Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year In Review + 2017 Preview

Happy new year! At this time, it's customary to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Who am I to challenge this custom?

2016 was the first full year of this blog and it was a busy one. By the numbers, I posted 173 times, including this one. I shared 26 new stories (and an epilogue). I reviewed 124 videos and 5 books. And I posted a bunch of other content, like the monthly Who's Who, posts on interesting holds, PSA's about sales, and some general commentary. Phew.

The Bat leads the way, winning in my
#1, #2 & #4 biggest stories of 2016

I'm proud that I passed 500,000 views and 1,000 comments (not including my nearly 1,000 replies, of course) this year. Those feel like nice milestones and certainly offer some validation for my efforts.

Lucky Stallion's hard work propelled Hercules Unbound
to be the #3 most popular story of 2016

Xaq is a close second to Cody:
#1, #4 and #5 most popular stories

Moneymaker stars in the #2 & #5 most
popular, plus the end of Night+Day is #6

I want to thank all the people who continue to support this blog at any level. Visits. Comments. E-mails. Images. Commissions. Suggestions. Videos. It all makes a huge difference.

Special note on comments. They are the most valuable thing to me. No comment is too short or too long. I love getting them, even ones that disagree or question my reviews. I'm happy that all the comments I can remember have been respectful to me and the wrestlers. Not liking everything is normal, but there's no need to be rude, right? So please keep the comments coming.

Ty had 5 of my 6 biggest reviews, with Ty v Chace
in Wedgie Wars from Wrestler4Hire being #1

Ty vs. big Beauxregard (BGEast) was #2

Only Jonny vs. Aryx (BGEast) broke up Ty's run.
My review of the uber-heel battle landed at #3

Kink-Men is a surprise (to me, at least)
as the #7 most popular review

I heard from many producers this year. UCW and RHW are the only ones I talk about that have never acknowledged the blog, but other than that, folks at least know about it and nobody seems to have a major issue with anything I've posted. April stood out, because both Kid Leopard (BGEast) and Mr. Mike (Thunders) made comments. I'm still amazed that one of my reviews literally changed a product (for the better), but I've tried not to let the power go to my head.

What's coming up in 2017?

I'm hoping to keep the stories coming twice a month. At one point, I was 7 months ahead, not so much now. Last year, I did this with half the year already written. This year, I've fallen far behind where I want to be, but I have mapped out the year. So all this is my plan. It is subject to change, of course.

Cody, Ryan and Jae will definitely return to action. So will top secondary characters, like Xaq, Beau, and Josh/Mr. Riddle. And of course, I have plans for guys who get love in the comments, like Storm, Ram, and Valet. Ben and Jeff will likely take the year off from wrestling as Route 69 goes on hiatus. There's no AWL on the schedule, but I have a new series that plays on the same vein that I hope will be of more interest.

New wrestlers are the lifeblood of The Cave. I have plans for a few of them, as well. Of course, some will bring new drama, while others are just for fun.

Blue Arrow + Red Raven, The Owl, Havoc

The Cave Unleashed is my latest brand extension. It will continue with four more one-off stories as we see some Cave guys out on their own, untethered to Cody and Ryan. There's new narrators and new settings, but it won't all be about paid wrestling on the side. I'm using it more like Encounters with Cave guys.

Beau, Josh, Thor, Xaq

Speaking of new series, I plan to launch several of them this year. I love The Cave, but I want to expand and see what sticks. They're all set in the Cave universe, but will each have their own personality and vibe, hopefully. Three of the four are coming right out of 2016 action.

BIGBeast is the first one up, starting 1/15. It follows a rookie wrestler over a weekend of matches at the top gay-oriented promotion in The Cave's world. Narrated by a young cameraman on his first weekend, it's 'hot new guy' Steve who has to learn the ropes as he faces some of the toughest stars in underground wrestling.

Steve, Camera-boy + Jimmy Wildfire, Dino Donato

Camp Grapple spins out of Independence Day 2, taking place in Squatch's underground military wrestling group. It'll have all-new heavyweight wrestlers and hard-hitting action, along with everyone chasing the coveted title belt.

Glacier, Stone, Hawkeye, Surge

CLAW looks in on Ben's boys in his pro federations. Guys like Koke, Kwame, Ryker and Hawk will be back. They and more hot young pro wannabes will try to figure things out as they strive for the big time.

The Men of CLAW: Koke, Kwame, Ryker

Rival Pro Wrestling will hopefully get off the ground as Javier stages classic pro action and scenarios. I'm trying this as an AWL replacement, giving myself an outlet for classic pro fantasies in a more modern setting with more contemporary wrestlers. I haven't started this series, but expect Javier, Ramsay, Brody and Buck to re-appear along with some new guys.

So that’s it for 2016. A new story will be here on January 1st to welcome in the new year and hopefully things will keep on moving. Thanks again to my loyal readers and contributors. If you’re new or shy, I encourage you to explore and share any comments you have.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! See you on the other side.



  1. Thanks, my friend, for your hard work and dedication and for sharing it all with us. It's greatly appreciated and you always impress. :)

    Many congrats on your latest milestones! It's awesome to see how far you've come, but not a surprise. Ever since that Batman and Bane story (and the others that followed), I had a good feeling your blog would be a hit.

    Here's to 2017! I can't wait to see what it brings.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you were confident, I wasn't. LOL.

      Thank you for all the help. Hercules Unbound was a big winner for me. I really appreciate you letting me use your character, do a sequel and then providing all those incredible images.

  2. Lord, you are an incredibly prolific, talented, and ambitious storyteller. I really don't know how you do it. I hope you are doing something for work that makes use of your writing prowess, my friend. In the meantime, I am incredibly grateful for the vivid, sexy tales you have shared with us over the last couple of years. You are probably the most accomplished erotic writer I have encountered in my 40 odd post pubescent years. LOL. Keep it up!

    1. Wow, thanks for the high praise. I really appreciate it.

  3. Another Year of amazing stories Alex! Thanks for everything you do! I have no clue how you do it im jelous at how great of a writer you are. I need a break after writing just two stories yet you pump out story after dtory and they never drop quality! Im trying to think of a favorite story but evertime i try to narrow one down I remember 3 others I love just as much! If I had a gun to my head and had to narrow the long list of favorites down to 3 I'd say (in no particular order) 1.) Jae vs Ryker 2.) Xaq vs Gabriel 3.) And 3 is a tie between Cody vs Xaq with Xaq vs Moneymaker and Moneymaker vs Cody tied for 4th haha. Cant wait for next years batch of stories! I know i pester alot about seeing people but is Corey in this list for 2017? He was absent for this year (Besides being prime) and hoping to see him soon. Owl and Havok look great cant wait to see them in the ring. I reconize Havok immediately love his costume!

    Cave Unleashed - Excited for this! Can't wait to see how the men spend there days out of the cave. Still crossing my fingers for a Gabriel+Friend vs Xaq match. Curious to see Beau back again too can never have too much of him!

    BIGBeast - Intrested in this. Seems like your taking wrestlers from underground or just BGEast? If so I hope Alexi Adamov makes an apperance I miss him and his insane body with hot matches!

    CampGrapple - Really curious to see how this turns out. All the men in the preview are hot and cant wait to see how they wrestle! Cant wait for the hard hitting action!

    Claw - Bens back!(Kinda?Maybe?) And he has some hot men in his roster. Love Ryker but maybe more of his villian side as Volt? Only time will tell!

    Rival Pro Wrestling - I hope this works out. Would love to see this Company and The Cave battle it out in the future like a Smackdown vs Raw type of thing once RPW gets going.

    Thanks again for all the hot action Alex! You always suprise with the matches and men never keeping things dull. I can't wait for Storm's first match thanks for giving him a chapter! Also if your still taking suggestions for possible men you should check out Trevor Signorino! He's super hot and would love to get him in the ring! I might commision it too when you get an open slot in the future!

    I can't say this enough but thanks Alex for everything! I hope your X-Mas went well and that your New Years is even better! Here's to 2017!!!

    1. Axel, what a great comment.

      Corey has at least two stories in 2017. He's the least developed of Ryan's harem, so we'll learn a little more about him and his motivations.

      BIGBeast is adapted from a commissioned series that has the commissioner at BGEast, so it'll just be their guys. It's mostly heels so far, so no Alexi, but maybe eventually.

      Thanks for the suggestion on Trevor. I'll check him out!

    2. Well, you're in luck. Sort of. Good news ... the guy who commissioned the series read your comment and was motivated to include Alexi. He reminded me of how many heel-like appearances Alexi has had. So he is replacing another character and will appear. Bad news ... that story won't appear until 2018. I already have four completed and scheduled for 2017.

    3. All I see is good news! Thank you mystery commissioner and I hope it didnt effect anything to heavily in your series! 2018 might be far away but I can wait just to see Alexi in action again even if its just in stpry form haha.

    4. Yay! It didn't. He replaces an analog for Nick Archer, who I love, but was actually turning out to be hard to write because he didn't have a dynamic personality. So it'll actually make my life easier. Of course he won't be Alexi Adamov, but someone like Adam Alexov. Very different, right?

  4. Awsome! Love Corey and his cocky attitude. I wonder what his motivation is so im excited to see that happen. He's a top favorite with his attitude getting an edge over Cody and it helps with how hot Bryant woods is too!

    A series commision?! And from someone from BgEast? That's so cool! I'm going to assume it will just be thr current roster then but I'll just have to wait and see!

    Out of all the new series I'm really intrested in CampGrapple. I hope it debuts soon because with those men in the line up and your amazing story telling it has to be good!

    Trevor is a hot one! I would love to see him in a story. He's a model that has a great body and many pictures. Either him or Pietro Boselli I'd want in a commissioned match.

    1. Just to be clear, the guy who commissioned the BIGBeast series isn't from BGEast, it's just his fantasy to be there. He's Steve the rookie, an original character. For the blog, I've changed the name and identities, but everyone he wrestles will only be an analogue for popular heels and wrestlers that put Steve through his paces.

      The first Camp Grapple story is tentatively scheduled for 2/15.

    2. Oh woops my bad I miss read that.

  5. I LOVE this post! So much stuff in one post, its like being in a cruise with decadent delicious food!

    So lets start with thank you. This has been an amazing year of stories. It is my main reason for being a fan and supporter of this blog. No doubt this year set a new bar in storylines. We have XAQ/Birdboy Day/MoneyMaker, Brody/Buck, Ryans Harem, Jaes dreamworld, Luke, Ram. In my book, XAQ stole the show in 2016 with MoneyMaker in second. XAQ vs the BAt, XAQ vs MM, XAQ vs Angel...Amazing matches.
    From the guys you mentioned, I look forward to Mr Riddle. Hopefully people remember that he is no fluke and he defeated The Bat already once, one of the few to do so. I hope he gets love from the fans. He is hot and tough.
    I also have to say that the wrestling action writing was something that at least for me, has improved greatly. The tag team action is just superb. Every tag team match is just pure enjoyment. That match with Brody and Buck is a perfect example. Then you have matches like MM with the Valet which are completely different. But none compares as when you find the "voice" of a character and it just goes perfect with the model used. XAQ is the best example by a mile. The action is written so good, but then you add his "voice" and its like steroids. Out of this world.
    In regards to the future series.
    So you tell us, next year we got "The Cave", I assume, "Adv of Superstar", plus four... New series? OH MY OH OMY. Now you are spoiling us!
    Cave Unleashed - I am LOVING, ENJOYING, SAVORING this series already. This series is kicking major rear end. I think I have read XAQ's story against Gabriel like times. If they are like that, Oh GOD help us!
    BTW How I love those ensemble art work. I find them hot. One of the best were that ensemble you did for the group of guys watching Mr Riddle vs The Bat. I would mind seeing more of that type of artwork. Its a little like giving candy to a kid!
    Let me go back to what I was writing about.
    Yes...what was it? Yes THe series. Camp Grapple. Talk about intriguing. You got Squatch, the hot and bothered ex-lover of Luke leading an underground wrestling bunch. I must imaging since its military boys its a bit more hardcore...hmm hot. And the samples you provided, excellent!
    RPW just sounds like a GOLD Mine. I was not the biggest fan of AWL, but I'm thinking this one has way good flavor to eat. Javier aka the owner. And he cut in front of Cody. If that's not enough lead to determine how good this series is going to be, then I don't know how it can be topped.
    CLAW. Another series that I look forward to. After Rykers crazy experience, and his appearance as Volt bringing him back I just think this series has all the ingredients to make it big time.
    BigBeast, is probably the most different in my mind. I don't know what to expect! That is not bad. Its good. Its a mystery in a sense.
    From the new guys, OWL picked my curiosity rather quickly. HMMMMM HMMMM that hot stud looks good.
    Anyways, a toast to the great 2016 that has gone by and to 2017 that is coming. It has been a pleasure throughout the last few years sharing with you images of hot guys and sharing some ideas for storylines. Look forward to doing more of the same in 2017.It is awesome to see the way you take the base images, create awesome art work and then bring it to life with great storytelling.
    I think it is telling on your great skills that many of your fans, including myself not only look forward to your story posts every two weeks, but also to the bond we have created to your fictional characters. You have brought them to life in our imagination. That is probably the best part of it. Sure they don't exist, but just like in the movies like Star Wars, in which we want to know about the Skywalkers family drama, in our own universe, its about Cody, Ryan, Jae, XAQ, MM, and all the characters that make it up.
    Happy New Year's Alex and hope that your blog grows even more in 2017.

    1. Thanks for your support! Glad you liked you what saw and are excited by what's coming. Now I just have to deliver on it!

  6. Since other weighed in on specific characters and proposed series, I thought I would do the same. The Cave Unleashed, CampGrapple, and Rival Pro Wrestling are the ones that have peaked my interest the most, though, given your talents, I am looking forward to reading the stories that emerge from all of the new series.

    As to characters, I have long found Beau to be particularly hot and intriguing as a character. I am hoping that he really meets his match and gets roundly squashed though. He is quite cocky for the relative youngster that he is, and being humbled by a much bigger and more experienced wrestler would probably do his character (figuratively and literally) some good. All the CampGrapple models are hot, but Hawkeye is smoking in that pic. I hope he is a hero rather than a villain, as I would love to see him in trouble. Love Havok's costume and look, by the way, so I am hankering to see him up against an accomplished and creative heel.

    Finally, a word on holds and actions. This is one of the areas in which you really shine as a storyteller. The variety of holds you use and the way you feature them is nothing short of spectacular. For example, what you did with claw holds (a personal favorite) in Exit Strategy was inspired. I also love how you have heels take erotic advantage of faces when they are in compromising holds or positions even before stakes are decided. One hot hold that you have not used often is the front face lock sleeper, which leaves an opponent quite vulnerable to all sorts of shenanigans. The kind of edge of consciousness scenarios you featured between Logan and Mason in Bad Boys 105 are super hot, by the way. Finally, keep up the use of camels in general, and camel variations that include sleepers, claws, nipple play, and full nelsons in particular. Thanks again for sharing your erotic writing with us. Also, your reviews are great, and have led me to buy a couple of matches. Since I rarely buy, this should signal their value to the companies you cover.

    I hope 2017 starts out splendidly for you!

    1. Thanks, ButchAngel! Appreciate the thoughts.

      Camp Grapple won't have hero-villain action, but your desire to see Hawkeye on the receiving end is duly noted. I think that can be arranged. ;)

      Beau is cocky. Even when he's lost he's never really been dominated, has he? I'm sure you're not the only one who'd like to see him meet his match. But will he?

      I really appreciate your comments on the holds. There's a limit, so I worry I'm being repetitive, so your comment is encouraging. When you say front facelock sleeper, how do you mean? I think of a front facelock as only having the victim's back exposed. Do you mean what I think of as a dragon sleeper, like an inverted front facelock? In that case, the pecs, abs and bulge would be vulnerable. I absolutely love the dragon sleeper, so I'm amazed I don't use it more often.

  7. I also love Dragon Sleepers, and they are a good example of how you use a hold to let a heel have their way with someone (Sean in Abuse of Power 2 and Mike in Bad Boys 8, for example). However, I am talking about the Kiss of Death sleeper often used by Kid Leopard and Kid Vicious. I find the crotch to crotch position and how the one applying it can look into the eyes of his opponent as he goes out very sexy. It's hot when the one applying it uses it to edge his opponent down to his knees and then lays on top of him for additional fun after he is out.

    1. Oh yes, I get it. I know the Kiss of Death. That is a hot hold and I do like it a lot. I think it's great for more intimate matches or where the opponents have a relationship. It's exactly as you describe ... a sexy way to drain your opponent slowly and have the victim's last thoughts be of his opponent dominating his manhood. I also like it as a practical and sudden counter for the bearhug.

      I love all sleepers, so that one should definitely show up frequently.

  8. And speaking of Hawkeye, having him lose a match or a fall to a Dragon Sleeper would be HOT. Lol. Thanks again for everything. Keep it up, and Happy New Year!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment. Ram will definitely return in 2017.

  10. I absolutely love the ensemble pictures in this post and how they reveal most of -- but not all of -- the characters' visages. They're perfect as a "sneak peak" display!

    Your incredible stories have inspired me to try my hand at writing one of my own. With your permission -- and a bit of your help -- I'd like to co-create a "fan fiction" story using some of the characters from your universe. It doesn't have to be canon -- it can be like a dream sequence or something -- but my mind is spinning with ideas, and I've found myself unable to focus on anything else until I get this story on paper!

    If you're up for some collaboration, to what e-mail address should I submit the story for your review?

    1. Thanks! It means a lot that you're so inspired.

      You can email me at

    2. Great! I will try my best to get a rough draft done this weekend!

    3. I managed to get about two-thirds of my story written this weekend. WOW, this is hard work! It makes me appreciate your stories all the more knowing how much work you put into them and how effortless you make it seem!

      I'm going to try to finish the story this week and review and proofread it this coming weekend before sending it to you. I hope you'll enjoy it!

    4. Great! I look forward to reading it.

      In my two year post coming 2/28, I explain my process, so it might be interesting for aspiring writers and bloggers to read.

    5. Hi Alex. I posted the following message earlier today under the wrong thread! I just noticed my error and an reposting the message here to continue our dialogue.

      After 3 weeks of almost constant work, I finally completed my fan fiction story involving two members of The Cave universe and just emailed it to you for some Sunday afternoon reading. I hope you enjoy it! It was one of the most challenging tasks I've ever taken on, and I now have an even greater appreciation for all the work you put into your stories!

      As this was my first attempt at writing such a story, I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me polish it up a little. I mentioned the areas I had a little difficulty with in my e-mail message to you. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!