Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: #340 Diesel vs. Deep (UCW)

This is one of two matches from UCW that I bought based on recommendations from my review of Nick Diesel vs. Axel in a rope match back in November. I enjoyed that match quite a bit, especially the new-to-me Diesel. However, a couple of readers suggested Diesel matches they liked better, so I took them up on their suggestions and bought both.

I managed to watch Nick Diesel vs. Johnny Deep back at the end of November, but I run so far ahead with my content that this was the first place I could put the review. I gave it my 2015 Cavey Award for Best Gimmick Match, so you can probably guess that this will be a positive post.

Award-winning action from UCW

Yes, I did really like this match.

Now, Diesel vs. Deep is not for everyone. From the wrestlers to the action to ropes, I can see this might be a specialty taste. So I'd say go with your instincts if you're thinking about buying this. If you look at these guys, this action and this gimmick and get excited, I'd say 'go for it'. If you think you don't like any one of those things then this match isn't for you.

The wrestlers are very classic UCW - smaller, skinnier guys. I like a lot of different body types, but I know some of you guys are very particular in what makes a good body. To me, Diesel and Deep look great with their lean bodies and tight, tiny gear. Diesel wears a white speedo, but he's definitely an aggressive heel. Deep wears a purple poser, which works great for him as the babyface.

Lean and mean

Pretty in purple?

Diesel is nasty in white

Being UCW, the action is chaotic, frenetic and somewhat back-and-forth. The ropes are Diesel's tool, used to corral and control the younger good guy. Deep is very good at suffering, moaning and crying out when he's controlled. I also appreciated that he's not a total jobber. He's giving back and fighting hard, even though he's out of his element with the ropes being involved.

Johnny's not just a jobber

Johnny does a nice backbreaker

Now, when I say the ropes are used, this isn't a fancy ass bondage video featuring neat, symmetrical ropework with an artistic bent. Nope, this is rough and ready action. It's in the moment, sloppy, tie-what-you-can bondage, with chokes, hogties and other assorted wraparounds.

Johnny fit to be tied

Johnny hogtied

Johnny brought to heel

There is also some great traditional moves here, like an OTK backbreaker, armbar, etc. As well, there is the standard UCW low blows and dirty tactics. One of the great things about lean guys is that they're usually very bendy. That's definitely true here, as both guys get twisted, turned and folded during the match.


Ultimately, the face-heel dynamic between these two plays out great, with palatable chemistry that I really enjoyed. It's why it won an award, because it all just worked really, really well. It's a very good example of UCW, so fans should be happy with it.

Thanks heterosp for the recommendation. I finally watched the second recommendation and you'll read what I think of it in three days. This is why commenting rocks! I'd love to read any thoughts you might have!


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