Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Heroes: Spider-Man's Wild Night

*Story is a commission for a reader*

"What's up, Tall-Blond-and-Furry? Never figured you for an alley cat."

The ferocious mutant known as Sabertooth growled with surprise, "Spider-Man!"

The wind whistled down the dark alley. It had suppressed the hero's scent, keeping him hidden from Sabertooth's superhuman senses. The feral villain bared his fangs and exposed his razor sharp claws. He was a massive mountain of hard muscles, his tight brown and beige spandex barely able to contain him. He instinctively tensed into a defensive crouch.


The hero calmly hung upside down, supported by a thin web. His thin red and blue spandex costume gripped his tight, trim muscles. Even though the man in front of him was twice his size, the hero was his usual jovial self. Spider-Man's lean muscles were enhanced with superhuman power, making him stronger, faster and more agile than the blond beast.


Spider-Man asked, "Don't suppose you'll surrender quietly in exchange for a nice saucer of milk? How about some fish? A tummy rub?"

At the mention of a tummy rub, the villain reached down and adjusted his prominent bulge. He snarled, "Grrrr, wrong night to mess with me, little man. Run away. Run far away."

The hero calmly replied, "No can do - WHOA!"

In response, Sabertooth grabbed a garbage can and hurled it at the hero. Spider-Man easily dodged the projectile, but the distraction enabled the villain to enter the building to his right. Instead of chasing, the hero climbed the wall to the roof, moving fast. He positioned himself on top of the brick stairwell exit, waiting for the villain to emerge.

Seconds later, the villain burst out onto the roof. The hero leapt at his back. Unfortunately for him, this time Sabertooth had heard and smelled the hero. He was ready, spinning with claws extended. Spider-Man barely dodged the swipe, twisting in mid air. Still, the claws caught his costume, slicing it open just below his pecs, but just scratching the skin. SLASH!

The hero landed smoothly. He rubbed his chest and stomach, feeling the brisk night air on his exposed upper abs, "Hey! Spandex doesn't grow on trees, you know! Bad kitty!"

The two men faced off. Sabertooth growled, "I got no beef with you, little man, but I got somewhere to be and I ain't gonna let you stop me."

Spider-Man replied, "Isn't that always the way? You're in a rush to cause mayhem and some nosy hero gets in the way."

Sabertooth roared, but the hero wasn't intimidated. He'd fought much scarier beasts than this, like the Lizard and Man-Wolf. Spider-Man sprayed his webbing at the villain. THWIP! Sabertooth was ready. He slashed at the sticky substance, his claws easily tearing it to shreds. The hero frowned under his full-face mask. It appeared he would have to do this the hard way.

The villain growled and circled. He didn't want this fight, but he had no choice. Sabertooth's manhood stirred as he committed to the encounter. He always got excited when he fought, but tonight he was even more aroused than normal. Unknown to the hero, the feral villain was in something comparable to heat and Spider-Man's tight spandex left little to the imagination. While the wild-man preferred beefier, hairier and more rugged men, the powerful hero with the tight athletic body was more than sexy enough to drive him crazy.

Sabertooth tried to stay focused, ignoring his opponent's lithe, athletic body. The gaping hole in the red and blue spandex didn't help, showing the top of his rippling midsection and smooth white flesh. The villain kept his gaze away from the bulging pouch and spandex-wrapped butt, but it was hard. He involuntarily licked his lips.

When the hero charged, the villain moved to meet him, slashing his claws. WHIFF! The agile web-slinger leapt over the extended arms. He swung around, wrapping his legs around Sabertooth's head and flipping him to the rooftop. WHOA! SPLAT! The combatants rolled to matching crouch positions.

The villain became the aggressor, springing forward. Again, the hero leapt over the charging wild-man, avoiding the attack. As he flipped overhead, he punched Sabertooth in the head, hoping to knock him out. WHACK! The villain dropped to his knees, stunned. The web-slinger followed up with a flip and a kick to the temple that flattened the massive muscle beast.

Spider-Man moved in cautiously. He thought the furry muscleman was basically human, so he had held back on his punch and kick. With his proportional strength of a spider, he could easily kill an ordinary man, even one as tough as Sabertooth. Luckily, it looked like it was enough. As Spider-Man stood behind the villain, his spider-sense tingled, but it was too late.

Sabertooth kicked back, catching the hero in the bulge. He staggered backwards, his manhood radiating pain throughout his body. In spite of his bulky muscles, the wild-man moved like a gymnast. He smoothly got to his feet, spinning and charging. The muscle beast grabbed the hero around the throat then chokeslammed him onto the roof. WHAM! The villain raked his claws down, tearing the bodysuit from neck to navel,

The villain purred as he exposed the tightly-muscled torso. Spider-Man used the moment to push Sabertooth away then roll to a crouch. The web-slinger knew he was lucky his furry foe had only torn his costume and not his throat. He re-focused, deciding to go harder, as the villain could obviously take superhuman punishment.

The two men charged again. They attacked simultaneously, Sabertooth with savage ferocity and Spider-Man with smooth acrobatics. Arms, legs, elbows and knees flew around in a blur. Despite the flurry of punches and kicks, none connected for any significant damage. The men were both skilled, fast and flexible.

For minutes they went back-and-forth, blocking and countering as they searched for an advantage. The hero slowly increased his power, testing the villain's limits. Meanwhile, Sabertooth was in full animal attack mode. He pushed his mighty body to go faster and harder, slashing, punching and kicking.

Spider-Man dodged everything, but Sabertooth was learning his enemy's style. He finally correctly guessed where the agile arachnid was going, successfully grabbing his ankle. The villain slammed the hero down onto the roof. WHAM! He maintained his grip then whipped the hero by his leg into a brick chimney. THUD! The web-slinger slumped down, stunned.

The furry fiend dove forward, driving his knee into the exposed abs. OOF! Sabertooth grabbed Spider-Man by the throat. He dragged the hero up, lifting him into a suspended chokehold. The web-slinger struggled as his air was cut off, his bulge gyrating in front of the furry feline's face. The wild-man sniffed, his nose filling with the musk of his struggling prey.

Spider-Man felt the villain's face press into his pouch then he felt the tongue run along the outline of his cock in his tight spandex. The hero grabbed Sabertooth by the wrists and pulled the hands from his throat, overpowering the larger muscle beast. The smaller stud dropped to his feet, crouching in front of the villain. The web-slinger's face was exactly bulge-high. He was shocked as he realized that the wild-man was aroused, his spandex costume stretched and straining.

The hero was confused. Between the costume tearing, the crotch sniffing, the licking and the huge erection, Spider-Man had no idea what was going on with Sabertooth. He also didn't have time to think about it. The villain kicked out, slamming his knee into the distracted hero's face. CRACK! Spider-Man fell back onto his butt, back against the brick wall and legs spread as he rubbed his jaw.

Sabertooth lunged for the prominent bulge between the open legs, but the hero closed them up, locking on a head scissors. He slowly increased the pressure, hoping to knock the furry muscleman out without cracking his skull. Having both super-strength and morals was a real pain in the ass sometimes.

Instead of suffering, the villain seemed to be enjoying his position. He caressed Spider-Man's legs, sliding his hands to his ass. One claw tore through the fabric along his ass crack. SLICE! The hero was caught off guard. He opened his legs and climbed up the brick before vaulting to the side. Sabertooth dove at him, clotheslining him down.

The stunned hero writhed under the purring muscle beast. Sabertooth unleashed a series of hard blows to the head, dazing the hero. CRACK! WHACK! SLAP! The furry blond muscleman grabbed the web-slinger by the throat again. He dragged him to his feet then pulled him into a high bearhug. His massive arms closed up tight against the small of Spider-Man's back.

Spider-Man's crotch was wedged just below the villain's heaving pecs. The hard-bodied hero was dwarfed by the blond beast as he was crushed in the python-like grip. ARGH! The villain moved his face forward, pressing it against the exposed flesh of his opponent. Again he sniffed in deeply, taking in Spider-Man's scent. He extended his tongue to the abs, tasting his prey.

As the villain purred, the hero moaned in pain. He was strong, but not invulnerable. The punishment was rough, but the sniffing and licking really kept him off-balance. Sabertooth dropped one hand and cupped one firm, round butt cheek. He fondled it, his claws raking across the blue spandex.

The confused web-slinger continued to suffer in the bearhug, unable to focus enough to free himself. He didn't understand what Sabertooth was doing and it had thrown him off his game. The villain's hand found its way into the hole he had created along Spider-Man's crack. The hero felt the claws against his smooth left butt cheek. It was all the focus he needed.

The hero punched the villain hard. The bearhug was lost as he dropped, unconscious to the roof. The hero tried to compose himself as he stood above the sleeping Sabertooth. He pointed his web-shooters to tie him up, but the furry muscle beast lashed out with a kick that flipped the hero onto his side. WHACK!

Both men rose and charged. Spider-Man connected with fists, but Sabertooth seemed unstoppable. The hero thought, "He won't stay down! He's more than human. Way more."

The hero flipped behind Sabertooth. Spider-Man swept his foot back. The villain managed to hop over the trip. He spun to attack, but the hero had already moved. The web-slinger put his hands on the back of Sabertooth's head then drove his face down onto the rooftop. WHAM! The villain looked up, his nose smashed. Suddenly, his rugged features shifted back into position as he snarled at the hero.

Spider-Man finally had time to think. He realized, "Oh, he has a healing factor, like Wolverine! I can go all-out. I need to go all-out!"

The hero launched himself forward, shifting and moving at his full speed. The villain swung wildly, but he could not hit the agile arachnid. Spider-Man landed multiple blows - an elbow to the back, a fist to the head, a kick to the chest - each one using more of his super-strength. Sabertooth was overwhelmed. He dropped to a knee then onto his back.

Spider-Man again tried his webbing, but Sabertooth was able to roll to out of the way. The hero vaulted forward, unleashing another barrage. The furry muscle beast could not defend himself. He dropped to his knees in front of the hero, the abuse coming faster then his healing factor could handle. The web-slinger cocked his left fist for the final coup de grace.

It was at that moment that Spider-man felt the claw of Sabertooth's right thumb scratching his taint. He froze. The villain had thrust his hand up in desperation and found pay dirt. The other claws on the villain's right hand closed, cutting through his spandex costume, pressing against the flesh of his pelvis, surrounding the base of his cock.

The hero struggled not to move. His manhood was locked in the huge clawed hand. If he twisted wrong, it would be bad. The dazed Sabertooth held firm. His bruises vanished and his vision cleared. The two men looked like statues as they remained in the precarious position.

The recovering villain purred, "Smart little Spider. I think you understand your situation. Now, what do you say to us making a deal?"

The hero gulped. He had no choice but to agree. He could at least stall for time. "I'm listening, Tall-Blond-and-Furry. What kind of deal?"

"This kind."

The villain purred again as he ran his left index finger down the front of Spider-man's exposed torso. Sabertooth kept his claw up and away as he seductively traced down the center of the hero's chiseled chest and the deep crevice between his abs. He didn't stop until he reached his fingers at the base of the web-slinger's cock.

The villain slid his hand up again. He forced his hand inside the torn spandex. He rubbed the web-slinger's right pec, squeezing it hard. Spider-man let out an involuntary moan. His cock began to swell, in spite of his efforts to keep it down. It quickly pressed into Sabertooth's right palm.

The villain laughed, "Yeah, I thought the little hero'd like that. So we agreed? A little fun then we both walk away?"

Seeing no other option, the hero said, "Okay, looks like you really got me by the balls. Deal."

Sabertooth chuckled, "Put your hands behind you, little man."

The hero had no choice other than to obey. The villain reached his left hand behind Spider-man's tight ass. He copped a feel then forced the web-slinger's wrists together. When they were tight, Sabertooth clawed the webshooters open. Web fluid spilled out. The sticky mess bound the hero's wrists together as the substance merged and hardened. Even Spider-man could not break his own webbing. He was stuck like this for an hour.

Sabertooth growled seductively as he returned to fondling the hero's torso. The feral muscleman leaned in and sniffed his prey's tight abs. He stuck out his tongue, licking the salty sweat off the ripped 8-pack. Spider-man shuddered, but he fought to keep it together. The claws at his manhood were still perilously positioned.

Sabertooth growled, "Something wrong, hero?"

"No, I love being cuffed in my own webbing and having my costume shredded while I get molested by a psychopath. Just a typical Saturday night. But since you asked, and in the spirit of our new deal, any chance of you, you know, opening that right hand, big boy?"

The villain turned his hand, cutting the blue spandex fabric at Spider-man's crotch. He purred as he pulled his hand away, only taking a large chunk of fabric with him. The hero sighed, relieved, even as his shaved groin was exposed. Spider-man looked down at his manhood, flopping freely in the night air. Not ideal, but better than having razor sharp claws resting there.

Sabertooth smiled at Spider-man evilly, his fangs apparent. The hero said, "Uh, nice teeth. ever thought about a career as a spokesmodel? I know a great photographer who could get you started."

Sabertooth ignored the hero. He moved his face to the hero's long cock and sniffed. His furry face tickled the hero's balls, causing him to twitch. The villain smiled, exposing his fangs again.

The hero blurted out, "If it's all the same to you, I'll pass on the blowjob, okay?"

Sabertooth rose up to his full height. He grabbed the back of the hero's mask. He said, "Don't worry, boy, I don't give blowjobs." Spider-man relaxed until he noticed the villain opening the fly in his tights and the large cock and balls flopping out. "I get them."

The feral villain shoved Spider-man to his knees. He pushed the hero's head back then slit a mouth hole in the tight-bodied stud's mask. Sabertooth forced the web-slinger onto his thick uncut cock. The hero sucked hard and fast. Just a fraction of his super-strength was enough to get the villain moaning.

Sabertooth face-fucked the bound hero, savoring the experience of using the subdued stud. The furry muscleman kept a tight grip on his mask as he worked, using it to control the kneeling Spider-Man. He chuckled as he noticed that the web-slinger's cock was stretching out, long and hard, as he worked.

The villain purred, "You sure do like this, little man. Maybe we met up on the right night after all."

Spider-Man said nothing, as it was all he could do to handle the cock on his mouth. With his arms bound behind him, it was especially hard to keep going. He secretly wanted to suck the load out, to avoid being fucked by the muscle beast, but no such luck.

Even in heat, Sabertooth knew what he wanted and that was hero ass. He pulled out his cock, wiping the saliva and pre-cum onto the hero's mask. The villain forced Spider-Man to his feet. He bent down and grabbed behind the web-slinger's legs. The muscle beast easily lifted the smaller stud up in a seated position, holding him firmly.

Spider-Man's legs draped over the muscular arms as he sat forward. The villain lowered him and the hero bit his lip. He felt the large cock head split his cheeks and press against his hole. The web-slinger gasped as he was lowered down. The thick cock split him open as he was lowered deeper and deeper.

The villain smirked, "Don't worry, boy. With my healing factor, sex with me is always safe."

Spider-Man cried out, the huge monster cock opening him wide. Sure, he fooled around with his buddies Johnny Storm and Harry Osborn, but they were nowhere near this big. Even Flash Thompson's fat jock cock didn't feel like this inside him. The hero's masked head rolled, falling forward and back as he adjusted to the massive manhood inside him.

Sabertooth bounced Spider-Man on his cock as he pumped his hips, pounding the smaller muscleman relentlessly. The two studs moaned and gasped in unison. The hero had never been fucked this hard and he'd never been fucked by a villain. He gave into the moment, his cock throbbing at the fact that he was helpless, his ass being used and abused by this hot blond muscle beast.

The villain was deep in heat, fucking his prey on instinct. It felt so good to be inside the hero, his super-strong hole tightening on the wild-man's throbbing cock. He could hear Spider-Man's arousal. He could smell the hero-bottom's pre-cum and sweat. Sabertooth loved being inside a man who could take everything he could give him.

Sabertooth pumped the hero for a long-time, but he didn't cum. Instead, he lifted Spider-Man up and off his huge manhood then turned him. He put the web-slinger on his knees then forced him forward pressing his face to to roof. From behind, Sabertooth re-entered the helpless hero, going to work again. He roughly bred the smaller stud, savoring his complete domination.

As he was ridden, Spider-Man groaned, his own cock throbbing, but with his wrists bound, there was nothing he could do about it. The villain relentlessly drove his cock into the tight hole until he suddenly roared. The sound echoed through the night sky as Sabertooth erupted inside the web-slinger. The helpless hero felt the warmth inside him as he was seeded by the feral fiend.

Sabertooth continued to thrust for a long time before he finally pulled out. He sniffed the air, taking in the raw stench of sex and sweat. The muscle beast rose slowly. He smirked as Spider-Man just stayed in position, presenting his smooth, round ass. The furry blond muscleman dragged the hero to his feet then smacked him on the ass.

The villain turned away with a smug, "See ya later, hero."

Spider-man said, "What? You're not even gonna buy me din -"

Before he could finish, his spider-sense warned him. The hero leapt to the right, barely evading being captured by a torpedo net. Spider-man looked in the direction of the trap. He saw a large, muscular figure, a powerful bear of a man that the hero knew only too well.

The hero said with surprise, "Kraven?!?"

Kraven the Hunter*

Round Two

Kraven the Hunter hopped onto the roof, an energy weapon aimed at the chest of Sabertooth. The feral villain snarled in a crouch as he stared at the bare-chested bear named Kraven, who wore his trademark lion vest, tight brown leopard-skin pants and combat boots. Around his waist was a utility belt and he had a hunting knife strapped to his right leg.

Spider-man backed up, straining to break his webbed wrists, but it was too early. The cuffed hero said, "Gee, would you look at the time. I'll just be going ..."

Kraven tossed some small marbles on the roof. Spider-man sensed the danger, but his reflexes were slow. Electricity shot from the tiny projectiles, hitting his nearly naked body. The bound hero convulsed then dropped to the roof.

Sabertooth cautiously shifted, but the energy weapon followed him with every step. The furry fiend was fast, but not that fast. Kraven approached slowly.

The world's greatest hunter said angrily, "I am disappointed in you, Creed. You made it too easy this year. First you ruin my hunt then you waste your seed up a skinny boy's ass?"

Sabertooth snarled, "I was moving, but he got in the way. Fuck, I know you know how annoying Spider-Man can be." Kraven said nothing, but his face acknowledged the truth of the statement. "Besides, he was nothing more than an appetizer. I got enough seed for both your asses." The blond furry villain grabbed his still hard cock, "It'll take a real man to bring this rager down."

The hunter nodded, "True, a scrawny little boy like that could never satisfy a beast like you."

The rising web-slinger said, "Hey! I'm an awesome fuck! I didn't hear any complaining."

Kraven said, "Shut up, boy!" He spun the energy weapon and blasted the weakened Spider-Man. The bound hero convulsed, toppling back onto the roof, barely able to remain conscious. The hunter lowered then dropped the weapon then stripped off his utility belt. He slowly withdrew a rubber tube attached to a clear bag then tossed the belt down.

Sabertooth paced, "Stop wasting time. I gotta breed you, Russkie!"

The hunter said, "This tube is the only place your seed is going, beast. And at a million dollars for every vial of your extra-potent seed, you better be able to produce for me."

The feral villain snarled at the dark-haired hunter, who both excited and disgusted him. He longed to be part of Kraven's game. Sabertooth knew that the dark-haired bear could calm the sexual fires that burned inside him. Ever since they first met, Kraven the Hunter was the one man Sabertooth could count on to satisfy his desires when he was in heat.

The stakes were simple. Win and get to fuck the world's greatest hunter. Lose and be milked for his profit. Either way, he'd be drained by night's end.

Kraven the Hunter peeled off his vest, tossing it aside. He stood with barrel chest high and proud, wearing only his metal wristbands, tight leopard-skin pants, knife and boots. He calmly beckoned Sabertooth forward.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Come to daddy."

Creed moved in, crouching to attack. Kraven smiled, moving to meet the furry blond muscle beast. Both men were big and strong, in peak physical condition for beefy musclemen. Sabertooth had the advantage with his reflexes, senses and healing factor, but the hunter loved the challenge. He only went after beasts who could put up a fight.

Sabertooth smiled, "No fancy toys this year? First time you've had the guts to fight me man-to-man. Big mistake, hunter. Looks like I finally get your ass!"

"You call yourself a man, Creed? You are a beast to be bred. A beast to be milked every year by his master."

The blond muscleman charged, claws out. The hunter was ready. He grabbed the wrists and fell back. Kraven put his boot on Sabertooth's abs, dragging and flipping him over onto the roof. The hunter rolled over, pinning Creed to the roof. The muscle beast growled, throwing the dark-haired muscleman off him.

Both men rose fast. Sabertooth sprang at Kraven, but once again, the hunter was ready. He dodged to the side then came in behind the blond muscleman. Kraven wrapped on a tight chokehold, squeezing hard. Creed grunted, but he reached back, grabbing the hunter by the head and flipping him over his shoulder onto his ass.

Sabertooth hammered Kraven in the back then chopped his neck. The hunter moaned while the muscle beast palmed his head from behind. He forced the dark-haired villain up then drove his knee into the broad back. He repeated the move twice more before Kraven could break free. He stumbled forward, only to get kicked in the back.

Kraven flew forward, collapsing onto the roof. When Sabertooth moved in, the hunter kicked back, but the feral mutant dodged the kicked easily. He grabbed the hunter's leg, wrenching it as he threw him across the roof. The blond villain purred as he watched the dark-haired stud struggle, his large ass seductively wrapped in tight leopard-skin.

Sabertooth pounced onto Kraven's back. The hunter was flattened onto the roof as the muscle beast lied on top of him. The feral villain put his fangs at Kraven's neck, "Lucky for you I need you ass, hunter."

Kraven roared and rose, throwing the beast off him. He turned and drive his boot right into the face of the charging blond muscleman. The red marks healed immediately, reminding both men of the reality of their battle. The hunter barely dodged the pouncing Sabertooth. He scrambled to his feet, only to get tackled down.

The blond muscleman pounded Kraven's stomach before dragging him to his feet. He wrapped on a stiff reverse bearhug, playing with the hunter. Kraven struggled, but the bigger muscleman shook him violently. Sabertooth relentlessly crushed his opponent, wearing him down. The feral villain finally let go, allowing Kraven to drop onto his hands and knees.

Sabertooth admired the prominent ass. The hunter had a huge posterior, just waiting to be bred. The furry muscle beast purred as he moved in. Kraven kicked back, but he missed. The big blond muscleman leapt onto his back. Creed humped his prey, his exposed manhood pumping on the leopard-encased ass. He knew he had to fuck Kraven soon.

The blond villain wrapped his hand around the dazed Kraven's throat. He lifted the hunter up easily, completely dominant. The ferocious mutant ran his hand over the heaving right pec then down the chiseled midsection. He cupped the ample package in the leopard-skin pants, savoring the feeling of the sizable manhood.

The furry muscleman smiled, his fangs shining in the dark, "Fuck, I'm gonna like finally getting to play with this. You had a good run, but not this year."

Sabertooth traced his claw around the prominent bulge in Kraven's tight leopard-skin pants. The fabric fell away, pushed out by the hunter's huge manhood, which flopped free. With his opponent exposed, the blond villain turned the weakened bear around. He hoisted him up into his shoulders, locking on a torture rack.

Kraven moaned loudly as he hung across the broad shoulders. His back ached as the feral villain dominated him with his incredible power. The hunter's thick body was tough, but the mutant knew how to break a man. The dark-haired muscleman had never lost to Sabertooth. He refused to submit.

The blond muscle beast taunted, "You shoulda blasted me with your gun when you had the shot! Gettin' too cocky. Now you're gonna pay!"

In response, Kraven slapped his left metal wristband into Sabertooth's Adam's apple. The blond villain just laughed. Suddenly, energy burst out, passing through the mutant. He cried out, losing the torture rack. Kraven dropped. He ignored the pain in his back and moved towards the stunned muscle beast, who knelt down, shaking his head.

The hunter grabbed hold of Sabertooth's long mane and wrenched his head back. He reached down and rammed his right wrist up between the kneeling mutant's legs placing it against his taint. He dropped his other wrist down, reaching it around the blond villain's waist to the base of his cock.

Before Sabertooth could react, energy burst forth again, this time passing from wristband to wristband. It shot right through the muscle beast's sizable manhood and up into his body. Kraven released his prey and rose up. The feral villain collapsed forward, moaning as he knelt with his head on his forearm, which rested on the roof.

"Poor little beast. I hope you like this year's new toy."

Sabertooth struggled to rise. When he turned, Kraven kicked him in the abs. OOF! He threw a hard punch to the blond villain's temple when he bent forward. CRACK! The tamed mutant collapsed. He shook out his head as he laid on the roof. The confused muscle beast couldn't rise. He couldn't focus.

An arrogant Kraven explained, "Do you understand? I have sapped your strength, but it's more than that. I have negated that annoying healing factor of yours."

"You cheating son of a -" CRACK!

Kraven unleashed with a boot to the back of Sabertooth's head that dropped him to the rooftop. The muscle beast writhed at his master's feet, weak and helpless. The hunter dropped down. He caressed the blond villain's ample ass with one hand as he pulled the knife off his leg with the other.

"Cheating? I am a man. We use our minds. Tools. Weapons. You are an animal, Creed. A primal savage that can only act on instinct. An animal pretending to be a man by wearing clothing. The only thing a beast like you should wear is a collar."

Sabertooth could do nothing as his tight brown spandex was cut off his magnificent body. The knife easily sliced the fabric, allowing the dark-haired bear to peel it off. With the blond muscleman lying naked on a sheet of cut spandex, Kraven sheathed his knife and rose to his feet. He grabbed his prey by the long mane, forcing him to his feet.

The blond muscle beast wasn't done completely. He wrapped his arms around Kraven's waist and squeezed the bearhug. The hunter let out a startled grunt. He moaned as he was punished in the hard hold, but he remained focused. Kraven wrapped his arms around Sabertooth's head and squeezed.

The front-facing sleeper worked fast as Kraven's thick, powerful arms cut off the blood supply to the muscle beast's head. Sabertooth's arms went limp, dropping to the side. The dark-haired muscleman released his prey, who collapsed to the roof. The naked blond villain writhed at the feet of his opponent, uncharacteristically helpless and docile.

Kraven knew that he could end this any time. Sabertooth was his once again. But the hunter wanted to play with this particular beast. It deserved no less. He knew that in order to get the most out of it, he needed to dominate it completely. To force it to acknowledge his superiority. Only then would he milk out its valuable seed.

The feral muscle beast was dragged to his hands and knees. Kraven stepped over his shoulders then locked the blond mutant's head between his powerful thighs. The hunter reached down, grabbing the muscle beast's thick biceps and using them to pull his arms up. He squeezed his thighs together, crushing the mutant's head in the standing scissors.

Sabertooth growled and cursed, but that quickly shifted to moaning. He was weak from the energy, but without his healing factor, it was even worse. The blond muscleman felt himself losing consciousness. His struggles grew weaker and weaker. He blinked his eyes, but he was limp, unable to mount any resistance.

Kraven felt Sabertooth going out. He smirked then let go, letting the naked villain drop to the roof. He unleashed a series of stiff stomps. He dragged Creed up then slammed him down onto the roof. A rear naked choke kept the muscle beast near-unconsciousness and easy prey for more abuse to break down his body.

The hunter knelt then grabbed him by the mane. He pulled the villain's head up, dragging the muscle beast to hands and knees. He walked him around by his long hair, commanding the powerful furry mutant to heel.

The dark-haired muscleman enjoyed treating Creed like an animal before defeating him. He stopped then put his boot on Sabertooth's ass, forcing it down while commanding, "Sit!"

With the big blond muscleman kneeling, Kraven slammed his boot into his chest. Sabertooth flew backwards. He writhed on the roof, the relentless abuse wearing him down. He crawled, struggling to rise as he was stalked by the mighty hunter. A boot to his temple ended that, dropping him down again.

As he looked down at his own engorged manhood, Kraven knew it was time to end the hunt. The beast could provide no more sport. He had spent all night tracking the villain and even though Spider-Man's interference had made it less challenging than usual, the hours thinking about this moment had the hunter primed and ready to fuck.

The dark-haired bear dragged the helpless Creed to his feet by his thick mane of hair. The hunter moved behind him then slapped on a tight full Nelson. ARGH! The hunter forced the big muscle beast against the brick wall of the stairway. He worked his hips to get his cock into position.

Sabertooth moaned as his crack was parted by the huge cock. He struggled, but he was too weak, his natural mutant abilities still knocked out. He whimpered as Kraven thrust forward, driving his cock into the feral muscleman. The furry blond involuntarily purred as his ass was finally taken.

The hunter pounded his oversized dick deep up Sabertooth's hole as he squeezed on the full nelson with all his strength. It was too much for the blond villain. He moaned, the fight leaving his mighty body. Every year the hunter had a new toy and every year the toy worked to subdue and control the sexually-charged muscle beast.

With Kraven's powerful cock deep inside his ass, his healing factor still out and his muscles aching, Victor Creed had no choice. He admitted that the contest was over. The hunter was the winner.

Kraven chuckled in the tamed villain's ear as Creed cried out, "Oh yeah! Breed me, you son of a bitch! Oh fuck, breed my fucking ass, master Kraven! ARGH!"

The dark-haired bear did just that. He shot his load up into Sabertooth's ass, filling him with his seed. Kraven emptied his balls into his prey before finally withdrawing. He released the full nelson then threw the naked muscle beast to the rooftop. The victorious villain put his boot on his prey's chest and flexed.

The feral muscleman purred with lust. Sabertooth's ass felt empty without Kraven's cock. His muscles ached as his healing factor was only now starting to return. His massive body and thick hair were drenched in sweat. His eyes were trained on the world's greatest hunter who had bested him yet again. He desperately needed more.

Sabertooth waited, completely subservient to his master for the night. His loins were aching from the heat, he needed relief and only Kraven could provide it. The hunter forced the naked blond muscle beast into the milking position on hands and knees, legs spread slightly. Creed waited as his master got his milking apparatus.

Kraven slid the rubber tube over the throbbing hard cock hanging under Sabertooth's flat six-pack. He fastened it around the base of the thick balls and made sure he could collect every drop. The hunter surprised Creed by inserting a thick butt plug into the tight hole. It connected wirelessly to a small remote in Kraven's left hand.

With his right hand, he squeezed the beast's massive cock then started pumping. While he could use milking technology, the hunter preferred the old fashioned method. He found Creed responded best to the hard grip of a real man.

Sabertooth stayed motionless, on hands and knees as he was milked. He felt humiliated, but it didn't stop his cock from throbbing. In fact, when he was in heat, he longed to be tamed. The plug in his ass stimulated him intensely. It took only seconds before he unleashed his load into the rubber tube.

Kraven locked on a tight grip on Sabertooth's thick blond mane. He wrenched his head back roughly, making sure the feral villain knew his place. This was the only time when the ferocious mutant was this submissive, so the hunter always made the most of it. He knew that domination extracted the biggest load of the valuable seed.

The dark-haired bear forced Sabertooth to watch as he pushed the button on the butt plug control. It had only been on "1" on a scale of "10". Kraven upped the power and the blond muscle beast cried out. The stimulation was too much and another load erupted spontaneously.

Sabertooth's healing factor had finally kicked back in, quickly replenishing his stores of cum. A dozen loads later with the butt plug powered to "10", the feral muscleman was finally drained. He shot only drops. Kraven milked the soft cock to get every precious drop before allowing the blond villain to collapse.

Kraven looked at his bag. It was down a fraction from the year prior. Not much in volume, but a small fortune in cash. The hunter cursed. This was Spider-Man's fault. His money was up that hero's ass. The dark-haired bear turned and looked at the still weakened and bound hero. Of course, the solution was obvious.

The nefarious villain grabbed his spare set-up and moved to his new prey. The web-slinger was recovering, but not enough to resist. Kraven seized his cock, locking it inside the rubber tube. He reached around and put his finger against Spider-Man's hole. When he slide it in, the hero moaned and his cock twitched. The hunter smiled.

Kraven reached for the butt plug, but stopped. Instead, he wanted to do this the old-fashioned way. He had a rare chance to fuck his greatest enemy. It would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

The hunter put the hero on his back and lifted his legs. He positioned his cock at the tip of the athletic muscleman's tight hole then forced his way inside. Kraven grabbed the rubber sheathe apparatus and began to milk Spider-Man. He thrust his cock in and out in rhythm with his jerking, watching as the hero's cock swelled up to full mast.

The hero begged, "No! Please don't!"

It was too late. Kraven used the web-slinger's ass and he couldn't resist. When the dark-haired villain began to squeeze and milk him, the hero began to gasp. He had never gotten a chance to cum during his sex with Sabertooth. The load inside him was huge and eager to erupt. It took only a minute before Spider-Man was submitting to the sexual assault of one of his greatest enemies.

Kraven fucked and milked the hero as he cried out. White cum exploded into the tube, blasting out. Spider-Man moaned, his entire body shaking as he was fucked for the second time. He knew he shouldn't surrender, but it was too late. The hunter squeezed out every last drop of spider-seed.

As he looked from the limp hero to the full tube, he realized that he now owned his greatest enemy's ass, cock and seed. The scene was too much, causing the muscular bear to explode inside the helpless hero. He bred the annoying arachnid, adding his load on top of Sabertooth's from earlier. Spider-Man took it in, feeling the warmth spreading from his ass.

The hero's cock grew again as he was seeded. Kraven started to milk Spider-Man again. The hero couldn't stop himself from cumming again. He shot a smaller, but still huge load. The web-slinger was milked two more times before he was finally drained. He went limp on the roof, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat.

Kraven rose. He grabbed a small camera from his utility belt then took pictures as proof of the seed's origin. The hunter admired his prize. He laughed about how authentic seed from Spider-Man would be worth a fortune, even more than Sabertooth's. The villain removed the apparatus from the web-slinger, grabbed his gear and got dressed again.

Creed was lying on his side, just watching. He was coming down off his heat-driven sexual high. Even though he hated losing, he wasn't angry. Normally one to rage, the blond villain knew that he and Kraven would be back at play next year when the heat came on. He would get his revenge then.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man finally felt the webbing wearing off. He focused his attention. He had been lucky that the villains were focused on playing, but he knew he was still in mortal danger. With all due speed, he tore his arm apart from under him then vaulted backwards. Before Kraven and Sabertooth could even react, he was gone off the roof.

With no webbing and a shredded costume that exposed his private parts, Spider-Man stuck to the shadows. When he reached home, he tore off the last shred of fabric and collapsed as Peter Parker.

When he awoke, Peter stretched. He moved to his kitchen, the sun hitting his naked body, the heat feeling good on his lean muscles. He stopped when he saw the fridge. Scratched on the door was a message: "See you next year." Below it was a crude drawing of a erupting cock. Sabertooth must have tracked him home. Fuck.

In spite of the obvious threat to life and everyone he held dear, Peter's cock grew to full mast. If Sabertooth wanted him dead, he already would be. As long as he satisfied the muscle beast sexually, maybe everything would be fine.

The tight-bodied photographer put his hand on the fridge and pounded out a load, lining the linoleum floor as he fantasized about round two with Sabertooth.

The End

*Characters are © Marvel Comics. Images were found on Google and used only for illustrative purposes. I make no claim to their ownership.


  1. God damn...that was HOT HOT HOT! You write so bloody well, not just the sex but you can see and feel the holds. This is why I love this blog, you're bloody superb you know that right?

    1. I do now! Thanks so much. That makes me feel very good and I. Erg motivating. Appreciate it!

  2. You know, I was often unhappy with how they'd use a hunk like Sabertooth, but THIS...THIS is probably the direction they should've gone in! ;)

    1. Thanks! He's definitely spent most of his time as an extremely evil villain with no redeeming qualities (other than being muscular and blond).

      With him still inverted in the comics, I think there's more potential for him. And seeing as the only Wolverines are either old or female, he feels less duplicative as a good guy. I don't think he can be redeemed, per se, but he can evolve from how boring and one-note he'd become as a villain.

    2. Totally agree that he'd not be redeemed, hell in the comics he's said as much and won't appologise for what he did. But he's now far more interesting as a character rather than being 'big rapey Logan'.

    3. Waitaminute--I didn't know about the current Inversion stuff, but I'm definitely liking the sound of it! I've been hoping for good guy Sabertooth since Jean was feeding him bacon in the X-mansion. (Incidentally I stopped reading when they took Jean away, and I'll probably start again when they bring her back.)
      P.S. "Big rapey Logan" made me laugh.

    4. There was basically this big plot/time line where they inverted what people were like, good guys became baddies and baddies good guys along with lots of other shenanigans. At the end of it almost everyone was returned to normal. But Victor wasn't, he was inside some energy shield when everyone reverted.

      He's not really a good guy, as he'll quite happily break arms and legs but he does not kill and works to defend mutants. So he's more Logan esque but far less psychotic than he use to be

  3. Great story keep the superhero stuff coming alex! And one of my favorite lines "the tight athletic body was more than sexy enough to drive him crazy." I know how Sabertooth feels haha.

    I hope someday that the 'superhero series' you were trying to do before but didnt work out does someday because id love to read more stories like this! Theres two more 'superhero' stories right? Going off the uear update from the end of last year it showed tarzan spidey superman and hercules.

    1. Awesome, glad you liked it.

      Wow, you're keeping track. The next hero story gets posted 9/15. :)

  4. Great story! I was pretty surprised when Kraven joined in on the fun. However, him dominating Sabertooth ended up being my favorite part of this one.

    You accept commissions?

    1. Cool, thanks!

      I have taken a few commissions from folks. Route 69 Bad Boys S103 was one and I will be posting a few more in September, December and two in 2017 (I'm trying to stay 6 months ahead). If you're interested in the details, you can email me.

    2. Sent an email. :)

    3. Great and thanks for the heads up. It went into my junk mail folder for some reason, so I totally would've missed it.

  5. Sabertooth growled, "Something wrong, hero?"

    "No, I love being cuffed in my own webbing and having my costume shredded while I get molested by a psychopath. Just a typical Saturday night. But since you asked, and in the spirit of our new deal, any chance of you, you know, opening that right hand, big boy?"

    That for me captures the great writing you did here. Damn did I laugh hard on this one...then Kraven milking both of them...that sealed the deal for me. All three characters were so clearly defined. This story felt so fun...and naughty and sexual. Spiderman being the more modern tye man, Kraven the manliest and SAbretooth the most animalistic. Hell I think you made me like both Kraven and Sabre tooth better here than in the comics. I loved Spidey geeting played with like a boy toy. That was hot. Perfect description of his body. One important thing. Your writing here is so different than in the other series. Completely different. That says a lot. Good Job Miller

    1. Thanks! Appreciate that. I try to change things up to suit the situation.

      One of Spider-Man's defining characteristics is his sense of humor and quips during tense situations. I'm not a particularly funny person, but I tried to convey that side of Spidey through some of his dialogue.

    2. Thays exactly the captured Spider_man perfectly with his humorous banter. I forgot I was reading a story by you, in a sense, and I was easily transported to the comics...of course a more erotic version of the comics haha.