Thursday, December 29, 2016

BGE Besties: Some Recommendations

Hot on the heels of my Cavey Awards, I was asked via email to participate in the BGEast Besties nominating process by none other than Kid Leopard himself. It's said that it's an honor just to be nominated. I'm extending that to say it's an honor just to be asked to be one of the ones to make nominations. So yay.

In past years, the Besties featured 15 awards as far as I can tell. I would break them into four categories: Persona (Babyface, Heel, Jobber, Debut), Aesthetics (Body, Abs, Bulge, Butt), Matches (Overall, Ring, Mat, Squash) and Action (Submission, Sexiest, Liplock).

Does Kid Karisma still have the Best Butt in BGEast?

Or will someone else win the Ty-tle this year?

Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent to me that there’s a ton of BGEast action I haven’t watched this year and I have no way of watching it. They offered me DVD’s of every match I've missed in 2016, but I declined. They can't do OTA’s or VOD’s. I’m a digital guy. Even my computer doesn’t have a DVD player any more.

All this means I can’t fill in the gaps and it seems unfair to me to have nominators who haven't watched everything. I did suggest they use their own records to identify their top customers and offer them the chance to weigh in as a loyalty bonus. It's simple, free and talk-worthy, but no idea if they’ll actually do that.

Alas, my moment to directly impact the nominees for the 2016 Besties may have passed me by, but I do have a few thoughts anyway. Not on everything, but on a few things. Some of my choices are clear from the Caveys.

Wrestlers like Carter, Ty, Biff, Kid Karisma, Flash, and Van were all recognized by me in some capacity this year. And all are deserving in many categories. And perennial favorites like Jonny, Guido, Jake and Kip will undoubtedly show up for our consideration.

Carter and Kid should get nominations in the
match, persona, and aesthetics areas

I won't be surprised if Flash and Van are named
for wrestling, persona and aesthetic reasons, either

Match-wise, Christian/Charlie vs. Ty/Chase should get some love for overall and ring, as should Carter Alexander vs. Kid Karisma for overall and mat. For squashes, I expect the edited version of Guido/Ty to be a serious contender.

The most reviewed + praised match of 2016 should
be a no-brainer nominee for Best Overall + Ring

Beyond these obvious and deserving selections, let me present a few more. I don’t know if any of these guys can win, but that's not the point of nominations. It's about recognizing the best, not the most popular.

For your consideration …

Debut: Beauxregard. I really hope he gets a nomination. Two matches, both really good and he’s sexy as hell. I expect guys like Calvin Haynes and Chase Addams to get nods, but I’m hoping that Beauxregard gets one, too.

Beauxregard has two breakout performances in 2016

Jobber: Lazlo Kohl. This is a long shot as I don’t think BGEast even considers him a jobber. So why? The way he works with the mature Masked Menace was absolutely a brilliant jobber performance. The intensity and subtext he displays in that match deserves recognition. Against superstars like Jake and Ty he wouldn’t win and I likely wouldn’t choose him, but I’d love to see him get a nod. Nomination = honor, right?

Lazlo brilliantly played a submissive who wrestled
just hard enough to earn daddy's domination

Babyface: This one is a reverse request … please do NOT nominate Chet Chastain again. The guy is NOT a babyface. I say this as a big fan of his. He’s a heel-jobber, but not a babyface in look or attitude.

He's beautiful, but please don't call him a babyface

Bulge: Kirk Donahue. In his match against Zach Reno, the guy showed he has what it takes to get the nod here.

Kirk makes a compelling case

Bulge: Guido Genatto. I mean, come on. The guy is famous for his manhood and he talks about it enough. Let's put it to a vote!

Doesn't Daddy's web deserve some love?

Body: Variety. I’d love to see BGEast offer some different looks in this category this year. Maybe one spot to a guy like Calvin Haynes, Christian Taylor, Guido Genatto, or Beauxregard. I'm sure there's more options, but those all pop to my head.

For me, Calvin would be a great choice. Just a simple nod for a hairy slab of beef that fills out his trunks like a star. There's a reason Christian and Jonny both spent time admiring Calvin's smoking hot body. I might be in the minority, but I'd take Calvin's physique over at least two of last year's nominees.

Jonny seems to respect a hot hairy hunk.
How about BGEast's nominating committee?

Sexiest Match: Ty Alexander vs. Beauxregard. So much freaking sexual tension and fun in this match. Both guys seemed to be into the action and each other. It was like 30-minutes of super-hot foreplay.

The studs had fun playing and so did I

Sexiest Match: Lazlo Kohl vs. Masked Menace. This one is so freaking sexy from the beginning inspection to the ending exit. Talk about two guys in sync ... the heat from my iPad while I watched it almost burned my hands.

There's no doubt where this one is headed

Ring: Dylon Roberts vs. Kayden Keller. When deciding best ring match, it should be about more than just the location. A ring match should be a great pro match and use the environment. This one qualifies. The ropes, ring and pro-vibe are all important elements to it, plus it's just a darn good match.

A wonderful ring match from both guys

So those are a few of my not-so-obvious suggestions for consideration. Or maybe they are obvious. Either way, i just wanted to throw them out there.

What about you? I’m sure you watched things I didn’t. If you were nominating, what should BGEast consider that you think they might not?


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