Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Dirty Daddy vs. Brian Cage (Thunder's Arena)

It's time for another Thunder's Arena review. We're heading back into the ring for Dirty Daddy vs. Brian Cage, the second of the four Thunder's Arena ring matches I have purchased. I reviewed Dirty Daddy vs. Marco last month. My thoughts on Brian Cage vs. Johnny Bravo will appear in January. And I still haven't watched Dirty Daddy vs. Tak, but look for a review or quick hit in February.

Dirty Daddy vs. Brian Cage features two of the hottest studs in indie pro wrestling. It's great that they've crossed over into more gay-oriented wrestling videos as "underground wrestling" has moved noticeably "above ground" these days. They've both worked for multiple companies in the past couple of years, building up healthy resumes. However, I don't think they've wrestled each other on video before this.

Two smoking hot pro studs
They're in top shape for your enjoyment

Quick synopsis is that while I can't say I loved it, it was entertaining and had some hot re-watchable moments. I'm definitely happy that I purchased it.

It's a 5-fall, 25-minute match with non-stop action and a clear winner. The guys are super-hot, in great shape and in small, tight pro gear. Cage's huge torso and mountainous ass look as great as ever in tight blue pro trunks. Daddy's hairy beef and big bulge are equally outstanding in his usual red spider-web pro trunks.

With two experienced pros, it has good flow and a logical ending (unlike some Thunder's matches). It's very back-and-forth, so people hoping for dominance either way might be disappointed. I'd say most of the match is the guys doing 2-3 moves before it reverses, so there's no run as long or sustained as you might see in a Rock Hard Wrestling match. With the benefit of multiple falls, you get to see both guys forced to submit and the ultimate loser sleepered out.

Fast-paced grappling early on
Cage's muscles are just enormous
Daddy knows how to bring a big man down

It's a casual match, but still intense. The two studs have a friendly chemistry, obviously knowing each other pretty well. It feels like there's some inside jokes and they're very relaxed in their banter, whether it's about Dirty Daddy's cock, Cage's wife or who's stealing whose moves.

The guys do play off each other, so you see the same things applied both ways, which you might either like or find repetitive. I enjoyed it here, because there's a nuance in how they do it.

The classic airplane spin
These GIF's might work for amateur hypnotists

The reason I "liked but didn't love" this match was the action. These two are powerful and skilled. Everything they do is well done. However, the action didn't really showcase their power very much. Instead, it's mostly mat work and leg submission holds.

Their big bodies do look good on the mat
They know how to apply and sell the holds
But, ultimately, I feel like anyone could do this

The extended suffering is great, but with these two beefy musclemen, I would've liked more strength moves, like bearhugs and racks, and some harder-hitting action, like slams and suplexes. These guys know how to execute rough action, both giving and taking. They can do it more convincingly than the amateurs we usually see, so I think it's a missed opportunity not to leverage that.

Cage has the power, but we don't see it much
Yeah, that's a nice stiff shoulder block

Overall, I'm glad I bought it, but it's not a classic or anything. If you like the idea of these guys in a give-and-take match, I'd recommend it.

What about you? Have you watched it? Do you want to? Comments are encouraged!



  1. Love me some Dirty Daddy, but I've never liked Cage. He's waaay too big and bulky to be sexy.

    It's like, for me, you are sexy until you reach a certain point and then you're just a bulging mass of skin.

    I'm sure he's proud of his body but it does absolutely nothing for me.

    So, no, I won't be getting this match even with the inclusion of Dirty Daddy...BOOO!

    1. Thanks for the comment. We all like who we like and there's nothing wrong with that. The good thing is that there is plenty of Dirty Daddy stuff out there to choose from. I've reviewed five othe DD matches, if you haven't seen them. They're tagged as Guido Genatto and/or Dirty Daddy for easy searching.

    2. You bring up an interesting point: aren't the differences in taste in this genre of wrestling so interesting?

      For example, you have people who actually prefer their wrestlers to wear square cuts as opposed to posers/ me that is truly unbelievable. I mean, why would you prefer for guys with uber hot bodies to be covered up? Especially two of the sexiest and underappreciated parts of the male figure: legs and backside??

      You have other people who think Ethan Andrews is just incredible and LOVE to watch him wrestle...but I just don't get it. He's waaay too scrawny and his face isn't even handsome. Plus, he's not even particularly good at taunting the numerous jobbers he bashes.

      Maybe I'm just shallow b/c I prefer my wrestlers to "have it all" as I like to call it: toned body, confident attitude, handsome face, wrestling skills, and inclined to wear something skimpy.

      To give an example of what I'm talking about I give you my list of the 11 best modern (post 2005) wrestlers in this specific wrestling genre (p.s. I picked eleven b/c I couldn't bear to take any of these champs off my list!):

      -Dominic (despite the stupid "CHA" noises he made)
      -Big Sexy
      -Ace Hanson
      -Dirty Daddy/Guido
      -Alex Waters
      -Dash Decker
      -Jake Jenkins
      -Kid Karisma
      -Austin Cooper/Frey

      Now, not all of them match the full criteria I laid out, BUT they all have a quality or qualities about them that puts them above the rest for me and they all at one point have starred in at least one match that I would consider literally breathtaking.

      Anyway, I know it's a very long comment but I love talking about this stuff with others since I don't know anyone personally who shares my appreciation for this type of wrestling.

    3. Short or long, I love all comments! Thanks for the thought.

      Interestingly, my post on Sunday starts with a similar observation. It's a match I found blah, but Jose at LaSustancia P gave a blue square to in his monthly calendar back in September.

      I think diversity in tastes are great and the market will decide what gets made. I like a lot of different wrestlers, styles and gear, but I definitely have preferences. For me, action trumps everything else. A hot guy who poses and can't wrestle? Not interested. And then I have some very amateur stuff featuring guys you wouldn't look at twice and I love it because the action is hot.

      My main disappointment comes when previews, promos and descriptions aren't accurate. That's why I like reading blogs before I buy, because you can have hot guys in hot gear, but if the action sucks, I'm not going to like it. That's what happened with the match my Sunday post is about.

      Gear-wise, I prefer trunks and briefs over anything else. Tight > loose. I get that society is moving to guys being covered (the new Tarzan movie trailer shows him swinging around the jungle in what look to be pants or long shorts), but in gay-oriented wrestling, I expect some skin. However, nude ranks very low for me, so there you go.

      Your long comment earned a long response. :)

  2. Hello. Would you please let me know who ultimately wins this match? That will help me decide if I want to buy it. Thanks.

    1. Sure.

      SPOILER ALERT: cage ultimately wins the match END SPOILER.

    2. Thanks for your reply.