Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Alex Waters vs. Wes(t) Richards (RHW 2.0)

"Let me ask, where'd they get you from? Did they find you in a dumpster? Because you're definitely not a wrestler." - Alex Waters to Wes(t) Richards

Alex Waters talks a lot. The southern stud loves to run his mouth in every match whether he's winning or losing. Usually it just goes between bragging, insults and casual narration, but against rookie Wes Richards (or West as the superstar insists on calling him), you might find Alex to be your voice in the ring.

Alex continues his return to the RHW ring

The Rock Hard Wrestling mega-star mocks Wes(t) for being a rookie, not being in his league and not being a wrestler. I did like Wes(t)'s first match (reviewed here), but Alex isn't wrong in his banter. The superstar dominates this match in every way possible - physically, verbally, mentally, etc.

Alex just overwhelms his opponent to the point where Wes(t) is essentially a wrestling dummy. When he asks Wes(t) if he’s even learned a certain move, it reinforces the disparity. When Wes(t) battled Tanner, they were similar in skill level. Alex seems far more talented and is such a huge presence in the ring that it’s tough for the rookie to shine.

Alex hammers Wes(t) hard

Alex 2.0 spends a lot less on hair gel

In RHW 2.0, Alex has evolved from the ripped cocky frat boy with perfect hair to a powerful southern badass. He's packed on muscle and ditched the hair gel, but fortunately kept the swagger and attitude that made him a one-of-a-kind superstar. He looks great in his standard squarecuts, which fit tighter than ever. At his core, Alex remains Alex and I’m very happy about that.

Alex spends more time looking in the mirror
than he does at his opponent

Alex 2.0 keeps the swagger of Alex 1.0

I don't know why, but I love a muscleman drinking water.

As I said, Wes(t) is a prop in this match. He’s lean and ripped, but this isn’t his story. This 24-minute video is really pure Alex domination. There are a lot of bodyslams, a suplex, stomps and numerous submission holds. The rookie earns only one brief period of domination and he's handed another, but they're extremely short. That’s probably a good thing, because when Wes(t) does get on top, it seems like he struggles to know what to do with Alex.

Alex tosses Wes(t) around like a lightweight

The suplex is an Alex classic

Alex attacks Wes(t) from every angle

Wes(t) is wonderfully bendy

In the end, this is a solid Alex showcase. Fans should like it for classic Alex attitude and action, while enjoying the more mature and muscular MAN he's become. Those looking for tension or back-and-forth should look elsewhere in Alex’s back catalog. Ass-kicking fans only, please. Speaking of Wes(t)  I think RHW should pair him with wrestlers more at his level, like he was against Tanner.

So that's my take. What's yours? Any thoughts on Alex's return?



  1. I love to see those trunks on Alex again!!!

    1. Jose! What a treat to get a comment from you.

      Yeah, the trunks are nice. I think he fills them out really well with his extra size.

  2. Would you consider this RHW Version 2.5 or is this not a total reboot (seeing as though this new release was so long after the last new match)?

    1. Thanks, great question. I would not consider this 2.5 or any kind of reboot. It has the same look and feel as the other 2.0 videos. RHW 1.0 is the clean, crisp black background look. 2.0 is this garage look. I think long gaps filled with "encore" presentations are just part of the 2.0 experience. I think there are talent and action differences, too, but the look is the main thing.