Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Lucas Payne (RHW 1.0)

By now I'm sure everyone knows that Jake Jenkins is back in action for Thunders Arena. Truly this is a joyous event. I have watched two matches and written two reviews, but they won't appear until 8/18 (vs. Steel) and 8/20 (vs. Frey). I've actually completed all my August posts and it's a jam-packed month with 4 stories, an epilogue, 9 reviews and a Who's Who.

Today, I'm not focused on the present, I'm looking back to Jake Jenkins vs. Lucas Payne. This is my fourth monthly post on the glory days of Rock Hard Wrestling. Jake is clearly the reason I bought this video, but I have to say that his opponent did catch my attention, too. However, muscle boys were RHW's stock in trade, so it's not like that was enough to inspire me to buy. No, it was definitely Jake.

Jake's the best, but Lucas has a certain appeal, too

Jake is his usual gorgeous and charismatic self. He's pumped and confident with muscles pulsing and arsenal of hot holds ready to go. His opponent is Lucas Payne, a flash in the pan for RHW. He's a hot teen bodybuilder, looking powerful and cute with big ears. He's also confident and why wouldn't he be? Young, strong and bigger, he's unafraid of the smaller stud.

The rookie loves dominating a superstar

But Jake knows how to deal with a big man

When you've got him down, keep him down

As the video starts, a very cocky Jake is in the ring, calling out the teen bodybuilder. This is another skill vs. power confrontation and the guys deliver. RHW 1.0 always has great production values, which is why I used the same aesthetic for The Cave. The wrestlers look great, the multiple cameras ensure you get the best angle and the audio is loud, but clear.

One of the reasons I chose to review this match is that it breaks the RHW formula in several ways. There's more back-and-forth. There's a pinfall, rather than a submission for the first fall. And some of the holds and moves are unique, including the final submission. I appreciate that, especially when I look back to watch something. This match stands out for repeat viewing.

Lucas uses his power to try to break Jake

Jake is a stud on the mats

Huh, Lucas can do this mat stuff, too

Action-wise, it's pretty damn hot. Both of these guy look hot suffering. They're a great contrast and the more frequent than normal reversals makes the time go fast.

Jake can make anyone look good. It's not perfect, with some sloppiness from both parties. Jake's main slips are driven by Lucas' inexperience and the sweat-covered mat. Lucas is a bit clumsy at times, but I didn't mind that. I can see it as being in character as a teen bodybuilder who thinks his power is all he needs.

Jake feels the force of teen bodybuilder power

Jake punishes the young muscleman

Yep, Jake's light as a feather to Lucas

In the end, I've enjoyed this video multiple times, which is always a great sign. The guys are studs and the action is solid. It's these videos that made Jake the kind of star that guys long for, even five years later and after a lengthy break.

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So that's my take. What's yours? Have you watched this? Did you like it? Share your thoughts in the comment box!



  1. Great review as always, Jake's achingly hot, and this looks like one hell of a match!

    1. Thanks! I did like this match. It's worth a look if you get a chance.

      Glad you like Jake, because I've actually got a lot of Jake coming in August. It just worked out this way, but I'm posting four separate reviews about matches from three separate brands.

  2. Great review! Love the pics and gifs. This is a great match. Jake, of course, is a total babe. So glad he is back in shape and wrestling again. Someone with his skill level and sex appeal should never have gotten out of the game! I look forward to reading what else you have to say about Jake in the coming month.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Jake is one-of-a-kind, so I'm with you on all that.

  3. Lucas was hot! His pants and shoes though were blah. Were was Alex when they needed a gear suggestion. What would you have suggested? Jake Jenkins is back!!! Jake Jenkins is back!!!!!

    1. Thanks! The use of brown squarecuts is always a mistake at RHW. How they made it into the rotation, I'll never know. As for Lucas, well, he's a ripped muscle teen, so I would've suggested calling him Spartan and putting him in leather briefs. That's what I did. LOL. Briefs would've been great. Since it's RHW and they fear trunks, light-colored squarecuts. The blue ones Bruce Ballard rocked would've been nice.