Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Mitch Colby vs. Skotch English (BGE)

While there was a lull in newer matches I wanted to watch a few weeks ago, I decided to go back in time and watch an older BGEast match on VOD. Not only is the match older, but the wrestlers are more on the mature side. It's Mitch Colby vs. Skotch English.

Two big men battling

Skotch English is a guy I've been interested in for a long time, but I've never seen him in a BGE match before. I was just never in the mood when I had the time to watch a VOD.

I remember that he had a great YouTube series (which he might still have, but I lost it along the way), where he was training younger guys. It was really about running moves, but it also worked as a complete squash of a rookie by a beefy veteran.

A beefy experienced pro heel ...
... is perfect against a musclehunk like Mitch Colby

So I was excited to finally see him in action in BGE. And Mitch Colby is a great opponent for him. Muscle vs. beef. Good guy vs. heel. Classically handsome vs. ruggedly masculine. And Mitch is not a complete jobber, so I figured it would be back-and-forth, rather than a squash.

This is a classic face/heel matchup, with Mitch in the cocky face role and Skotch as the grizzled heel. As I expected, Mitch is no pushover, holding his own and dominating for at least half the match.

Mitch is strong enough to be a real challenge
Mitch showing off his power
Mitch is sitting pretty
But he looks even better like this ...
... and sweaty, weak, with trunks riding high

The most memorable action includes a bearhug, punching, claws and some dirty tricks. It's fairly hard-hitting and the guys put on a good performance.

Beautiful bearhug
Colby's pecs are just asking to be clawed
Hey, that's not legal!

There is a missed angle here, as Mitch comes out in American gear, while Skotch is Canadian. Unfortunately, it’s only mentioned once during the match and really doesn’t play into things. I think that having Skotch in Canadian gear and playing up the rivalry that way would’ve elevated the match.

Mitch, the American hero

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. Not great, but solid. The action is a little awkward in spots, which I didn’t expect from these two, Skotch’s gear isn’t good, and as I said, they missed the most compelling storyline. Still, it worked for me and for a $10 rental, it was good value for the money.

I have low expectations for the popularity of this review, as I’ve noticed that beefy and/or mature guys tend to get lower views/comments, whether in stories or reviews. Dirty Daddy is the one exception. However, I’d love to read some comments and thoughts on these guys and/or this match.



  1. Always happy to see the mature guys get their props! Nobody can tell me that Mitch Colby is getting any less sexy with time. (Well technically they CAN tell me, but it doesn't mean I have to agree.)

    1. Brook Stetson is another mature wrestler that absolutely 100% does it for me, even though he tends to be pretty dominant (coming from a jobber lover).

    2. As always, I appreciate your comment!

      I'm with you on Mitch. I don't think I've seen any Brook Stetson, but I'll check him out.

      It's sad that right after I wrote this, Thunder's Arena posted that we're seeing less Zman, because "Zman is over 30 and really doesn’t sell like he used too[sic]." They later suggest that the sales are because he wrestles in multiple places, but the fact that they specifically mention his age first says something.

  2. Mitch Colby is looking great! Skotch English is certainly a tough competitor - great action! Need to check this out.

    1. Appreciate you commenting. If you're into these guys, this is definitely worth checking out.

  3. Mitch has always been one of my all-time faves at BGE. Wish he was doing more. Great review! Thanks.

    1. Mitch is great. He's hot, charismatic and skilled, a perfect trifecta of talents. Appreciate you taking the time to comment!