Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Scrappy vs. Vinny (Thunders Arena)

Vinny vs. Scrappy from Thunders Arena is billed as a mini-match and it certainly qualifies. I think it was one of those bonus add-ons for a small amount, but I don't remember. It's like a 1/3 of a match with a minute of intros and flexing then just under 6.5 minutes of action. So value is always tricky and personal. I think you'll wish there was more to it. I did. However, it was still fun to watch.

I've found Vinny's return to be hit-or-miss in terms of my interest. I still like the guy, but I haven't been as compelled to buy as I thought I'd be. Here, he's still the hot meathead, muscles bulging and looking good in a pair of USA trunks. He's arrogant about facing the smaller stud, but why wouldn't he be?

Big vs. Small

Scrappy is back and looking good in blue trunks. They're a little loose on him, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He flexes right along Vinny, showing off his hot muscle. In an odd storyline, he won't tell Vinny his name. I'm not sure if it hadn't been chosen yet or he was just being a punk, but either way, it gets under Vinny's skin.

The dynamic of David vs. Goliath is clear. Facing down giant Vinny, the rookie adds an inch to his height compared to what he told Frey, but being 5'7" instead of 5'6" isn't going to make much difference. With the short run time, there aren't a ton of moves, but it all moves fairly quickly. You might want to watch this in conjunction with another video.

That's not a bearhug ...

... this is a bearhug!

Scrappy looks so good

For me, the best parts were Scrappy getting the upper hand and Vinny's bearhug. It's like some kind of small guy initiation when Vinny gorilla presses Scrappy up, so it's also great to see that Thunders classic applied here.

The ending is odd and abrupt. They set up this whole name angle, but there's no real payoff to it. The match just kind of ends with a reversal then one move that doesn't normally put a guy down. It felt like it could've easily kept going.

Scrappy almost hits the ceiling

Scrappy sells Vinny's power

Looking very good ... I could've seen more of this

Scrappy goes surfing and he
looks great atop the big man

In the end, I did enjoy this. It's like an appetizer or dessert more than a meal, but those things are good, too. You'll have to evaluate value on your terms, but for me, the guys are great to look at and there are some hot moments in it. It makes me hope there's more Scrappy to come. I'll definitely check him out of there is.

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