Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Beast vs. Talon (Thunders Arena)

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Thunders Arena expansion into ring matches. It's broadened their talent base and the output has been excellent. When I saw Beast vs. Billy, I bought it immediately and I liked it a lot. So when Beast vs. Talon was released, it was a no-brainier to buy.

It's two smoking hot musclemen in ring action

The guys look great. Listed at 5'8"/225-lbs, Beast is a fireplug. He's adorable with a thick beard and dark hair. Short, stocky and muscular, he's one of these thick guys with abs and great definition. The guy just belongs in the ring. He moves, sells and sweats like a stud. And I mean sweats … it literally drips off his red-from-exertion muscles.

Sweaty Beast tries to power free, but he's DE-NIED!

Talon is Talon, always handsome and ready to show off. He's in his signature blue trunks. Interestingly, his legs look smaller in this match, which is weird for the master of the standing scissors. Maybe it's the angle of the camera in the ring vs. the mats, but it hits you right away. I do like how his usual confidence moves into arrogance here. It's quiet, but palpable and very engaging.

Mmm, nice to see Talon really tested

The angle isn't flattering, in my opinion

While the guys are perfection, I found the action to be stilted and the camera work has taken a step backwards. There are many times where we're just not getting the best view of what looks like hot action. And for two experienced muscle guys, I never felt any real tension. Maybe Talon's slow-moving style works better on the mats than the ring.

This whole sequence has the camera
way too close for comfort

During the match, there are hot holds. The bodies are put on display and the guys are working. I mentioned the sweat, but it’s also the pump, the grimaces and the grunts. Other than a rather poor over-the-knee backbreaker (Talon does not want to be bent backwards), there are holds and moves that are great. However, I’d say that the parts are greater than the sum in this case.

Beast sells a powerful bearhug

Nice choke and impressive to use it on Beast

This hold stays way too long considering
Talon clearly is not going with it

So it’s not a bad match at all, it’s just okay. Beast lies down, moaning for long periods while Talon just hovers or rests against the ropes. Considering the rookie looks like a freaking tank, it feels like things could've been more active. It's certainly tough to believe Beast is such a wimp that one minor move takes him down. However, there are moves that should take him down, so it's better to focus on those.

When Talon thrusts his hips like that,
I forget all about Beast

Taking out the legs - I approve!

In the end, I did find things to like, but it doesn't quite click for me. I'm still a fan of Talon and interested in Beast. Given the studs involved, it probably could've been a lot better. I would recommend it for fans of these two guys. You'll get eye candy and the periodic great moments, but just be prepared for long gaps and an overall lack of flow and energy.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. Based on his review, Joe liked this a lot more than me. What about you? Want to break the tie?


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