Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: #493 Nick Diesel vs. Tyson the Hammer (UCW)

UCW is making a huge year-end push to keep their Favorite Promotion Cavey Award. After lulling me in with a series of sexy fun, they've dialed up the intensity and gone back to basics with the hardest hitting and most chaotic homoerotic brawls in the business. Nick Diesel vs. Tyson the Hammer is another winner starring two of the best in a surprisingly stiff match.

Nick v Tyson is 'Slap yo momma good'

Tyson the Hammer is one of the hottest studs in UCW. Physically, he's one of the best looking - handsome, tall and ripped. He's bold and willing to go where the match takes him, smoothly moving between challenging great wrestlers like Axel or rolling around with wannabes like Max. Here, he's stunning as he wears yellow briefs and a snarky sneer for his opponent.

Tyson is a powerful stud who can handle anyone

Tyson looks great in any position

I find Nick Diesel very sexy There's something raw and sensual about his blue collar swagger that makes him much sexier than he looks. Add in his penchant for bondage and I've been thoroughly excited by him over and over. Here, the scruffy white stud is in a simple red swimsuit with in-character tank top tan-lines. He mentions he's back, so I guess this is a return of sorts.

Damn, I love this hold ... a straddling chicken wing?
Shins on neck and ass, arms locked ... beautiful.

Nick is back and as sexy as ever

I absolutely love the chemistry between these two, which is funny, because there kind of isn't any. It's like they showed up for different matches, but it really works. From the action and dialogue, Nick seems chill and casual with Tyson, while the taller hunk shows contempt for his opponent. The match is highly entertaining, but it's more intense than Nick expected.

There's a ton of cock and ball play, but it's not flirty. While in a super-hot hold, Nick initiates a little playful fun, but Tyson isn't in a playful mood. The bigger stud makes sure the returning vet knows this isn't that kind of match. From there on, when crotches are grabbed, the holds are sold and the pain is evident. Nick's cries of certain things "not being in the script" help sell the narrative that he was here for a fun and sexy encounter, while Tyson is here for a battle.

Tyson goes fishing

If Tyson wants to go hard, Nick can do that, too

Tyson sure loves the inside of Nick's trunks

As the action goes on, I'm sure Nick is missing his ropes. Tyson is bigger, stronger and equally as capable. In fact, the handsome black hunk is the more dominant of the two men. It's back and forth, but I felt like Tyson controlled the tone and action. Maybe he's making his case for the belt, which resides on the serious side of UCW. If so, I say bring it on, big guy.

The pounding punches, solid holds and trash talking banter are all hot. There's a mix of classic and unique positions. These include a Boston crab, sleeper, chokes, rack and a bulldog. And I loved Nick's creativity with his straddling chicken wing and punches to Tyson's bare ass. It all culminates in a hot pin and the winner sneaking one last peek at his opponent's manhood.

Tyson isn't playing - better tighten those abs, Nick

Did the 'script' say "pound his ass"?

It's an all-out battle between these two superstars

Another creative hold from Nick has Tyson screaming

In the end, I really liked this match. Both guys are super-hot and know how to work the garage. It's pretty seamless and the 30-minutes flies by to the thrilling conclusion.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. There is definitely something raw about Nick that drives me crazy. Great lean body and he definitely shows a lot of passion on the mat. Glad to see him back.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Happy to hear from another Nick fan. Hopefully he's in a bunch more matches.