Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: Dirty Daddy vs. Marco (Thunder’s Arena)

I mentioned that I had purchased a few Thunder’s Arena ring matches (all starring Dirty Daddy) but hadn’t been that excited to watch them. Well, I finally have watched one. On the advice of a commenter, I started with Dirty Daddy vs. Marco (see why it’s good to comment?).

Two top studs in a ring? Count me in!
I’ve blogged about both these guys before, covering four Dirty Daddy/Guido Genatto matches in three posts (vs. Superman, Jake Jenkins, Flash LaCash and Chet Chastain) and two Marco matches in one post (vs. Dominic and Wolf). I gave a positive review to all of them, except Marco/Wolf, so I felt these two could deliver a good match.

And they do.

Dirty Daddy/Marco was fun, intense and a good start to my experience with Thunder’s new ring setting.

Dirty Daddy strips Marco down to his bright poser fairly quickly. The younger bodybuilder looks great in the ring. The posers pop against his tanned skin and the dark ring and walls. Marco’s mountainous ass is on display many times, as are his chiseled abs and heaving pecs.

Marco's best feature is on display a lot
As is Dirty Daddy's

The two studs are a great contrast, so there are plenty of angles to find here to increase the tension and appeal of the match. Age. Hairy/smooth. Bodybuilder/beefy pro body. Pro/Joe. None are a big focus, although a few are mentioned in the trash talking by both wrestlers.

Instead, the video starts with Dirty Daddy attacking Marco in his truck, demanding Marco give him “the money”, to which a confused Marco struggles to play along. The money storyline felt unnecessary and somewhat non-sensical, but it didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the action.

The action is strong, which you’d expect. Dirty Daddy works the ring like the pro he is, while Marco gets a few moments to show off his own talents. The big, hairy pro moves the smooth bodybuilder around, dominating him with hot, body-displaying moves. And the beefy hunk allows Marco to shine and dominate in his own way.

Dirty Daddy knows how to punish and please the fans

Marco has his moments
Now that's a Boston Crab!
I can't decide where to look!
This is not a 50/50 back-and-forth match, in spite of how my image selection might make it look. It is close to a squash, but Marco doesn't just lie down and take his punishment. 

When he’s receiving, Marco does a good job of working the hold, convincing you he’s in pain without entering uncharacteristic jobber territory. No matter what Dirty Daddy does, Marco remains Marco, which I appreciated.

There’s a fine line between showing defiance and unselling the premise of pro wrestling. Marco does a pretty good job here of maintaining his cocky attitude while still showing the pain of the holds. His body and face convey pain, even as he refuses to acknowledge it. In several occasions, the defiance only leads to more abuse, which works very well.

Put in a tree of woe, Marco shows up Dirty Daddy
The heel knows how to put an end to that
Showing the punk the error of his ways
The “dirty” comes in late, but it’s fun. When a schoolboy-pinned Daddy begs Marco not to take out his cock, it feels like he’s using reverse psychology to get him to do just that. Now this is Thunder’s, so you know he won’t, but the tease is cool. Their mutual comfort and confidence in these moments is great to see.

DD: "Take a fuckin' close look at a real man!"
Marco:"Are you fucking hard?"
DD: "No, my dick's just fuckin' huge!"
Marco: "You want me to take it out?
A little dirty dick on Dirty Daddy? There it is!"
I’d say that the only downside is the camerawork. The shaky cam sometimes makes it hard to focus, as it continuously moves and zooms in and out, trying to keep up. I’ll be interested to see if this is the same for all their ring matches.

If you like these two studs, you’ll like this match. Both guys are on point, able to showcase their personalities, bodies and skills. I'd definitely recommend it.

Have you seen this? It’s been out for a while. What did you think?



  1. i have lost count of the number of times i have jerked off to chris dickinson/guido genatto

    1. I can see why. Thanks for the comment!

  2. See Alex, I had a feeling you would like it...glad you did...and by the way, I'm glad you were able to fully appreciate the beauty that is Marco.

    I must say: DAMN that boy is fine as hell!

    1. Yeah, it was good. Appreciate the recommendation. I'm intrigued to see the other two I bought.