Friday, October 7, 2016

Review: Garrett Thomas vs. Mike Splitz (Wrestler4Hire)

Full disclosure: Access to this match was provided to me by Wrestler4Hire
Garrett Thomas: "I'll bend you like a damn pretzel."
Mike Splitz: "I'll enjoy it!"
I'm not sure Mike enjoys this as much as he claims

You're going to see an uptick in reviews about Wrestler4Hire. They offered me a free membership for 30 days. I thought about it for about a week, but ultimately decided to take them up on their offer. It took me a minute because I'm not a big fan of subscription services, so it feels weird to accept one. They're not even the first people to make this kind of offer, but it's the first membership offer I've accepted.

Why the exception? Well, I've reviewed multiple matches from Wrestler4Hire in the past and I don't think I've been disappointed yet. The talent is great and I like that Cameron tries different things. And the value is very good. I have access to 19 matches for what would cost between $25-$40 for the month, depending on the tier you choose. Even if you only really like 2-3 matches, you're way ahead.

So, I'd like to see the site succeed and I do like the product. Of the 19 matches, blog favorites like Ty Alexander, Ethan Andrews, Chet Chastain, Austin Cooper, Guido Genatto and Maverick all appear in two matches. There are videos featuring other well-known studs, like Lon Dumont, Marc Merino, Zach Reno and Dick Rick, too.

Interestingly, in spite of all this, the first match I'm reviewing is Garrett Thomas vs. Mike Splitz. I don't know why this match between two unknowns jumped out at me, but it did. And I ended up liking it a ton. It's a fun pro-style match with lots of contrasts between the guys and well-executed action.

Garrett tests Mike's flexibility

Small dominates big in a sexy hold

Mike gets worked over

Even though I didn't know them, I really liked the guys. Thomas is hot. Some, muscular body that's smooth and yet still imposing. Long flowing pro wrestler hair. Masculine sexiness with rugged features and a beard. And he's clad in tiny orange trunks that dip in front and show off his ass in back. He's not a heel, but comes across as a tough guy.

Opposite him, Mike Splitz is much smaller, in shape and super-flexible. We open on him showing why he's named Splitz as he spreads his legs out wide like a dancer. Being the age I am, I can't look at Mike Splitz without thinking about the Greatest American Hero or Nigel in Top Secret. He has the 80's blond curly mop that's just right for pulling. It only happens a couple of times, but it was good to see.

Mike counters the big guy's power bomb attempt

Mike moves the mountain

Mike opened up

The premise is that Thomas wants some yoga lessons, but Splitz just mocks him for even trying. Of course, they end up in a match. Thomas dominates more often, but this is not a 100% squash. The cocky smaller stud gets some very hot control moments on the big guy. There are some really creative holds as they're put on display for us.

I like the focus on Thomas' body in this match. From the opening discussion of his chest to the banter about his thick thighs, I share the interest and admiration of the big hunk. During the match, Thomas fulfills his promise and bends Splitz in half. However, the smaller wrestler doesn't seem to enjoy it, despite his initial boasting. At least his moaning says he isn't exactly having fun.

Love the creative holds

Mike: "Submit! Submit to me! I've done it!"

Mike is bendy, but is he enjoying the ride?

This match ends up making a good case for streaming. It's not a match I would've ever noticed, but as one of the 19 selected, I ended up discovering new guys and a hot match. Thomas earned more of my interest here, but Splitz did a nice job selling, too.

So that's my take. Any thoughts? Comments make the blogs go 'round!



  1. W4H is really hit and miss for me! Some of their matches are really, really great (hot guys, hot moves, hot gear) while others are lacklustre, unfocused and downright annoying. While most of their wrestlers are enourmously talented there are a few that really should have built up their skills before taping matches. I've paid for a few of these duds based on their descriptions and then been super disappointed by how bad they really are. I'm a little gun shy of purchasing from them in the future.

    One other thing is that the site rarely works for me. Whether I'm on my Mac or my iPhone the site rarely works. It continually requires me to log on repeatedly and frustrates the heck outta me. No other site on the net (of any kind) gives me the trouble their site does. BGEast, Can-AM, & Thunders all work smoothly.

    I want W4H to be successful but the issues above need to be addressed before I'll return.

    The one exception to this is if Chasyn Rance is some how involved! I love that sexy stud! If Chasyn is available for private sessions - and W4H can organize that - I'll be back ASAP!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I hear you on your comments and can't disagree. They give the plus and minus of the streaming service for me.

      Your first point on hit-or-miss is one of the reasons that I think streaming might be the best option. I am appreciating the amount of content available, because with so many videos, you don't need a high success rate to make it pay off. And you can discover great videos like this one that I would never have purchased.

      Your second point is my challenge with streaming. Owning it on my iPad means I can always watch what I want when I want. With streaming, you need everything to work. I haven't had any troubles with the videos this time, but I have had download issues previously and password trouble. They get resolved quickly with an apology, but when you're streaming, things have to work in the moment. A day later is fine for downloads, but not for streaming.

      I think there is a Chasyn Rance video, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is one of Wrestler4Hire's best matches yet. They still haven't quite figured out how to properly execute a big/small domination match but this a step in the right direction. Unlike Thunders Arena who used to know how to do those types of matches but seems to have forgotten. Also, we must be about the same age because I totally get the "Top Secret" reference. I haven't thought about that movie in years.

    1. I love Top Secret. So underrated. Airplane is on TV all the time, but I rarely see this one.

      Anyway, appreciate the comment. Glad to hear from another fan of this video. It's definitely been my favorite of this group so far.

  3. Not sure if my previous reply posted.

    Could you fill me in on the issues you're having regarding the website? I use the same platform at Can-Am, so I don't understand why you'd only be having issues with my site. As well, what other problems have you come across regarding the site "rarely" working? Could you e-mail me at to discuss further. Thanks for helping me resolve these issues.