Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 13: Bird Boy vs. Moneymaker

"What? He's not here yet? I better text -"

The 20-year old muscle punk grabs my phone out of my hand, "I told you, Ryan. Cody is running late, but he said don't wait for him. Gimme five minutes to get dressed then we can go."

Xaq locks my phone away in his locker. The naked stud turns to grab his gear as though the discussion is over. He's a powerful 5'11"/205-lbs, but at 6'4"/250-lbs of muscle, I'm bigger, stronger and a better fighter. I could easily handle this, but Cody wouldn't be happy with me if I hurt his sidekick before his big solo debut.


I simply say, "I don't think it's a good idea to send you out against Moneymaker alone. You need The Bat to -"

"I don't need shit. Look, I got this. You just hold the camera steady for once and watch me prove once and for all that I'm no fucking sidekick."

I sigh. It's not that big a deal, but it's not like Cody to be late for a filming. We co-own The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. Our niche is superheroes, with original and analog characters. Cody is my best friend and business partner. He wrestles as a hero called The Bat and is the undisputed star of our group.

The Bat is a great wrestler. A few weeks ago, he defeated the villain Spartan, Xaq's former identity. As part of the loss, Xaq was forced to become Bird Boy, The Bat's sidekick. He made a surprise debut when The Bat defeated the villain Moneymaker, taking out the heel's interfering henchman Valet. He also had an impressive showing in a battle royale last week.

Still, this match versus Moneymaker is his first solo outing as Bird Boy and with Valet at ringside, I think The Bat should be present. I'm also sure that Xaq is lying and Cody isn't here due to some kind of trick. Maybe Xaq told him it was canceled or at a different time. It's pretty obvious that the muscle punk sidekick arranged to try this himself.

Whatever the reason, I can't keep waiting. I've got another match to shoot after this one. Plus, I don't really care if Xaq wins or loses. Bird Boy's first match will sell huge either way. So, it's decided. Bat or no, this match is on.


I make the introductions, starting with the villain. First out is Valet, the henchman. He's a smooth and sexy 19-year old twink with a handsome face, tanned white skin and thick dark hair on his head (and nowhere else that I can see). He's impeccably attired in shiny gold briefs, boots and small eye mask with gold shirt cuffs around his wrists. He's been a distraction in his previous appearances, although last time Bird Boy crushed him and actually bearhugged him until he shot his load in his trunks.


Valet opens the black curtain and Moneymaker emerges. Damn, he's a big, hot muscleman. Like his henchman, he's all in gold - trunks, boots, knee pads and a full head mask with only his eyes, mouth and chin exposed. The gear is adorned with black dollar signs, telling the world what his motivation is for all of this.

The whole way to the ring, Valet is worshipping his arrogant muscleman master. Moneymaker saunters confidently, basking in the adoration and giving a smirk to the camera. He flexes, showing off his amazing body, but instead of kissing his own bicep, Valet does it for him. The heel looks focused. Bird Boy was a big part of his debut match humiliation. He wants revenge.


When Moneymaker is settled in the ring, I introduce his opponent, Bird Boy.

The muscular sidekick storms in with energy, anxious to get under way. His tiny green trunks are packed tightly and his muscles are pumped. The red bands the cut his arms over his biceps are strained by the sheer size. The 'BB' temporary tattoo on his left pec is distorted as he flexes the bulging slab of beef. He's wearing short green gloves and a short yellow cape that sways as he bounces to the ring in his green ankle boots.

Bird Boy

Bird Boy might hate the name. He might hate the costume. But he loves himself and his muscles are on full display. Under the small black domino face mask, I can see the intensity as he stares at Moneymaker. It's obvious he has nothing but contempt for the villain.

The cape comes off and I get some shots of Bird Boy's v-shaped, rippled back as he flexes it for me. With the preliminaries done, I can tell these guys want to get going. We ring the bell and the mat he is under way.

Round One

The two studs circle. The sheer amount of muscle and arrogance in the ring is overwhelming. Moneymaker lost his first solo match, learning the hard way that being a tag team superstar is no guarantee of success in singles. And Bird Boy had a terrible record as a villain. Will being a hero help him?

Bird Boy points at his opponent, "Get ready to go 0-2, man."

Moneymaker laughs, "You were a shitty villain, but you're even more of a joke now."

They charge in and lock up fast. They struggle and strain, each trying to overpower the other. It's a close battle and I can't tell who's stronger or more skilled. As they battle, their hands naturally lock into a test of strength. Their arms open wide and the two musclemen come together, slamming their big chests. WHOMP! The sound of grunts and moans fill the arena.

It doesn't take long before the villain and sidekick are sweating. Their muscles swell even larger. It's a crazy back and forth battle with each guy getting an advantage only to lose it right away. Moneymaker rises, trying to use his height advantage to take control, but he straightens his legs too much. The younger stud is ready. He thrusts up with his thick legs, destabilizing his opponent. WHOA!

Moneymaker stumbles, trying to regain his footing, but it's too late. Bird Boy is reversing their position and bending the villain's hands back. He pushes down then drives. The heel has no choice but to drop to a knee, forced down by the sidekick's awesome strength. With a swift thrust, the hero forces the villain's hands backwards to his shoulders.

Bird Boy looks down, "Who's pathetic now, weakling?"

The villain growls. He clearly made a strategic error and it cost him. Moneymaker eyes the big green bulge resting in front of his face. He leans back then dives forward, trying to head butt the sidekick's pouch. Bird Boy is ready. He twists his hips, taking the shot on his pelvis. THWACK! The hero forces their hands inward, boxing the heel on the temples.

The musclemen free their hands, but Bird Boy is faster. He drives his knee out again, this time sending Moneymaker flying onto his back. THUD! WHAM! The sidekick stomps the thick muscles of his opponent, leaving red boot prints on the tanned olive flesh. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The heel bounces with every shot, but he only grunts, his powerful body withstanding the assault.

Bird Boy drags Moneymaker up, but as he rises, the villain scoops him up across his bulging chest. He body slams the sidekick hard. WHAM! Now it's his turn to unleash the boots. Bird Boy grunts then tries to roll away. When he reaches the ropes, Valet blocks him from escaping the ring. The heroic musclestud could easily overpower the twink henchman, but he never gets the chance.

Moneymaker grabs the sidekick by the boot then pulls him back into the ring. He drives the knee into the mat, causing Bird Boy to flop on the mat, holding his aching joint. The bigger stud pauses to pose, laughing at the ailing hero. The heel drags the hero up then whips him towards the corner. However, Bird Boy reverses the whip, sending the villain crashing in. CLANG!

The villain stumbles out right into Bird Boy's waiting arms. The muscular sidekick wraps him up in a bearhug. ARGH! The younger muscleman is a master of this hold, knowing just how to use his incredible power. Moneymaker is quickly moaning loudly as he's squeezed and crushed. Bird Boy whips him back and forth, increasing the pressure.

Moneymaker cries out as his thick torso is crushed in the deadly vice. He groans and goes limp in the arms. It's tough for the heel to keep his feet, that's how powerful the sidekick is. In desperation, the villain throws his arms up, boxing Bird Boy's ears. POP! The hero shakes out his head and he loses his grip. The heel powers free and staggers backwards into the ropes.

Bird Boy quickly moves in, but Moneymaker bounces off the ropes, flying into the hero with a hard shoulder block. WHACK! Both of them take a step backwards, but only a step. The sidekick pounds his left pec, daring the heel to try again. The villain runs back into the ropes, ricochets off and they collide again. WHACK! Both men bounce back two steps, but neither is toppled or hurt.

The musclemen engage in another staredown, but this time, neither one talks. They move in for a lock up. Moneymaker manages to twist then power Bird Boy into a headlock. He cranks on it hard, really working the hero. The sidekick groans, but I see him working his arm between the heel's leg. With a swift lift, he gets the bigger muscleman into the air then falls back with a side suplex. WHAM!

Moneymaker groans on the mat, rolling onto his side as Bird Boy rolls to his knees. The sidekick flexes then drags the heel up from behind. He pulls him into a reverse bearhug, again attacking the core with his power. The villain moans then drives them back into the corner. CLANG! The younger muscleman takes the impact on his back, but doesn't let go.

Bird Boy shakes the reverse bearhug, but as he moves out from the corner, Valet grabs the back of his green trunks. The spandex slides off the hero's smooth, bulbous butt as it stretches. It's enough to distract the sidekick, giving Moneymaker the chance to throw an elbow back. CRACK! It slams into the younger muscleman's temple, stunning him.

The villain easily breaks free from the loose grip around his waist. He kicks back, driving his boot into the dazed sidekick's chiseled abs. THUD! OOF! Moneymaker spins then dives in with a clothesline that nearly takes Bird Boy's head off. WHACK! The heel grabs hold of the hero's hair then pulls forward, using his grip to throw his victim to the mat face first beside the bottom rope. SPLAT!

As Moneymaker starts in with stiff stomps to the back, Valet uses the opportunity to spank the sidekick's bare ass. STOMP! SMACK! STOMP! SMACK! Bird Boy growls then rises, ignoring the boots and slaps. He powers to his knees, forcing the heel to step back. The hero dives at the villain, but he telegraphs it. Moneymaker grabs him around the head then drops him into a DDT. CRACK!

Bird Boy goes limp on the mat, his exposed ass rising high as he moans quietly, clearly stunned. Moneymaker poses then kicks the young hero onto his back. The heel drops down and starts a pin. He lies across the sidekick's chest, arrogantly looking at the camera. ONE! Pause to flex his right bicep. TWO! Pause. He smirks as he brings his hand down for the final slap.

Moneymaker stops his hand, keeping it hovering an inch above the mat. He sits back onto his knees, breaking the pin. The arrogant villain wags his finger, "This is for The Bat. You're lucky you didn't show!"

The villain drags Bird Boy up then scoops him across his chest. He carries him to the corner then hangs him from the turnbuckle in a tree of woe. The sidekick's green spandex briefs rest just at the base of his cock, exposing lower abs and Apollo's Belt. Immediately, Moneymaker keys in on that smooth area for abuse. He drives his boot in, slamming it into the flat white flesh. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Moneymaker's boots just barely miss the bulging green spandex as they tear into the lower abs. Bird Boy bounces and writhes, but with his boot locked under the top turnbuckle, there's nothing he can do about it. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Eventually, the force of the boots dislodge the hero's boot and he collapses to the mat in the corner.

Valet grabs hold of the thick, meaty ass cheeks from outside the ring. He plays with them as he tells his boss, "Fuck, what a fat ass. You're gonna love plowing this one, sir!"

The villain smiles, "First things first, boy. We gotta break him in a little more. If you're good, maybe I'll let you have a go, too."

The henchman smiles broadly, remembering the humiliation he endured at Bird Boy's hands. I'm sure he'd like nothing more than to exact some revenge. Moneymaker drags the sidekick up. The hero tries to fight back, but an eye rake takes care of that. ARGH! The heel scoops the younger muscleman up then bodyslams him in the middle of the ring. WHAM!

Moneymaker drags Bird Boy up again, only to get surprised when the sidekick grabs him around the waist. He lifts and turns, planting the villain down with a belly to belly suplex. WHAM! The hero can't follow up, rolling away and rubbing his back as he struggles to focus. Valet reaches through the ropes, gripping the muscleman by his thick, round cheeks.

The henchman says, "Don't worry, I got him by his fat ass, sir!"

Bird Boy growls, "It's muscular, not fat! I DON'T HAVE ANY FAT ON MY ENTIRE BODY YOU LITTLE BITCH!"

The sidekick lunges at Valet, who screams then runs backwards, barely avoiding the hands of the hero. Bird Boy pulls his trunks up, give the evil eye to the henchman. Too bad for him, Moneymaker is waiting. The villain dives in, clipping the younger muscleman's knee out. ARGH! Bird Boy drops into a heap, clutching his leg.

Moneymaker drags the moaning sidekick to the middle of the ring then slaps on a figure-four. Bird Boy thrashes on the mat as his legs are tortured in the devastating hold. He tries to hold out, but the heel leans back and stretches his arms out. Valet grabs his master's hands and pulls, adding leverage to the already crippling hold. The hero has no choice.

Bird Boy submits to the leglock. "I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!"

The heel slowly untangles their legs. Moneymaker rises slowly then flexes over the fallen sidekick. He smiles, "One down, one to go."

Round Two

Bird Boy tries to walk off the knee stiffness. He looks angry. Moneymaker might've won anyway, but the sidekick made his job easier by getting distracted. I bet he wishes The Bat was here now.

Moneymaker laughs to his henchman, "Once a jobber, always a jobber."

The sidekick overhears and objects. He sprints forward right as I ring the bell for round two. Bird Boy crosses the distance too fast for the villain to react. The hero splashes the big muscleheel into the corner. CLANG! He furiously pounds on Moneymaker, clubbing him with forearms and throwing in some knee lifts. POW! WHOMP! THUD!

Moneymaker sags in the corner from the assault. Bird Boy grabs the villain around the waist. He lifts and spins, driving the heel to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. WHAM! The sidekick mounts the thick legs then unleashes mighty fists into the rock solid abs of the stud in gold. THUD! THUD! THUD! The villain grunts, but manages to withstand the onslaught.

The villain crunches up, surprising Bird Boy by grabbing his arm. A twist and pull and the muscleheel manages to topple the angry hero off to the side. Both rise fast. Moneymaker kicks the hero in his 8-pack stomach, but Bird Boy laughs it off. They circle cautiously, both showing surface marks from the ab abuse, but otherwise looking like their muscles are holding up fine.

The two studs lockup. Bird Boy manages to maneuver the villain down. He grabs around the heel's waist, lifts then flips the big man onto his shoulder into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Moneymaker moans as he hangs. The powerful hero bounces the villain, but the bigger wrestler kicks his feet and slides off, landing on his feet behind the sidekick.

Moneymaker scrambles out of the ring, wanting to slow down the action. That last hold could've been really bad for him. Bird Boy immediately follows, wanting to keep the action going. As he moves in, Valet throws himself between them. The sidekick easily tosses the lightweight aside only to get flattened by a charging clothesline from the villain. WHACK! WHAM!

The two bad guys stomp Bird Boy's mighty muscles. Moneymaker works high, but Valet does some damage by driving his gold boots into the hero's legs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The villain drags the sidekick to his feet only to scoop him up the. Bodyslam him onto the mat that surrounds the ring. WHAM! The younger muscleman moans as he arches his back.

Moneymaker forces Bird Boy up then whips him into the ring apron back first. WHACK! The wannabe hero bounces off into another scoop slam. WHAM! It's becoming obvious where the heel is focusing his attention this round. The bigger muscleman drags the sidekick up, sending him into the ring apron again. WHACK!

Bird Boy drops to a knee as Moneymaker rolls into the ring. Valet moves in, mocking the sidekick. The young hero rises with fists clenched. He takes a step towards the henchman, not realizing that the muscleheel is in the ring behind him. The villain vaults over the top rope, crashing down onto the unsuspecting musclestud.

The sidekick is unprepared for 210-lbs of muscle landing on him. They drop onto the floor with Bird Boy taking all the impact. SPLAT! Valet runs in and kneels on the writhing hero's back as his master rises. He wedges the green trunks up the young hero's ass then spanks the smooth ass again. SMACK! Bird Boy growls on the floor, bursting up and throwing the henchman off him. GRRR! WHOA!

Moneymaker kicks the rising Bird Boy in the gut. He grabs a handful of hair and wedged trunks, using them to whip the sidekick back into the ring. The villain pushes him in head first, but leaves the hero's legs under the bottom rope with his feet dangling off the apron. The mighty muscleheel quickly climbs the corner ropes to Bird Boy's right.

The sidekick realizes he's in trouble. He tries to move, but Valet hangs from his feet. It traps the hero in place long enough for Moneymaker to launch himself into the air and come down with a big splash onto Bird Boy's back. SQUASH! The villain bounces off his victim, rolling onto his knees. He flexes as the young hero groans in pain.

Moneymaker crawls on top of the wannabe hero. He mounts his back then pulls him up into a camel clutch. ARGH! The henchman pushes Bird Boy's legs open then points at the moaning musclestud's exposed ass. I appreciate the gift, zooming in from behind with a great view of the sidekick's ass, taint and the villain's broad back. Pete can get the suffering, I'll give fans this hot shot.

"Fuck, has being The Bat's bitch made you an even bigger loser, boy? This is too easy!"

In spite of the taunts, Bird Boy won't give to the punishing hold. Somehow he resists, his back holding up against the relentless series of crippling moves. The villain releases the camel then drags up the weakened musclestud. He body slams him back to the mat. WHAM! Moneymaker grabs a handful of hair then drags the limp carcass up again.

As he rises, Bird Boy suddenly grabs behind the heel's legs. He pulls hard, toppling Moneymaker onto his ass. PLOP! The sidekick keeps hold of the thick legs, using them to roll the bigger stud over onto his massive chest. Bird Boy sits back, locking on a beautiful Boston crab. ARGH! Moneymaker pounds the mat in pain and surprise as he is folded up.

Outside the ring, a shocked Valet tries to distract Bird Boy, but the young hero shows some retrains for once. He keeps the pressure up while also resting and recuperating himself. Moneymaker works to counter, the pain increasing. He finally musters the strength to kick free, sending the sidekick toppling to the ropes.

Bird Boy holds the middle rope. When he tries to move, the henchman grabs his head. This is turning into a real handicap match. I could warn Valet off as he's probably going too far, but it's a good lesson for the cocky punk sidekick. I stick to filming the action as Moneymaker leaps onto the wannabe hero's broad back. BOOM! From the weight and impact, the middle rope sags down almost as low as to the bottom before the tension whips up, throwing both guys off and back into the ring.

Moneymaker rolls on top of Bird Boy for a lackluster pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! This time, the young hero kicks out on his own, showing his resilience. The villain drags him up then whips him to the corner. The sidekick reverses the whip, sending the heel in back first. CLANG! Moneymaker bounces out, right into a big boot to his abs. THUD! OOF.

When the villain bends forward, the wannabe hero forces his head between his legs for a standing head scissors. Bird Boy reaches down, grabbing Moneymaker around the waist. He lifts and falls back, executing a short, but effective piledriver. CRACK! Both guys lie on the mat, stunned and exhausted.

Outside the ring, Valet slaps the apron, encouraging his man to rise. The heel isn't moving. The sidekick isn't moving either, the abuse he's endured has clearly taken its toll. Finally, Bird Boy stirs. He rolls over on top of the unmoving Moneymaker. The young hero counts.

ONE! Pause. Bird Boy shoots the freaking out Valet the finger.

TWO! Pause.


Just in time, the villain lifts his shoulder, showing his own resilience. The sidekick punches the mat, but immediately refocuses. He drags the limp muscleman up off the mat. Bird Boy grabs Moneymaker around the waist, locking on a bearhug. He squeezes hard, getting rewarded by cries of pain from the heel. NO! ARGH!

Even with his mask, it's easy to see the pain etched on the face of the muscleheel. He writhes in the hold, still partially out of it from the piledriver. Moneymaker's arms dangle limp at his side as the fight is crushed out of him. He gasps in pain while Bird Boy grunts with exertion. They're barely moving but sweat covers their tanned and pumped muscles, soaking their clingy spandex trunks.

The struggle lasts until Bird Boy gives it one more big thrust. Moneymaker screams in pain, but he jumps up with the momentum. The 210-lbs musclestud lifts his feet and the sidekick's aching back can't support the weight. All the earlier punishment comes back into play as they tumble to the canvas in a heap.

Bird Boy holds his back as he lies on his side. His chiseled muscles flex involuntarily as he fights to focus. Moneymaker climbs to his knees, struggling to rise. They both rise slowly, finally making it to their feet. The sidekick tries for a clothesline, but the heel ducks it. The young hero stumbles, grabbing the ropes for support.

Moneymaker moves in fast. He positions them back to back then reaches back, grabbing under the wobbly sidekick's chin. The villain leans forward, dragging Bird Boy with him. The wannabe hero's feet leave the mat as he's suspended in the hangman. Moans of pain echo through the empty arena,.

The villain's thick legs twitch as he holds the 200-lbs of muscle on his back. It's not easy for either of them. The question is, can the hero hold out? It doesn't take long to find out.

Bird Boy moans his submission, "I give ... I give."

Moneymaker demands, "LOUDER JOBBER BOY!"


The villain drops the exhausted and weak muscle carcass off his back. The sidekick crumples to the mat, moaning in pain. Moneymaker stumbles around the ring, clearly in pain. He walks off the abuse, using the ropes for support. Bird Boy remains in a heap, unmoving in defeat. The heel circles the ring then seeks me out. He waves me forward.

Moneymaker smirks into my camera, "And that's two falls. It's over. New name. New costume. Same old sorry ass Spartan. What a fucking loser."


Moneymaker flexes for the cameras while Bird Boy writhes on the mat. Valet slithers into the ring, smiling ear to ear with glee. He moves to his flexing master and begins worshipping his body. The henchman kneels as he admires the victorious villain. He caresses the thick legs then kisses the dollar sign on the front of the trunks. When Valet is done, he rises, awaiting instructions.

The heel points at the loser. Valet nods then grabs a handful of Bird Boy's hair. He pulls up, but the smaller stud can't move the sidekick. Valet works harder and the rough tugging of Bird Boy’s hair is enough to encourage the helpless hero to move. The muscular loser is forced to his knees before a waiting Moneymaker. Valet pushes the compliant sidekick's face into the villain's swollen bulge, rubbing his face on the sweaty gold spandex.

Valet laughs, "Now you're gonna pay for humiliating me, jobber! Taste a real man! Not like that loser, The Bat"

Valet pulls Bird Boy back by his hair. Moneymaker backs up, allowing his henchman to circle around. The lightweight stud slaps the sidekick's face. SMACK! The blow angers the kneeling muscleman. He balls his fists, but he can't do anything else. He lost and knows the rules. The cocky twink smirks at the defiance, knowing he's safe. After how he was abused the last time they met, he's itching for payback.

Bird Boy gets dragged to his feet by his hair. The henchman circles behind him then caresses the loser's bulbous ass. Valet reaches around and grabs the hero's cock inside his small green trunks. He jerks it as he fondles the ass. The sidekick moans as he's played with. The smaller stud circles in front to check out the hard dick straining in the trunks. He smacks it, causing the ripped musclehunk to gasp.

Valet pushes the obedient sidekick to the corner. He puts his boot on Bird Boy's manhood then presses down until the wannabe hero is moaning in pain. The henchman stops then grabs the hard dick again. He reaches into the side of the green trunks then pulls his muscle toy's cock and balls out the side. He slaps it hard, abusing the meaty manhood.

The henchman leaves the sidekick hanging out the climbs the ropes. He straddles the ripped muscleman then shoves his bulge in Bird Boy's face. Valet forces the hero to suck on his balls through the thin gold spandex. The smaller stud relishes his power over the magnificent muscleman. He hops off the turnbuckle then slaps the loser's meat around some more.

Moneymaker just watches as the young hero is humiliated and manhandled by the smaller henchman. He finally steps in, breaking up the play session. Valet drags Bird Boy out of the corner by his cock then forces him onto his hands and knees in the middle of the ring. The bigger villain inspects his prize then signals to his boy.

Valet moves behind Bird Boy. He forces the trunks down to the knees, revealing the smooth, huge ass. The henchman finger fucks the loser, causing him to moan loudly. Moneymaker moves in front. His boy crawls forward then forces Bird Boy's face down to the gold boots of his master. The helpless hero is forced to kiss the boots of the winner. SMOOCH! SMOOCH!

Moneymaker smirks as Bird Boy is pulled back to his knees, forced to look up at the mighty heel. The villain waits as Valet lowers his master’s gold trunks then fluffs his dick until it's rock solid. The winner is big and thick, his veiny dick more than enough to fill any hole. When Valet has sheathed his master, he starts working his own dick.

The villain taunts, “You’re gonna get fucked harder than The Bat ever dreamed, sidekick. You’re gonna get fucked back to the dark side.”

The defiant sidekick responds, “You got nothin’ on him!”

Moneymaker laughs, “Me? Are you kidding? You’re a fucking sidekick. I wouldn’t waste my time fucking your ass. You don’t fucking deserve it. No. You get fucked by the henchman, not the master.”

Bird Boy’s eyes go wide. Valet kicks out, slamming his boot into the unprepared sidekick’s head. WHACK! The muscular hero flies to the side, sprawled in the mat. The henchman puts a condom on then mounts the loser. He quickly parts the huge ass, driving his cock in deep. Bird Boy groans as he takes the twink’s full rod.

Moneymaker circles around then climbs on top of his boy. He forces his cock inside Valet, who groans loudly as he’s penetrated. Bird Boy groans even louder as another 220-lbs of pure muscle presses down on him, forcing the henchman’s cock even deeper. The villain starts pounding the smaller villain whose dick slams into Bird Boy’s hole. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

The sidekick cries out as he’s ruthlessly crushed and fucked by proxy. Moneymaker pulls out, followed by Valet. They flip Bird Boy onto his back then the bigger villain sits on his face. He works Bird Boy’s face deep between his cheeks as Valet lifts the loser’s legs up to his master who wedges them under his armpits.

“Lick my hole, you little bitch.”

Bird Boy extends his tongue and licks the powerful villain’s crack. Over his ass, Valet leans forward, bracing himself on Moneymaker’s broad shoulders. He lowers his dick down then starts to fuck the helpless hero. The heel encourages his henchman, command him to go harder, faster and deeper. The bigger villain laughs as he feels Bird Boy whimpers against his hole.

Valet keeps riding. He starts to breathe faster and his face turns red. Moneymaker says, “Don’t you dare, boy!” The henchman slows up to avoid cumming. He bites his bottom lip and his master takes mercy on him, letting him withdraw from the huge muscular ass. The big villain releases the loser’s leg then rises.

Moneymaker drags Bird Boy up to his feet then forces him to bend forward into a standing head scissors. Again, Valet begins to pound the helpless hero’s majestic ass. He works hard until he’s forced to pull out to avoid shooting again. The heel releases Bird Boy then runs him into the corner front first. WHAM!

Bird Boy is bent onto the top turnbuckle then Valet moves behind him. The henchman grabs his muscle toy’s hips as his master puts his hands on his trim shoulders. Once again, Valet forces his cock in then is penetrated by Moneymaker. They simultaneously fuck the loser even hard this time, driving him into the turnbuckle. The helpless hero can barely brace himself as the two villains work in unison, driving all their weight against his ass.

True to his word, Moneymaker ravages Valet’s ass who ravages Bird Boy's ass. It's rough and intense. The muscular loser struggles as he's rammed. They pound him relentlessly, slamming him forward then dragging him back. I see the hero's beautiful muscles tense as he struggles to hold on. Valet holds his hips, humiliating him with his control.

They ride him long and hard, making sure he's fully broken in. Moneymaker starts gasping as he approaches climax. The bigger villain pulls out. He moves around beside Valet then his henchman withdraws. They strip off their condoms then work their dicks. Moneymaker reaches out then grabs Bird Boy’s hair.

Moneymaker pulls Bird Boy out and back, forcing him to kneel before them. The two studs start gasping. They explode together, covering Bird Boy's handsome masked face with their seed. Moneymaker makes sure to coat his hair while Valet lines the loser’s sculpted chest with ropes of cum. The helpless hero's incredible face, hair and pecs are soon coated in sweat, cum and humiliation.

After the two villains are drained, they make the kneeling Bird Boy clean their heads. Moneymaker puts his finger under Bird Boy's chin then lifts. The sidekick struggles to his feet. The master villain turns away then whips around with a surprise clothesline that flattens the unsuspecting sidekick. WHACK! WHAM! The heel and henchman each grab a boot then drag the stunned Bird Boy to the ropes.

As Valet hops out of the ring, the villain rolls Bird Boy onto the apron outside the ring. He maneuvers the stunned hero up then forces his arms over the middle rope as his henchman drags the sidekick's legs out. Bird Boy hangs down, his feet hovering over the floor. Moneymaker pulls the bottom rope up, using it to bind the musclehunk tight.

With Bird Boy crucified in the ring ropes, his toes barely touching the floor, Valet starts playing with the bigger hero again. He jerks him hard again then pauses to smack the sidekick's balls and hard on. WHACK! The hanging hero struggles and thrashes, but the ropes keep him trapped. After a few rounds alternating pleasure and pain, the henchman starts working Bird Boy harder and faster.

Moneymaker starts flexing behind his assistant, forcing Bird Boy to stare at his magnificent muscles while being worked. The hand job has the sidekick gasping. He groans and then shudders. I zoom in on the throbbing cock as Valet takes his load from him, forcing him to explode onto the floor. Hot white cum flies out as he shakes from the orgasm.

Bird Boy thrashes from the eruption, milked against his will. When he's done, he goes limp, sagging down, drained and exhausted. Valet smirks, feeling vindicated for his own humiliating experience at Bird Boy's hands.

Moneymaker steps in close. Valet steps aside then hands his boss a trimmer. The villain surveys the smooth body. He laughs, "Well, no hair on you, boy. Except what's on your head. Guess that's where my symbol has to go."

Bird Boy struggles against the ropes. "DON'T YOU EVEN TRY IT! Don't fucking touch my hair!"

The villain slaps the hero, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, LOSER! You wanna play with the real villains? Welcome to the big leagues!"

From the back, suddenly I hear, "LET HIM GO, MONEYMAKER!"

I whip around to zoom in on The Bat. He's marching to the ring, black cape flowing. He wears small black trunks with a red 'bat' symbol on them, a black cowl and black patent leather pro boots. When he gets close, The Bat suddenly sprints forward, closing the gap fast, tackling Moneymaker to the floor. WHOMP! Valet tries to move in, but Bird Boy kicks out, hitting him in the gut. OOF!

On the floor, The Bat has a chicken wing locked on. He drags the villain up then throws him into the gasping henchman. WHACK! OOF! The hero quickly frees his sidekick. Valet charges, but gets kicked back again. The bigger heel moves in fast. The Bat and Moneymaker struggle, but end up pushing each other away. They stand ten feet apart with the exposed Bird Boy right in between.

Moneymaker smirks, "Get used to humiliation, Bird Brain. Unless you wanna join me. Come back to the heel side. I'll show how to win, which is more than this guy has done."

The Bat just folds his arms across his chest. Everyone waits for him to speak, but he doesn't. I question the wisdom of this decision, but it looks like he's really leaving this up to the sidekick.

The Choice

Bird Boy looks back and forth between The Bat and Moneymaker. Like the proverbial angels on shoulders, he's got a clear choice. Return to being a heel or stay as a heroic sidekick. I know he says that he wants the former and hates the latter, but the muscle punk is nothing if not unpredictable. And The Bat does seem to understand him better than anyone else.

One thing I have seen is that he likes being dominated. Both these guys can give him that. In fact, his cock is hard right now. I notice that Pete is kneeling down and zooming in with the other camera as the tense standoff continues. The Bat is still silent, arms folded across his chest. Moneymaker is talking, promising the return of Spartan.

The sidekick nods then walks over to Moneymaker and his valet. The villain laughs, opens his arms and welcomes him back to the dark side. Suddenly, Bird Boy kicks out. He drives his boot into the heel's unflexed abs. THUD! OOF! As Moneymaker bends forward, he gets a knee to the jaw. CRACK! The villain flies backwards into the floor.

Bird Boy clotheslines Valet, taking him down easily. He charges, giving the rising Moneymaker a knee to the head. CRACK! The sidekick grabs Valet and locks on a sleeper. The henchman struggles, his trim muscled body flailing in desperation. It doesn't take long before he's out cold.

Moneymaker is rising, shaking out his head. Bird Boy still has Valet locked up as he superkicks the villain in the jaw. CRACK! Once again, the heel drops, but this time, he's out of it. The sidekick finally tosses Valet's unconscious carcass to the floor. He kicks him onto his back before making his way to a writhing Moneymaker.

The chiseled sidekick drags the villain to his feet. He scoops him up then bodyslams him on top of his henchman. WHAM! Bird Boy plants his boot on Moneymaker's chest then flexes over him. He strikes a series of hot poses, showing off for the cameras. When he's done, he looks over at The Bat, who's still waiting, arms folded. If he has a reaction, he's not showing it.

Bird Boy moves to The Bat. He bows his head, but lashes out with a surprise boot. The hero isn't surprised, though. He thrusts his arms down and shifts, grabbing the boot. He lifts the leg fast, tripping Bird Boy to the floor. PLOP! The sidekick lands on his ass, his legs flying up. The hero grabs both of his sidekick’s boots then opens the young musclestud's legs.

The Bat holds his boot over his sidekick's cock. Bird Boy holds up his hands, apologizing. The hero brings his boot down slowly. He presses the cock against the smooth pelvis, causing the younger stud to groan and beg. The Bat thrusts his arms out wide, throwing the sculpted legs out wide and tearing at the sidekick's groin. ARGH!

Bird Boy rolls onto his side, holding the inside of his legs. The Bat kneels beside him. He grabs a handful of cum-coated hair, pulling his sidekick's head off the floor. He says, "Looks like we still have a lot of training ahead of us. Long and hard training. In fact, I think I'm going to give you a rock hard lesson right now."

The Bat rubs his bulge for emphasis then drags the sidekick off the floor by his hair. He walks to the back, pulling the bent over sidekick along with him. Bird Boy stumbles along, grabbing his mentor's forearm to avoid having his hair yanked from his head. The whole way, the younger muscleman is apologizing, but it's obviously too little, too late.

Pete, the other cameraman, quickly follows, giving me a signal that he's got this. I nod then move to film the stirring Moneymaker and his henchman. It was a win for the villain, but a painful one in the end. Looks like Bird Boy isn't the only one who needs to do some work as the former tag team superstar gets used to solo action.

After the Match

20 minutes later, Cody returns to the ring area looking for me. I can tell he's unhappy as he asks, "What the hell, Ry? You had to know that I wouldn't -"

I calmly interrupt my best friend, "Let me stop you right there. Yes, I did know. I just didn't really care. Time was wasting. We're supposed to be filming Jae against Micah in like 10 minutes and they're just getting into the locker rooms now. I mean, what's the big deal? It worked out great."

Cody pouts, "Except that I barely had time to get changed, much less be camera ready. And he lost so I look like a shitty trainer."

I smile, "No, he looks like a cocky sidekick who got in trouble and had to be saved by the big strong hero. He's young and impetuous, which makes him stupid. You handled everything perfectly and it will look scripted. Trust me, The Bat comes out looking great. As always."

My buddy thinks then replies, "Well, maybe. Did I really look strong? Be honest. I didn't have time to pump -"

I nod, "You looked amazing. As always."

My best friend thinks for a second then smiles, "Okay, you win. I'll forgive you." I start to object that I don't need forgiving, but why bother? Cody's clearly not even listening, probably still thinking about how he looked. He finally returns to reality as he asks, "So what'd I miss? How bad did he get his ass kicked? Tell me everything."

I remind Cody about his boyfriend, "Actually, you should check in on Jae before his match. He wants you to see his new -"

Cody waves his hand, "He'll be fine. He's done the SuperStar thing enough that he knows what he's doing."

"Yeah, but Jae isn't doing -"

"Ry, c'mon. Jae's a big boy. I want to hear all about Xaq getting crushed and you've only got 10 minutes. Go."

I shrug then get back to setting up. Cody helps out as I give him a complete rundown of the match. As much as he might have wanted Bird Boy to do well in his first solo match, I can tell he's pleased that the sidekick is even more under his control than ever. Somehow The Bat wins again without even trying.

The End


  1. Wishes DO come true! I've been wanting to see Xaq/Spartan/Bird Boy go up against someone as equally strong and ripped for quite some time, and Moneymaker was my first choice! A test of strength, bearhugs, shoulder blocks that have no effect -- all in the first 5 minutes of the match! I love how X/S/BB has become an expert at the bearhug and added that move to his repertoire -- if anyone is strong enough and solid enough to apply that hold properly, it's him! It was also good to see his already dynamic character developed even more. It's been quite the journey for Xaq, and I'm definitely along for the ride!

    Great writing as usual! :)

    1. Thanks! Xaq has a lot more journey ahead of him. He has really become a staple in The Cave, so I view him as the top of the second tier with Beau. In fact, thanks to a reader commission, you might find him moving up even higher in the pecking order before the year is out ...

  2. Yay! Bird Boy vs. Moneymaker and Valet. He's obviously been taught well by Cody, but not well enough to get rid of his arrogance. If he hadn't delayed Cody, and this had been a strict 1 on 1 match, he might have won. Of course, it's always hard to tell if he actually wanted to win by himself or saw an opportunity to get dominated by another hot guy.

    The surprise character in this story for me was the Valet. Taking hits for his master, acting as a distraction, and totally enjoying his revenge on Bird Boy. BB's disappointment/shock/humiliation at being fucked by the little guy, not Moneymaker, was a nice touch.

    Moneymaker smirks into my camera, "And that's two falls. It's over. New name. New costume. Same old sorry ass Spartan. What a fucking loser."

    Hell yes!

    Cody is such a narcissist, but not an idiot. He saw through Bird Boy's little trick so easily. He instantly realized Bird Boy would try to use the opportunity to take out all three of them and come out on top.

    I know you said you've got to leave the reader wanting more, but damn, I would have loved to get a peek at Xaq's next training/punishment session. I can't imagine Cody going easy on him after that stunt. :)

    1. Thanks, Mike! Glad this delivered for a big Xaq fan. I will tease that everyone will get a little more insight into how Xaq's mind works coming 12/15.

      You're right. Cody is many things, but idiot is never one of them. And Valet will be coming into his own even more in 2017.

  3. I loved this so much, I don't know where to start. So I'll start with the funniest part:

    "It's muscular, not fat!"

    Oh Xaq. Focus, boy, focus. (Although, through the ring action, you COULD see that Xaq WAS more focused than he USED to be. Subtle in-ring improvements, letting himself get a LITTLE less distracted, character growth, I love it.) It was neat being from Ryan's point of view, too. Usually Xaq stories are from Cody's POV, and Cody always seems to think Ryan has a soft spot for Xaq, but now we see Ryan is only too willing to stand back and let Xaq learn his lessons. Tough but fair.

    Like others, I was surprisingly interested in Valet. The dedication, the loyalty. The hotness of a smaller guy willing to get in there and mix it up, and play dirty to counter the size disadvantage. And what it says about Moneymaker: Stepping out "on his own" after being in a tag team, but still making sure to have an advantage in the numbers game.

    Cody's always funny, especially when seen through Ryan's eyes. I AM glad he kept his boy, though!

    And poor Xaq...such a hot loss. (It was getting a little "Jason Todd"-ish, only this time, the Bat showed up in time, yay!)

    I'm interested in what happens next to ALL the characters in today's story, AND I'm interested in the foreshadowing for the future (Is Jae going to appear as someone other than SuperStar...?), so all in all, this story was a success on every count!

    1. Awesome! I really appreciate the comment.

      Xaq may be learning. I guess we'll see how much and how fast. Cody definitely has more work to do with his sidekick, so no worries there. And I'm happy to read that Valet is attracting interest.

      As for Jae, I can't get anything past you, Sean! Good news is that 10/15 is the next Adventures of SuperStar story where you'll see the match Ryan is referring to.

  4. This was a delicious match. Perhaps its a different adjective, but its just so rich. It has many things that you can feel, and visualize. You can visualize easily the two muscle characters in the ring, battling. At least for me it was clearer than ever before. The action, the movements, the descriptions of their bodies, uff it was damn exciting and hot. And I'm just describing the writing. It was so easy to picture the action in the match, even their facial expressions and the ATTITUDES! XAQ again was written brilliantly, but then MoneyMaker, Valet and Ryan also were written. Ryan begins the match with the cystal clear concept "The sheer amount of muscle and arrogance in the ring is overwhelming." Perfectly captured. At the same time though...its more than overwhelming its just Awesome! I will also say that XAQ's one liners are just superb, like a fellow commenter said above. He is just ans awesome character. He makes me laugh every single time. But this match was so different. It was hard. I could see MM slamming XAQ's back on the Apron and the strong muscular body just getting pushed past his limits. Or MM barely able to walk from the punishment he received. Or the two hot bodies in a heap together in the ring. HOT HOT HOT. Valet was also written perfectly. He intervened but its doubtful the outcome would have been different with our without him. But he was so playful and just sheer fun! Spanking the ass, and doing the small things that he knew that would get BB unfocused! Still MM was jjust a bit too much for BB. WOW. MM was really good in this match. He had planned on weakening BB's back and executed perfectly. In the muscle vs muscle match, he won. I think he just has to improve a bit more to really get back in the same level as The BAt. Even though XAQ performed so much better, he still demonstrates his weaknesses. But I can really criticize him. Yeah he pulled another stunt...but would he be XAQ without doing stuff like that? LOVE HIM. JUST LOVE XAQ.
    And now the stakes. WOWOWOWOW.That could be a separate comment. HA! WOWOWOW. Talk about stakes and humiliation and revenge and power. The VALET just elevated his stature in my mind a few notches. Clearly, BB is really going to have a grudge with VALET. These two have to have a one on one. I cant see XAQ taking this easily, even after the ending. He was paraded and played with like muscle boy...BY THE VALET! HA! Great Job. The fact that MM didn't think he was worth it...completes the humiliation.
    And the ending. Surprisng to say the least. Awesome. The rescue, XAQ pulling a fast one..again, but the BAT laying down the law, hard on his sidekick. I wonder what happened in those twenty minutes. I wonder how CODY will train XAQ in order to get him to stay in line. That should be interesting.
    MM and Valet...shined. They got kicked in the ass at the end but its irrelevant in how I see them. They were good. In every way. They were more than good. I hope to see them again soon. MM, Valet, and XAQ really kicked ass in this story. All three got pushed up to a new level. MM now needs a tougher challenge. Top tier. BB well his depends on The Bat. He controls him. And Valet...that...that is just very interesting...

    1. Wow, thanks for the comment. There's so much here. I really appreciate your passion for the story and characters. Knowing that guys see the characters as people is the best compliment.

      Xaq is fun to write, so I'm glad he's fun to read. Valet is a slow build character, but the reaction makes me happy I've planned more development for him next year. And Moneymaker is a force to be reckoned with. His breakup with Night was emotional for him, but losing big to The Bat was the best thing for him to get him focused again.

    2. There is a lot...and I'm reading other commenters and they saw stuff that I didn't even touch on my comment! HA! It was good Alex. It was great.I love reading what other guys think. Sometimes they catch stuff that I miss...

  5. This was great fun! I love Bird Boy and you used him perfectly, who doesn't love a good sidekick who needs to be rescued? I'm also a fan of Moneymaker using the clippers as his calling card, I'm a sucker for hair matches. But perhaps the most intriguing bit was the hint at Jae's next match... are we getting villain Jae?

    1. Thanks, Phil!

      Sometimes my stories are more about one characters, but with this one, I tried to give everyone a good showing. It seems like it worked, so I like hearing that.

  6. Fantastic story! Your ability to really develop three dimensional characters and have actual story arc is astounding. And I really like how at the end, as part of his erotic torture you had Valet forcibly milk BirdBoy- getting fucked is so passive, being forced to cum by someone against your will is much more humiliating, your own body betraying you. :)

    1. Thanks! I always appreciate hearing my characters feel real and that the story arcs are interesting. My philosophy is that there are only so many archetypes, holds and stakes, so it's the characters that can keep the blog going.

      And I do like the idea of a hero being milked, so I'm happy to hear others do, too.

  7. Dear lord this was HOT! I could picture the holds, the cries, the sweat, magnificent!

  8. Yes! I've been waiting for this match up and to see how things turned out it was a perfect match Alex! I love 2v1 matches as you probably know so this is going straight to the top of my favorites list haha. The banter in this chapter was great too. Alot of people above noticed that too and im glad to hear that Valet is getting more attention in 2017 cause he deserves it! MM talking down to Birdboy taunting him and saying that he didnt even deserve his cock was so hot! I bet it took a hit to Xaq's pride but good thing the jobber has alot of it so it wont shake him up at all haha. One of my favorite endings how they toy with BB and shoot over his face coating him from chest up. Im glad cody came in time though to save BB's hair! Cody was too funny at the end, more concerned that he looks bad with how his sidekick jobbed but ryan quickly helped him realize the bright side in the end. And then the cliff hanger... Damn im too curious at what ryan was hinting at. This match is the 'doomsday' match right? or is that next month. I wonder if what other people thought of Jae using another hero/villain/costume is something that could be true. Guess well have to see in 2 weeks cant wait!

    As always Thanks Alex!

    1. You are welcome, Axel. I love all kinds of comments, but the length of some of these tell me that this one really worked out. As I said above, I really wanted to give all five characters - Xaq, Moneymaker, Valet, Ryan and Cody - some development.

      I think I'll leave the tease as a tease. ;)

    2. And it still amazes me at how well you do it! Every one had good parts even with cody and ryan not involved with the action. You even find new ways to suprise us with each match. You are a talented writer alrx makes me want to sit down and write some matches!

    3. You should write something if you're motivated. If you do, I'd love to read it.

  9. Once I can lock down a story idea I might give it a shot! I've been wanting to commission you again too but can't think of a solid story the only thing i have certain is which models i want to use for the story haha. But if I do end up writing one you will be there first person I'll send it too since I love feedback and I learn alot from just reading your stories and could learn even more from feedback!