Friday, April 29, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (April 2016)


No one new wrestled this month, but there were 4 new pics posted, 1 new identity in action, 1 new identity revealed and 1 new stud mentioned.

The Cave Undercard 11: Ram vs. SuperSoldier

Ram = Brad Rowe (Bodybuilder)

Luke/SuperSoldier = Logan Franklin (Model)

Cody = Leighton Stultz (Model)

Ryan = Mike Bennett (Pro Wrestler)

Darius/Captain Patriot = Justin St. Paul (Model)

The Cave 17: The Bat vs. Moneymaker

Cody/The Bat = Leighton Stultz (Model)

Moneymaker = Raul Lledo (Model)

Valet = Jon Cossu (Model)

Xaq/Bird Boy = Jeff Seid (Model)

Hope you liked seeing these guys again!



  1. So much hot stuff in one post! Every image is hot but I have to say that the artwork, takes it to a whole other level. Ram, MoneyMaker and Bird Boy specially are just perfection. Ram looks so much better in the altered version, specially in the face area and the focus on the big body. The same with MM since the face is so much closer. In the case of BB, its everything. The colors, gloves, the cape, the BB tattoo, armslings, suit, the HAIR many details were put into it. Amazing Job. Darius/Captain Patriot is hot. Very Hot. And he came with the clothes! LOL

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the altered versions, too.

  2. It was great seeing Ram again. He's one of the more interesting fighters in The Cave. He's not so much a villain as he is a loner "anti-hero" who walks the line between good and bad, like Wolverine or The Punisher.

    I was wondering if we'll see any more matches involving Ram versus another muscle monster, something similar to the match between Nuke Man and Mr. Riddle? That match was my all-time favorite!

  3. Well the altered versions are if I dare to say...better. They feel more real in a sense. Like I wrote...specially in BB there are lots of details. He looks perfect!

  4. It was really good to see Ram back! He's one of the most intriguing warriors in The Cave. He's not really a villain so much as he's a loner "antihero" who walks the line between good and bad, similar to Wolverine or The Punisher.

    What are the chances of seeing Ram in action again versus another muscle monster, similar to the match between Nuke Man versus Mr. Riddle? That match was my all-time favorite!

    1. Ram could definitely return and it'd be good to see how he does against another bigger dude since against both Cody and Luke he had a power advantage. Won't be until 2017, but I'll pencil him in!