammed again. SLAM!

Diablo rolls onto his side again, trying to relieve the pressure from his back. Unfortunately for him, it exposes his back his opponent. The hero stomps the smooth flesh vigorously, his junk flopping around as he pounds his boot into the aching muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I'm impressed with how quickly Aquarius scurries from power move to power move. He stops the boot punishment and drags Diablo up to his feet again.

Aquarius scoops the lean stud up yet again, but this time he drops him onto his outstretched leg for an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! He pushes the young punk off then forces him onto his stomach. The hero mounts his prey then drags him up into a camel clutch. ARGH! Diablo is bent back far, but he's too young and too flexible to give to this. Even with the back punishment, the mature muscleman will have to dish out more punishment if he wants a submission.

The hero releases the hold then drags the weakened villain up. Aquarius shoves his opponent's head between his legs then reaches down to grab him around the waist. Diablo grunts then stands, actually powering the beefy hunk over top and flipping him with a back body drop. CRASH!

The villain looks weak, but he has enough to jump backwards, coming down with both boots on the older wrestler's thick pecs. OOF! He jumps again, driving his feet into Aquarius' rock hard six-pack. OOF! He jumps forward, coming down on the pecs again then steps to the side. He stomps hard, further breaking down the bulging chest muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

When Diablo steps back, Aquarius clutches his chest, groaning in pain. The abused pec muscles are red with boot prints. The heel circles to the hero's boots. He lifts the legs into the air then steps between them. The younger musclestud folds the legs over his thigh then steps and flips. Aquarius is rolled onto his chest as Diablo sits down into a sharpshooter. ARGH!

The hero is clearly suffering as his back is tortured. UNGH! The villain reaches down with his free hand and smacks the mature muscleman's dangling balls, toying with the helpless hunk. The abuse seems to energize Aquarius. He plants his hands and powers up, throwing the 220-lbs of young muscle off him. The hero rises to hands and knees, stretching out his back, while Diablo gets to his feet behind him.

The villain lashes out with a boot, hitting Aquarius in the ass and sending him sprawling forward. Diablo reaches down and grabs the hero by the boots then drags him to the corner. He hops out of the ring then grabs the boots again. The older hunk tries to get away, but the heel sets his boot and pulls him back. The hero's clawing hands just slide across the slick mat.

The helpless hero is straddling the metal ring post and the villain is holding his boots. With sudden and powerful thrust, Diablo slams his opponent's knees into the metal ring post, alternating the hits. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Aquarius cries out in pain, kicking his feet to try and get free, but it's no use.

Diablo taunts, "Let's see just how tough those old balls really are!"

The heel pulls hard, forcing the hero back into the ring post. The metal pole slides between his legs until it connects against his balls and taint. ARGH! Even Aquarius can't take that without feeling it. He reaches for his crotch as the heel spanks the hero's smooth, round ass. Diablo laughs all the way back into the ring.

The cocky punk grabs hold of Aquarius by the wrist and drags him back into the middle of the ring. He flips the hero over onto his back then pushes him up to a seated position. The villain steps over the sitting hero's shoulders, locking his head forward. He reaches for a leg and pulls up with a stump puller that has the hero groaning in pain. ARGH!

Aquarius shifts and thrashes as he's folded in two. The mature muscleman isn't that flexible, so this must be killing him. The heel demands a submission, but the hero refuses. Somehow, he holds out as his neck and hamstring must be aching like hell right about now. After minute of this, a frustrated Diablo releases the hold. He lets Aquarius fall back then stomps the hero in the knee. STOMP!

Diablo grabs the hero's leg again, stepping over it. He's going for a figure-four, but Aquarius manages to get his other boot up. He kicks the villain in the ass, sending him flying to the corner, where he slams into the turnbuckle hard. CLANG! The hero rolls onto the side then slowly stands, his leg obviously feeling tender.

Aquarius turns to go after Diablo, only to get a hard boot to the face. CRACK! The super kick sends him flying backwards into the far corner. He holds his jaw as Diablo runs at him. The heel leaps and comes down with a splash. CLANG! Unfortunately for him, the hero dropped to the mat, letting the heel collide with the top turnbuckle.

As Diablo hangs over the top rope and turnbuckle, Aquarius sits below him. The hero drives his forearm into the side of the cocky punk's head. CRACK! The hero rises then flips Diablo over onto his back on the turnbuckle. The mature muscleman kneels and grabs the villain by the chin and ankles. He pulls down, using the ring to deliver a deadly backbreaker. ARGH! The villain cries out as his youthful flexibility is pushed past its limit.

Aquarius keeps the hold up until he feels the heel weakening then lets go. He rises to pummel the stretched out abs of the young stud until Diablo can manage to roll a little and fall to the mat in a heap at the hero's boots. Both men are breathing hard, their chests heaving and sweat drenching their bodies. It's been a long tough match, back-and-forth. Aquarius reaches down and drags the ailing muscleheel up.

The hero whips Diablo across the ring, where he slams in, back first. CLANG! The villain sags in the corner, barely able to hold himself up. Aquarius charges, but this time it's the heel who counters. He lifts his knees just in time. Aquarius slams in hard then staggers back, winded by the surprise move. Diablo drops his feet, hops onto the middle rope and springs off. The cocky punk flattens the older hunk with a stiff shoulder block. WHAM!

Both men are slow to move on the mat, but it's the villain who rises first. He reaches down and helps Aquarius up. The younger wrestler wraps his arms around the mature muscleman's waist and goes for a belly-to-belly suplex. The hero sticks his foot out and the move gets blocked. He wraps his arms around Diablo, pinning the leaner stud's arms to his body. With a sudden and powerful burst, he flips the villain over and slams him down on his back. SLAM!

Aquarius slides off, gathering himself. He moves in on his knees, but Diablo rolls away. Both men rise slowly. The villain suddenly hops forward, lifting his leg and going for another super kick. This time. Though, the hero is ready. He ducks and the heel sails past him, stumbling forward. His boot flies between the top and middle rope and he comes down hard.

The middle rope slams into Diablo's balls and the top rope into his arm pit. He groans and holds on for dear life, whimpering in pain as he tries desperately to recuperate. Aquarius turns and reaches for the villain's wrist. He drags the suffering young punk off the ropes into a reverse bearhug. He squeezes hard, using his power to weaken the heel even more.

In desperation, Diablo stomps his boot down onto Aquarius' boot. YEE-ARGH! The hero yelps in pain, while the villain easily breaks free from the reverse bearhug. The cocky punk starts hammering the mature muscleman with chops across his pecs, backing him into the ropes. The heel keeps attacking, launching forearms to the head, knees to the gut and fists to the pecs. The fury and speed wears Aquarius down until he's left sitting on the middle rope.

Diablo reaches down and wraps his fingers around the base of his opponent's cock and balls. He backs up, yanking on the manhood and forcing Aquarius to follow. The hero gets noticeably harder as he's led to the middle of the ring. The heel drops to a knee and hammers an elbow into the hero's hard gut. OOF! Aquarius bends over, but can't back up thanks to the tight grip on his privates.

The villain lets go of the cock and balls and rises. He drops the hero to one knee with a double axe handle to his back. Diablo locks Aquarius into a front facelock and forces him onto both feet. When he grabs a wrist, it's obvious that the young punk is once again going for a swinging neckbreaker. Before he can even start, the mature muscleman pushes back, staggering free as his sweaty masked head slides free.

Aquarius rises only to be sent flying back into the corner by a running shoulder block. OOF! Diablo charges in, giving him a boot to the abs. THUD! The heel grabs the mask and pulls the hero into another front facelock. This time, Aquarius bends, turns and lifts. The mature muscleman presses up and suddenly, the heel finds himself trapped across his opponent's shoulder in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. ARGH!

The young punk hangs across the broad shoulders, flailing helplessly as the powerful hero holds him tight. Diablo's moans get louder as Aquarius squats down and up, pressing the heel's 220-lbs with no trouble. UNH! In spite of the obvious pain, the villain won't give.

Aquarius backs into the corner then carefully steps up on the bottom rope. I'm impressed, as it's not easy, especially balancing over 200-lbs of muscle. Trapped across the mature muscle hero's broad shoulders, Diablo dangles helplessly. His moans fill the arena. The villain is kicking his feet, but he can't get free.

The dominant hunk stands for a moment then leaps off, landing hard. ARGH! Diablo feels the impact much more than Aquarius, his back shocked when they land. When Aquarius does it again, the shockwaves have the villain whimpering in pain. The hero pulls down and the young buck can take no more.


That's it, Aquarius has won, proving his superiority. He casually rolls the villain's limp carcass back off his shoulders, letting Diablo plummet to the mat below. The hero has a broad smile on his face. He flexes for the cheering crowd. As he basks in their appreciation, I notice his cock swelling. So does everyone, as the cheers turn to calls for stakes to be had.

Aquarius looks down at the struggling heel. He gets a devious smirk on his face as he says, "Well, I don't want to disappoint my new fans."

The Stakes

The mature musclehunk walks up behind the aching villain, who is on hands and knees, stretching out his back. Diablo looks up then rolls over on his back. He goes limp and spreads his legs. The hero straddles the loser then drops to his knees, schoolboy pinning the defeated Diablo down. Aquarius looks down and stares his conquest in the eye.

I'm shocked as Diablo asks, "Flex for me. Please, sir."

As the hero flexes over Diablo, the young punk lifts his head. He kisses the mature muscleman's inner thigh. Aquarius rolls off, letting the heel continue to lick and kiss the muscles that bested him. The loser willingly engulfs the softening cock, cleaning it thoroughly as his hands rub all over the thick legs.

Diablo moves up, kissing the big stud's abs then his pics. Aquarius lifts his arm and flexes his bicep. The heel eagerly crawls towards it, kissing the bulging muscle. He worships the winner, showing a surprising amount of respect and subservience. The younger wrestler grabs hold of his conqueror's thick cock, jerking it hard as he worships the big muscle body.

After giving a thorough tongue bath, the villain whispers, "Please fuck me, sir."

Aquarius leans back, bounces his hard cock then says, "Fuck yourself. Boy."

Diablo gets a slight smile then obeys. He strips his trunks off quickly then grabs a condom. The loser wraps the rock hard shaft then squats over it. The young punk holds it up as the mature muscleman just watches. The villain lowers himself down onto the winner's cock, impaling himself slowly. He grabs Aquarius' shoulders for support as he maneuvers himself lower and lower. The young stud throws his head back as he's penetrated, moaning as he sits all the way down.

The heel pauses, adjusting to the steel rod inside him. He starts bouncing, enthusiastically riding his conqueror's cock. Diablo's own shaft stretches out, his manhood long, dark and curved when hard. His moans fill the arena until Aquarius stops him. The mature muscleman orders the villain off then tells him to suck. Diablo strips off the condom and gets to work.

Diablo's head bobs, being forced down lower by the winner's firm grip on the back of his head. Aquarius breathing accelerating. He gasps then holds the younger punk down. He simply says, "Swallow." The hero's muscular body shakes as he shoots his hot white seed down the villain's throat. Diablo dutifully takes all the beefy hunk can give in, gulping the load until Aquarius is soft.

The heel pulls up, looking quite happy to have drained the winner. Aquarius is also smiling. He orders Diablo forward. The hero takes the young punk's hard cock and pumps it before moving it to his lips. The victorious muscleman sucks and works the long cock. The young buck moans, "Oh shit, I'm cumming! Sir!" Aquarius doesn't stop, he swallows every drop the young balls can shoot.

Aquarius keeps going, even as the heel gets soft. The villain leans forward, his body shaking. He begs, "Sir! Please! Stop! Oh, fuck, I can't take it!"

The hero pulls off and slaps the flaccid cock playfully. Diablo collapses onto his back, drained and happy that his cock is no longer under assault. Aquarius rises to his feet, flexes in victory a little more then exits the ring, but not before grabbing Diablo's trunks as a souvenir.

When a Plan Comes Together

As we watch Larry relax, his mask off, he's casually laughing and accepting high praise from the crowd of studs. Ryan says to me, "Okay, I admit it. You were right."

I ask, "Wait, what was that? A little louder, please."

Ryan shrugs, "It was bound to happen eventually."

"Funny. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself right now."

Larry breaks away from his new admirers, joining Ryan and me. He says, "These guys are awesome, just awesome. I have to tell you guys, it was amazing. Thanks Cody, I needed this. The wrestlers are already trying to line up matches with me. Those blogger guys are telling me exactly who to wrestle when I go again."

I smile, "So, when are you going again?"

Larry pauses. He finally says, "Well, I don't know. You'd be open to me doing another match? I mean, you haven't even released this one. What if no one buys it?"

Ryan assures him, "Trust us, we know what our fans like. I mean, these guys are our fans and they love you. Sales will be good."

I add, "Seriously, everyone told us it was great, so they're being honest when they say it to your face. Any time you want to go again, just let us know."

Larry nods, taking it all in. We're joined by some of our studs, telling us they're heading out. We've got one more video to film, SuperStar vs. Brainium, but they invite us to meet up with them tonight. They make sure Larry says yes before they take off. As my friend walks back to the locker room, he's got the handsome Bang Boy in tow, obviously for some extracurricular activities in the shower room. Nice. No wonder he's walking with his confident strut again.

Damn, I'm good.

The End


  1. Absolutely loved it!

  2. Brilliant! Hot, superbly written, wonderfully discriptive and with LOTS of lovely action!

    1. Wow, thanks! I appreciate the compliment and you taking the time to comment.

  3. Alex R:

    Great entry man. This story reminded me alot of the Bat vs Mr Rddle 2. In a good way. I remember in that story you had other characters present. The dynamic of you presenting new possible characters or characters that exist in the Cave but we have yet to meet is awesome. Very refreshing and it feels like you have provided us with an alternate universe to the DC or Marvel. Like our on private club!
    Loved Larry! What a stud! The match was great because I truly didnt think he was going to win. Diablo was great as well. Both are a perfect fir to the undercard. Also seeing Cody as a mentor was great because we keep seeing a new side to him. It was like in "Independence Day" we saw another side of Cody, more cunning and shrewd, Cody is really staring to become a three dimensional fully developed character. Between his relationship with Ryan and Jae and now the last two stories he is becoming very real. I could go on with my opinion but you can figure out that I think it was great!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you were kept guessing and that you like Larry and Diablo.

      It's fun to show some potential new characters, see if anyone sparks to any of them. From that Bat/Riddle 2 crowd, Mr. X has appeared, as well as Jaguar out of costume in Route 69 Monterrey.

    2. Alex R:

      Jokemaster and Animal obviously have lots of potential. With a name like know that he has to be very aggressive.. Bang Boy...that made me chuckle haha. Not in a bad way a naughty way lol.
      BTW incredibly hot. No wonder the devil gets so many converts!

  4. Awesome story as always!! Loved the young stud getting schooled by the older musclehunk, and the dichotomy of the young guy being the veteran. On a slightly separate note, I'm gonna need as much of jokemaster as humanly possible!!!! HOT!

    1. Thanks!

      And I've noted another vote for Jokemaster.

  5. So hot! I love the older/younger dynamic, but with the twist that the older guy is at the disadvantage in terms of being less experienced in the ring, and of course, being a big cuddly teddy bear! As much as I love squash matches, I also like variety, and with this match, I loved not being able to tell who was going to win until it happened. And as hot as a jobber as he would be, I definitely found myself rooting for Aquarius! Great action, but great characters too. Like the kind but proud Larry. Or Cody, who really IS growing as a person, but even in doing a good deed STILL has to have his own way! And the ever-watchful Ryan, usually giving Cody free reign, but keeping an eye on Cody to keep him in check when he needs to. (And happy to see Night again, however briefly! And I can't help but wonder if Star Boy is as naive and innocent as he appears in that photo. One can hope...)

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the character comments. I'm trying to make them distinct and differentiated, keep them consistent, but also allow them to grow. As an amateur/hobbyist writer, it's the hardest part.

      Spoiler Alert ... You'll see more of Night on 8/15.

      Star Boy does have a Jake Jenkins mop head jobber vibe, but sometimes looks can deceive.

    2. Yea, more Night! You're too good to your audience. :)

      Having characters evolve but still be consistent, still feel like themselves, is such a challenge. But honestly, you've nailed it!

    3. Oops, I made a mistake. Night appears 9/1, not 8/15.

    4. Hmm, a mistake, huh? Well...I guess we'll let it slide, this once. ;)

  6. How Larry Got His Groove Back! Very hot and awesome entry! I also enjoyed the older vs younger theme here, and the smack talk about Aquarius' age was top-notch. Seems like Diablo has quite the submissive side when it comes to Daddy figures. *grin*

    Thanks for sharing it with us, man. :)

    1. You're welcome! Appreciate that on the trash talk. It's tough for me to write, which is why I normally cheat by just saying it's happening as opposed to being specific.

      By losing, I think Diablo grew to respect and appreciate Larry, which brought out his submissive side.

  7. Aquarius is a favorite. Like a lot of others, I loved the older rookie face vs younger heel aspect. I also loved that I didn't expect that he'd win, but that he pulled it out in the end!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear you like Aquarius and the scenario. I have Aquarius planned for one story in 2016, but it's not until a little later.

  8. I'm reading these in order so don't know if he makes another appearance, but as a 50 something myself I love the Aquarius character. Yay for an older, beefy muscle dude taking it to an arrogant, younger opponent! It would be great to see him as a regular character, maybe breaking in some other 20 somethings who underestimate him just because he's old enough to ne their dad. Maybe with another 50+ muscle bear as a tag partner. Just because there's some snow on the roof doesn't mean there's not a fire in the furnace, after all.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Appreciate the comment.

      I definitely agree with you. I wrestled some great guys in their 50's and 60's. It was always fun and hot.