Saturday, June 25, 2016

Inspiration: Leg Nelson

I'm sure we're all familiar with the full nelson. It gets used a lot throughout all kinds of wrestling and has been for many years. A few of the hottest pros have used the full nelson as a finisher, including 80's mega-stud Billy Jack Haynes and The Masterpiece Chris Masters.

The famous Masterlock

So yeah, the full nelson is great, but that's not what this post is about. Today is all about the leg nelson.

The leg nelson is much less famous. I don't remember it being used much in pro wrestling, certainly not recently. That's not surprising to me, because of the dynamics of the hold. It's intricate to apply and static when it's on, both of which are things most modern day pro wrestlers and fans reject. As well, physically it'd be tough for a lot of guys as it's easiest when the applier has long, flexible legs and the victim has narrow shoulders.

Tak shows off while Mogly suffers (buy it here)

Mikey Hanlon traps Max Anderson (buy it here)

Even mighty Dash can't overpower Ethan's legs (buy it here)

I find this one a challenge to write about, because it's multiple steps and there's a lot of positioning to explain. This is a hold that I'll edit and re-write a lot and it's always at least a full paragraph. Victim seated. Applier behind him. Arms grabbed and pulled back. Legs lifted and wrapped around the arms, feet pressing on the neck. Even with all that, I'm not sure it's 100% clear if you've never seen it. Now I won't have to worry, because you will have all seen it.

Of every video I have, it's Jonny Firestorm who uses this the most. It's become one of his signature moves. You might be thinking, "but Alex, he doesn't have long legs! How does he do it?" Good question. With bigger guys, he will bring his feet together and hold them or slide his legs lower, so he's wrapping the biceps and his feet don't press on the neck. So it can be done.

Jonny gets Messina in position (find it here)

Trim Paladin folds under the pressure (buy it here)

Jonny wraps up big-shouldered Austin's biceps (buy it here)

For Aryx, Jonny grabs his feet to keep it tight
(I think this is Arena only - find it here)

While Jonny uses the leg nelson, I don't think I've ever seen him in one. Jake Jenkins is the second best example I had in my collection, but he both uses and suffers in the hold. Like Jonny, he's on the short side, so he uses the same techniques as the heel.

Austin's big shoulders get punished again (buy it here)

Jake wraps up Alex (buy it here)

Josh feels the pinch (buy it here)

Carter gives Jake a taste of his own medicine (buy it here)

So why do I like it? Perhaps it's not particularly sexy looking, but I like it because the victim is so helpless. Arms are pretty much always weaker than legs, especially in this position. A full nelson can be powered out of, but this one? No way. You'd have to roll to the side or maneuver free. If the applier knows how to counter your counter, you're stuck.

I also think that the leg nelson looks dominant and painful. I think it's great for wearing down a jobber physically and psychologically. The victim's legs are usually open and he's forced to look at himself as he's crushed. Likely he's already worn down some, otherwise you couldn't have gotten it on him, so this just breaks him down even further.

And last point, it's a great hold for heel-jobber matches. A good victim can sell the crap out of this hold. His face should be etched with pain while he moans in pain. Meanwhile, the top is casually lying back, flexing or chilling. It tells a story and that's always a benefit.

Z-Man trapped by some sexy legs
(I think this is rental only - find it here)

Darius' big arms, chest and shoulders lose the battle
against Mayne's thin legs (buy it here)

Barnes stretched out by Jonny (find it here)

So that's the leg nelson. It's tough to describe, but fun to watch.

If you want to see more, Wrestling Arsenal has a gallery for the leg nelson.



  1. Your collection of leg nelson pictures is superb, especially the Austin Cooper one because we get to see it from two angles. How his body is stretched and his face in pain are boner-inducing.

    1. Thanks! I always appreciate how RHW uses two cameras, because you never feel like you're missing anything.

  2. Excellent and damn sexy holds! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. That's a very cool move! I haven't seen it done very often. I oughta see if I can make a pose out of it sometime.

    1. Glad you like it! It'd be very cool if you tried, although your magnificently massive muscle gods might be too big, even with a modified version of the hold. ;)

    2. That is... extremely true. *grin* I've had to forego or modify some holds because my studs are quite meaty. Always worth a try, though, yeah. ;)