Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 11

"Where did Micah get the character name Ace anyway?"

My 22-year old boyfriend and me are hanging out after a great shoot of the latest Cave match. The Cave is a gay-oriented, superhero-themed, wrestling video company that I co-own with my best friend Ryan. Jae and I both wrestle for it, along with a ton of hot guys. We don't normally do weekday shoots, but availability meant we had to make it work this time.

Jae and me (Cody)

We just got finished checking on the 19-year old musclestud Micah aka Ace in the locker room after a tough match and are now in the ring area to see what needs to be done.

Micah aka Ace

I smile, "Oh that's a fun story. You know how Ace is Batman's dog? Well, Micah is like an adorable puppy. He was always following me around and I'm The Bat, so it just seemed to fit."

Jae says, "Wow, that's kind of rude, naming him after a dog."

"Well, he doesn't know that's the reason. At least I don't think he does. I suggested Ace and he went along with it, no questions asked."

"Yeah, but now I feel bad. Ryan is setting up a match between us for Friday, but I don't want to beat on a puppy. You know Micah's a huge jobber."

I shrug, "Don't worry about it. Micah won't complain, trust me. The guy is so happy about everything all the time. You can smack him on the nose with a newspaper and he'll still lick your face. Or anything else you want him to lick."

Jae laughs, "Again with the fucking rude. No wonder he doesn't hang out with you as often as he used to. You don't respect him."

Ryan's obnoxious friend Pete is cleaning the ring. He helps us out with filming and my best friend likes him, so I tolerate him. Barely. He overhears, so he adds his unwanted two cents. "Jae, you're kidding, right? You're the reason he doesn't hang out with your whore boyfriend as much."

Obnoxious Pete

Jae is surprised. He asks, "What do you mean? He doesn't like me? What did I do?" Pete looks at him like he's being naive. When Pete gestures at my crotch, Jae gets it. He looks at me, "Oh, it was that kind of thing? Really? He's kinda young for you."

I object, "Are you saying I'm old? He was legal before we ever did anything. In fact, the first time was his 19th birthday present."

Jae kisses me, "You're not old. It's just that it's a ten-year age difference."

I shrug, "And you and me are seven years apart, but I don't hear you complaining. Look, if he's old enough to die for America, he's old enough to -"

Jae holds up his hand, signaling he gets it. "I get it. Wait, he's only 19 now. So this was -"

Pete smirks, "Like a few months ago. Right up to the minute before you and Cody got serious they were fucking."

I frown as Pete tries to create drama. I ask, "Isn't there something you should be doing?"

My boyfriend asks, "It's okay, Cody. So I wonder why he still wrestles for The Cave if he's upset about you dumping him for me? He's not that good of a wrestler. It's not the money, since he's a Beverly Hills boy with a trust fund."

Pete says, "Oh, you know how it is. Micah is just waiting you two out. He knows a selfish slut like Cody can't stay loyal for long, so he wants to stay close. He's always asking how things are going with you two, checking in. Once you two are done, he'll be back in Cody's bed before it even gets cold."

Jae scowls and crosses his arms across his smooth, sculpted chest, "Waiting us out? What the fuck does that mean?" My boyfriend turns to me, "Now I'm glad you named him after a stupid dog."

Pete laughs, "Don't be mad, Jae. You've already outlasted the longest guess in the pool by a mile. I had to give the money to Brett and we thought he was crazy for picking two weeks."

I warn, "Fuck off Pete." With drama created, Pete finally rolls away. I grab my pouting boyfriend, pulling him into the office where I lock the door behind me. I remind Jae, "You know I had other guys before we got serious. I have a past, but you're my present and future. These past few months together have been the best of my life. You're not actually upset about this, are you?"

"No. Maybe. Kind of. It's nothing you've done, but I hate hearing that guys are betting against us. It doesn't bother you that a punk like Micah -"

I interrupt my pouting boyfriend with a deep passionate kiss. When we break, I tell him, "Micah is not a punk. He's a good guy and he hasn't made a move on me. Even if he did, it wouldn't matter. Once upon a time, I might have been a bit of a selfish whore. Maybe. But if I was, Ryan beat the selfish out of me. And you've tamed the whore. All I want is you. Honestly. Outside of wrestling, which you know about, I am 100% faithful to you."

My boyfriend smiles, "God, you always know how to make me feel better. No wonder I love you so much, Cody."

Jae kneels down, bringing his mouth to my package. I lean back against the desk as he slides my shorts down. My handsome boyfriend engulfs my cock and starts to work it. I rub his head as he sucks me. It doesn't take long before Micah and stupid Pete are forgotten and we're fucking on the desk.


True to his word, Ryan sets up a match with Jae and Micah. They're two of the hottest and most talented young rookie heroes we've got, so it should be a good one. Only drawback is that it's two faces, which tend not to sell as well as hero vs. villain or even villain on villain. Fans like the tension of personal conflict.

Micah comes out first in his Ace gear. The 19-year old stud puppy is 6'1"/200-lbs with smooth muscles and dirty blond hair. As Ace, the teen muscleman wears a grey spandex collar and tight grey trunks, both with a stylized blue 'A' on the front. He wears a bright blue domino face mask with matching blue pro-style boots to complete the look.

Ace in full gear

Next, Ryan announces 'DarkStar'. I raise an eyebrow, not realizing this was a 3-way match. When this new guy emerges, I'm shocked. It's Jae, but not in his SuperStar gear. The usual blue, red and yellow color scheme has been replaced by a more severe black and red combination. It matches my Bat gear, but somehow looks more sinister on my boyfriend.

DarkStar is 5'11"/190-lbs of smooth muscle. His flawless skinned is naturally tanned. While he's still sporting an 'S' shield design on his chest and bulge, it's a more angular and aggressive design. The front of his black trunks are packed with his gorgeous manhood and the back bulges for his beautiful bulbous butt. He's wearing black pro boots and a sinister-looking full face mask. Even his gorgeous eyes are covered by mesh.

DarkStar? What is this about?

It's weird to call my boyfriend a heel or villain, but his new name, look and demeanor certainly convey the feeling of a Kryptonian bad guy. He marches to the ring confidently. He climbs into the ring then paces, staring down Ace as we wait for the bell to ring.

Round One

The two studs circle the ring, checking each other out. If Ace is surprised, he's not showing it. He's smiling and bouncing as they circle, ready to rumble. The heel is sneering and looks intense. It's so weird to see him like this. I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me. I mean, he secretly plans this villain character against my former fuck buddy Ace? Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

They lockup and strain their muscles. They push and shift, trying for the advantage. Ace turns, getting DarkStar into a side headlock. He cranks on it and the villain grunts. The teen muscleman really works it as he leads the trapped muscle-heel around the ring. The younger stud stops then flips DarkStar over his hip onto his back. WHAM!

Ace lands on the heel's chest, maintaining his headlock. He squeezes hard while keeping his weight pressing down on his opponent. DarkStar tries some stiff body shots, but the younger hero is solid. His muscles withstand the punches, so the villain tries another approach. He grabs behind the teen muscleman's leg and over his shoulder then pulls him over, pinning his shoulders to the mat. ONE! The hero has no choice but to roll free, letting the headlock go.

DarkStar rolls to his knees. When he turns, Ace is already diving at him with a shoulder block that flattens the villain. WHACK! The hero springs to his feet, leaps then comes down with a leg drop across the heel's head. CRACK! The villain curses and covers his nose as Ace rolls to his feet. The younger musclestud drags the bad guy up, only to get an arm driven up between his thighs. SQUISH! The low blow sends the hero staggering back, holding his big bulge.

The heel rises confidently then grabs the hero by the hair. He pulls the teen muscleman into a front facelock then suplexes him over. WHAM! DarkStar rolls with the momentum, planting his shin on Ace's smooth chest. He arrogantly flexes and nods as he assumes the dominant position. The hero is resilient, throwing the villain off him with authority.

Both studs rise quickly then circle the ring. Ace is still working out his pouch, obviously surprised by the dirty trick. So am I. If there was any doubt about DarkStar, it's gone. He's a villain for sure. They move in then lock up. The two strong young studs struggle, but DarkStar kicks up. Ace is ready, blocking the kick then forcing the heel into a front facelock.

Ace pulls back, rolling DarkStar over into a cradle. The hero uses his head and legs to open his opponent up wide, securing the legs in the spladle. The heel moans as he's trapped, folded up in the humiliating hold. The teen muscleman starts to count. ONE! The villain squirms, but he's pinned. TWO! DarkStar manages to shoot his arm up between them, lifting his shoulder an inch off the mat. Not much, but it's enough.

Rather than keep the punishment going, Ace releases the spladle. Before he can follow up, DarkStar rolls away, right under the bottom rope and out of the ring. The villain walks funny as he works out his groin. The impatient teen muscleman moves to the ropes. He reaches over to pull DarkStar back in, but the heel is ready.

DarkStar jumps up, grabs the surprised hero's head then it pulls down. The top rope stretches down from the weight as the heel chokes the teen muscleman. When the villain lets go, Ace snaps back into the ring. WHAM! He flops on the mat holding his throat while the confident stud in black rolls back into the ring.

Ace lies on his back as boots rain down onto his pecs and abs, the rubber soles breaking down the teen muscleman's torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The brutal attack wears the younger stud down. DarkStar pauses only to pull down his right black knee pad. The heel starts in with knees to the abs, dropping his right knee into the red stomach then bouncing up before coming down again. THUD! THUD! THUD!

DarkStar drags the winded musclestud to his feet. Ace fights, but the heel gives him a knee to the lower abs, clipping his bulge on the way up. The hero cries out and loses focus. The villain whips him into the corner, front first. CLANG! He bounces back right into the waiting muscular arms of his opponent. DarkStar grabs him around the waist then lifts, flipping him over and back with a belly-to-back suplex. WHOA! WHAM!

The hero lies stunned on the mat as DarkStar rolls to his feet. He moves in, grabbing Ace's legs. As he lifts them, the teen muscleman kicks out, sending the villain backwards. Ace plants his hands over his head then brings his knees over his shoulders. He smoothly kicks his legs and thrusts his body forward landing on his feet.

Ace winces as the stylish move uses his aching abs, but it positions him perfectly to dive into the surprised heel with a shoulder block. WHACK! DarkStar goes down hard, stunned by the unexpected impact. The hero pulls him to his feet, scoops him across his chest then body slams him back to the mat. BOOM! He repeats the move, adding more force the second time. KABOOM!

The villain bounces on the mat then thrusts his bulge into the air to relieve the pressure. Ace grabs DarkStar by the mask then drags him up. The heel slams his fist into the red abs, putting his whole body behind the blow. THUD! OOF! The teen muscleman bends forward, falling over the villain's shoulder. DarkStar stands up, hoisting the helpless hero over his shoulder.

The confident muscle-heel parades Ace around the ring, bouncing him to drive his shoulder into the hanging hero's hurting midsection. DarkStar jumps and drops, making sure this is no normal carry, but a punishing ab move. The teen muscleman's weight works against him as gravity and the movements break down his already aching stomach.

DarkStar stops then flips Ace onto his back. WHAM! He holds the hero's legs in the air then drops his bare right knee into the softened lower abs. THUD! The teen muscleman squeals as his bulge is crushed under the villain's now padded shin. The heel bounces up, spins then comes down with an elbow between the legs. SQUISH!

Ace screams and grabs his bulge as he flops on the mat like a fish out of water. DarkStar just sits and laughs for a moment before rising. He grabs the hero by the hair, forcing him to his feet. The heel bends Ace forward then grabs between his legs and over his shoulder. He lifts then drops the teen muscleman over his extended leg in a gutbuster. OOF! He bounces his leg, making sure the weakened young stud really feels the pain.

DarkStar pushes Ace off his leg with force. The hero rolls onto his back, obviously in pain. The villain rises then puts his boot on the broken down abs. He steps up, putting both boots on the smooth, flat stomach. His 190-lbs of muscle bears down into the softened hero. The villain flexes his arms as he proudly uses his victim as a carpet.

The villain steps backwards off Ace. Before the hero can move, the heel is in the air, coming down with a big splash. SPLAT! The teen muscleman groans as 190-lbs of muscle crash down into his stomach. DarkStar sits up and back. He digs his fingers into the tender flesh, leaning down into the soft stomach.

Ace cries out as the fingers dig into his abs. Normally, this wouldn't work, but DarkStar has done enough to really sink his claw hold in deep. His fingers disappear past the fingernails as he drives his hands in deeper and deeper. The ailing hero holds out, but he's thrashing around on the mat. His sweaty body is writhing as the pain grows.


The hero slaps the mat in submission, but the villain demands he say it. "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

DarkStar finally releases the cruel claw. He kneels beside the aching carcass of his opponent then rises. The cocky heel arrogantly kisses each of his biceps, admiring himself. The villain smirks with self-satisfaction as he looks at the red stomach rising and falling with each heroic breath from his victim.

It was a brutal first round with the villain's dirty tactics making the difference. I'm sure Ace is as shocked as I am that he's facing a heel willing to go low. He better adjust his mindset and tactics or it'll only get worse. Meanwhile, my anxiety is only increasing as I watch this DarkStar persona in action.

Round Two

As the clock winds down for round two, Ace is still rubbing his smooth stomach. The redness is gone, but he's clearly still feeling the effects of the abuse. He adjusts his tiny trunks and it's clear he's feeling the last round there, too. The villain went low and it worked for him. The teen muscleman better figure out a plan to defend his balls or else it'll just encourage DarkStar.

There's only a few seconds left, so the hero turns to put down his water bottle. Suddenly, the villain charges. The bell rings exactly as the muscleheel leaps, splashing across the unprepared teen muscleman's back. SPLAT! CLANG! Ace is crushed as the flying DarkStar uses his 190-lbs of muscle to crush him into the turnbuckle.

The villain bounces off, landing perfectly. He drops into a three-point stance. When Ace turns, he's met with a perfectly timed shoulder block to his abs. THUD! The hero is driven back into the corner hard. He sags on the top ropes. DarkStar starts in with a series of shoulder blocks. THUD! THUD! THUD! The impact drives Ace's perfect ass backwards until he's sitting on the middle turnbuckle.

DarkStar backs up. He slaps the teen muscleman across the face. SMACK! Ace gets mad, turning then shoving the villain hard. The heel lands on his ass, bouncing back. The hero moves in, driving his boot into DarkStar's heaving pecs. WHAP! The heel snaps back, lying on the mat as the hero leaps up, coming down with an elbow onto his opponent's bulging chest. THUD!

Ace locks the heel's arm between his leg then rolls to a kneeling position. DarkStar moans as his arm is squeezed and bent uncomfortably. The teen muscleman starts pounding the right pec. THUD! POW! THUD! The villain is unable to defend his meaty chest as fists rain down, breaking down the huge, round slab of beef. POW! THUD! POW!

The heel grunts with every shot, but he finally manages to roll, bringing his left fist directly into Ace's bulge as it hovers over his shoulder. SQUISH! The bigger hunk cries out then falls to the side, his legs opening wide as he cups his bulge. DarkStar rolls away, shaking out his arm then checking his chest. As he swings his arm, he circles the whimpering musclehunk on the mat.

DarkStar grabs Ace's bright blue boot, lifting his leg. He steps over and flips the bigger stud into a single leg crab. As the teen muscleman groans, the heel's free hand slides over the hero's oversized and aching pouch. Ace whimpers, "No, no, no!" The villain clamps on a vicious ball claw. YEEARGH!

Ace bucks wildly in the crab, actually freeing himself thanks to the intensity of the pain shooting through his smooth, massive body. The villain is thrown off, flying to the ropes. He hangs in the middle rope, looking surprised. His reaction evolves to a pleased look as he hears Ace's high-pitched moans behind him.

The two studs are sweaty and pumped, both pausing for different reasons. DarkStar moves methodically, basking in his dominance while Ace struggles to fight through the pain radiating from his crotch. The teen muscleman rolls out of the ring, trying to walk it off as he massages his manhood.

DarkStar follows Ace out of the ring, not wanting to give him time to recover. As he rounds the corner, the hero suddenly spins. He flattens the surprised villain with a stiff clothesline that drops him fast. THWAK! WHAM! As the heel lies there, Ace stomps his body, making sure to hit the right pec again. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Wedged against the ring apron and ringpost, DarkStar has nowhere to go. He's forced to take the hard boots to his smooth, tanned body. Ace breaks to drag the stunned heel up. He slams the smaller musclestud"s face into the apron. CRACK! The villain is wobbly as the teen muscleman lifts him into a bearhug. ARGH!

Ace crushes the villain in the hold. DarkStar moans as he tries to break free. Every counter is blocked and the heel seems helpless to resist the power of the teen muscleman. The younger hero suddenly runs forward, releasing the hold just as they reach the metal ringpost. The villain flies into the the metal post, hitting hard on his back. CLANG! He bounces off, right into a scoop slam to the thin mats over the concrete floor. WHAM!

DarkStar writhes at the feet of his rejuvenated opponent. The latest low blow seems to have put some fire in the teen muscleman's belly as he dominates the new villain with his power. Ace unleashes more stomps, trying to really weaken the stud in black. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! After a dozen body-wrecking boots, the hero drags the heel up then rolls him into the ring.

When the hero gets in, DarkStar has managed to roll to one knee. He tries to surprise the younger wrestler by springing up with a spear tackle, but the bigger stud actually holds his ground. He grabs DarkStar in a front facelock then spins around, executing a devastating swinging neckbreaker. The studs land on their back, with Ace sitting up and the heel on his side, moaning as he holds his neck.

Ace goes for a pin, but DarkStar throws his black boot over the bottom rope at two. The hero honors the break. He drags the heel away from the ropes then hooks the leg to try again. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THR - NO! The villain shows his resilience by forcing his shoulder up just in time. I'm impressed, even as I remain worried about the persona change.

The teen muscleman drags DarkStar to his feet. He tries for a scoop slam, but the villain pushes away desperately. With both studs drenched in sweat, Ace loses his grip and the heel stumbles into the corner where he holds onto the ropes for dear life. Both guys are breathing hard as their flat, smooth stomachs go in and out.

DarkStar fends off an advancing Ace with kicks. The game of cat-and-mouse continues until the hero finally manages to bat the boot to the side. He moves in then palms the heel's face. He pushes it back, raising his opponent's chest. Ace drives his forearm down into the chest, slamming it hard. THUD! The villain sags from the impact.

The hero wraps his hand over the heel's face again, forcing him up. Again he punishes the chest with a huge forearm smash. THUD! DarkStar hangs limp on the top rope, barely an.e to keep his feet. Ace grabs his opponent by the mask, forcing him up. Before the teen muscleman can do anything, the villain lashes out with a vicious chop to the neck area. THWAK!

Ace spins around, coughing and holding his throat. DarkStar rises slowly, getting his second wind. He adjusts the front of his tenting trunks and shakes out his arms. The villain focuses as he watches the hero struggle. The heel saunters up behind the bigger hunk, measuring him for whatever he has planned.

DarkStar squats then forces his hands up between the hero's thick thighs. The villain locks on a ball claw, causing the teen muscleman to gasp. Immediately, the heel pulls down, forcing Ace to bend his legs and squat with him. DarkStar bursts up and Ace instinctively follows the momentum. The villain uses the ball claw to lift and throw the hero up and over. It works like a belly-to-back suplex, but it really more like a "ballplex". WHAM!

Ace lands hard on his back then rolls onto his side cupping his bulge. DarkStar flexes over the younger musclestud, sensing the shifting tide. He drags the hero up by his hair. The villain grabs the teen muscleman around the waist then lifts and drops him in a sidewalk slam. WHAM! He lifts the leg then goes for a pin. ONE! TWO! Ace kicks out.

DarkStar drags Ace up by his wrist. He locks on an armbar then gives the hero a swift kick to the gut. OOF! The heel grabs the teen muscleman by the hair then yanks backwards, snapping the bigger hunk onto his back hard. WHAM! The dominant stud unleashes a series of stomps to the smooth torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Ace tries to roll to safety, but DarkStargrabs the back of his trunks.

The grey trunks wedge up the hero's ample ass as he's forced to his feet. Ace moans as the trunks force his balls against his taint. The teen muscleman is still aching from the cumulative effect of the ballplex and previous low blows. DarkStar uses the back of the trunks to pull the hero into a stiff forearm to the lower back. WHACK! Ace staggers forward only to get yanked backwards into another shot then another two. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Ace looks wobbly on his feet, unable to counter the yo-yo action. DarkStar suddenly grabs the hero's arms below the bicep then runs forward towards the corner. The hero can't get his arms forward to brace as he's run in hard. He smashes into the turnbuckles front first. CLANG! The villain spins around, positioning them back-to-back.

DarkStar reaches back, grabbing Ace under the armpits. He lifts, hoisting the 210-lbs of teen muscle into the air. The hero hangs helplessly until the villain drops forward, slamming his opponent's shoulders into the canvas. KABOOM! The teen muscleman crumples, looking almost unconscious from the devastating impact.

The villain rises, his face a blank slate thanks to that mask. The 'S' shield on the front of his trunks is distorted by his rising erection. He's obviously loving this destruction. DarkStar steps over Ace then drops down, pinning the hero's shoulders down with his shins. He flexes and starts to count. ONE! TWO! Suddenly, the heel rises up, breaking the pin.

DarkStar moves down Ace's body then strips the helpless hero of his grey trunks. With the teen muscleman exposed, the heel moves around then drags him to a seated position. He grabs under the bigger hunk's armpits, lifting him to his feet. The villain backs up to the corner, pulling his stumbling opponent with him.

When they reach the corner, DarkStar climbs to the middle ropes. He sits on the top turnbuckle, dragging Ace into a sleeper. The teen muscleman tries to pry the arms from his head, but they're wrapped tight. A sudden squeeze and the hero's arms fall to the side. The heel shakes his victim, causing his meaty cock and aching balls to flop around.

Ace tries to break the hold again, but another squeeze and he's edged to unconsciousness. DarkStar stands up on the middle rope, lifting the helpless hero with him. The teen muscleman hangs in the Hangman's Choke, going completely limp immediately. The villain drops the naked hunk to the mat, where he collapses in a heap.

The arrogant heel jumps to the mat then drags Ace to the middle of the ring by his arms. DarkStar lifts the naked hunk's right wrist then let's it drop. ONE! He repeats the move with the left arm. It drops. TWO! The heel grabs the flaccid cock, lifting it up. He drops it and it slaps onto the shaved, flat Apollo's Belt. WHAP!

DarkStar holds his fingers from base to tip, measuring the unconscious hero's soft dick. He hold his fingers up, showing the measurement then smirks as he announces, "TWO-AND-A-HALF!" Ace is showing no signs of life as the heel lifts the hero's head by his hair then drops it. THREE!

With victory confirmed, DarkStar rises then plants his boot on Ace's chest. He flexes over the loser, savoring his dominant, albeit not entirely fair, performance.


Ace moans as he rolls onto his side. He shakes his head as he wakes up. The hero reaches down and adjusts his cock and balls, only to be reminded that his trunks are gone. He rolls onto his back, holding himself as he blinks to focus his mind.

DarkStar moves in then plants his boot on the teen muscleman's smooth chest. His trunks are off, too. Ace licks his lips as he stares at the villain's shaved balls and fat semi-hard dick. The dominant stud looks down at his victim. He stomps the meaty chest then takes a step back. THUD! As the hero rolls onto his side, the heel shoves his face down.

The villain swings Ace's trunks on his finger as he commands, "Lick my boots, boy."

The defeated hero obeys, extending his tongue and worshipping the black patent leather. He moves into a crouch, elevating his bare ass as he works. The villain orders him to kneel. He slaps the teen muscleman with his cock, smacking him on the nose. I get the reference, remembering how I said you could hit him on the nose with a newspaper and he'd lick your face.

DarkStar tests that theory by making Ace lick his balls. The hero does it. His cock grows as he worships the victorious villain. From the balls to the shaft, the teen muscleman eagerly services his master. He's great at sucking cock, so I'm not surprised when DarkStar groans then has to force the young stud off his meat before he shoots prematurely.

The villain takes the hero's grey trunks and forces the leg hole over Ace's head. He pushes the teen muscleman onto all fours then forces him to do a lap, the trunks serving as a leash for the humiliating crawl. Ace looks amazing in subservience as his ass remains high and his cock remains hard.

DarkStar positions the hero in the center of the ring. He slips a condom out of his boot as he moves in behind. The villain sheathes his cock then reaches forward and grabs the trunks wrapped around the teen muscleman's neck. He pulls back as he slides in. Ace groans loudly as he's penetrated by the heel's rock hard rod.

The villain roughly rides Ace, fucking him doggie style. He keeps the hero's head up with the trunks as he pounds the smooth, round ass. The younger musclestud keeps moaning as he holds position, taking everything DarkStar's giving him. The slapping of pelvis on bubble butt echoes through the arena, providing a bass track for their grunts and groans.

The sweaty DarkStar withdraws then forces the hero onto his back. He shoots onto the teen muscleman's stomach and chest, lining his torso with hot white cum. When he's drained, the villain moves up Ace's body. He scoops up his seed onto two fingers as he presses his shin across the defeated stud's chest. The heel lowers his fingers over Ace's mouth.

"Lick my fingers clean, boy."

The hero extends his tongue then laps the seed up. He lifts his head to get every drop then sucks on each finger to finish the job. When he drops his head, I see a satisfied smile on the loser's face. His hard cock confirms that he's loving this, even as I grow anxious at this new heel turn for his opponent.

DarkStar forces Ace into a seated position. He moves behind him and slaps on a sleeper. He orders the hero to jerk off. The teen muscleman works his hard cock, quickly approaching climax. As he moans and gasps, signaling that he's close, the villain tightens his grip. Ace cries out as he starts to erupt while simultaneously passing out in the sleeper. The unconscious hunk's cock keeps spurting out his hero seed onto the mat, even as his muscled body slumps under the heel's power.

The villain lets the hero fall to the mat then he rises and poses over his victim. He basks in victory before sauntering out of the ring, brimming with confidence.

In the Locker Room

I say, "Congrats."

Jae pulls on his tight black compression shirt, "Thanks. All our training is paying off, babe. Before I might've been lost when Ace had me in trouble, but thanks to you, I didn't panic. I just focused and I came back for a big win."

I just nod. I waited before coming in, because I'm nervous about saying something wrong, but this DarkStar thing is an elephant in this locker room. I simply say, "You were pretty intense out there. We didn't practice those low blows or that ballplex. That was all you."

Jae smiles as he stands there in black spandex, pumped and gorgeous, "Thanks, Ryan taught me the ballplex. I know it probably shouldn't feel good to go a little rougher, but it did. Took me back to football, where I was an animal on the field. I hope I didn't go too hard or dirty. Micah is a big strong guy. I figured he could take it. You think he's mad?"

I shake my head, "I doubt it. I told you before that he's a sweet guy. I'm more worried about you. I thought we were past this thing with Micah, but then you -"

My boyfriend looks shocked then quickly interrupts me, "Oh, Cody. Oh shit. We are. Really. This had nothing to do with me being jealous of Micah or anyone else. I trust you with all my heart." I raise an eyebrow. "I had this planned weeks ago. It took me a few weeks just to get the gear. It was before I knew anything about you and Micah."

I realize that must be true. He couldn't get new gear this fast. "So why DarkStar?"

"It was just a good opportunity to try something new on a tough guy. I didn't realize that you might think - wow. Seriously, it's just something new I wanted to try. The fact that it was against Micah is pure coincidence."

I relax a bit, "Something new. Is that why the black?"

Jae nods, "So did you like it? I wanted to surprise you."

"You did that, all right."

"Now that you know more, I hope it's a good surprise. I figure that you have two identities with your Pink Punk stuff. Lots of guys switch between heroes and villains. From a Cave perspective, there are times when SuperStar gets a little boring and I want an edge. That's where DarkStar comes in. It's a persona where I can really cut loose. Can't do low blows as a hero."

I nod, my anxiety evaporating as I appreciate his new persona. I say, "Huh. So that's all it is? That's actually cool. We can definitely market this. DarkStar. Maybe a clone or something. See how it goes." I pull his hard body into mine. We kiss deeply. When we break, I rub his pec in his tight shirt. I ask, "So is the more intense and nasty DarkStar only an in-ring persona?"

Jae reads my meaning. He gives me a devilish look, "Why don't you get naked and find out, Bat-boy?" I raise an eyebrow as he peels off his black shirt. He sneers, "NOW!"

I don't need to be told again. I quickly strip completely naked, excited by this turn of events. My boyfriend grabs me by the cock and balls. I happily submit to role-play with his darker side as he leads me to the mats where I'm immediately forced to my knees, looking up at his serious face. And to think I was worried.

The End


  1. Oh Ace! Ace Ace Ace! Would love more Ace. And his entrance music can be, "Now I wanna be your dog..." Or not--he's so sweet, he STILL might not realize everyone sees him as a big ol' puppy. He lost beautifully, but what a fighting effort! Kinda like Beau, but more of a jobber--you see why Ace is instantly a new favorite of mine, right?

    To speak of the story...Hmm. Cody's definitely one to see what he WANTS to see, so he may be dropping his guard about Jae prematurely. I mean he hasn't always been a boy scout in the past, and the way he treated this puppy... BUT I might just be paranoid, maybe Jae's SINCERE at the end. Time will tell...

    Great action too, the low blows and the sleeper, and again, with Ace, sweet, young, muscular, naive, the perfect training dummy for your nastiest heels. Thanks for another great entry!

    1. P.S. Jae honestly DID make sense at the end--it would have looked pretty bad for SuperStar to beat up on beautiful innocent Ace, not very heroic. Counter to that though, SuperStar would have fought with honor (admirable in itself, but probably not a big seller). Nah, never mind, guess I'm STILL a little wary of Jae... :) He now has a persona to allow him to go all psycho jealous stalker on anyone he suspects of being too close to Cody, and if Cody's all, "Dude," Jae'll be like, "Villain." And Cody'll be like, "Oh yeah."

    2. P.P.S. DAMN YOU, PETE! *shakes fist*


      Possible hottest line, in this or any Cave story:

      "The unconscious hunk's cock keeps spurting out his hero seed onto the mat, even as his muscled body slumps under the heel's power."

    4. Thanks Sean! I love your enthusiasm. You're so suspicious. You always call out my writing, but I do love yours here ... if Cody's all, "Dude," Jae'll be like, "Villain." And Cody'll be like, "Oh yeah."

      On the plus side, there is more Ace to come, so I'm glad he has at least one fan. In fact, he has a very important plot-advancing appearance in 2017 that has nothing to do with Jae or Cody/Jae's relationship.

      On the down side, there's more of Pete to come in 2016 ...

    5. I'm so relieved--I WANTED Ace to be in it again, but I wanted it to be because YOU wanted to have him in it, and not solely because I asked. :)

      And don't get me wrong--I LOVE to hate Pete! ;)

  2. Whoever you based Micah/Ace off of is pretty cute.

    God, I truly hate Pete so much.

    The ballplex, sleeper/climax, and Jae getting dominant with Cody were the hottest moments for me in this story.

    Cody worrying had me worrying until the end there was going to be an unpleasant twist. Good to see he was worried for nothing and it had a pleasant ending.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Ace is Daniel Peyer and I think he looks adorable. In fact, his looks inspired his character.

      Yep, no unpleasant twist. And in the previous story, Ryan did try to tell Cody to check in on Jae before the match, so it's his own fault.

      Poor Pete. LOL.

  3. OH PETE OH PETE! Lets get to him first. What a character, what an awesome character. Is there a character in the whole Cave that gets under our skin as much as Pete? HECK NO. Not even close. HE gets under Jae's, and Codys skin as much as each and everyone one of us. That's when you know how good a character he is. I have to be honest. He doesn't let up on Cody. He is always on the attack. From a certain pint of view you could say that Jae has a lot to thank Pete about. If it weren't for what Ryan and Pete did perhaps Jae would be on of those sex flings. Every time you mention Pete in a story, I'm always looking to see what he is up to. Ill admit, he cracks me up after pissing me off. I would definitely would love to see more Pete talking. Add him to the select guys in the cave that have a clear voice.
    I love DARKSTAR. Damn that first pic of him is hot. I read what Sean P Ford said above about him...and whoa wouldn't that be hot. Jae the stalker hahaha. Using his second persona as an excuse to beat up on Cody's wannabe lovers. HA! And how bad was he. He went all in with the low blows...and the BALLPLEX HAHAHAHA. OH THE BALLPLEX!!! AND RYAN!!!!! It was Mr Bane himself that taught him that, behind Codys back. Interesting. This Ryan is one sneaky MOFO. Since the beginning of the Cave, when he blindsided Cody as Bane, Ryan seems to know how to catch Cody by surprise. That is very interesting.
    Ace.Cody is just such a dick. Isnt that why he is great? I like that Jae just calls him out. But I bet he himself cant deny that the basis for the name is just hilarious. He does look like a damn puppy. Would love to see in a future story the way he acts around Cody, to see the puppy in action.
    But the guy can take hard hits and return the favor. So that has to be noted. Very aggressive guy. He slammed DarkStar against the corner post. That was very impressive. He might be a face but he likes to fight fire with fire. Ill give him that.
    Anyways, Pete still has me chuckling HAHA! He is such a conniving problem maker.

    1. Thanks for the analysis. Pete has a lot to say next story, so you'll get your wish. And both DarkStar and Ace are back in 2017.

      On the rest, if you were trying to learn about being a heel, who would you go to? Cody/Bat or Ryan/Bane? I think Jae made the right choice.

    2. I totally agree with going to Bane. Its just that Ryan does have a character trait in that he manages to catch Cody by surprise from time to time. This is one example but also on the first stories when he surprised him with Bane and being completely ripped and no longer fat. Also technically by letting XAQ go against MM. Cody does have a huge blindspot for Ryan, and Ryan knows it. That's my take lol.

  4. Another Jae Match! Its been far too long!.. only 2 months but still to long for me haha I mean look at those pictures! After the boyfriend scare you find another way to scare me with Jae and his villain side but im glad it has a happy ending to this scene too(unless its not over yet? Dun dun dun!)! This new side to Superstar I like it but then I like when Jae Jobs haha I was hoping Ace would turn it around but I do like how Jae controlled the match and I the 'BallSuplex' move is one of my favorites and how Jae ended the match was just great! He really does have a villain heel inside of him. All in all the pictures the domination and the ending really sold me on Darkstar cant wait to see more of him(Probaly also helps that the black/red color scheme reminds me of superboy so it makes me even more biased).

    Onto Ace. I love him so far and want to see more but he seemed under utilized this for this appearance. I think it was the combination of him not having any lines and having everyone talk about him as just a pup (which is fine and he could probaly use a dog collar haha) but not much else and with cody focusing on if Jae's persona Ace didnt shine to much for his debut. Though his action in the ring made up for it. For someone who was suppose to be a jobber he had some great moments in the ring and i hope he isnt a complete jobber like Xaq! Though his outfit supprised me. I know he wouldnt go full dog gear but his color scheme didnt match the Bat(or Batman) seemed more like krypto. I guess Ace is just the name and thats it? Other than that minor Con I'm just as excited to see more ace as I am to see more Jae!

    Damn Poor pete hes getting everyones hate haha. Though you say he has more coming this year which intrests me, does he have matches or just a side character? And any hints or thought for a new persona for him. He was Bane lite at first and then one half to a tag team with storm, It would be cool to see Pete with something new and see if he can dominate in the ring after being just a camera man for so long.

    Thanks for the match Alex!

    1. You're welcome! Jae has another story this year, so you won't have to wait long again.

      This was Jae's story, but you'll learn more about Ace next year. And you can blame me for Ace's costume. Ace the Bat-Hound has been brown, black and grey. I decided on grey, because black was too severe. And the accents are blue for the same reason, playing off the 60's Batman which was lighter in tone. He's not completely puppy-like, because he's not intended to be The Bat's dog, just named after him by a playful Cody.

      In terms of a Pete hint, it's tough to answer your question whether you'll see him in a match and/or doing something new. I could say yes to both, but I could also say no, too. After you read the 11/1 story, you can tell me which answer you think is more accurate.

  5. No need to blame you for the costume! Sorry if that comment seemed negative just was curious(if not kinda hoping) Ace was connected to the bat family kinda like birdboy. But his costume right now is still hot and i like the angelic kinda look. White fits the model and those trunks with that bulge is perfect. Looking forward to see more ace or any interaction with him in future stories! Always keeping us guessing Alex il wait and see what you and Pete have in store for us!

  6. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it, Sharlin! Appreciate the comment.