Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quick Hit: Mikey vs. Damien The Rematch (Movimus)

I don't know if it's the right approach to do these types of rematches back-to-back. I did it with Mikey/Max and Jake/Austin. As an aside, I haven't bought the new Jake/Austin Thunders match. I'm excited to see Jake back, even with what looks to be an unfortunate new tattoo on his pec, but I own two other versions of this matchup, so there's not a ton of urgency to buy a third.

Anyway, I feel like sometimes it's good to do them together to get the whole picture, but it also doesn't leave as much to say for the second time around. I mean, it's still Movimus. The guys look and sound the same. The contrasts are still there. The action is even pretty similar.

Mikey channels the Karate Kid

Damien's beautiful bridge

That's why Mikey vs. Damien: The Rematch is an image-centric Quick Hit.

Now, I did like this one a lot, too, but unless you're just really jonesing for more Mikey or Damien, I definitely wouldn't watch them back-to-back. In the catalogue description for this one, they say there's a World Series match coming with these two, but it hasn't come out. Maybe it didn't work out, but I'd be likely to buy it when and if it emerges.

As I've talked about before with Movimus, the video looks awesome. Fans of sweaty, pumped muscleman will like this, as both guys give it their all. Mikey shines in white, glowing by the end of the match, his muscles defined by the sweat under the bright lights. Damien looks even better in his purple briefs when he's messy and wet, working hard to avoid a loss to the lighter weight stud.

The battle is pretty intense, once again showcasing skill vs. size. There is a winner in this match, but it's Movimus, so the match doesn't end on a submission. It just stops, the guys get up, shake hands and we're out. I assume they had a time limit, but I'm admittedly always a little perplexed by this part of their product.

In the end, this is another great showing from Mikey. Damien works well in this format, especially as he's forced to react and be more natural, out of 'character'. They've got good chemistry, as they seem like they enjoy wrestling each other. It's a cool dynamic and they're a pleasure to watch.

They're too hot, hot damn, call the police and the fireman

Just glowing

Damien's big body stretched out

I'll tumble for you

Damien uses his weight to control Mikey

Mmm, Mikey stretched out

Aw, that's sweet

Damien feeling good (and why wouldn't he?)

Damien feeling not so good

Shiny happy people

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