Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Kink-Men Superheroes (Kink.com)

While this blog is primarily about wrestling, there's obviously a clear superhero angle, based on The Cave and Superhero genre stories.  I've mentioned before that it doesn't take much to get me to buy gay superhero stuff. If I can download it, I'll usually try it.

In the wrestling space, I've bought from Can-Am's Hard Heroes, BGEast's Superhero Heels and Muscle Domination Wrestling's Super-Men. In all three cases, I got over them pretty fast. They were very hit-or-miss, skewing to miss.

Outside of wrestling, I've mainly bought from a few Clips4Sale stores and the three videos I'm reviewing today from the Men on Edge brand of Kink.com, who also produce Naked Kombat. I found these thanks to images on Tumblr and was immediately intrigued. (Note: I made all the GIF's and JPG's below, they're not from Tumblr.)

The videos are (in order of my preference): The Orgazmatron, KinkMan and The Moral Keeper.

All three videos work off the same structure - hero gets trapped by the evil Edge Master, bound, ruthlessly edged to break him down then milked and enslaved. Each video includes interviews before and/or after with the model where he talks about his experience. The differences between them are the models and the specific action.

The Orgazmatron. Connor Maguire as Kink Killer. 45 minutes (not including the interview). This is the first one I watched and my favorite. Watching this first obviously influenced my opinion. It was fresh and new. However, I also like it best for a couple of other reasons. Connor Maguire was my favorite hero. He is sexy, but also very appropriate as a superhero with a regular guy-next-door secret identity.

The hero acts heroically and holds onto being a good guy until the end. I liked that there is a demonstration of superpowers. Again, it helps me believe the hero is a hero.

From a technical standpoint, Kink Killer stays in costume the longest, 25 of the 45 minutes, plus the first 10 minutes where he's clothed in his secret identity. So that's 35 minutes where he's visually in character. One of my pet peeves is when videos strip the hero immediately. The costume is a reminder that he is a hero and not just some guy.

This video features the simplest bondage scenarios. Other than three minutes where he is bent over and rimmed, Kink Killer is kept standing and bound spread-eagle as he is tortured. It worked for me.

GIF: A hero reveals himself and his plan

GIF: The villains have a plan, too

GIF: Play time for the Edgemaster and his henchman No Mercy

GIF: The hero exposed, but still a hero

GIF: The Orgazmatron in action

KinkMan. Rob Blu as K-Man. 51 minutes (not including interviews). This is the first one they made and second one I watched. Blu is hot, but he felt more porn guy than superhero. He also only spends 19 of the 51 minutes in costume.

This video has more complex bondage, with three different positions. After being captured, KinkMan starts out standing, bound spread-eagle in metal restraints. He then is stripped completely, standing on one leg, roped up tight. And the final scene has him on a light table where he's chained down with metal restraints, plugged with some electro-play.

JPG: K-Man captured

JPG: Bound on one-leg

JPG: Strapped down and powerless

The Moral Keeper. Will Parks as Moral Keeper. 51 minutes (not including interviews). This one was more of the same, but I was least interested in the model here and he's out of his costume fast - just 16 minutes in his secret identity and costume combined. Now he is put into a black leather bondage outfit for 8 more minutes, but it wasn't the same for me.

The bondage here is the most intricate with four different scenarios. In addition to the standard standing spread-eagle in costume then in his bondage outfit, Moral Keeper is suspended from the ceiling then impaled on a dildo while being milked.

JPG: Moral Keeper awaits his fate

JPG: Wrapped into bondage gear

JPG: Now that's a helpless hero

JPG: The end of the Moral Keeper

Overall, these were fun superhero videos, focused on using edging to humiliate and break the proud, but helpless hunks. The sets are intricate and the heroes and villain stay in character. You probably don't need all three, but that's up to you. I'd recommend choosing based on which is your favorite model and your preferred level/type of bondage.

So that's a little bit of non-wrestling superhero stuff. What do you think?



  1. I had no idea that Kink was doing superhero stuff now. Your gifs and stills are excellent as always!

    The first and third scenarios are probably the most interesting to me, with the first looking personally the best. That... Orgazamatron looks amazing in motion, and the hero's expression is spot-on for the diabolical deed!

    Very nice. :) Will have to check these out sometime. Thanks, man!

    1. Thanks, glad you like the images and review. :)

      Kink actually did these a few years ago, but they've just been appearing on Tumblr lately. I don't know why I never learned of them before.

  2. I really enjoy the kink.com videos these 3 definitely were some of my favorites, glad you enjoy them as well, not that it surprises me.

    1. Nice to hear from someone else who liked them. They're definitely right up my alley. I'm glad they delivered on my expectations.

  3. Like Lucky Stallion said, I had no idea that there was this kind of movie in Kink.com. I used to check weekly for Bound Gods and Naked Kombat, but never was truly interested in Men on Edge.

    Now I want to see those movies, specially number 3. There is something in a superhero becoming vulnerable and powerless to stop his tormentors that turns me on.

    That pec punching on "The Moral Keeper" trailer was enough to make me want to buy the video. But it´s just one scene, I´m not sure.

    Funny thing is, while you thought the model was the least interesting of the 3, I thought he was the hottest, lol.

    1. I don't remember a ton of pec punching, just a little to "soften up" the hero for chest abuse. The red ropes are positioned such that his pecs are squeezed out, so I remember them getting rubbed and his nipples played with.

      As for your favorite, that's why I tried to explain all three. It really is personal preference based on the model and scenario.

  4. Alex R:

    I prefer the first one since I agree that the hero should be left in his uniform as long as possible since it maintains the character longer. Maybe if they left something on as a reminder. But to many of these videos jump right into the bdsm and cut out the superhero element too quickly. That Orgazmatron definitely looks like a hero milker lol.

    1. Yeah, in the post-video interview, Connor talks about how cool it was to have the Orgazmatron used on him.