Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Chet Chastain (BGEast)

Chet: “I want you to explain in ONE WORD how professional wrestling feels.”
Biff: “IT HURTS!”
BGEast calls this series "Babyface Brawl", but really I think it's more like "Jobbers Gone Wild". I'm reviewing two of the matches and in both cases, there's one guy who isn't a babyface by my definition. Naming conventions aside, Biff vs. Chet was a must-buy for me as it pairs two of my current favorites in action.

Chet vs. Biff - pro vs. bodybuilder

Now, Biff Farrell is definitely a babyface. He's clean cut, fair-haired and fresh-faced. Maybe he can't count, but he's a pint-sized powerhouse, which has made him a popular muscle jobber. He virtually always gets manhandled and crushed by a nasty heel. The uber-hot fireplug is smooth and flawless. He’s fantastically proportioned with superhero muscles, handsome features and an awesome ass that's cupped beautifully in his tight red trunks.

Biff's just beautiful

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Big Biff bulges all over

Chet Chastain, however, is not a babyface in look or attitude. The pro wrestler is sex on a stick, with smoldering good looks and a lean, ripped physique in tiny and tight trunks. He's handsome with an edge thanks to his goatee and bad boy arrogance.

I've only seen Biff win once, but I was hopeful for him against Chet. While Chet isn’t a babyface, he’s still a jobber. The pro wrestler is a wannabe … more heel-jobber than dominant force. And why not? He suffers really, really well.

Chet overpowered by the bodybuilder

I don't think Chet's enjoying the view, but I am

Biff applies a beautiful bow and arrow

I really liked this match a lot. The action is awesome. Both guys are great at selling and Chet loves his moments of domination. The first 16 minutes or so of this 28 minute video is very much an “anything you can do” story. The guys mimic each other with nelsons, crabs, camels, bow and arrows, figure-fours, and more.

Both guys get submissions and it’s very back-and-forth as the pro wrestler and bodybuilder battle. Over the last 12 minutes, it devolves into one-sided domination as one jobber is forced to admit, “I’m a bitch” as he’s completely crushed.

Chet prefers looking at himself like this

"I love being in control."

"Look me in the eye!"

The plot of this is pro wrestler vs. bodybuilder. Chet bitterly complains about guys like Biff wrestling when he mockingly imitates him, “Oh, I’m pretty jacked. My friends told me I should be a professional wrestler!” I personally think this works better if the bodybuilder is bigger than the pro, but he’s really not. It’s like Lane Hartley vs. Brad Barnes, which has the same story.

And it also helps if you haven’t seen the bodybuilder actually wrestle and do it well. To be fair, it’s Chet who sets up the dynamic, so maybe the point is that Chet is making assumptions that we’re supposed to know are false. Either way, Biff unsells Chet’s premise by using complex moves like a figure-four and bow and arrow. It won’t impact your enjoyment, but I thought it was interesting.

In the end, these two studs deliver a really nice jobber battle. Biff is a great talent and Chet knows how to entertain.

So that's my take. What's yours? Any thoughts?



  1. What a hot pairing! Both guys look great in their gear. Love the pic of Chet in the Boston with bodybuilder Biff's beefy butt bulging above him! I gotta see this match!