Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: Ty Alexander + Drake Marcos vs. Damien Rush (BGEast)

According to the BGEast catalogue description, "The only question to ask is whether Drake and Ty will be able to channel their own bitter, erotic rivalry into a workable alliance to be able to turn the tide ..."

Allow me to answer that.


Surprise! There's no surprise in this video.

Now I think it might've been nice to see a little turnabout, because Damien is still a better jobber than heel. However, that's not the storyline of Ty/Drake vs. Damien. This is a 35-minute jobber beatdown by a massive hairy muscleman. That should pretty much tell you how interested you are in it. I enjoyed the match. The heel looks great, the jobbers sell amazingly well and the pace is intense. It's non-stop from start to finish.

Now, if Damien is making the transition to heel, he certainly has the physical assets to do it. He is gorgeous here. The hairy, barefoot muscle beast looks very primal wearing only leopard print trunks, He flexes his powerful muscles as he dominates. I'm impressed with his energy and effort here. While the jobbers get long breaks, the big powerhouse is working the entire time. It gives him a great pump and he's drenched in sweat, increasing his jungle sexiness.

That's a big man right there

Two jobbers for the price of one
Now you don't see this kind of
crushing power everyday

Ty looks amazing in his pink Trophy Boy gear. I love the complete pro look and there's a lot of focus on his ass, so it's perfect for the situation. We see a little of cocky Ty, first as he dominates Drake then when he gets into it with Damien. Ty takes the lead in challenging the big man, fearlessly standing his ground against the intruder. It doesn't help him, but it's fun to see.

The Trophy Boy's got it going on
Spread 'em! Ty knows what to do to keep his fans happy

While we see a little of Ty's personality, we don't really get much of Drake's. He does scurry away when Damien enters the ring, only to get caught and wrecked. I'm probably in the minority, but I've never seen a Drake Marcos video, so I don't know much about him. He's in great gear, a shiny blue pro look and he sells really well. So he seems like a great jobber.

I like how this match opens on action. Drake has Ty in a head scissors before Ty reverses things and dominates. The story is that Ty/Drake are having a match, but Damien rented the ring. The intruders aren't leaving, which pisses off the big man. Within a minute, the destruction is on. It's relentless from that point on.

We start with some jobber vs. jobber fun
Ty is brave, but that only gets you so far

Damien alternates between the practice dummies, but my favorite moments are when he's dealing with both of them at once. For example, the hairy hunk has enough power to double bearhug them. Some of the double teaming is reminiscent of Ty's last tag match and it's just as hot this time. The guy was made for the tree of woe.

The double crab is very nice and when it's done, Damien sits between them then smacks their asses, fondling Ty's. Let's face it, it's not surprising that he can't resist Ty's Trophy Boy butt. Who could? There's more spanking and wedgies with the two jobbers hanging over the top rope, along with some frontal fun as well. Drake is lucky enough to get a face full of Ty's package on a couple of occasions.

Even Damien can't resist that bubble butt

Open wide, jobber! 

I'm still not sure how this is punishment for Drake.

Victory is never in doubt

In the end, I really enjoyed this squash job. Yes, I would've like a moment of reversal, even if it was just Damien toying with the jobbers, but it works really well as is. So it goes exactly like you'd expect, but the journey is terrific. The one-sided action still keeps you engaged, thanks to the performances and creativity. Pure power and perfect suffering are on full display from beginning to end. And there's a great contrast between Damien's raw, basic sexiness and Ty/Drake's fresh pro wrestling jobber looks.

So that's my take. What's yours? Remember, comments rock!



  1. This looks so damn hott! I love Ty's butt of course, but Damien is my dream man. Can't wait to delve in!

    1. Thanks hahah i love my Butt too ;)

    2. Thanks for the comment, Troy!

      And Ty, we all appreciate the hard work you put into making that butt. Keep up the good work! ;)

    3. we saw this a few weeks ago and got turned on by it - so last night my 2 friends and i tried the routine and made a video -it turned out so hot - all three of us in little g-strings.
      So much fun
      the best part - the 69 :-)

    4. Wow, I love that. Very cool that you were so inspired by a video that turned you on so much. Sounds like a really hot time.

    5. wow - just hot is all i can say.
      maybe he will be willing to do it again with 3 against one. I would love to join in on his one!
      who posted on Oct-6 has the right idea - maybe show more in a sexy g-string.

      this would be awesome!

    6. Thanks for the comment. Good luck joining in! ;)

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  3. I agree with you completly on this review. Damien is such a hot jobber i was hoping Drake and Ty would somehow get control of the match but wasnt unexpected that it didnt go that way. And all though i was hoping for another Damien vs Jake lowe type match this one was great too! All though I prefer Jobber damien his heel is just as hot too! Damien dominating and playing with them was great to watch! All 3 played this match perfectly maybe i should check out other matches with them. All ive seen from Ty was his 3-way match and for drake it was the matches with him vrsing Gabriel ross and Jake lowe.

    1. Thanks axel. If you like back and forth. I suggest the tag team torture match. Alex wrote a review on here. The DVD has a Damien match and a great singles match also.

    2. Of course there is also some more erotic stuff me vs drake and myself vs Kayden were big hits. 😛😛

    3. Axel, glad you agree. I spoiled the lack of reversal so folks would know what they were buying, especially since I think Damien's reputation is more jobber. I think people either like one-sided or you don't. I did like him being crushed by Jake Lowe, too, but this obviously isn't that.

      To Ty's point, the tag match with Chase vs Christian/Charlie is a really good back and forth.

  4. guys - wow!
    The finishing 69 just did it for me! I love watching that over and over!
    Both of you ever thing about doing this type of match against a female ? I think it would be intense to watch both of you get dominated by a female wrestler as well.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Not sure if the guys will see this (they might not check back). I’m going to guess the female wrestler thing wouldn’t be of any interest to at least two of the three guys.

  5. Just found this as a friend showed me the video a few days ago --WOW!!!
    I would be willing to pay to see asimiliar match where the both of you get stripped down into a tiny g-sring in some of those sexy amazing positions.
    I love how you both get destroyed in this match!
    the ending I can just watch over and over and over!
    the humiliation or 2 amazing sexy guys just lay piled together is so hot! please consider a g-string as it would accent those amazing bods a bit more as you lay in that type of position ! I am going to watch it again - that finisher is 100% the best !!!!

    1. Hi - yes, this is so yummy indeed.
      I would totally agree with you on the ending as 2 guys lay completely destroyed in the best position in the world! I LOVE IT

  6. this is amazing.
    I would love it - Ty Alexander/Drake Marcos VS
    me and my buddy. Ty/Drake, you can dominate us as a way to get revenge!

  7. Wow - that ending just turns me on!
    i would have to agree with the comments made up above. A sexy little g-string or some other revealing outfit would be way to hot to handle!
    Love it!

  8. one of my fave matches ever. love jobbers Drake and Ty........I do know Drake a little too. They suffer sooo well- and just how they like ;)