Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King (BGEast)

As soon as I saw BGEast's compilation of Biff Farrell matches, I knew I wanted it. The blond beefcake has quickly become one of my favorites. Every match I've watched has been a winner, so far. All three of his opponents are awesome, earning positive reviews from me. My only worry was that it would become repetitive. It looked like three squashes all in similar gear, but I figured I'd just space out the viewing.

It was hard to choose which of the three I should start with, but I opted for Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King. I'm a huge fan of King, regardless of which name he's wrestling under. He's a gorgeous and talented wrestler with a great persona and ring presence. Here, he's stunning in shiny purple trunks and black accessories, including a knee brace.

Kelly King is one of my favorites, too

Biff is looking good, with new blond scruff and tiny USA trunks. I love his smooth, beefy body, the picture of a classic fireplug wrestker. He's clearly the underdog against the popular pro wrestler. The stocky musclestud looks big in pictures, but against a guy like King, he actually looks tiny. Add to that his nice guy attitude and you know where this is headed.

Biff looks great with bulging muscles and trunks

Gorgeous! Biff is a natural showman.

The match starts with King testing the ring and his knee. He's adjusting his brace and feeling things out, even hobbling a bit. When Biff comes in, he's concerned for his opponent, not wanting him to get injured. The diabolical pro thanks him for his concern and respect as they shake hands. Good, we're in for a nice, clean match.

Wow, King looks huge compared to Biff

Uh, no. King has other ideas. He mauls the unsuspecting beefcake, manhandling him and even using the knee brace as a weapon. Biff becomes a helpless punching bag. There are multiple submissions that seem to mean nothing. King goes for a pinfall, but pulls the hapless jobber up time and again.

Biff as muscular ragdoll is a theme, but in his previous matches, I've never seen him destroyed this easily and thoroughly. The blond beefcake moans and suffers beautifully. He cries out in pain and begs for mercy. King doesn't care. The last few minutes are the best. I won't spoil it, but things get interesting. It's short, but a nice little nugget inside the bigger storyline.

Fans of the classics will be happy - headlocks


Sidewalk slams

Pure heel domination of a helpless hunk

This is the only one I've watched, so we'll see if Guido's beatdown is significantly different than this one. The fact that this match was in the Florida ring makes me happy. So does the addition of facial scruff. I'm inferring from these two things that Biff had a second taping with BGEast, so maybe he'll continue to work for them. More matches would be very, very good.

I don't know if they will get Biff back or what else they've done with him. Biff is one of those guys who has been made a pathetic jobber because of how great he looks and how well he sells. His match vs. Van (reviewed here) was the only competitive one I've seen. I think it's would be cool to see a "Bad Biff", like a "Doc Cooper". He clearly has skill and a beefy, blond, babyface bad boy would be a lot of fun. For me, at least.

King adds neck abuse to a classic camel

Wrestling bodies on display

Biff is flawless

If loving humiliating face slaps is wrong,
I don't want to be right

In the end, I enjoyed this match a ton. King knows how to work a guy. The use of perfectly executed classic pro holds and moves gives this a feeling of a classic squash job from a forgotten era when muscle jobbers were plentiful and cruel heels dominated from the opening bell until the very end.

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  1. Both men are hot.

    However, three losses? That's excessive. I think that Biff should have won two of them.

    1. Thanks for the comment. To be clear, I don't know if it's three losses yet, I've only watched one. I'm guessing based on the fact that his three opponents are all set up as dominant heels.

      However, I disagree that Biff should've won two with these opponents. Guido and King's characters are both much bigger, more experienced and trained pro heels that are really good at what they do. Not that you can't arrange any outcome, but I think it would have to be with some sudden reversal at the end to stay true to the characters that have been developed. Biff should be totally outclassed against these two.

      The only one Biff could (and might for all I know) win is against Masked Menace. It looks like it's on the mats, so that'll be different. The masked heel did just beat a bigger, blond, bearded hunk.

      What BGE could've done is released a spotlight with one of the matches being against someone more Biff's speed. His competitive match with Van Skyler was very good.

  2. Great review, as usual! Here's my review and favorite part of the match

    1. Thanks for the comment. Interesting take on the match dynamics. I always enjoy your dominant alpha male perspective.