Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: #473 Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star (UCW)

I've been catching up on my UCW viewing and they continue to keep me engaged with different tones, gimmicks and relationships between the wrestlers. For me, the main appeal of Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star is the guys. I just like them both and have since they started.

Slick and shiny, the sexy studs sell this
My enjoyment of the match presents an interesting dilemma as a reviewer. While I liked Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star, I would've probably enjoyed them under any circumstances. In this case, though, they're coated in oil. So? Why is that important? Well, it kind of isn't, which is the dilemma.

See, Max vs. Kenny doesn't necessarily feel like an "oil match", so much as a "match with guys coated in oil".

It's a spank-fest

The nuance is important, depending on why you're buying this. Buying for the guys? Do it. Buying for the oil? There are probably better options. I'd actually say that UCW is leading the effort to keep the oil match alive. They can do it well. For example, I think Axel is a pro in oil, while these guys come across as newbies.

If you think about my review of Krush's Corporate Combat, I raved about the fact that he really committed to the premise. Here, I'm not sure that it feels like they committed to what I think of as the feeling of an oil match. The wrestlers need to be ... free? Obviously in any oil match, including this one, the appeal isn't great action. No one can show their skills too well in oil. I would argue that they're sexy and erotic by definition, so it's important to go with that vibe.

Hopefully that's all kind of clear, because I don't want to steer you wrong with my positive review. And this is meant to be a positive review, because I liked watching this. I think you might like it, too. You just need to watch it for the right reasons.

UCW has been doing more competitive matches, but I'd put this one more on their fun side. While Max's look always gives an air of seriousness, he's such a natural jobber, so even when the holds are serious, things are loose. And Kenny is at his best in this match when he's smiling and being charming as fuck.

Max is made to suffer

But he looks good, adding some hot pressure
to this killer choke on Kenny

Kenny knows chokes, too

Kenny is helpless as Max pounds away

Here, the guys are flipping and flopping around, sliding around the mat as they work each other. The holds last, but when you're soaked in cooking oil, things are going to get sloppy. But it's a fun sloppy. In the end, one guy gets knocked out, but it all wraps up with a gentle kiss and a smile.

When he debuted, Max was a quiet, hapless rookie. He broke the UCW mold in many ways, but now he's got his own style. While he's still no powerhouse, he seems more daring and adventurous. Here, he wears his tiny blue trunks, which spend the last 2/3 of the match firmly up his crack. As a UCW guy, he confidently leaves his bubble butt exposed.

Kenny checks his handiwork 

Sweet and slippery

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. Just so hot and so charming in skimpy green trunks that end up wedged, as well. The sexy and scruffy stud looks great in oil with his trim muscles and wonderfully hairy chest. I love how he smiles and flexes when he's in control, but he also sells great when he's not.

Kenny counters

Sleeping Beauty

So I ended up having a good time because of the wrestlers involved. They have chemistry and charm. The look and sound great. The action is hot and the ending is especially good.

What are other bloggers saying?

Commenting is cool. Do you like oil matches? What about these two wrestlers? Are we in a UCW golden age? Lay it on me, jack!



  1. I liked this match, too, Alex. But I agree with your opening caveat: this match had little in the way of the shimmering, sliding sloppiness that is the hallmark of an oil match. I am personally, generally, not an oil match fan. The oil doesn't bother me, but normally really reduces the quality of the wrestling (I think the same thing about naked wrestling; I'm fine with the nudity but it usually indicates a terrible match).

    As for UCW being in a golden age, hmmm... I think their products are usually terrific. I love the mix of mat grappling, pro wrestling, playfulness & the fact that while attractive, their wrestlers look like real guys, not Ken dolls. I would consider it a golden age, for sure, if Eli Black were in every match. He needs to wrestle the newer guys, and soon. Other than that, I just look forward to every new release. And on that front, they are remarkably prolific. Nearly 500 matches!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I've liked UCW for awhile, even giving them my Favorite Promotion Cavey Award last year, but I still think that the talent is better than ever. Eli has faced some of the new guys, like Derrick Cole, Billy Gunn, Chase Michaels and Kevin Lin. He seems to still be around, so maybe he'll face the others, too.

    2. Yeah, Eli is still around. He just isn't as prolific as he once was (he has a real MMA career going on). I'm dying for him to face Tyson, Max Ryder, Kenny Star. I know he faced Derrick in the 3way with Quinn, but 1 on 1 has yet to occur. Plus, some rematches versus Nero, Chase, and Jack Marino would be amazing.

    3. I think Eli should crush Max or Kenny if continuity matters, but I think he could have a convincing competitive match vs. Tyson, Nero, and new Chase.

    4. yeah, eli would crush max or kenny. would like to see what he could do with derrick one on one. that would be a real match. i believe derrick would spank eli. he's gotten consistently better with his wrestling and his size is an asset not to mention his aggressive and verbal style.

    5. I'd actually like to see Derrick as champ for all the reasons you point out - size, attitude and aggressiveness.