Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: #474 Chase Michaels vs. Derrick Cole (UCW)

When last we saw Chase Michaels, he was sandbagging UCW champion Axel with new facial hair and a new attitude (reviewed here). I didn't spoil the ending of that match, but now I can, because you can't actually buy Chase Michaels vs. Derrick Cole without learning if Chase is the champion or not.

So that's your warning to turn back now before I reveal if this is a title match or not.

Is this a match or is it a title match?
Is Chase the champ or a stepping stone for Derrick?

It is a title match. Yes, Chase defeated Axel, stripping the UCW title belt from its biggest star. It was real and it was spectacular. The young stud gets no rest as he's immediately back for his first title defense. The wannabe heel couldn't be facing a harder challenge than UCW's new super-heel Derrick Cole.

Damn, I liked this match.

It starts out badly as Derrick gets on my shit list for language by using 'gay' as a pejorative right in the opening, telling referee Nero Angelo he has a gay walk. What? However, Nero's unfazed, so I let it go, as well as ignoring borderline taunts like 'sissy-boy'.

Later, Nero compliments one of Derrick's moves, saying, "I like that move." Derrick replies, "You probably like a lot of things I do" then adds gay-panic catchphrase, "No homo". The ref immediately corrects him, "No, all of them homo." So suck on that, Derrick Cole, you're starring in gay wrestling videos.

Since Nero singlehandedly saves my interest in this video, how's the rest of it?

'No homo' indeed - Nero tests that theory
and shows why he's a favorite of mine.

I feel like UCW is producing two kinds of products these days: (1) fun, flirty and sexually-charged homoerotic romps, and (2) seriously hard-hitting rough and rugged homoerotic brawls. I would say that some talent, like Nero Angelo, Max Ryder and Kenny Star are best in the former, while guys like Derrick Cole, Nick Diesel and Eli Black excel in the latter. Axel and Tyson can go both ways, while Chase is proving he can, as well.

This is definitely a hard-hitting rough and rugged brawl. Driven by Derrick's intensity and demand for genuine contact, both guys get brutal. The challenger mocks the champ for sloppy moves and fake hits, getting frustrated by play wrestling. The uber-heel doesn't seem like a jerk when he refuses to sell "garbage-ass" moves. Instead, he's elevating the action to a higher level worthy of a title match.

Derrick pushes the action

Be careful what you wish for, big boy

Chase sells like a champ,
but can he hold onto his belt?

I think Chase is clearly outclassed in a wrestling match. From the start, he's utterly dominated and it feels like we're headed for a squash. However, the champ has two things going for him. First, the ref is Chase's former playroom daddy. Nero is sexy, sassy and utterly distracting to the oh-so serious Derrick. And second, Chase is willing to fight dirty. Derrick gets thrown off his game more than once by the buddies and it gives Chase a real shot of retaining.

Nero services the champ
Yeah, you can't no-sell that, Derrick

Did Nero teach him to bite like this?

The action is intense. The guys are sweaty and hot as hell. There's way too much circling, but once the guys lock up, it's good. It's all very UCW, with random body-displaying holds, punches and low blows. Chaotic brutality is one of UCW's trademarks and these two deliver. There's even a post-fall surprise at the end, which I really enjoyed.

Chase proves he's a champ, not a chump

The aspiring heel fights hard

But does he hold onto his belt?

Or does Derrick become the new champ?

In the end, I liked this video. The guys, the battle and the stakes (just the title belt) all make it a winner. Chase is a star. And I love Nero even more now. I grudgingly admit that Derrick raised the quality of the action, but I'm not 100% back on his side.

Anyway, fans of this side of UCW should be very happy. And the title is clearly back in play, which brings energy back to the belt. I expect the winner will be defending very soon, but against who?

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  1. This was an amazing match. glad to see more of a focus on the wrestling aspect. i particularly enjoyed this match as chase had just stripped the belt from axel showing a darker side. only to face the bad to the bone heal champion. hoping there is more to come. perhaps axel will attempt to take back the belt or maybe a test of the heals eli vs derrick.

    1. Ivan, thanks for the comment. I'm expecting that there's more to come. It seems like there's a renewed energy with the belt now that it's mobile again, so I would hope that they have a plan to keep it in play.