Monday, December 7, 2015

Review: Skotch English vs. Kirby Stone (BGEast)

Well, my first Skotch English review (here) defied my expectations and was very, very popular. He only did one other match for BGEast, so I figured I'd review it as well.

Okay, imagine you have two pro wrestlers. Both are pro-trained, talented and hot in their own way.

One is a cute, eager 19 (and a half) year old with a smooth swimmer's build who's wearing tight pink squarecuts plus white knee pads and pro boots. The other is a beefy stud who's more than twice the first's age. He's got a shaved head, scruffy, rugged good looks and a bad attitude in black pro gear.

Kirby Stone: Pretty in Pink

Skotch English: Bad in Black

How do you think a match would go between them?

Spoiler alert ...

Yeah, that's exactly how Skotch English vs. Kirby Stone goes. It is a wonderfully predictable pro-quality match that hits all the buttons you're looking for when you're looking for a match like this.

Real heels always add a little extra domination

It's like twin heels beating on twin jobbers!

I'm kind of surprised that Skotch English only did two matches for BGEast. I always thought they filmed more than that at one time. Maybe they're sitting on a hard drive waiting to be released. He has great in-ring presence and I think he's hot. Skotch is one of those guys that only BGEast can bring you and I love it.

The ring savvy veteran is decked in much better gear this time, a pair of tight black trunks with a little bit of design, worn-in black pro boots and black pads on his elbows and knees. He always wears a look of confidence and contempt, perfect for his grizzled heel persona.

His opponent, Kirby Stone actually has six matches, four for BGEast and two for New Pro Wrestling (one of which he's called Kolby Stern in the entire write-up), but he's never been on my radar. In most of his matches, it seems from the catalogue descriptions like he's more of a babyface bad boy, which is a cool character. That might've been actually been fun here, but it's definitely not who you see.

Kirby's got a very claw-able stomach

Now after two matches, I can say that Skotch isn't a 100% stomp and squash guy. He's too much of a pro for that. The kid gets his chances and even converts a couple of them, but in the end, this isn't a video that works because of how much it surprises you. It works by how well it delivers on your expectations.

I really enjoyed the action. It is professional and fast-paced. It hits a ton of classic submission holds that you know and love - backbreaker, camel clutch, claw, crab, rack and more. In fact, I had to hold back on screen grabs to avoid giving away the entire match, because every hold is a beauty. It was a tough decision.

Because a standard camel clutch isn't painful enough

The heel is merciless

The kid gets pummeled, pounded and stretched mercilessly for most of the 32-minute video (29 minutes of action). Kirby gets bent around the ringpost, racked on the turnbuckle, hung upside down and generally give a hard lesson in being an aspiring pro wrestler. His turns on top are short, but effective at creating a little more tension.

Bendy rookie boys are the best

Kirby turns the tables

The teen flips the script

I have no down-points for anything in this match. It all works if you're into this kind of contest and these kind of studs. It makes me want to check out more of Stone, but even more, it makes me cross my fingers for another Skotch English match emerging from the vault. I also think he could do any amazing number on today's jobbers.

But in the end, there's no big surprise

Skotch is just too much man for the teen

What say you? This is an older match, so have you seen it? Do you want to? Let me know what you think in the comment box. As always, it's free and easy to do so!


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