Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Joe Mazetti (BGEast)

Since I'm late to the Biff Farrell bandwagon, I figured I'd do two reviews back-to-back. It takes me awhile to watch some of these videos, but I get there eventually. BGEast doesn't help by not having convenient downloads like everyone else.

After enjoying Biff vs. Van Skyler (review here), I was excited to see him in action again. There are three other Biff matches available, including The Comeback 2: Joe Mazetti. I don’t know why I chose this one instead of the Flash LaCash one, but I will watch that one at some point. I think I just got caught up in the newness of it and the return of Joe Mazetti.

Biff earns our love

It's weird to type that, since I’ve actually never been a huge Joe Mazetti fan. Yes, that might make me a heretic. I just find that he can be kind of one-note and his repertoire seems too focused on stomping and admiring himself. However, I don’t dislike Joe Mazetti, either. I do have 8 other matches starring him, including a new one (vs. Cole Cassidy) that had been on my VOD wish list for a long time. Coincidentally, it was just put up after I wrote this, but before I posted it.

The two studs go 'clubbing'

I was intrigued to see Joe make his return and look so hardbodied. The last time I saw Joe, he was less defined as he faced one of my personal favorites Bulldog Barzini in “Big 'n' Beefy 5”.

Joe in Big 'n' Beefy

Joe in The Comeback 2

Here Joe looks very strong, very fit and very much like his old self, just a little more weathered. As the video begins, Joe claims to have changed. He’s older, calmer and nicer. He shakes hands with Biff and there’s no sneak attack. He respectfully admires Biff’s muscles and poses with him.

Biff puts on a show

A new and improved Joe?

If not for this blog, I would’ve fast forwarded through the 6 minutes of posing and arm wrestling, but I suffered through. Finally, the wrestling starts and runs for 23 minutes of mostly one-sided domination. It’s classic Joe Mazetti. A lot of stomping, flexing and power. Old Joe returns like an abusive boyfriend, blaming Biff for “making him do this”.

Joe cranks on a crossface

The veteran is a powerhouse

Biff kicks, squirms and suffers just right

Biff gets his moments, including a little trash talk, but that’s not the story of this video. I will say the younger muscleman looks great. The red trunks are fantastic and his body is deliciously thick and muscular. Everything that makes him a fan favorite is right here for you to enjoy.

Fighting punches with punches

What are other bloggers saying?

If you’re a Joe Mazetti fan, you’ll love this. He’s back in a big way. If you like one or more of these storylines - bodybuilder beatdowns, mature vs. young, veteran vs. rookie or muscle vs. muscle - you’ll find this right up your alley.



  1. Sucks that Biff decided to shave his legs. One of the more interesting aspect of his body. Looks interesting though.

    And what do you think are the odds of Rock Hard having another Encore this week? or just letting us know they're done altogether this Wednesday?

    1. Thanks for the comment. It's interesting you mention his legs. I never even noticed. The only guy I've ever noticed having hairy legs was Jersey's brother Kai.

      I got a couple of emails from guys who'd reached out to RHW and they were told RHW was shooting new matches. We'll see.

    2. Check Rock Hard Wrestling's FB page...they are finally teasing a new match but I'm not hopeful as Ethan has never been a big sell for me...hopefully his competition is exciting.

    3. Hopefully! Thanks for the heads up.