Thursday, February 18, 2016

Inspiration: Spladle

As I looked to continue my idea to post examples of the moves I use in my stories, I realize I need a new strategy, because I'm spending a ton of time searching for the moves. That's one of the problems with having hundreds of videos on my hard drive. It's not your problem, it's mine, but if anyone has a suggestion to improve my efficiency, I'm open to it.

Anyway, Alex R. specifically mentioned wanting more on the spladle. Sounds good to me.

I love the spladle. Basically, it's a split leg cradle where you roll up your opponent and spread his legs. It's a pin, but also has options for submission. Just think about the pressure on your neck and groin in the hold. As you will see, there are many variations, but to me, a great spladle leaves one of the attacker's hands free to go roaming.

The first image below (Jake Lowe on Damien Rush from BGEast) is the one I most often try to describe in my stories. Rush is rolled up, legs spread wide, head on abs, his big bulge hanging over his face. Lowe has total control and a free hand that can grab pouch, ass and generally torment Rush. It's simply perfection.

Jake Lowe keeps one hand free vs. Damien Rush (here)

This hold isn't 'common', but it's not nearly as rare as the Stump Puller. A lot of different folks use the spladle, as you can see here. I was able to find examples from BGEast, Jonny Firestorm, Rock Hard Wrestling and Thunders.

Jersey spreads Viggo out (here)

Carter Alexander rolls up Jake Jenkins for another version (here)

Like I said, from a wrestling perspective, it can be awesome combination of pin, groin stretch and neck strain. If the applier really cranks, he could get a submission unless you're super-flexible. More importantly, from a homo-erotic wrestling perspective, it open the victim up to all sorts of fun. It can be humiliating (in a good way) to be so helpless, open and vulnerable.

Austin Cooper feels the pain vs. Jonny Firestorm (here)

Christian Taylor opens Jake Jenkins wide (here)

When you google 'spladle', you get a great selection of greco-roman wrestling images, with guys in singlets spread wide. There are videos on applying it and discussions on it as an amateur move. Of course they never take it where I take it. I mean, just look at the move. It's literally perfect for extra-curricular activities.

Needs more spread, but I like the added abuse (here)

Jonny Firestorm grabs hold of Tim Messina (here)

You'll see spladles can be done front or back. As I said, I prefer the front version with the victim's head resting on his opponent's abs. In this position, I feel like the victim is more vulnerable for some fun domination.

Jake Lowe does it to Damien Rush again (here)

Jake Jenkins (yes, again) spread wide by Nick Collins (here)

Make sure to warm up beforehand and know your limits before trying this at home. If you ever do find your opponent going for a spladle, I say let him if he's the type to be more interested in playing with you than pinning or submitting you.

Story of a Jobber did a post on the spladle if you want to see more.


PS. When searching for spladles, I found a new Stump Puller image. i added it to that post, but I realized not everyone will go back to it, so here it is ... a nice double team on Lane Hartley from CameronWrestler.

Stump Puller post here


  1. Alex R:

    Oh how I love thee! HAHA This was such a fun post. Now I can really envision the intended spladle you describe on your stories. I had done my research but had never seen anything like this images, specially 1 and 8. 6 also tells you that punching the groin is easy (if it were a heel). Not too mention like you say...extra curricular activities lol.

    A suggestion I have is this for organization. First thing first. Organizing can be a bitch. Because there can be so many ways. You can get upset and say...the hell with this haha. But here are some ideas. Probably some people have better. You can have them organized by company. Each one in a separate folder. Thats first.
    Then you can have spreadsheets for different things. One spreadsheet can be about moves.
    A tab has the name of the move. Then on the spreadsheet you could make it as simple as the name of the video,company,and the TIME in the video in which it happens. Also you might put wrestler names. As simple or as complicated as you want.
    YOu can create a spreadsheet for wrestlers. And other topics.
    I suggest you start like this.
    Lets say you watch a wrestling video today. You can keep track on a notebook or wherever things that you like. Also the names of the wrestlers. Once you finish take 5 minutes to input the information on the spreadsheet. Hope it helps a little

    1. Glad it helps. 1 and 8 are from the same hot match, so it's a good one (they start outside then move to the private mat room where the trunks come off).

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Beautiful holds :) Oh! If you want a good match to watch, can I suggest BG-Easts. Mat Rookies 1 Eli Black vs. Jake Jenkins. Whilst its not a sex match it is an amazingly good wrestling match with two very skilled and achingly sexy athletes, and their singlets don't stay on long either ;p

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post.

      I appreciate the recommendation. I have that match. Jake is fantastic as always, but honestly, it turned me off Eli Black. I found him to be irritating and whiny in it. After viewing, I actually sent Bard an email, because I knew he was an Eli Black fan, to see if that is typical of him.

      I know he's got a lot of fans, so I feel like I can say that I don't find him physically attractive, so having a whiny personality just made it horrible.

      Black did redeem himself to me versus Marcus Ares, which I enjoyed a lot, but he's still not a guy I follow unless he's against someone I really, really like.

    2. OHHH thems be fightin' words there. I'm not a HUGE Eli fan but he is certainly sexy and his match with Jake at BGeast is one of my favorite matches of all time. You can just smell the man sweat and vanity in that stuffy room as those two buff twinks battle it out.

      It's matches like those that keep my interest in this fetish alive and well. Also, Eli's match-up against Jake at RHW, Austin Cooper at BGeast and the one at RHW, and his match-up against Morgan Cruise at BGeast are all essential viewing (multiple times!) to me.

      P.S. I love Eli's complaining in his fight w/Jake. I also love Jake's moans (he makes the best noises whether he is winning or losing). It all adds to the storyline I make up in my head that this is a fight b/w two college freshman/high school senior pretty boys who decided one day to see, once and for all, who could beat who. Just thinking about that match is getting me all hot and bothered!

    3. LOL. I knew Eli had a lot of fans, so I was treading in dangerous waters by sharing my opinion. ;)

      I 100% agree that Jake's moaning is the best. I would show Jake Jenkins to any new talent to show them how to vocalize. Just one of Jake's whimpers or cries is all I need.