Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Bravo vs. Cage (Thunder’s Arena)

This match intrigued me when it first came out, but I ended up waiting a while before buying. I’m not a crazy fan of these two guys, but the combination of these two huge muscle beasts in one match sounded pretty cool. However, it was $50 and I already had a ton of matches on my iPad, so I didn’t feel a huge rush.

Waiting paid off. Thunder’s Arena eventually reduced it to $33, so with a free match add-on (Marco/Fit), I got three matches for $59, which is under $20 each. With the match downloaded and a little free time, I finally got around to watch it.

How was Johnny Bravo vs. Brian Cage?

Great. The match definitely delivered exactly what I expected. The musclemen, the action and the finish were excellent. It’s a unique product. I can't think of anywhere else in our little gay-oriented wrestling video world where you are going to see two guys that are built like this, with these reputations, in a ring together battling it out.

These two massive bodybuilders look good. Brian Cage is in great shape and wearing awesome pro trunks that showcase his mountainous ass. Johnny Bravo is still huge and thick, although his boxer-brief underwear as gear is not my favorite.

Fear the Swole-verine

Bravo is one massive mound of man.

What really attracted me was seeing these two huge beasts together. Neither of these guys is convincingly manhandled very often. In this match, it’s great to see them work each other over and have it be believable and intense.

Bravo does a great job mauling the big pro wrestler. Cage even says in shock, “No one’s ever dominated me like this before!” The bearhug is especially impressive as Bravo holds Cage up for an extended stretch, something probably no other man could manage.

Who else could do this to Brian Cage?

Not a fan of the Steiner Recliner, but it's cool to see Cage in it.

It's like Cage weighs nothing to Bravo.

Yeah, I believe.

On the other side, Cage struggles to handle Bravo’s mass. The bigger stud doesn’t help out the way a trained pro would, so the body slam and fireman’s carry are a little sloppy. Still, most of the action is hard-hitting and executed well.

It is a lot of beef to move.

The action features long stretches of domination in both directions. I was worried it was a squash, because it starts with a long beatdown, but things do get to about 50/50 by the end. It all ends with a logical finish and a clear winner, which always pleases me.

The ending was perfect for me – a sleeper. I enjoyed seeing one of these big men knocked out completely with the winner flexing over his unconscious carcass.

There is some shaky camera work here, a few too close moments, plus the changing look of the footage from one camera to another is a little jarring, as you might be able to see in these GIFs. It's something you can easily live with and I'm glad to see them using multiple cameras, but I assume they're not the same kind.

It's like instant replay from a different angle.

Want to bring down a big man? Take out the legs!

This video is another winner from Thunder’s Arena Ringwars series. They’re three-for-three with one match to view (Dirty Daddy/Tak, so the talent bodes well for that one being good). I really like seeing this kind of consistent quality from them.

So that’s my verdict. What’s yours?


PS. As an aside ... is it just me or is Talon turning into Frey? I know it's not Frey, but I think Talon looks quite different with the beard and some beef on him. I was quite shocked looking at the write up. These are new images of him from Thunders Arena site for the Talon vs. Marco match.

Source: Thunders Arena
Source: Thunders Arena

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