Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inspiration: The Stump Puller

Alex R. suggested that I post about some of the moves I use. Not everyone is familiar with every hold. Now Wrestling Arsenal already has an alphabetical listing of hot galleries that includes a lot of holds, including the Stump Puller. They're a great place to start. I decided to do my own post anyway, just for fun.

Flash LaCash traps Guido Genatto (here)

I started with this hold because I do use it in my stories, but it's not really well known. And it's especially rare nowadays. Even finding examples and images wasn't easy. There are a few at BGEast's Arena, under Holds in a few of the Submissions folders. However, I don't like to use their pics too much as that's paid content. I did use one, but it's from a pro match, not one of theirs.

Bully Busick is one of the few examples on Google

Bully Busick again

Chad Collyer (BGEast Arena)

Doink the Clown used it as his finisher for awhile, but he's not exactly the sexiest dude in my opinion.

Doink vs. a jobber (here)

Doink vs. Lightning Kid (here)

I was introduced to this by a friend of mine who loves it. What's so great is that the victim feels pretty much helpless. It's humiliating, to be crushed under bulge while staring at your own. And to watch it, it gives a great view of bulge, taint and butt.

Zooming in on Guido (vs. Flash LaCash here)

To apply the Stump Puller, your opponent is seated. You step over one shoulder then grab his opposite leg (e.g., if you step over the right shoulder, you grab his left leg). Now just lift the leg and you've got it locked. The victim is trapped, his neck and torso crushed down and his hamstring extended. You need to be somewhat flexible and warmed up, with hamstrings stretched out.

Like any move, you need to be careful and responsible. This can actually be dangerous, but no one needs to get hurt as long as you know what you're doing. Always listen to your opponent and your own body.

Of course there are variations and combos possible, like the two-legged version or ones adapted for safety based on the opponent's ability. Below are three hot ones.

Jerry Gray on Mark Star (starting at 5:04 here)

Gray holds Star for 45-seconds! (starting at 5:04 here)

Not exactly a stump puller, but similar (Lowe vs. Rush here)

Lane Hartley on Brad Barnes (here)
Lane doubled by Maverick and Karn (here)

So that's my story on the stump puller. What do you think? Did you know the hold? Do you like it? Not like it?



  1. A very sexy and under-utilized move! As always, great pics/gifs, especially Guido, as he is not usually in that precarious of a position in his matches

    1. Glad to hear from another fan. That match between Flash and Guido is a really good one if you want to see Guido pushed. I reviewed it a while back in the Guido Genatto X 2 post on 8/30 if you want to see more.

  2. Alex R:

    Thank you man!!! I do my research on some of the moves you mention and they are hard to find sometimes. The spladle is another one. I do take my time to re-read the stories specially in the actual matches because I like to visualize the action. Some of the moves you mention I have had problems finding them. Thanks for following the suggestion I bet I'm not the only one that's appreciative. It does seem like a very uncomfortable and probable injury causing move if not done properly.

    1. You're welcome. It's a good idea and I'm always happy to use (steal) good ideas. ;)

      The spladle is very cool, so I'll make sure to do a post on it.

  3. Well done Alex love your style. Love a good stakes battle

    1. Thanks, Ryan. Appreciate the comment and a fan of stakes matches.

  4. I didn´t know that hold had a name, lol. Is it really dangerous? I always thought it was a more show move.

    And thanks for the tip about Wrestling Arsenal site, I´ll start doing my searches there every time I don´t know a move or hold.

    1. You're welcome for the tip.

      Dangerous is subjective, but there's a guy straddled over your neck, balancing as he pulls your knee to your nose. I've never been hurt, but I do yoga so my hamstrings are limber. ;)

      A lot of guys aren't that flexible. I also think it's not safe on a mattress where it's tough to stand up.

      It's certainly not a piledriver or DDT or some other move that I would never allow a guy to try. I just think you always need to be careful.