Friday, July 1, 2016

AMU 100: The Cave Battle Royale

"I should be over there. Fuck, just look at them. The baddest of the bad. That's me."

I look to my right at Bird Boy, "Even if you were still a villain, which you're not, you still wouldn't be over there with them. Those guys are the best villains we have. You were never like them."

My new sidekick looks at me with anger and his muscles tense. He still has delusions of grandeur where his former identity of Spartan is concerned. The 20-year old is 5'11"/205-lbs and an impossibly ripped musclestud. He acts like he was a mighty heel in the wrestling ring, but in reality, he was a heel-jobber who only ever won one match outside the locker room. Otherwise it was nothing but defeat and humiliation.

My sidekick, Bird Boy

I'm The Bat. I'm standing outside the ring for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. In my alter ego, I co-own it with my best friend, who for today's match is actually Bane, my fiercest opponent and a man who utterly destroyed me not too long ago. At least it's not one-on-one. We're having a battle royale between some of our best heroes and villains as we celebrate my 100th match.

Me as The Bat

100 matches. Insane. I didn't even realize it was that many, but my best friend and business partner counted, reminding me of the early days when I was our primary talent and I'd wrestle every couple of weeks in every match. We have a thriving roster now, but it took a long time to build.

As we wait for the cameras to be setup, it's natural that alliances would form, especially between heroes and villains. I'm in a small group of four heroes. In addition to me and my disgruntled but obedient sidekick, I'm with my boyfriend SuperStar and a very good friend of mine who planned only to watch, but is filling in at the last minute. Together, we know we can trust each other.

As The Bat, I not only have the most matches, but also the most wins. I'm a 6'/200-lbs white guy with nicely-defined muscle. I'm not the biggest or most ripped, but sales say I'm still the most popular guy here. I wear black trunks with a red bat symbol over my big bulge, black boots, forearm gauntlets and a black cowl.

To my left is my boyfriend, the 5'11"/190-lbs SuperStar. He's a sexy as hell, half-Asian, half-Causcasian muscleman. SuperStar is smooth, flawless and built with gorgeous pecs and a narrow waist. He wears red trunks with a yellow waistband, shiny red pro boots and a blue mask that covers his head, but exposes his irresistible lips, adorable nose and beautiful eyes. On the middle of his chest is a large temporary tattoo of an S-shield.


Across from me is our new hero, but I'm so happy he's here. In his alter ego, he's one of my best friends in the world, as well as a successful pro wrestling marketer. Today, he's filling in as SuperStud, a member of the Super family. At 6'/195-lbs, Stud is gorgeous, with a chiseled body and rich olive skin from his Middle Eastern heritage. He's wearing black trunks with a silver S-shield on the front, with black pro boots, pads and mask.


Our weakest link is Bird Boy, both from a loyalty and ability perspective. Yes, he's looking perfect in green trunks, short green gloves and boots, a black eye mask, and red bands above his biceps. We've added a temporary BB symbol to his left pec, branding him as my sidekick. Love it. But he's still fighting his temper and arrogance, which makes him unstable and unreliable.

The group of villains that has Bird Boy pining away is made up of four massive and powerful heels - Bane, General Bod, Mr. Riddle, and Nuke Man. My win over Mr. Riddle (which he avenged months later) is the only loss they have to anyone not in their group. Interestingly, in their various identities, Bane, Bod and Nuke Man have all beaten Riddle. Riddle has beaten Bod. And Bane and Bod have beaten Nuke Man. I was hoping their rivalry would continue. Too bad it looks like they're conspiring together.


Among the other assorted villains, we have the massive Ice, a 6'2"/300-lbs bastard. Next to him is his occasional tag partner Storm. Ram is a thick, squat bodybuilder, who will be very tough to eliminate one-on-one. Over in the corner is Diablo, a young, tall stud who gets nasty when he puts the mask on. Ice and Ram are clearly the biggest threats over there.

There are also four other heroes milling around. We've got two American heroes, the chiseled military muscleman Camo and the bodybuilder rookie SuperSoldier. They seem to be chatting up the tall, lanky Canadian hunk called Guardian. I notice Aquarius off on his own, focusing. He's the oldest competitor, but he's a musclestud that can really kick ass.

The remaining four guys go back and forth between hero and villain, depending on their mood and opponent. My favorite is Skull, a hairy, beefy hunk who's low on experience, but very enthusiastic. Thunder is smooth, strong and thickly muscled. The sleek stud Mako is stretching his lean muscles. And last, but not least, we've got Animal, a hairy hunk who is sex on a stick.


In total, we're twenty of our hottest guys and we'll all be in one ring at one time. I don't know how the cameras will keep up.

Battle Royale

Battle royales are simple. Try to stay in the ring. You're eliminated if you go over the top rope and your feet hit the ground. And we keep going until there's one guy left.

As soon as the bell rings, four guys immediately go after the massive Ice. As the only guy over 300-lbs, it makes sense. They fight hard and make progress, but the big man manages to hold his own. Since I can't stand Ice's alter ego of Pete, I grab Bird Boy and we join in. I'm proud to say that we make the difference and he rolls out over the top rope, plummeting to the floor.

I announce, "And ICE is eliminated at the 30 second mark!" I look him in the eye, "Well, at least that's longer than you normally last, am I right?"

Ice rises, shooting me the finger while swearing at the group. Bird Boy and I use the distraction to surprise Ram, eliminating another villainous bruiser. The 240-lbs bodybuilder slams the apron with anger, but accepts his fate with more class and dignity than Ice did. I pat my reluctant sidekick on the back and he actually grins. Maybe Bird Boy realizes the benefit of being a team.

We circle the ring, trying to avoid direct contact. I notice that SuperStud is in a heated one-on-one battle with the tall villain Diablo. Before I can move, SuperStar moves in and the two beat the villain back. The important thing is to engage on your terms. I avoid several guys, dishing out a few kicks and forearms, but mostly letting other guys do the work. My goal is just to make sure my three allies don't get eliminated in these early stages.

A few minutes pass with nobody exiting. Suddenly, I hear a cry to my left, turning to see Animal, a hot and hairy hunk, in trouble. Bane has him in a gorilla press. He throws the stud out, receiving a high-five from Mr. Riddle. The two beasts look for their next victim. We lock eyes and I know the two of them are eyeing Bird Boy and me with hungry eyes.

I brace for a conflict when all four of us notice the beefy duo of Skull and Thunder. They have Nuke Man in trouble, but General Bod steps in. The four of them battle hard, until Bane and Riddle decide to ignore Bird Boy and me. Instead, they move in and change the odds. I grab Bird Boy to make it four-on-four. Skull and Thunder are better for us than any of the four big villains.

Unfortunately, Mako decides to move in on Bird Boy. I can't lose my sidekick, so I can only wave bye-bye to Skull and Thunder. The villains overpower them while we eliminate Mako. We're down to fourteen wrestlers. Make that thirteen as SuperStud and SuperStar team up with the mature muscleman Aquarius to toss out the tall, young heel Diablo.

I'm really glad to see that as I work on the smaller villain, Storm. Aquarius will be a good ally. He's strong and smart and he can help give us a numbers advantage over the four big villains. Too bad my partners don't see it the same way. They immediately toss Aquarius out after Diablo. Damn.

Storm is proving to be more difficult than I thought. He's shifty, able to use the ropes and speed to avoid going out. Suddenly, I get a boot to the back. I fall into the ropes. I spin to face my attacker. It's Mr. Riddle. He comes in for a clothesline, but I manage to duck. We start to grapple. Storm tries to join in, but Bird Boy engages him.

I see General Bod and Nuke Man moving in, but Guardian, SuperSoldier and Camo intercept him as some kind of Canada-USA partnership. SuperStud and SuperStar are taking on Bane, so it's just me versus Riddle. We've wrestled twice, each winning one, but both times, I've taken most of the punishment.

I hold my own and nobody gets eliminated as everyone goes back-and-forth with their partners. Behind Riddle, I see Nuke Man grab Camo and Guardian by the throat. General Bod keeps the hot military musclestud SuperSoldier under control while the massive blonde villain executes a huge double chokeslam. BOOM! He rises to help General Bod with SuperSoldier.

The brave American hero doesn't stand a chance, but I finally see an opening. I can't get rid of Mr. Riddle, but I can use him. While he moves at me, I just shove him. He's surprised by the move and flies back. He stumbles right into Nuke Man. The two villains start arguing, allowing SuperSoldier to escape General Bod, who's more focused on calming his partners.

As SuperSoldier helps up his buddies, Bod settles things down between his allies. I turn and see Bird Boy being frustrated by the tricky Storm. I move in from behind, grab the smaller stud between his legs then lift, tossing him over the ropes. I look smug until my sidekick points at the ring apron.

Bird Boy rolls his eyes, "I've already tried that! A couple of times!"

Sure enough, Storm manages to avoid falling. He keeps his legs up, using the ropes to hit the apron and roll back in under the bottom rope. We stomp him then drag him up again. The smaller villain ducks to escape, but I grab the back of his trunks. I pull him towards us and grab him in a full nelson. With my instruction, Bird Boy pounds the open torso then positions his hands for a gorilla press.

As soon as I release Storm, my sidekick lifts the tricky stud up. He hurls him out into the crowd of eliminated wrestlers, who let him drop, thus eliminating him, finally. We turn and are joined by our buddies SuperStar and SuperStud. They're breathing hard, having failed to push Bane out of the ring, but also avoided him eliminating them.

I take stock of the ring. There are eleven of us left and, not surprisingly, we're the three main factions that developed. In our corner, it's me, Bird Boy, SuperStar and SuperStud. Across from us is Bane, Bod, Nuke Man and Riddle. Then you have Camo, Guardian and SuperSoldier to our right.

The alliances are obvious. The four mega-villains must go, but that's easier said than done. Before we can strategize, the bad guys attack. They go after the makeshift Can-Am Connection with everything they've got. We move to help, but Nuke Man blocks us. Yes, all four of us. He clotheslines the reckless Bird Boy then super kicks SuperStar when he tries to slip past. Fuck.

We help our teammates up, but I see Bane tossing out Guardian then helping Bod toss Camo. By the time the four of us are up, Mr. Riddle and General Bod are finishing off SuperSoldier as Bane and Nuke Man block our path.

And then there were eight.

Final 8: Bane, Bat, Bird Boy, General Bod, Mr. Riddle, Nuke Man, SuperStar, SuperStud

Okay, four smaller good guys against four huge villains. They're bigger and stronger. Odds stacked against us. Well, this is what heroes do, right?

Bird Boy steps forward, saying he should be over there. He rants, ending with a bold declaration, "Dump Riddle! He's nothing! You've all kicked his ass! Join forces with a real badass!" He points at himself.

We all just watch with amusement as the cocky musclestud holds court. The furious Mr. Riddle charges my traitorous sidekick. Bird Boy backs up, but as Riddle gets close, he ducks down and grabs the charging villain by the legs. With a powerful thrust, he squats up, throwing the big man over the top rope.

The sidekick dusts his hands and looks at me, "Still think I'm only a sidekick? I just gave us a huge advantage."

I nod, "Yeah, except he's not out, sidekick."

Mr. Riddle managed to land on the apron. A confused Bird Boy turns right into a hard forearm to the head that staggers him. It was a good idea, but typical over-confidence. At least he didn't really betray us. The remaining three villains charge in. Former football player SuperStar tackles General Bod down to the mat while SuperStud intercepts Nuke Man.

Bane comes at me, but I use his momentum against him. I roll with his charge, turning the big stud. He flies right into Mr. Riddle almost knocking him off the apron. Bane turns towards me, but Riddle pounds him in the back, calling him a clumsy asshole. The villain in black turns and they have a staredown. Bird Boy is back up. He looks over at the two Supers, but they're holding their own. We smile and nod.

My sidekick and I leap in the air. We hit Bane in the back with a double dropkick that sends him right into Mr. Riddle. They smash heads. CRACK! The impact sends Riddle flying to the floor where he crashes onto his ass. His feet drop and he's done. The green-clad villain leaps to his feet, irate and screaming. He directs his vitriol at Bane, calling him every name he can think of.

Final 7: Bane, Bat, Bird Boy, General Bod, Nuke Man, SuperStar, SuperStud

As we rise from the dropkick, Bird Boy dives at Bane's legs. Too bad the villain is too experienced to fall for that. He doesn't allow himself to get distracted by Riddle's rant. Instead, he drives his knee into my sidekick's face. CRACK! The ripped young stud falls to the side, stunned.

Bane looks in my direction, "Now, where were we?"

I can't see his face, but I know he's smiling. Bane always likes wrestling The Bat. Me? I'm less fond of the experience of wrestling Bane. It tends not to work out well for me. There are just guys in wrestling who have your number sometimes and Bane seems to have mine. I need Bird Boy to get up and get his ass over here.

We lock up. I try to stay low, allowing him to overpower me, but not grab me. My purely defensive tactics have us sweating and the big man frustrated. Bird Boy is up, but he doesn't help me. Instead, he sees Nuke Man about to eliminate SuperStud. The sidekick runs over there and breaks it up. The three of them get into it.

Fuck, I'm on my own.

Nuke Man clubs Bird Boy, but SuperStud comes in from behind. He grabs the big villain around the waist then lifts him back and over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Bird Boy grabs the blond musclestud's legs, locking his ankles under his armpits. The other hero stomps on the massive pecs and cut six-pack, working to break down the big guy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see General Bod in control. He tries to lift SuperStar, but the younger stud has him around the leg. Nice block. The hero stands up fast, toppling the villain over. He sees my situation, as Bane has me locked in a bearhug, wearing me down, but he can't turn his back on Bod who's already up.

I struggle in the bearhug, fighting to escape. Bane knows better than to just throw me out. I'm good at reversals. Instead, he's just trying to tire me out. The big villain squeezes on one of the toughest bearhugs I've been in. He's knows my moves, countering my attempts to topple us, box his ears or lock on a front sleeper.

In desperation, I throw my head forward. CRACK! The head butt connects and Bane drops me. The two of us stagger back, stunned. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I can't tell which of us took the worst of it. Bane moves in, but I catch him with a boot to the gut. I lock on a front facelock, squeezing him hard. My turn to wear him down.

The big villain reaches his long arms out, grabbing behind my ass. He stands and my feet leave the ground. Next thing I know, my ass is on the top rope. I hear him say, "Get ready to fly, Bat"

Bane pushes me hard and I roll back, over the top rope. I manage to grab the top rope with one hand and keep one knee draped over it. The villain grabs my boot and forces my leg over the rope. Just in time, I bring my other hand up and hold on for dear life, my feet dangling just over the floor.

Above me, I feel Bane's hands on mine. Fuck. Suddenly, he disappears. I use the moment to summon all my strength. I tighten my abs and bring my feet up, rolling the, over my head. I smoothly re-enter the ring. Damn, I'm good. I turn to see what happened. Bird Boy saved me. He's getting his ass kicked by Bane, but he did his job. Good boy!

I move in and turn the odds in our favor. Bane is tough, but Bird Boy and I have been training together. I lock Bane up high, while my muscular sidekick goes in low. He lifts the 250-lbs monster with ease. Together we charge the ropes. When we reach them, we shove hard and fast. Bane flies out, landing on the floor.

Beside him, Riddle laughs. The furious Bane turns and flattens the green-clad stud with a forearm. Riddle doesn't get up as Bane looks up at Bird Boy and me, shaking his head in frustration. From behind, his fuck buddy Ice moves in and reaches under his arms. He grabs the uber-villain's pecs and rubs them.

As Ice comforts Bane, Storm, Ice's occasional tag partner, moves in with a smile. He kneels and rubs Bane's legs before kissing his bulge. Beside me, Bird Boy is fascinated, but I turn him, reminding him that the action hasn't stopped.

Final 6: Bat, Bird Boy, General Bod, Nuke Man, SuperStar, SuperStud

As soon as we turn, we realize we've made a mistake. It's four heroes against two villains, but behind us, SuperStar and SuperStud are both in trouble. We move in fast, splitting up. I go after Nuke Man and SuperStud, while Bird Boy moves to help SuperStar.

I arrive just in time with a forearm to Nuke Man's thick back, saving SuperStud from being eliminated. He slips back between the top and middle rope while the big blond bodybuilder turns to fight me. I grab him around the waist, lift and slam him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! SuperStud stomps the villain's wide open abs. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Nuke Man grunts as he's stomped. I kneel beside him then reach for his arm, but his resilience surprises me. He pushes me aside onto my ass then trips SuperStud. In seconds, Nuke Man is up while SuperStud and I are on our asses. The blond villain ignores us, charging at SuperStar and Bird Boy. They've got General Bod's legs up and are close to throwing him out.

The big blond villain breaks that up. He grabs Bird Boy by the neck and arm then whips him at me as I move to help. We collide and collapse into a pile. SuperStud charges right into a boot to the abs from Bod as Nuke Man clubs SuperStar to his knees. The two "Super" heroes are being overwhelmed.

"Get off me, Bird Boy!" I push my sidekick aside then rise to join the action.

The cocky sidekick grabs me and pulls me backwards, "I'll handle this!"

Bird Boy races past me. He charges in at General Bod, but the villain sees him coming. He scoops the sidekick up and moves to the ropes. SuperStud grabs Bod's boot, but the handsome heel kicks his boot free. He takes Bird Boy to drop him over the top rope, but I grab the back of the villain's trunks. I stretch them back and yank him back into the ring away from the ropes.

Before I can do any more, Nuke Man kicks me in the side, pushing me from the action. Bod slams the sidekick on top of a rising SuperStud. Both go down. Nuke Man comes at me, but I arm drag him to the mat. Meanwhile, my sidekick rolls off SuperStud. I move to him and I help him to his feet. Suddenly, we're both leveled from behind by Nuke Man. WHAM!

As we struggle to regroup, General Bod drags SuperStud up, whipping him into the corner. CLANG! He sags on the top turnbuckle. Nuke Man controls SuperStar, throwing him in on top of the other "Super". WHAM! Nuke Man runs in and splashes both of them. BOOM! When he backs off, Bod follows in right behind with another big splash that has the two heroes gasping for breath.

Bird Boy and I are up. I start to move in, but my sidekick distracts me, telling me he didn't need to be saved. I stupidly turn to argue with Bird Boy. Suddenly, Nuke Man is there and we're again leveled with a double clothesline. WHAM! We go down hard. From the mat, I watch helplessly as the villains return to the corner and finish the job, eliminating both our Super allies at once.


Final 4: Bat, Bird Boy, General Bod, Nuke Man

General Bod laughs then moves to high-five Nuke Man. "Dude, let's get rid of these two then it'll be just you and - OOF!"

The bigger villain has a different idea. As Bird Boy and I rise, Nuke Man knees Bod in the gut then grabs him into a front facelock. He lifts him up for a suplex, holding Bod aloft. We don't have time to figure out our strategy, so all we can do is watch. As he hangs upside down, Bod can't do much. He's probably more shocked than we are.

Nuke Man steps forward, dropping his former ally forward. Bod's feet flip down, but they're far from the apron. The shocked villain lands on his feet on the floor below, eliminated. The job done, Nuke Man spins to face us. Bod can only stare up at the back of the big blond muscleman who tossed him aside.

And then there were three.

Final 3: Bat, Bird Boy, Nuke Man

We wait as Nuke Man flexes at us, showing off his incredible physique. Impressive, but it's still two-on-one. No need for us to rush in impulsively. As long as we're smart, it'll be me versus my sidekick.

Bird Boy and I spread out to opposite sides. Nuke Man braces for us, smirking with confidence. I step in fast, trying to distract the big villain. Bird Boy moves in from the other side, but Nuke Man expects it. He kicks out with a superkick. My sidekick dodges the boot going low then rising under the extended tree trunk leg. He lifts and topples Nuke Man to the mat. WHAM!

We're on him fast with stomps, our boots pummeling his big body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Nuke Man is big, but he's not that much bigger than us. The two of us combined keep him down as we weaken him. We stop stomping then drag him up. Together, we force him into position then lift and flip him over with a double suplex. BOOM!

Bird Boy rolls over into a schoolboy pin and flexes, showing off. I rise and tell him we're not done, but it's too late. Nuke Man throws him off towards me then rolls to his feet fast. My sidekick flies at my legs and I can't avoid him. We're down while the big blond muscleman is standing, ready to fight.

I scramble up, but Nuke Man grabs Bird Boy by the legs. I move in, but the villain turns fast, lifting my sidekick into an airplane spin. WHOA! I barely leap out of the way. I look for an opening while they spin around. Bird Boy holds his head and yells until Nuke Man lets him go in my direction. The younger ripped muscleman rolls at me.

I leap over the rolling sidekick only to get clotheslines to the mat by a charging Nuke Man. WHAM! He stomps my abs, but I lash out at his ankle. I manage to make him stumble and back up enough to roll and rise into a squat. The villain makes a move at me, but holds up when sees I'm ready to pounce.

To the side, a wobbly Bird Boy rises, shaking out his head. He's pissed and embarrassed, which is never good. It makes him careless. He charges at Nuke Man, who reacts with a boot to the abs. THUD! OOF! The villain clubs the sidekick to the mat. I use the distraction to move in, drop kicking the big blond muscleman back into the corner. CLANG!

I drag Bird Boy away, keeping the big villain at bay with some well-timed kicks. He's smirking as we regroup in the opposite corner. Nuke Man moves towards us, taking ownership of the middle of the ring. I pat my sidekick on the back, whispering, "Okay, new plan. We -"

Bird Boy ignores me. He roars then charges at Nuke Man, only to run right into a chokeslam. WHAM! I sigh then move in cautiously. I try to move us around, putting my sidekick behind the villain. I'm trying to create an opening for him to surprise the big blond stud, but Nuke Man knows what I'm up to. He moves around the rising Bird Boy, keeping him between us.

When Bird Boy is on his hands and knees, I decide to go for a surprise move. I spring forward, putting my boot on my sidekick's back then leaping at Nuke Man. The big man anticipates me, catching me on the way down. Too bad for him, he can't block my arm because he's holding me. Before he can cinch in the bearhug, my forearm clubs across his head.

Nuke Man drops me then staggers backwards. I move in with a boot to his abs then a knee lift to his chest. THUD! WHOMP! He flies back into the ropes. Bird Boy pushes past me, "My turn! I'm finally gonna get a shot to prove I'm no sidekick!" He charges in, even as I tell him to stop. Of course the impetuous muscleman doesn't stop, instead going in to club the bent over villain.

Bird Boy hammers the big blond villain across the back. THUD! THUD! THUD! Nuke Man shrugs it off, grabbing the younger hero around the legs. He stands, lifts and flips, sending my sidekick over the top rope to the floor below. The ripped hero rises to his feet, red-faced as the other eliminated wrestlers laugh at him.

Nuke Man looks at me with hungry eyes, "Finally, I get The Bat all to myself."

Final 2: Bat vs. Nuke Man

Fuck. Oh well, no time to worry about our many, many strategic mistakes. It's time to wrestle and get this muscle monster over the top rope. Somehow. I'm pretty sure I could beat him in a match, but this is a whole different animal.

We lock up fast, so I turn my attention to wrestling. Nuke Man powers me into the corner. CLANG! He breaks, but then unleashes a hard pec chop. WHACK! Sound echoes through the arena as he leaves a red slash over my pecs. He follows up with another. WHACK! I instinctively reach for my chest only to get a knee lift to my abs. OOF!

Nuke Man tries another knee lift, but I'm ready. As he drives it up, I grab under his leg. I lift up, toppling him sideways over the top rope. I get him halfway then start pushing on his firm ass. He fights to stop his momentum, grabbing at the ropes. We struggle as the crowd cheers. His black and gold trunks ride up as I try everything I can to move his bulk.

I fight, but he's too fresh, too heavy and too strong. He grabs a free leg through the ropes, essentially locking himself in place. I hammer on his back, trying to soften him up, but my blows just bounce off the thick muscle. THUD! THUD! THUD! Nuke Man manages to kick his free leg backwards, pushing me away as he rolls back to his feet inside the ring.

When he comes back into the ring, the big blond muscleheel is wobbly. I dropkick him into the ropes then grab him around the waist. I lift, going for a belly-to-back suplex, but his dead weight makes it more of a clumsy side suplex. WHAM! We both rise fast and he tries for a clothesline. I duck then connect with a kick to the abs and a hip toss. THUD! OOF! WHAM!

Nuke Man rolls onto his side, so I stomp him onto his stomach. I work on his back, knowing I need to soften him up if I'm to have any chance. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I drag him up, quickly scooping him across my chest. I take one step towards the ropes before he starts kicking his feet. I strain to hold him, but then he hammers me with an elbow to the head. CRACK! I drop him then stagger back.

I move in fast, trying to stop him from rising, but he kicks back. WHACK! His big boot slams into my leg, clipping my bulge. I drop to my knees, cursing. It's not like I've never suffered a low blow before, but this one was unexpected and powerful. Nuke Man rises, pausing to flex in front of me like he did something great. I fire a fist into his abs, but he laughs it off.

Nuke Man grabs me by the cowl, forcing me to my feet. He scoops me up, but doesn't make the mistake I did by going for the ropes too early. Instead of giving me an opening, he immediately slams me down hard. BOOM! The big blond villain leaps up, coming down with a 230-lbs splash that drives all the air out of my body. SPLAT!

As I lie under him, Nuke Man counts a fast three-count. He mocks me, saying I'm lucky this isn't a match, but we both know I didn't even try to kick out. Why waste the energy? I'm struggling just to breathe right now. He can lie on top of me all day and count to 100, I don't give a shit. The big blond muscleman grabs me by the cowl, dragging me up to my feet.

When I reach one knee, I drive forward, slamming my shoulder into his stomach. I push up, lifting him over my shoulder. I charge the ropes, but he wisely grabs me around the waist. Knowing this isn't going to work, I fall back, driving him into the mat with my weight on top. WHAM! I roll off him, but before I can follow up, he's rolling away and rising fast.

We go for another lockup, but he fools me by going high then low. He twists, grabbing my inner thigh and neck. He squats then lifts, powering me up into a gorilla press. WHOA! I'm caught off guard, amazed by his strength and speed. He presses me three times, showing off then moves to the ropes. I know I need to act, so I squirm and shift. He stops walking, struggling to hold me.

Nuke Man loses his grip. I plummet to the mat, bracing for impact. I land well, immediately rolling away and rising to a squat. As the muscleheel charges in, I tackle him down, using the technique my ex-linebacker boyfriend SuperStar taught me for taking down bigger guys. THUD! WHAM! We crash down hard. I kneel over him then club his head, hoping to stun him. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

I get in three good shots before he throws me off. I rise fast then move in, only to run into a boot that sends me onto my butt. Nuke Man rises then runs at me as I'm on hands and knees trying to get up. He tries for a knee to my head, but I turn in time. WHACK! It still hits my shoulder hard and I fall backwards.

Nuke Man moves in. He grabs my cowl to force me to my feet. When I reach one knee, I fire another ab punch, but it again gets ignored. I reach behind his leg, but the muscleheel clubs my back then my head and I lose focus. He pushes me back then wraps his huge hand around my throat. The big blond monster tightens his grip, choking me as he drags me up.

I grip his forearm as I struggle to breathe. Nuke Man puts his other hand on my ass, squeezing tight. He lifts then drops me with a chokeslam that shakes the entire ring. BOOM! I roll onto my side, coughing and fighting to recover. The muscleheel has other ideas. He grabs my legs then forces me onto my stomach. He sits, putting me into a Boston crab. I feel my back seizing up as he tries to weaken my back. We both know I need all my strength to lift him. He's trying to make sure that can't happen.

I pound the mat as the pain builds. There's no point in submitting, so I just suffer and fight to escape. Nuke Man releases the hold then stomps my aching back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I bounce and flop on the mat as the big boots break down my back even more. The muscleheel drags me up, surprising me by pulling me into a sleeper.

Nuke Man tightens his arms around my head as I fight to twist. It's unusual and unexpected, but smart. An unconscious opponent is easy to toss out. We strain and struggle, each fighting hard. We're sweating a lot, which helps me as our smooth flesh becomes slippery. I manage to avoid going out, frustrating the big man with my ability to counter his move.

I run us backwards into the corner, slamming him in hard. CLANG! It barely fazes him as he immediately clubs the back of my head, sending me staggering forward. When I turn, I'm scooped up then slammed onto his leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! I moan as he holds me in place, making sure I feel the full effect.

Nuke Man finally pushes me off with disdain, rising then planting a boot on my abs. He pushes down, driving his weight down into me. The big blond villain flexes over me as I writhe under him. I get dragged up again then lifted and dropped in a gut buster. OOF! I almost puke before I get pushed off his leg.

Nuke Man scoops my battered body up, holding me across his chest. He carries me to the ropes, forcing me over. As he moves to drop me, I wrap my legs around his arm and grab behind his head. He tries to push me off him, but I hold on tight. I pull down, which combined with his pushing on me, drags us both over the top rope and down.

We fall together. I slam hard onto the ring apron, while Nuke Man tumbles past me to the floor. The other wrestlers erupt as I roll under the bottom rope. The musclebound villain is shocked as he rises, realizing I won.

I rise to my feet and hold my arm up in the air. I flex, showing off for the cameras, but also for all the losing wrestlers, reminding them who's main man of The Cave. SuperStar rolls in to congratulate me, followed by the other heroes. As we celebrate, I lock eyes with Nuke Man, who just shakes his head in disgust.

The Stakes

I bask in the glory of winning the first-ever Cave Battle Royale. It's pretty cool, but I also get the stakes. I look around the crowd. Any one of their hot asses can be mine. The question is which one do I want? I quickly realize that there's only three options.

Ice, as first man out, is one choice. I hate that guy, but he's a bottom. He'd enjoy getting fucked by me way too much. My big cock would be more like a prize than a punishment, so no way.

There's also Bane, who is standing, trunks off, cock ready to penetrate Ice's fat ass while being fondled by Storm. By fucking my nemesis, I'd get revenge for my worst humiliation ever, plus get to deprive Ice from getting fucked by the big villain. It would piss him off to no end. While Bane and I have fucked before, there's more to it now, including my relationship with SuperStar. It might be weird.

So I opt for door number three. I wave Nuke Man, the incredibly hot musclestud, forward. As last one out, fucking him makes sense. Fans will love it, plus after the beating he put on me, itll be a small measure of payback.

The big blond villain enters the ring, muttering to himself. I order him to take off his trunks then stand in the middle of the ring. I circle the big hunk, surveying my prize. I've seen it all before, but he's even more spectacular up close. I knead his bulging pecs, playing with the huge, hard slabs of beef. When I move behind him, I fondle his mountainous ass. Damn.

I circle back in front. His cock is semi-hard, so I punch him in the abs. He grunts, but holds firm. His cock twitches and swells up a little more. I lightly work his torso until he's hard as a rock, his thick cock standing at attention, pointing at me. I grip it tightly with my right hand, squeezing and jerking. He moans. When I work his right pec with my left hand, he lets out an "Aw fuck!"

I smirk then order him to his knees. I slide my boot under his balls then bounce them on the shiny black leather. I order him to suck my cock. He moves in and gets to work, first working me inside my trunks then peeling them down below my ass and balls. The big man knows how to suck cock, even though he's mostly a top. His huge hands rub my leg and work my balls.

As Nuke Man blows me, I flex my arms, showing off. Oh, he's good. I stop flexing then grab his head, guiding him as well as using him for support. I could shoot down his fucking throat right now, but of course I hold back. I face fuck him for awhile longer then push him off. I make him strip my trunks the rest of way, enjoying the sight of him hunched over on his knees as he works the tiny spandex over my big wrestling boots.

When he's done, the big blond villain returns to his knees and awaits instructions as I circle him. I finally order the villain onto his back as I prep my cock. I force his legs up, leaning forward and using them to brace myself. He's so big and strong that he stays steady without any trouble as I keep him folded up.

As I stare down into his eyes, I make Nuke Man strike a double bicep flex as he lies there, boots and ass up, shoulders pinned. I force my cock inside him, taking my time. He moans, but maintains his composure, even as I force my porn-size cock into his ass. The villain is tough, refusing to show any discomfort.

Once in, I pump my hips, driving my cock down into him. I go deep, savoring the feeling of his tight muscle hole wrapped around my monster dick. Nuke Man is really moaning now as I pound him hard. The guy is way more top than bottom, but he manages to hold on. His cock is huge as it hangs down, the head lying between his pecs as I keep him folded up.

I make Nuke Man jerk himself, telling him to shoot between his pecs. He obeys, sliding his hand into position then pumping hard. In doesn't take long before he erupts onto his pecs, hot white cum even splashing up to his chin. His seed runs between the bulging chest muscles to his neck then down to the mat.

Seeing him coat himself gets me too hot. I pull out then release his legs. They snap forward, spread around my legs. I uncover my cock then mount his hips. I work myself for a minute then explode onto his pecs, adding my seed to his. I spray my seed all over his smooth, sculpted chest, marking it as my own with my cum.

I rest for a moment then rise. I put my boot on Nuke Man's cum-soaked chest and flex for the cameras one last time before we wrap up. The wrestlers celebrate a fun match then we all make our way to the locker rooms.

In the Locker Room

At Bane's direction, the eight finalists all move to one locker room, while the other 12 use the other one. I'm sure they'll have fun, but I wouldn't have minded all 20 of us together. Still, I know we're going to have some of our own.

As soon as we're in the room, Mr. Riddle points at SuperStud, "Hey newbie, you're fucking hot. Get over here, I want your ass."

I stop him, "No, no, no. You were out first amongst us, so you don't get a say. Who here has not fucked Mr. Riddle?" SuperStud, SuperStar and Bird Boy raise their hands. "Okay, that's what I figured. Which of you wants to join the rather large club of guys who've fucked him?"

My sidekick seizes the opportunity, claiming the bigger muscleman's ass for his own. He finished higher than either Super, so he gets his way. Mr. Riddle snarls. He says to the group, "Yeah, well who has fucked The Bat?" Everyone except Bird Boy and Nuke Man raise their hands. "Yeah, that's what I figured. Looks like that's club's even bigger."

Nuke Man claims my ass, but I remind him, "I won." He curses. I smile at General Bod, a guy I've beaten , but never fucked. The handsome pro shakes his head, but I say, "C'mon, Bod. I didn't fuck you because I thought you couldn't take it, but I hear you got fucked by Riddle out in Florida." The implication is clear. The villain hangs his head but comes over to me.

As Bod stands beside me, I whisper, "Don't sulk. You can fuck me, too."

The handsome blond stud smiles broadly then grabs my ass with fervor, "Now you're talking, dude."

Bod drops to his knees to get started, knowing he's getting some, too. He starts rubbing my ass and legs. I shudder a little when he kisses my abs. Fuck, he's so hot.

I look up to see the other four guys pairing off. Nuke Man looks at SuperStar, but Bane pulls the big beast towards him. I know the big villain enjoyed some private action last time Nuke Man was in town. Looks like they're going again. They move off, leaving the Supers. They've fucked before, but based on their growing cocks, neither one seems too disappointed.

My subservient villain is sucking on my bulge as he caresses my pec with his left hand and cups my ass with his right. It feels great. I let him work until my cock is uncomfortable in my tight black trunks. I push his masked face away from my manhood and force him to look at me. "You're great at that. You must have had some practice."

The proud villain doesn't reply, so I order him to strip my trunks. He does. When my cock springs free, it slaps him across the face. WHAP! He bends down to remove my trunks all the way. As he rises, he slides the top of his head under my balls. Fuck. His short blond hair scrapes my junk, tickling it and forcing me to whimper a little.

Bod smirks at my reaction, so I shove my monster cock down his throat hard and fast. He takes it, struggling at first, but he's surprisingly good at this. The handsome hunk goes to town on my cock. He fondles my balls and I gasp. Oh, he is good. I don't want to lose it down his throat, so I pull out.

I order him onto hands and knees then sheathe my cock. Bod whispers, "Go slow, dude."

I comply, out of respect. We're friends out of costume and I like him a lot. He's a really cool, down-to-earth guy. However, he also has an impossibly hot body and his ass is perfect. I pierce his hole and he moans. The villain whimpers as I slowly work inside him, my cock spreading him out. The mostly straight stud accepts me, but it's a struggle.

Once I'm in, he relaxes and his whimpers turn to moans. I slowly and carefully start to ride him, making the moment last.

Bird Boy and Mr. Riddle

As I fuck Bod, I look around. I see that Bird Boy has already lost control of his situation in the shower room. Ugh, such a sidekick. He's standing spread eagle against the wall with Mr. Riddle's cock up his ass. The punk just can't handle a real villain. The bigger musclestud is pounding him hard, driving in deep into the ripped wannabe hero's ass.

Water is streaming out onto their tanned, muscular bodies. Bird Boy is groaning and begging Riddle to stop, but it's obvious that he's loving every minute of this reversal of fortune. His cock is rock hard and his pleading is just a front. The villain grabs the younger hero's hair and pulls back as he splits him in two. It's too much for the sidekick. He spontaneously explodes, his cock unleashing his seed onto the tile wall and floor.

Mr. Riddle keeps riding him, mocking him for his quick sexual submission. The villain promises he can keep going all night. The drained sidekick can only moan as he's dominated.

Bane and Nuke Man

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Bane and Nuke Man straddling the bench. Both men have their trunks off. The bigger stud in black is sitting, mask pulled up to expose his mouth. He gets to work on the standing blond stud's cock. The bigger villain is versatile, so I guess he's accepting the bottom role. I get it. Nuke Man is smoking hot, plus Bane has already fucked Ice, while Nuke Man bottomed for me. They're both hungry for a reversal of positions.

Bane plays with his cock as he sucks, obviously enjoying the moment. Nuke Man face fucks the bigger stud long and slow. When he's really hard, he pushes Bane off his cock then forces him back on the bench. The big villain willingly lies back, his shoulders and arms hanging down as the narrow bench can't support his broad back.

Nuke Man lifts the black boots into the air. He slips his condom on and hoists Bane's legs up. The strong, blond villain powers Bane's ass up until it's positioned just right, the big man's legs draped up by Nuke Man's bulging biceps. Not many men could handle Bane like this, but the blond stud is so strong. I bet Bane loves being with a guy who can handle his beef.

The blond villain thrusts his hips forward, parting Bane's ass then entering his hole. He drives in, firmly and forcefully. Unlike me with Bod, Nuke Man isn't going easy. He plunges in deep on the second thrust. Bane cries out, but begs for more. He encourages Nuke Man to go harder and deeper.

Bane moans as he's fucked as hard as he can take. With his mouth exposed, I can see that he's smiling as he gasps for air, loving every minute. Nuke Man rides the big man hard, pounding the big ass so hard that Bane has to grab the bench to stop himself from sliding. It's a powerful fuck, but the blond muscleman knows Bane can take it and a helluva lot more.

Bat and General Bod

Oh fuck, I'm brought back to focus when I feel the strong urge to cum. I grip Bod's hips as I struggle to suppress my load. Instead of waiting, I slide out, ripping the condom off. I grab him and spin him back onto his knees. I rise then force his mouth on my cock again. He's surprised as I hold his head. I face fuck him then shoot into his mouth, forcing him to swallow my load.

The handsome hunk coughs and gags, but he handles it. When I stop erupting down his throat, I slip out. He wipes his mouth. At first, he looks pissed, but then Bod smiles and starts to rise.

"Nice. Looks like it's my turn, dude."

I smile and nod before dropping to my knees, ready to accept whatever he wants to do. Bod wastes no time. He puts his big cock at my lips. I open wide and accept it, using my hand and mouth to get him moaning fast. I enjoy the moment, but Bod is bi and has the patience of a straight guy. It doesn't take long before he's done with oral and just wants to fuck me.

This isn't our first time like this. I beat the blond, beautiful Bod the first time we wrestled, but he's so smoking hot that I actually threw the re-match just to be fucked by him. I get into position on my hand and knees, looking at my boyfriend and good friend, who're also fucking across the room. I feel Bod grip my hips then his cock at my hole. He pushes inside and it feels so good.

SuperStar and SuperStud

As Bod rides me, I see my boyfriend on his back, legs up. SuperStud is balanced on top of him and inside him. The hot Middle Eastern hero is slowly thrusting, driving down like a jackhammer as he takes SuperStar's amazing ass. They're both smiling broadly, enjoying a fun fuck between friends.

Stud thrusts down harder and faster, encouraged by Star every step of the way. I know the bottom hunk can take anything the top can dish out. The olive-skinned beauty gets to work, really pounding down on his lover. I moan in unison with Star as we're both taken by one of the two handsome men who're best friends in their alter ego.

Oh fuck, I close my eyes as my ass is drilled by the hot villain. He reaches forward to grab my cowl, pulling my head up as he rides me. Bod is really into it. I close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of his savage pounding.

The Money Shots

Somehow, it's like all the tops - Riddle, Nuke Man, Bod and SuperStud - sense it's time. It's not planned, but I see Mr. Riddle pull out of Bird Boy. He uncovers his cock then unleashes his load, spraying it all over the sidekick's supple ass.

Bane is working his own cock as he's fucked. He shoots his load up his torso from navel to neck, giving up his seed as the blond hunk pounds his ass. When Bane is drained and limp, Bod pulls out then adds his own ropes of white hot cum. He coats Bane's chest and abs, streaking the big villain's massive torso.

Bod sounds almost ready as I hear SuperStud cry out. Stud stops and moans as he unloads inside the pouch up SuperStar's ass. The bottom hero can't handle the feeling of warmth inside him. He explodes without being touched, his rock hard cock firing onto his abs and running onto his chest. SuperStud's cock slides out of SuperStar's ass. He lowers the younger stud's legs. SuperStar drops and they lie together, kissing deeply.

All eyes turn to me and I hear Bod's breathing accelerate into short gasps. He pulls out then stands, stripping off the latex prison then lining my back with his seed. He makes a stripe down my back, marking me as I've marked so many other men. When he's finished, I quickly drain my third load of the night from my cock. Bod circles around and helps me to my feet.

We just look at each other with small smiles, not saying a word.

Bat and Nuke Man

I watch the naked Nuke Man wiping down his mat. Fuck, he's such a musclebeast. Everyone else is busy, cleaning up. I come in beside him. He looks up at me from his hands and knees, "What now?"

"How long you in town?"

Nuke Man turns and sits on his ass. He brings his knees up and spreads his legs. I nod as I check out his big cock and balls. He smirks, his confidence back in full force, "Why?"

I smirk right back, "It was fun, being in the ring against you. I think I'm the only one here that you haven't wrestled in a legit one-on-one match. Wanna do something about that?"

The big blond villain rises up. He grabs me in a light bearhug, "Fuck yeah, Bat. I owe you some payback for today." I just smirk. Nuke Man tightens the squeeze to let me know what I'm in for. I grunt as he crushes me, but I just go with it. I think of three ways I could escape, but no point in wasting one now. He lets up and just nods.

The bodybuilder frowns, "Too bad I'm flying out first thing in the morning, but I'll come back real soon for another shot at you."

We make plans to wrestle the next time he's in town, full stakes. I check him out and I contemplate how much I want to win. Nuke Man reads my mind. He shakes his head, "Don't even think about any Pink Punk jobber shit. I want The Bat. Full gear. Full force. My win is gonna be real."

I nod, accepting his terms. Pink Punk is my jobber identity when I'm feeling submissive. Looks like it'll stay in the closet. It's cool. I don't mind beating and fucking him again. I head to the other locker room, followed by the other seven studs. As soon as we enter, my cock swells up again from the overwhelming smell of sex filling the locker room.

I march into the shower, staring at the 12 studs. I announce, "Okay, who here wants to be fucked by the Battle Royale winner?"

The End


  1. Dude! One of your best stories yet! The action! The surprises! The shifting alliances! I don't know how you were able to coordinate so many moving parts, but you did it in amazing fashion. You even managed to blend the comic book rivalries with the history between some of the Cave's members by having certain groups target others -- don't think that effort didn't go unnoticed! It would've been easy to just have some generalized action, but you even went into specific one-on-one action and details. I felt like I was right there ringside (and sometimes like I was even in the ring). I'm actually late to work now because I couldn't stop reading, lol!

    It was the return of all my favorite characters, including Storm, who we haven't seen in a while. Here's hoping we see him in singles competition versus Bird Boy, who eliminated him.

    And speaking of Bird Boy, it was awesome seeing him in such an expanded role! I hope he's cocky/foolish enough to try to take on some of those villains by himself. :)

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    All in all, this was an incredible story. You've completely outdone yourself, and don't feel like you have to top it because if future stories are even CLOSE to being this good, they'll be phenomenal!

    1. Wow, thanks for the comment! I appreciate all the thought you put into it. Great analysis. It wasn't easy to manage, so I'm glad it all worked.

  2. What better way to kick off the 4th of July weekend than with these kinds of fireworks! :)

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    1. You're welcome!

      I'm sure Ram will return in a full match next year, but one thing about Battle Royales is that the big guys like Ram and Pete have to go early to make the rest of it exciting.

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    1. You are welcome. Thank you for reading and always commenting. 100 stories only happens with fans like all you guys.

      Storm did have a singles match at the end of 2016, but he got bumped to 2017. The final five Cave stories for this year all happen over a weekend and I needed that slot. But I've got 2017 mapped out and he's on the master plan.

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    1. Thanks! I especially appreciate all the character comments.

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    1. Glad it worked for you. I'm not usually a fan of Battle Royales either, but it seemed like a good option for my 100th story.

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      Ram is cool, but he was never going to be anything more than a bit player in my 100th story. Once I decided on a Battle Royale, I really focused on the eight guys who'd been driving the stories - the three narrators from The Cave (Cody, Ryan, Jae), the two from R69 (Ben, Jeff) and the three guys I see as the most significant secondary stars (Riddle, Beau, Xaq). At least he made it in.

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