Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review: Ty Alexander vs. Chase Addams (BGEast)

And I'm back with the second of three reviews from BGEast's Tag Team Torture 19.

Now you might be thinking, "Why is a singles match on a tag team compilation?"

It's a feud between tag partners

Well, see this match follows the events of the first match I reviewed. It documents the destruction of a tag team, the classic falling out between two former friends and partners. This match is what happens when two overly inflated egos can't accept losing. They turn on each other and voila, we have a showdown.

I really appreciate this match appearing with the tag match. You might remember that I reviewed a match with a vaguely similar storyline back in May with Nicholas Rush vs. Lon Dumont. However, their match didn't appear with their tag match, so I didn't even know they'd even been partners much less ever seen them wrestle together. This was kind of satisfying to have closure.

Simply Ty-riffic

The tag match that drove this battle played into all the archetypes of classic tag action. One of those elements is the breakup. Of course Ty and Chase blame the other for their failings as a team. They each see themselves as the stud of the team. The more popular wrestler. And the more talented one, too, of course.

The gear reflects the split. Gone are the matching outfits. Ty keeps his Trophy Boy look, this time in shiny silver. Chase, however, ditches his "Charming" attire for a more intense red and black pro look.

The two no longer look like a team and right from the outset they no longer act like a team. It all starts with conflict and recriminations, but we quickly get into the action. In the beginning, these two go back and forth, even submitting simultaneously the first time.

As an aside, you know you're a pair of jobbers when you BOTH find a way to LOSE the first fall ... in a SINGLES match.

When you've got a breakup, it can get nasty

Humiliation is on the menu

The match is pure pro wrestling. The moves are executed well and a couple are really creative. You will be impressed by the guys here, especially newcomer Chase. He showed skills in the tag match, but really delivers here when he gets to torture Ty. The action is constant, smooth and follows a logical pattern.

There is a more dominant partner as the match progresses to the end. I think my images might be skewed one way over the other. I didn't feel like balancing it out, because Ty just suffers so well. In the end, the matter is clearly settled with a definitive winner. One wrestler is left unconscious while the other documents his defeat with a final picture.

Ty trapped

A classic camel

Nice to see the underused piledriver

And I love Ty smacking Chase in the head with his
ass during this armbar ... look at that bounce

Even though it's a feud, don't expect a blood feud. With these two, it's sexy, playful and light. The guys bring big talk, big personalities and a ton of attitude. These two are talkers. Ty uses catchphrases like "TY-riffic" and "TY-isms". Chase mercilessly mocks his former partner. It's PG-rated with a warning for a bare male butt.

This is a great arm hold - cocky, cruel and humiliating

Chase thinks this is Ty-riffic, but I'm
not sure Ty would agree

In the end, this match makes a perfect pairing with the tag match. They document the complete journey of a heel tag team from the excitement before a match to the eventual bad breakup.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I'm still enjoying Ty's hot match against Beauxregard and now he's got a new hot match coming out! Definitely going to check this one.

    1. Thanks eropuro!!! glad you liked the Xfights 40!!!!!! in this one you get a double dose of me :) and Alex really enjoyed it so i hope that you check this one out too !!!!

    2. Appreciate the comment. I liked the match with Beauxregard, too. I think you'll like this one and the tag match if you like fun pro action.

  2. And as always Alex thanks so much for the review it is always welcome (pos and neg) becasue your honest reviews are great im so glad you enjoyed Tag Team Torture 19!!!!

    1. You're welcome! Keep the great matches coming!

  3. Watching this match I was reminded of your Night vs Day story... Art imitating art imitating art ��

    1. well i hope you liked watching this match :) i knwo i enjoyed making it

    2. Thanks for the comment! It's definitely a classic theme and the guys really do a great job with it.