Monday, July 18, 2016

Inspiration: Bow and Arrow

Have you ever called something a name for a really long time, but then later found out that you might have been wrong the whole time?

Below are two different holds. One is what you get if you google the "Bow and Arrow". The second set is what I call the "Bow and Arrow", but apparently I'm wrong. Oops. From now on, I'll have to think about this when writing.

The "Real" Bow and Arrow

Ethan's helpless on Dash's shins
(Dash Decker vs. Ethan Andrews - RHW)

Now, I've obviously seen this hold quite often. And I get the name. The victim is bent like a bow as his back is tortured in a backbreaker. In fact, I actually think "bow and arrow backbreaker" would be a great name for this hold and that's what I might use.

To apply the hold, you get your opponent on his stomach. Next, fold his legs so they're secure. You'll want to bury your knees in your victim's back, grab his ankles and under his chin. Once you're set, you can roll, roll, roll your way to a submission.

Damien shows how to apply the hold
(Damien Rush vs. Cal Bennett - MDW)

I've never been in this hold nor have I applied it. I think it's sexy to look at, but not so sexy to be in for either party. I do see it a lot in BGE, RHW and UCW where the guys are lighter and more flexible. You also see it messed up a lot. It's tough to power a guy up like this, but when you get it right, it's worth it.

On the second try, Alex feels the pain
(Jake Jenkins vs. Alex Waters vs. Josh Steel - RHW)

Austin looks good stretched out
(Austin Cooper vs. Jonny Firestorm - BGE)

Obviously this hold is about displaying the victim. His body is stretched out, his bulge thrust up into the air and he's pretty much helpless. The applier of the hold is almost invisible, except for his butt.

It's convincing to me as a painful looking backbreaker, so I appreciate that, too. And if you've got it on tight, you can always add in some bouncing to amp up the pressure.

Chace was born to be hung out like this
(Jonny Firestorm vs. Chace LaChance -

UCW cameras always zoom in tight
(Max Ryder vs. Axel - UCW)

Dirty Daddy's ass is all we can look at
(Dirty Daddy vs. Tak - Thunders Arena

Max gives Tyson a ride for added punishment
(Max Ryder vs. Tyson Hammer - UCW)

My Bow and Arrow

Now, here's my idea of a bow and arrow. I'm not sure why I think this, other than maybe because it simply looks like one. The victim is the bow and the top is arrow. Either way, this hold also gets used a ton. It's easy to apply. Even the biggest novice could do it. It also has the added benefit of really displaying the bodies.

Axel once again on the receiving end
(Malik vs. Axel - UCW)

Alex pulls hard on Zack
(Alex Waters vs. Zack Jonathan - RHW)

Tyson returns the favor by bending Max
(Tyson Hammer vs. Max Ryder - UCW)

Lucas is having more fun than Austin
(Austin Cooper vs. Lucas Payne - RHW)

Pop quiz: Who's that victim?
(??? vs. Ethan Andrews - RHW)

Eli cranks on Jake Jenkins
(Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black - RHW)

Jake sells everything like a champ
(Jake Jenkins vs. Austin Cooper - RHW)

Damien adds a twist, using his knee instead of his foot
(Damien Rush vs. Cal Bennett - MDW)

I hope I haven't confused you in any story.

Which one is better? Any favorite screen grabs? Of course if you know the real name of my version, please let me know in the comments!


PS. And in case you didn't know or click, the mystery victim is Jake Jenkins, of course. He does get a lot of play in these posts, mainly because he's so good at applying holds and suffering in them. Unlike a lot of guys, he doesn't get stuck with the same moves, so if there's a hold I'm thinking of, odds are Jake either did it or had it done to him.


  1. Dirty Daddy's body is my dream land.

  2. I prefer "your" Bow and Arrow than the "right" one. I think it´s sexier, easier to imagine, easier to apply and more painful. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it's pretty hot, right? I wish I knew what it was really called, but "bow and arrow" works for me with the 'real one' being a 'bow and arrow backbreaker'.

    2. Yeah, it does look more like a backbreaker with some acrobatics.