Friday, July 15, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S107

"Fuck Brooks, I wanna hear you squeal like a Texas pig. I bet I could just wreck you."

"I bet you could. Man, Caleb, I wanna wrestle you so -"

I interrupt with a stern, "Move along, Brooks."

Brooks blurts out, "John? What? I'm just -"

I grab Brooks by the back of the neck, "I know what you're doing. It's not gonna happen. Not today. Not ever. Caleb is here for me and just me. Go find action somewhere else." I pull him close then whisper, "Trust me, you don't want his kinda action."

Brooks going all jobber for Caleb

Caleb shrugs, "Looks like the boss man wants me all to himself. But I'm in Fort Worth all week. After I put him down, you and me. Private match at your place -"

I point my finger at Caleb, "Shut the fuck up. You're in my house. My rules."

Brooks looks the smirking Caleb up and down then looks back at me. He reluctantly leaves us alone, trusting me enough to know I wouldn't do this if it wasn't for a good reason.

Me, looking serious as I warn Brooks off

Caleb says to me, "Fuck, that ginger cowboy is smoking hot. You better not have ruined this for me, old man. I get this is your deal, but you can't stop me from wrestling him when and how I want. He's a submissive little bitch who wants to be fucking crushed. You know first hand that's my specialty. What's your problem?"

Caleb trying to intimidate me

I tell Caleb, "Brooks likes pro-fantasy. You're not so good on the fantasy. Remember Lakeside?"

"Yeah, you and me had real good time. Until you fell apart. I still get hard thinking about you whining about your shoulder. Remember when your knee gave out? How many times did I pin and submit you? By the end, knocking you out was like a mercy killing. It's hell being old, right dude?"

I stare at the muscleman from Philly with hard eyes, "Fuck off, you fucking punk."

Caleb ignores my reply, "At least your ass held up, am I right? I was kinda surprised how tight your hole was, an old jobber like you." Caleb grabs his bulge, "That ass is why I came here, but now that I see all these guys here? I might never leave.”

I fight to hold it together, "Listen, you're in my town. You and me got some unfinished business. That's all this is. Hands off anyone else in my cities."

Now Caleb gets angry, "Your cities? Plural? Fuck off. I'm gonna set up private matches. Fort Worth. Dallas. Anywhere in between. There's nothing you can do about it."

I raise my eyebrow, "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I remember Lakeside. Do you? Maybe Alzheimer's has set in, old man, but I put you down like a dog. You thought you were so fucking tough. Big, bad King John. You picked me out and just had to wrestle me right away. You could barely walk when I was done with you. No one thought you were so tough after that. Just like these guys. Once they hear you begging, they won't give a flying fuck what you think."

I just snarl. Lakeside is one of the biggest underground wrestling events of the year. Guys come from all over to wrestle and bond at a secluded campground by a huge lake. I've attended every year since it started and have built a reputation as a stud. Guys start lining me up a year in advance. They've even sold some of my matches, helping to fund the event with the profits.

It was humiliating, getting publicly destroyed by a thug like this. I wasn’t the only one and Caleb hasn't been invited back. Guys know better now, but losing to him at a big event like that, in front of my friends? It sucked. I ain't a victim. That's why I'm doing this during one of our group events and not in private. I need guys to see me beat his sorry ass. I need redemption.

I'm 6'/200-lbs and nearly 50 years old, which is why he calls me old man. I work like crazy to keep myself in amazing shape and I know how to wrestle. Meanwhile Caleb is in his late 20's and 6'1"/220-lbs of rock solid muscle. He knows how to brawl. What makes him dangerous is that he's a ruthless piece of shit, something I learned too late that last time we met.

The punk looks around the huge building at the back of my property in Fort Worth Texas. I've got a ring, mats, lockers, showers and a bunch of guys who come here to wrestle on a regular basis. All types of guys and all styles in a safe, fun and open environment. We got all kinds, from serious Greco-Roman and submission to pro fantasy and erotic and everything in between.

Caleb says, "This is a fucking sweet setup. You know I'm gonna take it from you, right? It'll be my setup for as long as I'm in town. I'm gonna toss Brooks on your carcass when I'm done with him. Count on it."

I've had enough. It's time to shut this punk up. I tell him, "Get changed then get in the ring. Let's finish this so I can throw you out on your ass."

Wrestling Caleb

We stretch out for a few minutes, both in tight black gear. Caleb looks smug, talking with some of the guys at ringside. He’s hot and he talks like a bad boy, so the jobbers are eating it up. They don’t get that he’s not kidding when he says he’ll hurt them. The thug flexes and the boys almost cream their trunks right there. I can’t be mad at ‘em. I was the exact same.

Caleb in gear

My favorite black trunks

I’m done so I march to the middle of the ring, “All right, you ready?”

Caleb turns, “Question is, are you ready, old man?”

The muscleman walks to the middle of the ring and we bump chests, staring each other down. We stare into each other’s eyes, trying to show how tough we are. One of the guys yells, “Just kiss already!” Laughter in the crowd. They just don’t get it. But they will.

We break then circle. We lock up fast, testing our strength. Caleb is a powerful motherfucker, but he’s an oaf. He pushes forward like a bull, so I twist then trip him to the mat. WHAM! He lands face first. I come down with an elbow drop to the back of his head. WHACK! Caleb’s face slams into the canvas, stunning him while I lock on a headlock.

I crank on the headlock hard, but Caleb pushes up to hands and knees. As I kneel beside his head, he elbows me in the abs. THUD! OOF! I hold on, but the muscle punk tries again, this time aiming lower. He catches my bulge with his forearm. SQUISH! I lose focus and he slips out. The dirty bastard pushes me down then hops on me with his own headlock.

“Congrats, old man. With one weakass headlock you already got in more offense than our whole last match. But from here on out, it’s just like last time.”

I growl then push him off me. We both rise, but I surprise him with a diving tackle. WHOMP! OOF! We go down hard with me on top. I club him across the head. WHACK! He shakes out his head, but doesn’t resist as I power his wrists to the mat over his head. I wrap my legs around his then open him up wide with a grapevine. The muscle thug groans as I stretch his groin, but then he swivels his hips under me, rubbing our bulges together.

Caleb moans in a sexual way, telling me to try harder. Fucking bastard is mocking me? In my ring? I oblige, pushing on the grapevine. Too bad my head drops, opening me up for him to throw his head up into mine. CRACK! The head butt stuns me and he easily pushes me off him. I grab my head, cursing. Through the fog, I can hear him chuckling.

The muscle punk drags me to my feet then runs me into the corner, slamming my head into the top turnbuckle. WHACK! He repeats it a few more times, until I can barely focus enough to stand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! When he stops, Caleb smacks my ass. SPANK! He slides his finger inside the back of my trunks, shoving his finger inside me.

“You still tight, old man?” Caleb works his finger in deeper. I moan and stand up straight as the son of a bitch finger fucks me. He laughs, “Oh yeah, that’s sweet.”

Caleb pulls his finger out then grabs my head. He tries for another head smash, but I grip the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckle tightly. I block the move then throw my elbow back, smashing it as hard as I can into his meaty pec. THUD! I spin then level the surprised muscle punk with a clothesline that flattens him to the canvas! WHACK! WHAM!

I give him a knee drop to that hard head of his then move into a schoolboy pin. I flex for the boys, who cheer for me then roll to the side. I drag Caleb with me, pulling him into a head scissors. I squeeze hard, enjoying the views as his forehead turns red and veins start to pop out. He swears, telling me this is really working.

I stretch my legs out, crushing his head. I lift one arm to flex, forgetting who I’m wrestling. Idiot. Of course, Caleb reaches around. With my amor up, I can’t block him before the punk rakes his hand over my bulge. YEEOWW! I drop my hand, but he drives his fist forward, clipping my pouch. WHAP! I lose the scissors, my legs opening.

Caleb doesn’t try to escape. Instead he propels himself forward, headbutting my balls three times. SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH! The muscle punk rises between my legs. When he’s on one knee, he pauses to flex. He idly drops his knee on my aching package, pressing down with all his weight as he shows off for the crowd.

I writhe under him, regretting not wearing a fucking cup. My buddy Jeff also had a run-in with Caleb and he warned me to wear one. The thug finally rises. When he steps away, he drags his boot, driving the toe into my taint then running it up and into my balls for one more humiliating and debilitating low blow.

Caleb flexes again as I curl into the fetal position. He moves over me, straddling my body then he bends down and smacks my head, taunting me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The muscle punk forces me onto my back then slaps my face. SLAP! Before i can do shit, he wraps his big paws around my throat and drags me up by a choke. URK!

I get to my feet, struggling for air. I try for a kick to his package, but my aim is off and he avoids it. He laughs at my failure then thrusts his arms into the air. I hang by the choke, my legs braced on his side as he chokes the life out of me. I fight to stay conscious, not believing this can happen to me again. Not by this thug!

Luckily, Caleb lets me down, either out of fatigue or confidence, I can’t be sure. He takes one hand off my throat, grabbing my bicep instead. He runs me into the corner then bends down and lays into my abs with a series of stiff shoulder blocks. THUD! THUD! THUD! I hammer his back, but he ignores it.

Caleb pauses and holds his shoulder in my abs then grabs behind my legs. He pulls my feet out fast, toppling me backwards. My head hits the top turnbuckle as I fall to my butt in the corner. I shake my head out, trying to recover. I hear stomping and when I look up, I see Caleb's ass flying at me. OOF! He lands hard on my chest, crushing me between his 220-lbs of muscle and the bottom turnbuckle.

I moan under him. The pain gets worse when he starts bouncing, slamming his butt into my pecs. Caleb rides me in the bronco buster, a humiliating and effective move to wear down an opponent. I hear him cry out in his Philly accent, "YEEHAW! Guess I'm a real cowboy now." He finally settles down, enjoying his perch on my chest as he flexes his bicep for the crowd.

Caleb slides up, using the top ropes for support. He locks his legs around my head then stretches and flexes them, squeezing the head scissors tight. I groan as the pressure and position combine to get me near submission. Fuck! I concentrate to resist. I try to reach around and low blow him, but he swats my hands away.

I hear the crowd, egging Caleb on. I know some of them are excited to see me lose, something that's only happened once before. Of course most of them don't have the context. They think this is just a hard-fought pro battle. The muscle punk opens his legs then pulls himself up. He stomps my pecs again then grabs my head with both hands.

Caleb drags me to my feet. He locks me in a front facelock. In desperation, I kick out, hitting the side of his knee. He swears as he lets go of my head. The muscleman stumbles back. I rise then charge in for a clothesline. Caleb ducks. He tries one of his own, but I duck. I turn fast then dive at his leg, clipping his knee out. WHACK! ARGH! He goes down like a ton of bricks.

I grab Caleb by the leg, lifting and locking his ankle up. I step on his other ankle, keeping him open and immobile. With a hard twist, I crank on the ankle lock, applying pressure to his knee and ankle. He slaps the mat and writhes on the mat as I punish his leg. I tell him to give, but he's too tough for that. It's okay, I'll just break the fucker's leg.

Caleb tenses. I see his chest, neck, shoulders and arms tighten and flex as he fights the pain. The muscle thug roars then yanks his pinned leg out from under my boot. He drives it forward. I back up, but he still gets me in the bulge. SQUISH! I bend forward, holding my junk. Thank god I backed up, because it's killing me and he only caught me halfway.

The punk swings his leg sideways across my face. CRACK! I see stars, spinning and hobbling away. Pain is radiating from my manhood, tears are running from my eyes and my head is foggy. Two kicks and the bastard has me in a bad, bad way. I lose track of Caleb, so I turn right into him. He's standing over me then he clubs my back. WHACK! I drop to my knees.

Caleb grabs my head then shoves it between his legs. I'm trapped in the standing head scissors, his thighs flexing around my aching head. I'm sure my shaved head must be bright red as he uses his thick tree trunks to crush my skull. I punch his thighs, but the fists just bounce off. He must be flexing for the crowd, because I hear wolf whistles and laughter.

My buddies are getting off on him and laughing at me? Fucking traitors! My anger helps me get my focus back. I grab his knees and plant one foot on the mat. I'm about to topple him and pull my head out when I feel him lean forward and grab the waistband of my trunks. Oh shit. He yanks up hard and fast, wedging them up my ass. Pain shoots out from my balls again.

I moan as I hear Caleb talking smack about my ass. Guys in the crowd are engaging him and I bet they'd like nothing more than to see me fucked. It's only happened once before in front of this crowd and they fucking loved it. In that case, it was against a cool young pro wrestler. This is a totally different story.

Caleb uses the wedgie to force my ass up. He grabs around my waist. No, no, no. I figure he's gonna piledrive me. The threat of the devastating move gives me a burst of energy. I scream then squat up, flipping him over my back onto the mat behind me. WHAM! I shake my head out to regain focus. It gives the thug time to reach up and grab my thighs.

I try to brace, but Caleb pulls me back, rolling me into a pin. He gets to two, but I kick out. I roll to a crouch. The muscle punk is faster. He's on me fast. We're on our knees as he locks on a front facelock. Before I can react, he pulls me forward, slamming the top of my head into the canvas. CRACK! I'm stunned again, lying face down on the mat.

Caleb drags me to my feet. I can't resist as he spins us back to back, resting the back of my head on his shoulder. I feel his trunks rub across my bare ass as he swivels his hips. The crowd hoots and hollers at the cocky muscle punk's domination. Next thing I know, we're dropping for a neckbreaker. My head jams into his shoulder and I'm stunned.

I collapse to the side as Caleb goes for the pin. ONE! He's trash talking, but I can't process his words. TWO! I fight to kick out, but I can't. Fuck, I can't believe I lost to this punk again! At least there's no serious damage this time. I feel Caleb grab under my head. He pulls me up, my face rests by his tented pouch as he kneels beside me. The fucker pulled me up at the two-count!

I can barely process the humiliation when I feel his boot tear into my abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The next few minutes are a blur as he breaks down my abs with hard boots, knee drops, claws and finally a splash that drives the wind from my body. SPLAT! I try getting angry, but the assault is relentless.

Caleb drags me up then drops me with a gutbuster over his extended leg. OOF! He spanks my bare ass, treating me like his bitch. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Guys laugh as my smooth cheeks turn red from the open hand shots. Fuck, John, where's your goddamn pride? The punk shoves me off his leg then flexes over me.

When the thug drags me up, I go for his knee, but he's ready. Caleb turns out of the way and I stumble to my hands and knees. He jumps onto my back, flattening me with his ass. WHAM! I get dragged up again, but this time, I can't resist. He pulls me into a front facelock then lifts me for a suplex. Instead of going back, he drops me forward onto the top rope. The steel cable cuts into my tender abs and I feel like I'm gonna puke as I hang there.

Caleb grabs my wedged trunks, pulling up hard to flip me off the top rope and onto the mat below. I grab my stomach and lie at his feet, coughing. Of course he puts his boot on my shoulder and mocks me. He talks about how he owns me and my ring now. He calls himself the new boss and the boys eat it up, thinking this is all fun and games.

When I roll onto my back, Caleb steps on my abs. He holds the top rope for balance as he stands with both feet on my midsection. Given my condition, the weight is crushing. He looks down and we lock eyes before he steps off. The muscle thug walks away, arms spread as he basks in the glory. He announces that I'm an arrogant asshole in serious need of a lesson.

I force myself to roll onto my side. Caleb moves in then kicks me in the gut. WHOMP! I roll away onto my stomach. He grabs the back of my wedged trunks and lifts. The spandex holds, but the seams crack. The asshole muscleman stops what he's doing and bounces me by my trunks. He holds them with both hands and shakes me up and down.

My hips are pulled up and down as I fight to keep my hands and feet steady. Caleb's not trying to do anything except tear my trunks off me. My 200-lbs stretches the fabric then the side seam opens up. A few more jerks and the left side splits. I fall to the side, the torn trunks still around my right leg. Caleb lets go, letting me drop. He drives his boot onto my bare ass. WHAP!

I groan at his feet on the mat. Caleb peels the trunks off my right leg then holds them in the air like a trophy. I slide my hand past my burning red abs to my aching, exposed junk. Lucky for me, Caleb is more concerned with showing off than finishing me. I grit my teeth and focus on one piece of tape on the canvas.

I stare at the small square, trying to remember when I repaired that tear. I focus on that and it puts my mind right. Yeah, I could lie here like a bitch, but instead, I try to get mad. I shift my focus to a piece of fabric. I think about how much I loved those trunks. On how humiliating this is. On how cocky the muscleman is. In my house. MY house!

This son of a bitch Caleb thinks he's the bad man here? The tough badass villain of this story? Fuck that. He's a fucking bitch jobber. There's only one bad man here and that's me. C'mon, John. Get your shit together!

Caleb hobbles around me. My torn trunks are tucked inside the waistband of his trunks. He's stretching out his knee and his back, watching me. He's got a big ass smirk on his face. I focus my shit and grab the ropes. I pull myself up. The asshole muscleman moves in behind me. He wraps my torn trunks around my neck, choking me with them.

I'm dragged to my feet and paraded around the ring as he strangles me with my own gear. My junk flops around as I claw at my neck. I stumble around the ring helplessly before he kicks the back of my knee. My leg buckles and I fall to my knees. He holds me from behind by the spandex collar, letting the crowd see my helplessness.

Caleb tightens the choke and I see stars. I throw my elbow back wildly. I connect with his knee and it buckles. He stumbles and I manage to pull the torn trunks from my neck. The muscleman curses at me. He charges in like bull. I dive away. He chases after me. I kick my boot out, slamming it into his knee. CRACK! The musclestud drops down, gripping his leg and swearing.

I climb up to my feet. Caleb rolls to the ropes, using them to pull himself up. I move in. He charges at me, but I see it coming the whole way. I grab him around the waist, lift and spin, using his momentum to bring him down with a big belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! I slide back then lock in a leglock, wrenching his knee. ARGH!

Caleb screams as I torture his leg. He's too stubborn and too stupid to give. Good. I release the hold, but I don't let go of his leg. Instead, I roll us over and up into a single leg crab. The bastard angrily pounds the mat as I pull back, bending his muscular body in half. Still won't give, but I can tell he's weakening. Normally, he could power out of this, but his leg's got no strength left.

I stand up then drive his knee into the mat hard. WHACK! The muscleman flops on the mat, clutching his knee. I move in, grabbing him by the ears. I force him to his feet then make him hop to the corner. I smash his face into the top turnbuckle, just like he did to me. CLANG! I do it ten times until he can barely stand. I turn him around then lift his injured leg over and behind the middle rope.

With his leg open, I drive my boot into his inner thigh until it's red. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Caleb tries to escape, so I dive in with an elbow to the head. CRACK! I grab the ankle of his trapped leg then pull up, hard and fast. ARGH! His head falls onto my shoulder as he meekly tries to push me off. The pain is paralyzingly him, keeping him from fighting back.

Caleb moans, "Okay, okay! I gi -" CRACK!

Before he can finish, I bring my forearm up under his chin. His head whips back. I release his leg, but drive my knee into his bulge. The cocky punk squeals like a bitch. I step back and let him collapse to the mat. His injured leg stays hooked over the middle rope, stretching out the joint.

Outside the ring, one of my regulars named Gary says, "C'mon, John. He was gonna give. You won. Fuck him and let's move on."

Gary's seen enough

I glare at him and he glares back. I mean, shit. Of course I know he's right. I know Caleb was gonna submit. It ain't gonna be that easy and Gary better not interfere. I grab Caleb's wrist then yank him from the corner. His leg holds him in place, so when I pull, he screams out. I pull really hard. He whips off the rope, his injured leg snapping free.

Caleb writhes at my feet. Fuck, I love it. I wonder if this is how he felt in Lakeside? Difference is, he sandbagged me. It was cheap and dirty. Not my style. I came right at him and look at him. Pathetic. I stomp his thick pecs, breaking those fuckers down a little. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! They look good with my boot prints on them.

After I flex for the guys, making sure they know who the bad ass really is, I move down Caleb's body. I stomp his abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He just lies there and takes it. I grab his black trunks then peel them down over his boots, stripping him. The muscleman is going commando, so he's exposed for the crowd to see. I love that he can't resist, just whimper like the bitch he is.

I cinch the waistband, getting as much of the lace out in the open as possible. Once done, I kneel down then put his head through the leg openings. I shove the crotch of his trunks into his mouth. I wrap the laces around his head then tie them in front in a nice bow. I slap his face and enjoy the look of fear in his eyes. I tell him, "The guys think you got something to say."

Caleb screams a muffled cry, "Mmm ah mmrrgh!"

I smirk, "Yeah, I didn't think so."

I stand up and circle his naked carcass. He rolls onto his side then starts to crawl to the edge of the ring. Not so cocky now. I grab his boot then drag him back into the middle of the ring. The asshole wrecked my shoulder and knee when we fought at Lakeside. The guy who fucked me. And knocked me out. Yeah, I've got a lot more work to do.

Caleb rolls onto his back. He reaches for the knot in front of his mouth, but a stomp to his abs ends that. THUD! I drive my boot into his six-pack, softening up his midsection. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I leap up then come down with my knee into his abs. THUD! The thug coughs and writhes under my knee.

I move off then drag him up by the hair. I lift him up then drop him with a gut buster over my extended leg. WHOMP! I shove my finger between his cheeks then fondle his hole. I bounce my leg, punishing his abs as I play with his ass. Caleb gets his hands and feet on the mat then pushes himself off, trying to escape my torture.

The muscle thug tries to crawl to safety, but I dive on his back. I sit on him, putting my butt on his. I reach forward and smack his head, taunting him. He tries to squirm away so I stand up then splash down onto his back. SPLAT! I roll Caleb over then go for a pin. ONE! TWO! He doesn’t even try to kick out. Typical bully clown.

I don’t bother going for the three-count, instead dragon him up by his hair. A couple of the guys watching cheer, loving this move. The rest are stone silent. I sit beside the unmoving muscle thug then lean forward and slap on a stomach claw that tears into his torn-up abs. He moans into his gag and kicks the mat.

Caleb grabs my wrists, but he can’t move my hands. I dig them deeper and deeper until I see tears running from eyes. Fucking bawling bitch. I pry my hands off and he rolls into the fetal position. I stand up and flex over his wrecked carcass. Yeah, he’s such a poser. I force Caleb up to his feet then push him into the ropes, binding him tight.

With Caleb tied up in the ropes, I slam my boot into his left pec. THUD! Damn, they're meaty. His pecs are one of the reasons I wanted to be first in line against him at Lakeside. Such a fucking waste to be so hot, but such a fucking evil bastard. I drive my boot into his right then his left pec a few more times, softening them up. THUD! THUD! THUD!

I move in closer, chopping the slabs of beef and leaving red streaks across the smooth flesh. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! I drop to my knees then start working them like I did his abs. POW! POW! POW! The hard muscle breaks down from the abuse, his pecs becoming a little more saggy. He grunts into the gag as he shakes his head. I grab his hair to look into his eyes.

Caleb silently begs me to stop, muttering 'Please' into the spandex that fills his mouth. Close, but it's not enough. He's not done. I apply a claw and that gets him going, writhing and shifting as my fingers dig into his flesh. I squeeze, breaking down his lifetime of work building up these beautiful slabs of beef at the gym. Loser.

When he looks like he's done, I undo the ropes. He collapses to the mat, falling face first. I use his hair and chin to force him up to his feet. Caleb can barely stand. I put his left hand behind his head. I kiss my fist then line it up. I draw it back then fire a hard heart punch into his pec. POW! Caleb shakes then topples backwards like a tree. WHAM! He lies quivering at my feet.

I lift his legs and he can't even resist. He drenched in sweat, his body is red and battered. The bitch is my fucking plaything. I've never beaten a guy this bad, but I'm not stopping yet. I step over them and fall back with a figure-four leglock. That wakes the punk up. Caleb thrashes around on the mat, slapping it hard. Too bad for him, I'm not accepting taps right now.

I sit up, enjoying the view of his younger muscle body as it flops around, muffled screams making their way through the trunks stuffed in his mouth. Snot flies from his nose as he suffers. He doesn't even try to counter. When he bounces up, we lock eyes and I see it. I see what I've been waiting for. I see fear. He waves his hands in the air, silently pleading for mercy.

Gary jumps on the apron, "John, that's it. I'm not going to let you cripple him. Or worse."

I release the figure-four leglock then rise. Caleb barely evens moves. Gary enters the ring. My ring! Fuck this shit. Mutiny? Not in my house. I move in close, ready to put Gary in his place. Instead, the ginger stud grabs behind my neck and pulls me in close. I feel his red whiskers on my neck and his hot breath on my ear.

Gary whispers in his nastiest tone, "As a cop, I can tell you that this is heading into criminal territory, regardless of what he agreed to or the release he signed. Look, I know what he is and what he did to you at Lakeside, but enough is enough. You've proved your point and are moving into psycho territory."

I shrug, "Maybe I don't give a shit."

Gary looks me square in the eye, "You should. You're destroying everything you've built here. Do you give a shit about that? You're making these guys feel sorry for that piece of crap. You're making him the victim and yourself the bad guy. Guys are more likely to wrestle him now than they were before and less likely to come back here. Do you give a shit about that?"

I don't have a response to that. When Gary exits the ring, he waits on the apron. A bunch of guys move in behind him as a show of support. They might not know exactly what he said, but they know his intent. None of the guys have hard-ons any more. I wanted to do this to prove a point. I did that a while back. So I just nod. Gary's right. They're all right.

I walk back then put my boot on Caleb's wrecked red chest. I raise my arm, lifting my fist high in the air. I hold up one finger. ONE! Then a second. TWO! The muscleman under my foot doesn't stir. I raise a third. THREE! I step off. Gary nods and hops to the floor.

Guys look kinda scared, especially some of the newer ones. They've never seen a beating like this before. Maybe my plan wasn't the best one. I shoulda just invited a few guys I respect and trust. I wanted to prove Caleb couldn't beat me, but they don't know the history. They don't get this is revenge against a guy who likes to hurt guys. I can tell in their eyes, they think I'm the psycho.

I shrug. Fuck 'em, they'll get over it. I got muscle punk ass to fuck.

Fucking Caleb

I lift Caleb up then lock his arms in the ropes. I slap his face to get his attention. He stares at me with fear in his eyes. There's no trace of defiance or cockiness. I ask him how it feels, being on the other side of one of his vicious beatdowns for once. He mumbles into the gag, protesting that characterization or maybe pleading for leniency. I can't really tell.

I remind him that he agreed to stakes, but I give him a chance to get out of them. I call him a coward and a pussy, so if he can't handle my big meat, I'll let him chicken out. The punk has some pride left, so he stupidly nods when I ask if he's gonna live up to his word. The crowd sees him consent, so the Garys of the room can't whine that it's rape.

I release Caleb, letting him collapse onto the mat face first. I grab his ankle and drag him to the middle of the ring, turning him then licking his legs out wide. I do the right thing and sheathe my cock, even though I don't want to then drop to my knees between his legs. I lean forward, my left hand on his shoulder as I guide my cock to his hole.

Caleb grimaces, squeezing his eyes tight in anticipation. I just hold my head at his hole, letting him stress about it a little longer. I gotta nice big cock, so odds are, this is gonna hurt. I push inside him. He groans louder the deeper I go. By the time I'm halfway in, he's whimpering. I plunge in the final four inches. He bucks under me, but my weight holds him down.

I put my hand on the side of his face and brace myself, pushing it into the mat as I arch my back. My weight crushes down on him as I just hold my dick inside him, letting him feel it. I pump my hips slowly, enjoying his whimpers as I use his ass. The muscle bitch doesn't get in on the fun as his junk is crushed under him.

I thrust in deeply then hold it. I grab his wrists, bending his arms beside his head. I grip them tightly and push down on them as I pound his ass harder and faster. I pull my hips back until the tip of my cock is out then ram my thick rod into him all the way. He lifts his head and cries into the gag. I do it a few more times, sending 8" of meat through him in one fell swoop.

Caleb cries out and I see a tear forming by the corner of his eye. I didn't want him to enjoy this and he's not, so mission accomplished. He agreed to sex stakes, but I guess he really figured it'd be a repeat of Lakeside. I've never forgotten the rough fuck he gave me and I bet he never forgets today.

I finally decide to end this. I pound in like jackhammer, rhythmically riding him. It doesn't take long before I explode in the bastard's ass, hoping he can feel my hot white seed inside him. He moans into the gag, so maybe he can.

I lead Caleb out by his cock and balls. He staggers to keep up as I pull him forward. When we get outside, I push his naked body onto the dusty grass then throw his bag and keys at him.

"I'm keeping your gear. You won't need it because you won't be wrestling in my town."

Caleb stares at me, but he doesn't say anything. His muscular body has been wrecked, tortured and fucked, so he just wants out of there. I'm sure he's thinking about revenge, but it's gonna be awhile before he's wrestling anyone again. Maybe the psycho has even learned something. He now knows what it's like to receive punishment.

Not that I give a shit right now. I got what I wanted, including a hot video called "Revenge" that I can show around Lakeside this year. Caleb's finally got his shorts on. He stumbles to his car, looking back at me cautiously. I just watch, arms folded across my chest until he gets in his car and drives away.

Damage Control

When I come back in, things are kind of somber. Guys are quiet and no one is wrestling. Some guys are packing up. Fuck, I know I did this wrong. Nobody is celebrating my victory and some guys still look scared of me. A few are moving to the door, just looking to escape. Okay, time for some damage control.

I climb into the ring and make the guys huddle around. I tell them, "Look, I get that some of you don't get this. You think I went too far. I need you guys that know the story of Caleb to share with the guys who don't. But trust me. What I did to him? He'd do worse to you. We gotta stick together as a community. Protect each other from psychos who wanna hurt us. That's all I did today. No one wrestles that guy. Ever. Got it?"

I see the whole group nod.

"This wasn't about me. This was about defending us from a predator. He injures guys and he likes it. I know it wasn't pretty, but it was necessary. I'm not always gonna be around, but we need to be here for each other. Got it?"

Guys nods and agree. Brooks applauds and it picks up steam. Seconds later, every guy is clapping. Okay, I just lied to them. This was about me. It was about revenge. Public humiliation for the public humiliation I had to endure. But it all sounds good, right? Me as the DFW wrestling police. That part's not a lie.

The guys love me more than ever. And yeah, they fear me a little more than ever, too. It's cool. That's just fine with me.

The End


  1. I just plain like Caleb better and I wanted HIM to win. For me, disappointing.

    1. That's interesting. Some stories are a toss up for me, but this wasn't one of them. At no point was Caleb ever going to win. It was just a case of how badly he would lose.

    2. Alex, long time no see! Hope everything is alright with you.

      Loved your story, btw. For me, your stories are never disappointing. Even with all the hard work, you keep delivering us this awesome hot stories for free, one should never complain about being disappointed, really.

      And Caleb got what he deserved. It served him right. :)

    3. Thanks for the motivation, S! I appreciate your comment a lot.

      I can't say I wanted to read a comment from someone expressing disappointment two stories in a row, but at least neither complaint was about the writing, just that a character wasn't used how they wanted. That's bound to happen, I guess.

    4. Yes, but at least they should explain why x or y should win. Do they prefer the badass guy to win? Or the younger? Hotter? Why does he like Caleb better? Every complaint should be more detailed at least to be used as feedback.

      And I can't wait for AoP2, lol.

    5. You guys always know my plans, even when they were teased months ago!

      Abuse of Power 2 comes 9/1, so not that far away. I have a weekly schedule in August with the four-part Summer Storm crossover, so the time will fly by.

  2. What a hot match! Even if you never intended Caleb to win, the suspense kept me on the edge throughout...

    Would love to see Caleb make an appearance in the Cave... Would be especially hot to see our hot naive SuperStar face off against him, repeatedly lowblowed and dismantled... Might the Jae of Steel have met his Doomsday?

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! As with all my characters, there's always a chance for them to return.

      Doomsday you say? Interestingly Jae might have another idea about the dream Doomsday on 11/1.

    2. But november is so far away. :(

    3. True, but at least you know stories will come out reliably between now and the end of the year. :)

  3. I pretty much loved Caleb, so therefore I pretty much love how this went. :) Wouldn't mind seeing him again--maybe these two need a rubber match? (Bad pun alert!)

    1. Thanks Sean! I'm happy to read that you liked it. Both these guys might return, but not likely against each other. At least not in their next match. Since Caleb is getting all the attention this time, it definitely opens the door for his return a little wider.

      And if anyone was going to appreciate Gary, I just knew it'd be you. Consider that a bit of fan service. ;)

    2. I just want to clarify that I loved John, too! An older muscleman holding his own (and then some) against the younger guys is definitely hot. The loser at the end of a match just tends to grab my attention, is all. And thanks for Gary! ;) His role in the story was small but pivotal, and he resonated with me, and stood out as my favorite, so the fan service was definitely appreciated! (P.S. Looking forward to "Doomsday" now!) Oh, one more thought--if someone's disappointed because of how a match turned out, it sounds like they were still invested in the characters and the action, so it still seems like a success for the writer! (Plus, there are SO MANY great characters, and after EVERY match I'm like, "I want them both in it again!" So the fact that you've never been all, "Calm your tits, dude," really shows remarkable restraint on your end I think.)

    3. Yeah, it's fine. Guys really like these characters. In this case, it was the only comment about the story for a few days, but it wasn't that big a deal.

      Just wait until 8/1. That story has all kinds of potential for disappointment. LOL.

    4. I'll second the "yay Gary." This needed him as a cooling agent. (And I'd wrestle him or Brooks in a heartbeat.)

    5. Hell yeah, they're both hot as heck. Thanks for reminding me about Gary.

  4. I am 100% a John fan....way more than Caleb. First of all he is much older and very hot. Look at that body!!! He is many times hotter than many guys in their twenties. So kudos to Scott Cullens, the model you used. Second I put it this way. Caleb was a complete asshole to him. In their previous match...and now. I probably would have acted exactly the same way, to protect my dignity and to protect the guys that respect me and and have put their trust me. I think most of us would have done the same thing. Did he go a little over the top? Yes...maybe....but we know that Caleb, would have done that or more to John's students and friends. He took the burden on himself and although perhaps his students are apprehensive the fact is that they will recognize that John had their back. That's awhat a leader does. A bit scary, a bit rough, but I think this is probably one of the most unique stories in your whole arsenal. The violence and chemistry between the two main characters oozed from the pages. There was the feeling of like two Lions in the African wilderness fighting for the Pride. The challenger coming to dethrone the Lion King. But the Lion King defends his throne. So I'm with John 100%. I don't see him as a face or villain. I see him more like in the vein of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Caleb, I enjoy because he is such a bad boy...on the psycho side. Hopefully, this match will bring him a little more sense...unless it inspires him more.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is different as I tried to take the Bad Boys series to a new place.

      I paired these two up because they make a good counter balance of tough guys. John is rough and tough, but he doesn't want to injure, just dominate. He warned Jeff to quit to avoid issues, Jeff was just too stubborn to do it. Caleb is kind of psycho and unfortunately there are guys with reputations like that. That's who he represents.

  5. P.S. This story was so much better after I re-read Caleb's first appearance. Certain descriptions of Caleb really make me love him: "muscle thug," "oaf," "bull." Poor gguy can't win (in a feature story anyway), but it's his own fault honestly--he's kind of like Xaq, if Xaq could back it up more. So what's funny in Xaq turns dangerous in Caleb, and frankly, he usually NEEDS to lose. :)

    And this part made me laugh, for the turn-around of expectations (and the almost, but not exactly, fourth-wall-breaking mentioning of the "story," which I love!):
    "This son of a bitch Caleb thinks he's the bad man here? The tough badass villain of this story? Fuck that. He's a fucking bitch jobber."

    1. Appreciate this. That's a good assessment of Caleb. And any time I can make you laugh, I call that a success.