Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: Kirk Donahue vs. Zach Reno (BGEast)

The second match I watched from BGEast's "Babyface Brawl" (or as I call it, "Jobbers Gone Wild") is Kirk Donahue vs. Zach Reno. This video really lives up to the premise, giving these prominent punching bags a great platform to show what they can do beyond suffer. The action is even better than Biff v Chet and I was really impressed by two guys who're not usually high on my list.

Zach: "Don't put your head too close to this one,
you'll knock yourself out."

Zach Reno makes a fun arrogant heel, but it's Kirk Donahue who surprises me. I say that because I've actually never watched a Kirk match. So far he has looked like one of the complete doormats BGE has sometimes, like Kip or Rio. I tend not to be too interested in them as I like my jobbers with some fight in them. He really exceeds my expectations here.

For a guy obsessed with his own hair, Zach has no problem pulling Kirk's

Nope, no jobber squash today

Kirk is cuter on video than on the site. He's like a leaner Captain Marvel or a muscular, dark-haired Tintin. Kirk is also smoking hot in his tiny and tight yellow trunks. After a surprise nomination for Best Butt in the 2015 BGEast awards, Kirk makes a pitch for some recognition of his frontal assets, too. He wears his trunks really high on the hip and it's a good look on him.

Maybe it's just me, but the eyes and hair
remind me of this

All that's missing is a cape flowing behind him

Yeah, thrust those hips up!

It's tough to capture, but Kirk's impressive

After just enjoying Zach against a young Chet, he shows up here full of swagger and looking gorgeous in shiny purple pro gear. He really loves his hair and his body in this one, his talking like a pro. I love when he warns Kirk to stand back before he flexes his bicep in order to avoid injury or requests time for his hair to recover.

A rare and uber-hot DDT from the middle rope

Your hair won't help you now, Zach

One of my favorites - the neckbreaker

This match is pretty much back-and-forth, although one guy does dominate more in the final 10 minutes of this 30-minute match. The action is smooth and has a great flow. The hairy hunk does most of the talking, but the smooth stud finds his voice, too.

Zach's arrogance and Kirk's chill nature work well together. If Kirk wasn't so cute, I think BGEast could've made him more competitive, because he has some skills.

Kirk doesn't have to be a pushover

Spread 'em, punk! Kirk's jobber instincts come through.

Kirk cries out in a crossface

In the end, I really liked this one. It'll definitely be re-watched and enjoyed, so I'm glad I OTA'ed it. It's tough to beat a Biff/Chet match, but somehow these two manage to do that with charisma, chemistry and exciting action. Who knows when this was shot, but more of this from both guys, please. And we'll see if Kirk earns his Best Bulge nomination from BGEast.

So that's my take. What's yours? I'm making a lot of assumptions about Kirk and his earlier matches based on pics and catalogue descriptions, so if I'm wrong, please let me know.



  1. Kirks bulge is fantastic. I agree completely that he should be in line for some year end award nominations from BG East and the fan base. I, for one, will be voting for his package :)

    1. Thanks, Scott. We'll have to wait and see if BGE agrees with us.