Friday, January 1, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S104

"So there I was, just 20-years old and I'm getting offered a spot in the WWL developmental league! Can you believe it? Of course, I turned it down. I just didn't feel ready for it."

I'm like, "Really?"

"Oh yeah. I don't want any special treatment, just because of my last name. My grandad always said, 'you gotta earn your way in pro wrestling, Little Jack'. That's what everyone still calls me. I'm 6'5"/230-lbs, but I'll always be Little Jack at home. Because, you know, he's Big Jack. Big Jack Justice. AWL Hall of Famer. Yep, it's kinda hard, being a Justice. Everyone still knows and respects my grandad, my dad and my uncle Jake. It's like I've got three huge shadows to get out from under."

"Little Jack"

I nod, "Sure."

Jack smiles at me, "You know, Champ, that's why I feel so proud to be in ROW. Because it's based on my ability. I've been working the indie circuit for the past two years, making my own way."

I tell him, "Good for you."

Meanwhile I'm really thinking, 'fuck off, you little piece of crap'. This kid makes me wanna puke. He thinks he's so fucking perfect. 22 and already in ROW, just one step below the big guys. Thick long hair. Baby blue eyes. Just a typical boy next door. He started life on third base and acts like he got a triple. Shit, just listen to how he's dropping the family name and talking about doing shit on his own. Fucking spoiled brat. Listening to him fucking makes me sick.

I'm Champ, the star of the Ring of Wrestling pro wrestling federation. I hold the heavyweight title, my third time with the belt. I feel like I'm so close to making the next step, which is the WWL or AWL, the biggest federations in the world. At 32-years old, time is running out for me. Meanwhile, this kid is turning down my dream, because he wants to do it the right way. The right way is anyway you can get it. I feel like punching him out right now.

Champ (me)

I have to listen to 10 more minutes of this crap. The kid's cute, though, which is the only thing that makes it bearable. He's playing with his hair, flirting without really flirting, you know? Just being young and cute and stupid. Every so often, he rubs his bare chest and stomach. Fuck, they're so smooth and tanned. Then, he'll idly adjust his meat in his little shorts. Tease.

Yeah, Jack's the kinda guy you just wanna beat on then fuck his sweet ass as hard as you can. I'm 6'2"/235-lbs, so shorter but more muscular than this beanpole. He's young, he'll fill out, but for now, he's got a body that's built for being twisted up like a pretzel.

I gotta get him in the ring for a stakes match. Like now. I jerked off to his grandad, dad and uncle plenty of times growing up. Doing this punk would be extra hot.

Jack's finally done asking me shit. He says, "Well, thanks for sitting with me and answering all my questions. I just really want to learn, you know?"

Perfect opening. I tell him, "Best way to learn is in the ring. Some say the only way to learn is in the ring."

Jack nods with a serious look on his face, "Yes, sir. Absolutely right."

"Then why the fuck have we been sitting on our asses for the past half-hour?"


"I'm just saying. You want to learn from me? Challenge me to a match. Get me in the ring. I'll teach you how things really work."

The brat actually smiles. He jumps at the chance, "You mean it? Yes! I didn't ask, because, well, you're Champ! The star of ROW! I didn't think you'd want to spar with a rookie. I'd be honored to get in the ring with you."

I smile back, "Fuck sparring. I'm talking wrestling. For real. A no-holds barred, go as hard as you can and test yourself type match. You can show me what you got, Stretch."

The kid gets serious. He nods, "Yes, sir. I understand."

I grab his shoulder. So smooth. This kid is ripe for the picking and I gotta have him. I tell him, "Good. You got five minutes to get in the ring."

"I'll be there in four, sir. Full gear?"

"What else?"

Jack gives me two cheesy thumbs up before he runs to get changed. I check out his heaving ass, which is eating his athletic shorts, giving me a full view of the goods. That boy's going to get a lesson. A real good lesson.

The Deal

The kid runs into the ring. He's wearing beautiful jobber gear. Shiny light blue satin trunks with white boots and knee pads. He's got JUSTICE sewn on the white waistband (but he's not using the family name). Yeah, right. They're bulging nicely. He's got a USA flag star on the front that just draws your eye right there.

His prettyboy jobber looks contrasts nicely against my all black gear - trunks, pads and boots. I'm oiled up and shining under the spotlights in the black ring arena. I bet I look fucking intimidating. I always do.

Jack looks around. There are three other guys milling around, setting up chairs. They're my boys, but he doesn't need to know that. When I told them what's up, they wanted to watch, maybe even take a crack at the kid for themselves. I figure he'll make a sweet little butt boy for the group, help us pass some long nights on the road.

We both check things out, testing the ropes, warming up. His hair flows as he jumps and flips. As he's stretching on his back, the kid rolls his feet up, bringing his knees to his ears. Damn, that ass. The kid's got no idea, but he's acting like such a fucking cock-tease.

I walk over then help him to his feet. I say, "What's the bet, kid?"

Jack bats his eyes. "Bet, sir?"

"Gotta make it interesting."

"Oh. I don't have much money."

I smile, "Not money, kid. Ever wrestle for stakes?" I adjust my bulge, letting him know what I mean.

The kid gulps, "You don't mean ..." He looks at my bulge then rubs his ass. He acts like he's adjusting his trunks, real casual. I smile and nod. He looks around, "Here? There are guys hanging around."

I smile, "They're cool." Jack's not sure, so I walk to the ring ropes, "Hey guys, Jack here wants to wrestle me for stakes. You guys mind?" My buddies act casual, telling us to go for it.

Little Jack starts stammering, "Wait a minute, sir! You brought up stakes, not me. I thought this was just fun."

"It will be fun. You wanted to learn in the ring. Consider this a lesson." When Jack hesitates, my boys rag on him, calling him out for backing out on his challenge. He tries explaining he never made a challenge, but they don't give a shit. They end up pressuring the kid into accepting what I'm offering. I can tell he's wondering what the hell he's gotten himself into. Too late to change his mind now. I figured the peer pressure would get him going. It usually does.

Time to get me some Justice.

The Match

We circle the ring. I'm debating how hard to go right away. I think I've got the punk right where I want him, but if I go too hard, I might scare him into backing out or something.

As I watch him, he's adjusting his trunks. Fuck, if he keeps adjusting that cock, moving it around like that, I'm gonna just break him in half right now. Aw shit, now he's nervously playing with the back leg openings. What a sweet ass he's got. I bet it's as smooth as the rest of him. If he only knew what he was doing to me. Damn!

We move in and lock up. I power him into the corner then lift my knee into his gut. OOF! He bends over, so I elbow the back of his head. He drops to a knee, so I grab his trunks. I lift hard and fast, wedging them up his ass. Sweet. So perfect and fat. I force him to his feet then push him into the corner front first.

I get distracted by his fine ass. Look at it jiggling. When I move in, the punk spins around. He moves out for a shoulder block. THUD! We collide, but I hold my ground. He falls backwards into the corner. He comes at me again, but this time, I lift my boot into his stomach. He bends over and I grab him around the waist. I lift, flip and plant him down hard. SLAM!

I give him a couple of ab shots then back off. I admire his smooth tanned body as he scrambles to his feet. Damn that ass. Keep it together, Champ. Punish him, but don't break him too fast. String him along.

Jack dives at me for a tackle, but I'm ready. I kick him in the gut, lock on a front facelock then grab the side of his wedged trunks. I lift and suplex him over fast. WHAM! I roll over and schoolboy pin him, holding his shoulders down with my shins. The punk is pretty bad at this, but I don't give a shit. I can stretch it out.

"Learning anything yet, Little Jack?"

The kid says, "Oh yeah, I'm learning a lot."

Before I can say anything, Jack bucks up and throws me off. The rookie rolls to a crouch and we rise together. We circle again. I'm a little surprised that he's not adjusting his trunks act into place. Not that I mind. I love that tanned bubble butt hanging out. Like a free preview of what I'll be winning.

We lock up. I put him in a side headlock, crushing and controlling him. He hammers my back, but the blows are weak. I hip toss him to the mat then drag him up by his long hair. I lift him then drop him over my extended leg with a gut buster. OOF! He hangs there, letting me savor his ass. I cop a feel then caress and knead it.

Yeah, fuck playing with him. I can't wait any longer. I need to finish his sorry ass and fuck him. He's so submissive. He's gonna be an even better bottom boy than I thought.

I push him off then grab his feet. I put him in my finisher - the sharpshooter. He's moaning good and loud. It's fucking hot, like a pleasurable moan. Fuck, if that's what he feels like when he's in pain, I can't wait to hear him when he's getting his brains fucked out.

"You giving, boy?"

Jack asks, "What?"

"You giving?"

"What? No, let's keep going!"

I'm a little surprised, "Kid, give it up or you're gonna get hurt. Don't be stupid."

Jack says, "Are you serious? UNH! Wait, is this your finisher? UNH! A few minutes and you've run out of moves?"

What the fuck? It's like we're just talking. I crank back and he moans again. Still not giving. I don't want to cripple his ass, but he's not leaving me much choice. I go back a little more, but he twists his body as he presses his shoulders up. When he kicks with his legs, I get toppled to the side, losing the hold. Fuck, this punk broke the hold! Now, he's gonna pay.

I move in fast, dragging him up. The punk fires his fist up between my legs, pounding my balls. ARGH! I see stars and stumble back. I'm stunned and in blinding pain as he rises. I threaten his punk ass as I manage to stand up. Jack is laughing. I charge at him with a clothesline. He grabs my wrist and bicep, using an arm drag takedown to drop me onto my back. WHAM!

Jack spins on his ass and locks my arm in a killer lock, bending my hand and fingers while hyperextending my elbow. Fuck! He has me crying out in pain then he opens his legs and kicks me in the head with his boot. CRACK! I'm stunned, giving him time to move around. I feel my legs going up. When I look up, I see him smiling, his boot over my bulge.

"Kid, don't even - ARGH!"

The boot comes down hard, crushing my junk. SQUISH! I scream as he lets my legs drop. I curl up into a ball, swearing my ass off at him. I'm gonna kill this motherfucker! I feel him wrench my trunks up my ass, just like I did to him. My balls are crushed and I squeal like a bitch. He spanks my ass, saying, "Shit, that's nice."

"You ain't gonna - URK!"

Jack shuts me up by grabbing me around the throat. The long-haired brat drags me up to my feet by the chokehold. We look eye-to-eye as he fucking strangles me. I beat on him, but he just tightens his grip.

The punk says, "Your ass is mine!"

Reversal of Fortune

I start to threaten him, but he just tightens the choke and I can't talk. Fuck, his hands are strong. I'm too busy trying to breathe to counter. He throws me back into the corner. CLANG. I start coughing, but he follows in with a stiff clothesline. WHACK! I can't catch my breath as he hammers me across the head with a series of forearms, keeping me off-balance. Damn, I just need a second. Too bad I'm not getting one.

Jack grabs around my head then runs out, dragging me with him. He leaps and we both go down, as he bulldogs my head into the mat. CRACK! I almost go out as the ROW rookie pushes me onto my back. He slaps my face, mocking me. I hear him calling me pathetic. He lifts the front of my trunks and reaches in, feeling my cock. He squeezes then twists it until I'm wide awake and screaming. ARGH!

The punk drags me up then scoop slams me back down. WHAM! He stomps the shit outta my body, daring me to fight back. I try to rise, but I get kicked back down fast. I'm getting laughed at and humiliated here. I summon all I got to burst up and dive at him. I get him down, mounting him. I go to pound his torso, but before I can do shit, he fires out his hands and locks his big mitts on my pecs.

Instinctively, I reach for his wrists to pry to hands off. He bucks up and rolls us over so I'm on my back. He leans into the pec claw, breaking my beefy chest down. Son of a bitch! Jack knows what he's doing. He's positioned his knee on my bulge, so I'm writhing under him. With my manhood and pecs being torn up, plus all the head shots I've taken, I can't focus for shit.

Jack rolls back, dragging me up by my pecs. I feel like they're gonna tear off if I don't follow. The punk lets go then grabs behind my head. He drags me down, rolling me over. When we stop, I'm locked up in a spladle, my legs spread wide open. With a dirty punk like this, I know this won't be good. I fight to get free, but the lean stud has me trapped.

"Yeah, fight me! C'mon, big man! Champ? Fuck, you're fucking pathetic. I'm double-jointed and super flexible. Like a fucking sharpshooter could ever get me to submit?"

"Fuck you! I got lots more ... I'm gonna break you!"

Jack laughs then punches me right in the balls. SQUISH! He lets me outta the spladle then puts me in a single leg crab. When the punk adds a ball claw, I'm whimpering and pounding the mat. I can't take much more ball abuse. They're already acting. Fuck, this little puke might do some real damage. I need my balls!

I scream, "Fuck! Leave my balls alone, you cheap motherfucker! AH, AH, AH! STOPPPP!"

I hear the rookie laugh, "Yeah, scream for me, bitch. You made the rules, I'm just better at using them than you are!"

Jack lets go then drags me up. He flips me over with three suplexes, each one worse than the last. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! I can't believe he's this fucking strong. My back is seizing up when he drags me up again. He destroys me with three scoop slams, practically driving me through the mat with the third one. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

I try to roll away. To crawl to safety. My boys, they'll help me. They've seen what a cheating dirtbag he is. I don't even make it to the ropes before he's got my ankle. My leg goes up and I'm dragged back to the middle of the ring. My leg does down then I look up and see the long-haired prettyboy falling forward. I'd love to move my knee and watch him smack face first into it, but I can't. I'm too slow.

Jack headbutts my balls and I convulse, flip-flopping on the canvas as he kneels laughs and insults me. I'm on my stomach, hands under my package, trying to massage it. I feel his shin press on the back of my neck, driving my face into the mat. I can tell he's flexing over me and I hear him talking trash about me to my boys. Punk.

I try to move but the next thing I feel is his thumb driving into my crack, pushing the wedged spandex into my hole. I grunt, but his weight keeps me down. He thumb-fucks me, telling me he's just checking out the merchandise. The spoiled brat warns me that he has a long, long cock, so I better be ready.

Jack says, "See, I get it now. You got too horned up. Instead of taking you time, you tried to rush into the fuck. Yeah, big mistake. I'd have played the jobber for you longer, but you shot your wad too early. You just couldn't control yourself. Unfortunately for you, I'm in no rush."

Fuck, my neck is killing me from having his weight on it. And he's got his whole thumb inside me now. I can tell he's not even trying to beat me at this point. He's just humiliating me, making sure me and my boys know who's boss.

I manage to throw him off. I crawl on my hands and knees, but I feel him grab me around the waist. I get dragged up fast into a reverse bearhug then a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! I collapse on the mat. I go completely limp, arms and legs spread open. I try to will myself to move, but he's on me.

"Wake up, bitch! It's not time to quit, yet!"

I get rolled onto my stomach. Next thing I feel is Jack crashing down on top of me, splashing onto my back. SPLASH! He musta come from the ropes, because I feel like a truck just landed on me. I moan under him, unable to move a muscle. He's wrecked me. My back. My balls. My pride. All done.

I feel him shift until he's lying on top of me. He grinds his big bulge against my ass. Oh hell, I'm in deep shit now. He makes fun of me, laughing at me, telling me what a hot little bottom boy I'm gonna be.

Once he's done humping my ass, Jack sits on my back. I just lie there, exhausted and my body is wracked with pain. When he grabs my arms and pulls me up into a camel clutch, I can't do shit. He locks it in good and tight, trapping me. My back is screaming, but what else is new. I've never been in this much pain before in my whole fucking life.

Jack's laughing at me, "What a fucking loser you turned out to be. You're the king around here? I don't buy it. Who's the real boss?"

I blurt out, "ME! I am."

"Don't lie to me, bitch! Bad enough you wasted my time wrestling you!" I protest that I'm not lying, I am the top dog, but the rookie won't believe me. He asks my guys and they confirm it. He says, "Fuck, and I thought this place was big time. What a fucking joke."

In a pained cry, I ask, "Oh shit, what the fuck? What the fuck is going on?"

The Plan

The punk says, "Want to hear some advice my granddad gave me? He said, 'When you get somewhere new, Little Jack, guys are gonna mess with you. Just because you're young and a legacy. They're gonna think you're not deserving. That you had everything handed to you. So first thing you do, get in the ring with the king of the mountain. Fight him hard and, win or lose, they'll respect you.' Yeah, that's what he said."

I try to hold on, but my back's fucking killing me. This is the stiffest camel clutch I've ever been put in. He puts this little bounce into it, pressing his bare ass down onto my bare ass then springing up like I'm a fucking inflatable castle. It's fucking brutal.

Jack keeps talking, "Of course my uncle Jake, his advice was a little different. He said, 'Listen to your granddad, sure, but here's my advice. Yeah, fight the king of the mountain, but don't just do that. You really want respect? FUCK the king of the mountain, boy. Find out who's into that kind of action. Stakes is the name of the game. Take him down. Make him your bitch. No one will mess with you after you do that.' I love my granddad, but I think my uncle gave the better advice, don't you?"

I'm moaning, "Oh fuck, my back."

The kid smacks the back of my head then pulls back harder on my chin. He says, "You listening? Anyway, for a minute, I was worried you weren't the right guy. I mean, it took you long enough to work me into the ring. But I saw that look in your eye. That twitch in your trunks. Every time I rubbed my body or touched myself. And I knew you wanted me. I knew once I stretched out, you'd want to tap my ass so bad, you'd do anything to make it happen. All I had to do was reel you in."

"You little fucker! You played me?"

Jack cranks on the camel, "Shut up, bitch! I was worried you weren't the guy when you turned out to be so pathetic in the ring. You got no game. I mean that finisher? What the fuck was that? But I guess you WERE the man."

I just soak it in, trying to focus. C'mon Champ, turn this around. Turn it around.

Jack is still talking. He says, "I gotta say, Champ, you'll be the hottest guy I've screwed yet. You're the biggest fucking disappointment in the ring, but you're gonna make up for it with this insane ass of yours. Damn I want it so bad."

Finishing the Job

I fight to get outta the camel, but he's got it locked in perfectly. Of course he does. Fuck, he's been trained by three of the best wrestlers ever. His legs are so long that they're bent up and my arms are wedged in tight.

Jack asks me, "Okay, let's get to the good stuff. You finally wanna give or you want me to put you out?"

I spit out, "Fuck you, you little motherfucking punk! ARGH!"

The kid laughs, "Okay, I'll do both."

"Fu - ARGH!" Jack really cranks back. I'm staring at the ceiling. My back spasms and I'm seeing stars. "GIVE! GIVE! OH FUCK, I GIVE!" Jack lets up then leans forward. I enjoy a moment of peace, the pressure easing. But I'm pissed at myself for giving. I fucked up huge with this kid. Yeah, he played me, but I still shoulda been able to handle him. Now, he's got my ass. I look out and I can tell I've lost some of the respect of my boys.

The punk flexes his puny bicep in my face, "You're done. I'm the new king. You're nothing." He wraps it around my head and locks on a sleeper. I start begging him not to do it. He tells me to admit he's the king and he won't put me out. I do it, calling him the new king. Stupid. Why am I doing what this punk wants? Of course he laughs then squeezes anyway. I see my buddies shaking their head, disappointed in me for not only being a loser, but now I'm an idiot.

A few seconds later, it doesn't matter, because everything goes black.

The New Deal

The kid wakes me up by dumping water on my face. I choke on some, coughing and spitting it out. I roll onto my side. It takes me a minute to get my bearings. I'm naked, except for my boots. Not surprised. The kid stripped me while I was out. I look up and see he's got my black trunks tucked into his white waistband.

I just nod, "Good job, kid. You got me. Played me perfectly, got me to let my guard down. Let's get this over with. Just do whatever the fuck you're gonna do with me."

Jack squats down over me, resting his ass on my hip. He says, "So I have your permission, do I?"

"Yeah, sure. You -"

I don't get another word out before he grabs my head and slams it into the canvas. WHACK! I nearly go out again. I'm flipped, twisted and dragged up into a single leg crab that has my back screaming again. Son of a bitch! He reaches down with his free hand and starts moving my junk around. Nothing bad, just a warning. A real clear warning.

With me trapped, the kid says, "Let's get a few things straight, jobber. That's right, you're a fucking jobber. I call the shots now. You don't tell me to do shit. I own your motherfucking ass. You call ME 'sir', you got that?"

The pain sucks, but I'm more worried about him messing with my balls again, so I say, "Yeah, yeah! I got it. Sir!"

"Good boy. Now, while you were sleeping, MY new boys told me you figured I'd be the butt boy for your little group. Guess that didn't quite work out, did it? You're MY bitch for as long as I'm here, you got that?"

I got no choice but to go along, "Yeah, I got it." Pause. "Sir."

"Your ass is mine. Any time, day or night. I text you, you come running. You get on your back, lift your legs and present your ass to me. Got it?"

Aw fuck. I got no choice but to answer, "Yes, sir!"

Jack drops my leg. I squirm on the mat, between his legs. I can't even hide the pain. My back and balls are fucking killing me. The cocky rookie tells my boys, "Will you just look at this fucking jobber? Crawling at my feet. Pathetic. And you guys followed him? Yeah, let's see how much you want to follow him after this."

The punk kicks me onto my back. He leans down to stuff my trunks in my mouth, telling me I'll need them. When he stands up, he peels his trunks down. He's got a long, thin cock with an upward curve in it.

Jack hoists my legs up onto his shoulders. He doesn't bother with any lube or protection, just rams his cock up my ass. I've been fucked, but I'm not a bottom. I scream into the makeshift gag as he tears my ass open. I almost black out from the pain. When he starts pumping, I feel myself being split in two by his power tool. Damn, he's a vicious bastard.

I've never pounded anyone like he's pounding me. I whimper and instinctively fight to get away, but he's got me held tight. He doesn't mind, laughing at me again. He's getting off on my struggling. Jack is a sadist and I'm his victim. Fuck. I try to relax, but it's not easy. Eventually, I'm just numb to it all. I lose track of time as he rams his cock in all the way.

Finally, the lean stud pulls out. He moves over me and pulls my trunks out of my mouth. He finishes himself off by spraying a huge load all over my face. The kid brags about he's been saving up for me. It goes in my mouth, eye, hair, even up my nose. By the time he's finished, I'm covered. I'm smelling, tasting and seeing his spunk. It's all a fucking show. I'm owned by this little puke. He shoves the gag back in then stands up.

I get dragged up and forced into the ropes. He binds my arms, slapping my face with his still-hard cock. He's playing with my junk with his boot. Yeah, the brat is making a really big show of it. It's kinda for me, but mainly for the guys at ringside. He's letting them know how bad it can get. Most of them aren't going any higher, so they'll go along and ride it out, knowing Jack will be moving on soon enough.

The cocky rookie grabs my cheeks, "In one month, I'm taking your fucking belt. Bank on it. And you're gonna help me make it happen. Got it?" I nod, my trunks gagging me. "Yeah, that's my good boy. Then I'll finally get where I should be. All that crap I told you? Yeah, I never turned down shit. I'm not a fucking moron. My grandad blocked me from the big leagues until I earned it. Well, once I'm the fucking heavyweight champion of Ring of Wrestling, he'll have to admit I'm ready."

Jack leaves me tied up in the ropes. He rubs my head as he turns to my ex-boys, "Any of you want to try me?" They shake their heads. He nods, "Smart. Don't even think about helping him out of these ropes. My new bitch has got to learn how to handle things on his own, you know. Now I got another load building. Which of you bitches wants it?"

Jack struts out of the ring without waiting for an answer. My guys look at each other then at me then at Jack's bare ass as he leaves, carrying his trunks. All three of them follow him without even a word. Traitors. I free myself pretty easily then pull my trunks outta my mouth. I use them to wipe my face then relax for a minute, letting this all sink in.

Shit, did I ever get fucking worked.

I finally start moving. I know I gotta lay low for awhile, figure out what's next. I'm fucking humiliated. I feel like an idiot. The next few months are gonna be miserable. I'm in no rush to go to the locker room and see any of the guys, especially Jack. So instead of heading back there, I get my naked ass moving and start cleaning up the fucking ring like a jobber bitch. Fuck.

The End


  1. cigamc:

    Happy New Year Best wishes to u , thanks for another amazing match

    1. You're welcome! And happy new year to you, too.

  2. What an amazing and unexpected story! I was so sure that the Champ would clean the mat with Jack's body!

    I didn't like Jack at first. I thought he was just idealist and naive jobber with a so so to good body.

    But as the story went on, he really grew on me to a point I hope to see him again someday!

    Best way to start this new year! Once again, thanks for the story and have an astonishing 2016, Alex!

    1. Sorry about that. I was testing the pic profile and wrote anything just to see if it showed up. Tried to delete, but apparently only the text itself is erased, not the whole post.

    2. Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, I was hoping it would be a bit of a surprise, so I'm glad that worked. It felt like it was time for a bit of a twist in the format.

      It's a very nice profile pic. :) I can delete comments completely, so I deleted the one you wanted erased. Do you want this second one gone, too?

    3. It got me completely off guard! It was a really hot twist.

      And it's okay to leave this second comment. As I'll stilk test some other photos as profile pics, lol.

  3. Alex R:

    Ill have to admit. When I read it, I could not believe it. Its champ after all. But what a delicious story. I love the change in the attitude coming from Champ as the match progressed. You can feel how he goes from super cocky to pure humiliation. You feel the process he goes through. Excellent writing. But iit was a fun read. And having Chamo clean the ring? Priceless hahaha.
    Happy New Years Miller!!

    1. Happy new year to you, too. Appreciate the comments!

  4. Awesome story! great new years read!! Love that big cocky muscle stud get jobbered and fucked - shudda been a longer and slower fuck ppin!

    1. Thanks for the comment! You can always use your imagination or read slower ... :)