Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: Eagle vs. Steel (Thunders Arena)

Strange, but ultimately satisfying. That's the best way I can describe this 27-minute video from Thunders Arena. The action, the sequencing, the cutaways and the camerawork. Much of it feels strange, like a "What did I just watch?" feeling. For 22-minutes, I wasn't really into Eagle vs. Steel, but then the last 5 are really good. It's one of those videos you need to stick with, but it ended up being worth it for me.

Like Greek gods sculpted from marble

I'm a fan of the guys here. Eagle is just plain hot. He looks thicker here, like he's been following Frey's bulking plan. Gone is the fitness model body, replaced by superhero strongman beef. It took me a minute to get used to it, but I like it on him. The muscles are there as is the definition, but he's really solid through the waist, especially compared with Steel and his incredibly tapered body. Steel's shoulders and chest and huge, with a very thin waist.

Eagle gets flirty then things get rough

Down, boy! Steel's not done flexing.

Gear-wise, it doesn't get smaller than this at Thunders. Both are in standard issue gear, but they fill it out nicely. Eagle is in very tiny, shiny trunks I've seen Big Sexy wearing. On Eagle, they're super-stretched and straining. And Steel looks great in the lime green and purple posers that make the rounds. These guys have great bodies, so it's great they they're showing them off.

Eagle is huge now

And Steel looks superhuman in his posers

We start with flexing then putting on a practice green. Strange. It takes almost 6 minutes before anything happens. The action heads to the mat, but the look and feel is odd. The picture is dull and it feels distorted, like a fish eye lens or something. I found that the otherworldly effect gave me a very detached feeling. I watched the action, but more like I'd watch a movie than a typical wrestling video. It all just kind of happened, but I never felt engaged.

Everything seems curved, but the guys look great

When things wet, so will you

And the weirdness continues. During the match, we suddenly cut to White Tiger wandering through the house. Why? Who knows? We come back to Eagle holding his shoulder. Why? Who knows? Later, there are a couple of cutaways to close ups of White Tiger's face as he intently watches the action. Who is this guy and why is he there? It all kind of feels like someone pulled a wrestling clip from a 70's style fight movie.

Outside of the distorted, dull film and the cutaways, there is a lot of action and it's good. Although just as a tip, when legs are split, the right place for the camera to be is not the side. You get some power moves and this is actually a best two-out-of-three with a definitive ending. As I said, the last 5 minutes are really great. Pure domination with the loser left destroyed.

The guys trade nelsons

And they both look great in them

Big boys use big bearhugs

Eagle's crushed by Steel's power

The new Eagle can easily hold Steel up

So in the end, I actually ended up liking it. I can live with the odd looking footage, but I'd edit it down with no golf and no White Tiger. In my version, this is a power-packed battle between two uber-hot musclemen with an awesome climax. After watching both guys submit during the video then the ultimate annihilation in the pool, I can deal with a little randomness.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours? Any thoughts?



  1. I really miss Big Sexy. No one at TA currently can hold a candle to him in making every single match compelling. Between body, skill and most of all, personality, he made every one of his matches worth the price of admission. I still like TA, but matches like this as you describe it are the reason why I can't plunk down the money on every match anymore. I have to be selective now, because there is no Big Sexy there to guarantee my enjoyment.

    1. Mikey, I call that my must-buy list. It's my go-to guys who're reliable and always deliver. It's different for everyone. Eli might be one for you, Jake is one for me. It's why I have virtually every Jake, Dash and Alex from RHW. Their presence can save a mediocre match.

      With Thunders, Big Sexy was my guy, too, and they haven't replaced him for me either. Because of the dramatic quality variances of their products, Thunders has never had anyone other than Big Sexy and Jersey work like that for me.

  2. Huh that is weird.from the trailer I assumed they had shots of white tiger in there because the match turns into a handicap or he helps steel out since i know them two are frienss. But from what you said that is odd. I guess its to just promote white toger or something. I wonder if his match against steel didnt sell well or something since ive seen a couple deals on that match. Then again they could just be trying to push him. Good review alex il probaly pick this one up soon since i like both eagle and steel and by going on your review this is a good pick up.

    1. Cool. If you like them, you should like this one. If you do get it, please come back and let me know what you think.

      Yeah, White Tiger doesn't do anything here. Maybe it relates to Steel vs. White Tiger, but I haven't seen that match.

  3. First I have to commend Thunders. Finally. Two fitness guys at their peak going into battle. Those two guys are hot. Just for that, this match is a winner. I swear that Thunders reads your stories, because these two guys could easily have been featured in the Cave I would think. Look at those two bodies. They are hot and they are excellent. Amazing.
    Having said that I have to say that AT THE BEGINNING, Steel really dominates in the way his body is displayed. For some reason, Eagle looks bloated, rather flat. He wasn't pumped up.
    Now maybe he wasn't pumped because of the beginning of the video they have that...MINI GOLF game. Yes they were playing Mini Golf in Speedos btw...well perhaps this was a homoerotic minigolf dreamland. Perhaps that's the fantasy world. From that Point of View, bring it on. Put the guys in speedos, playing football, baseball, working in an office, working in the supermarket, UPS drivers...that's all awesome. I dig it. But...the guys didn't really click on that storyline. Maybe with more practice or development. It really had potential if somehow one cheated and they began to wrestle. But the way it came out...had me ehhhh...flat.
    Then the match starts. Again, it looked flat. No energy in the match, and again I feel that Eagle is the reason why. I'm thinking, "Oh this guy is disappointing".
    Then something happens. VUALA! You can see a change in his body first of all. His body gets swole and sweaty and in the process the whole match changes. The match gets more aggressive, and hotter by the second. It was like Steel was waiting for Eagle to bring it on. And once that happened this match completely changes.
    I agree with Alex completely the last five minutes are excellent. I was a bit surprised on how good it was. It felt real, unscripted and raw. Two powerful ripped muscle men fighting for dominance. Excellent.
    Maybe these two guys didn't have good chemistry or didn't like each other and had trouble connecting, but once they did, it was great.
    Maybe they didn't care for the Golf storyline and that threw them off. Maybe they just wanted to tear into one another from the get go. I definitely would have wanted to see the last five minutes but extended to 8 or 10. Maybe the fact that it was a Mat made them not go as hard first because they didn't want to get an injury. Perhaps these guys would be awesome in a mattress match or even better...a Ring match. A ring match between these two would be AMAZING.
    Overall the last 5 notch....the this video...thumbs down (but it does have potential), the rest of the match....ok...The two muscle boys....TOP NOTCH.

  4. I really miss Big Sexy. No one at TA currently can hold a candle to him in making every single match compelling. Between body, skill and most of all, personality, he made every one of his matches worth the price of admission. I still like TA, but matches like this as you describe it are the reason why I can't plunk down the money on every match anymore. I have to be selective now, because there is no Big Sexy there to guarantee my enjoyment.

  5. Wow wow wow wow wow these 2 guys are amazing hunks with amazing physique. Steel is one of the hottest guy on thunder and I could watch him wrestle all day and night. My ultimate goal and fantasy would be to wrestle him for stakes but I'm sure he's str8 and not gay etc. I hope Steel stays with thunder for a long time to come. My ultimate fantasy would to see him not only wrestle but to mix it up and slug it out toe to toe bare knuckle with Travis, Marco, Eagle, or Chase but not sure if thunder arena would do such a hot match as that. I wrestle my self and live in the UK but there aren't any guys over here that come close to Steel or Eagle. What an amazing blog you have. Love your fantasy matches bro

    1. Thanks! Appreciate the compliment on the blog. Thunders does do custom scenarios for a price. Not sure how realistic they could deliver on a slugfest, but it's an option.

    2. Thanks! For a quick reply. Will have to suggest a slugfest and see what they come up with.