Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: #490 Axel vs. Chase Michaels (UCW)

After watching a bunch of fun and flirty UCW matches, I'd forgotten how great they are at serious matches. Axel vs. Chase Michaels has two lean hot studs, a ton of tension and non-stop brawling. While other guys are pausing to flex and preen, this video starts going hard from one-minute in and literally doesn't stop until the champ has his belt at the end.

Axel suspects nothing as nice guy Chase stalks him
(the goatee should've tipped him off)

Oh yeah, that's right. It's a title match. I loved that UCW had a belt, but it seems like the thing had become permanently attached to Axel's waist. I haven't really felt like he might lose it since Axel faced Nick Diesel. Well, maybe UCW feels the same way. Guys are really pushing the champ now, like Eli Black and Chase Michaels. It doesn't have to change hands, but it should feel like it could.

Chase isn't holding back

Axel whips Chase around

I loved Chase being squashed by Nero Angelo and dragged to his playroom (reviewed here). That side trip might have impacted him in unexpected ways, because here, he's sporting a goatee and is full-on heel. Yes, Chase has moved from being Nero's latest plaything to a sexy badass. He's sneaky. Nasty and vicious. And his body is tight. I especially admire his back, which just ripples as he punishes the champ.

The champ takes control

Axel is Axel. The champ is a face in UCW, but not a wimp. After initially being sandbagged, of course he comes back hard. From the look of pouch at times, he's enjoying this battle, although the way that his manhood gets ruthlessly manhandled, that doesn't last that long.

Chase works over Axel all over ... and I mean all over

Chase tries to get a taste of victory

The guys work hard. This is a grappling battle. It's a ton of mat action and body stretching holds, not power moves. These two lean studs get bent, folded, choked and twisted a ton.

The guys are so very bendy

Chiseled Chase gets stretched, too

Axel is caught off-guard

Did Chase bite off more than he can chew?

In the end, it took me three viewings to get all the way through this. The champ vs. challenger dynamic adds a lot to it and it does re-ignite my interest in the title belt, but this is a great match on its own. The guys have a ton of endurance and keep the action going the entire time. I love Chase's new look and attitude. He's smoking hot throughout.

What are other bloggers saying? Joe at Ringside actually convinced me to buy and watch this faster than I might have otherwise. I appreciate that.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Glad that you reviewed this. I also follow Joe and enjoy his blog as well. At first I thought that this would be another cotton candy match. Was I surprised. Chase is ripped and hungry for the win. nice ripped look and nice goatee. he attack was on point as well. i was wondering when and if anyone could pose a threat to Axel. This match is it! good to see ucw getting back to serious wrestling.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, UCW has had some lighter matches lately, which I liked, but when they're serious, nobody matches their crazy intensity.