Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Austin Cooper (BGEast)

So all month, I've been doing some match pairs, like Demolition 19, Eagle/Brute, Duke/CT and now Jake/Austin. It's not surprising that these two wrestled each other more than once. They are, after all, friends and superstars who appeared at the same time in the same companies.

So today I'll cover their BGEast match, released almost exactly 5 years ago (June 2011).

Two superstars undeniably linked in greatness

Normally, I'm not a fan of buying the same pairings from different companies, but Jake Jenkins is clearly worth it. And Austin Cooper is no slouch, either. He makes up a large part of my collection, too. Fortunately, this Jake Jenkins vs. Austin Cooper video is a mat match and the action is different than the RHW 1.0 version of their battle. It doesn't feel duplicative or repetitive with what I reviewed on Sunday at all.

Even though these two partnered together in a BGEast tag match, that's not the storyline here. Instead, Jake and Austin start off as high school wrestling buddies and competitors who haven't seen each other since then.

The video is called Ripped Rookies 1: A Score to Settle, so that sets it up, right? Jake wants to hit the mats again and re-stage the state championships. They talk about how Austin has packed on 20-lbs of muscle since they're wrestling days, obviously giving him the edge. Jake, however, is undeterred.

Both guys are ripped and lean here, so it's clearly closer to their early days than their later ones. They fill out their tight singlets amazing well and by the time their down to thongs, they're sweaty, pumped and oozing sexiness from every pore.

Jake's looking his best

Austin is lean and ripped

Jake is clearly the bad boy in this match. He starts the shit, first by spanking Austin's butt then by adding in MMA/submission moves to their amateur encounter. Early on, the smaller muscle stud asks, "Remember how we weren't allowed to use the full nelson?" He then promptly does one and Austin's not impressed.

Jake: "This isn't wrestling any more. It's personal."

The first act of this video is amateur-focused in singlets. It's physically punishing, but fairly easy-going in terms of attitude. However, at the end of it, Jake is bleeding from his lip and he's out for revenge. Things quickly escalate and now you know the plot. Straps come down then eventually singlets come off and we have a multi-fall round in thongs. One stud is dominant and victorious while the other is left lying in a puddle of sweat and humiliaton.

I can't get enough of Jake in a spladle

Jake's dragon sleeper is beautiful

Jake is always so bendy

Every hold is intense and the guys are glowing throughout. They work well together once again and it's a fun match to watch, even as the tension builds. Both guys dominate and get the other to give. It's great to see how they play off each other. When Austin admits to having a bad knee, it's like throwing a bucket of chum in front of a shark.

Austin wrapped up tight in Jake's hairy legs

Austin gives Jake a rough ride with 3 quick atomic drops

Jake loves being on top

Jake's cries of pain are explosive

At first, this has a speed vs. size vibe, but eventually, it's really all about who can bend, twist and own the other. Jake's moans are electric, especially near the end as the action intensifies. Austin suffers well, too, but he looks damn good on top. When Austin is in control, he uses his size and strength advantage to really lift and throw the smaller muscle stud around the mat.

And intensify it does. Low blow, punches, face washing and the slow release to submission holds show that these guys are upping their game. They both have a reason to fight hard and win. As Jake says, "It's personal."

Austin unleashes the gut punches

Hope Austin is hungry, 'cause Jake's making him eat the mat

Austin and Jake know their rolls

I think this is another must-buy for fans of these two. I'm not sure I can think of another pair of uber-talented, all-star underground wrestlers who are so closely linked and so perfectly paired. They're like our wrestling's version of Brady-Manning, Federer-Nadal or Bird-Magic. And with Jake's retirement, unless there's a change, we need to enjoy what we have.

What are other bloggers saying?

So in the end, I recommend this highly. I'm sure many of you have watched this, given its age. What did you think? Remember, comments are the engine that keep this blog going ...



  1. Hey Alex, great review of a great match. I have loved it since it was first released. I find BG East products to be very inconsistent, but this match is certainly the company (and the wrestlers) firing on all cylinders. Incidentally, I am hoping Jake's retirement might not be permanent. It is known he left the biz to focus on school. But I follow him (his real identity) on Instagram, and he has been hitting the gym to get back in shape. Possibly just for his personal life, of course, but I dream that it is to return to the mats.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think this one is another must-buy.

      I don't know if I think BGEast products are inconsistent or just designed for more varied tastes than anyone else. For me, the trouble is when the catalog tries to portray the match as something it's not. I think the quality of their action is the most consistent.

      Wow, that's big news on Jake. I know everyone would hire him. Even Thunders said they were trying, but Jake had retired and wasn't in shape. It was a shot, but still shows the breadth of Jake Jenkins appeal. There is literally no singles match with Jake I wouldn't buy.

    2. To be fair, I have no idea if Jake intends a return. Merely, he has returned to the gym and gotten buff again. I'm hoping he wrestles again; I would also love to see him wrestling in more organizations than just BG East and RHW. UCW & Movimus could put him to good use, too.

      You are probably correct in your assessment of BG East. I buy, generally, based on the images and to a much lesser extent, the match description. I have very many times found those two things on the website do not accurately portray the match. I don't really buy from them at this point, due to the whole Arena scam (you really are paying for the right to buy stuff from them, which is the online equivalent of personal seat licenses at stadiums). I will gladly return sending them a lot of my money when they have honest, upfront sales of match downloads, or significantly cheaper rentals. And it is absurd that the whole catalog is not available.

  2. A great match and a great review, both are so damn skilled in the ring!

    1. Appreciate the comment! Definitely two of the best of this generation of wrestlers and maybe of all-time.

  3. Easily...EASILY one of the greatest underground wrestling matches of all time.

    1. Two really fit and lean but cut guys with young tight bodies sweating all over the place in their singlets and then stripping down to only jockstraps and shoes.

    2. A meaningful backstory (no way!) which is a disappointing rarity at BGeast, RHW, and TA nowadays (sorry, but arguments over dirty dishes isn't sufficient for a wrestling match).

    3. Excellent banter, excellent suffering (Jake's cries are magnificent as usual), and excellent taunting (the scene where Austin is literally dripping with sweat as he poses over Jake triumphantly while telling him that "he will always be the best" is one of the greatest moments in underground wrestling PERIOD).

    4. Finally, as both guys are experienced in wrestling there is no shortage of amazing moves and holds throughout the entire match.

    In short, I would have emptied my bank account to have sponsored/purchased a custom video from BGeast with those two in a rematch back then...that's how much I friggin' LOVE this match...it truly is something to behold.