Friday, December 9, 2016

Review: #501 Austin Tyler vs. Quinn Harper (UCW)

Austin Tyler vs. Quinn Harper is like new school UCW meets old school UCW. It feels like they used to be made up of a lot of guys like Quinn, but now it's more guys like Austin. The rookie is young, good looking and muscular, but more than that, he's pretty boy next door with minimal ink and a trendy haircut.

Of course, this match is a baptism by fire as the cute young stud is thrown into the craziness of UCW. He battles lean, mean and tattooed former champ Quinn Harper. There's a ton of chaos and tomfoolery, but the two wrestlers kept me engaged, even though the action wasn't great, in my opinion.

It's trial by fire for the rookie

Austin Tyler looks awesome, barefoot in bright orange trunks. He has a great body with flawless smooth skin. It's great for the UCW garage, where everything is close up and guys really get twisted, mauled and displayed. His ass is smooth and delicious as he suffers the standard UCW initiation of his briefs being turned into a thong.

Austin proves himself worthy with this performance

Austin's a keeper, looking gorgeous ...

... from all angles

The match is actually a good 'welcome to UCW' for the rookie as he gets a real taste of the antics of the group. He goes with the flow, getting into the spirit of the match. The fact that he seems comfortable with it all, is a good sign for the future. Austin seems to know wrestling and this made me more excited for future match possibilities than I was during this.

In UCW, you gotta go harder than that, prettyboy

Austin gets into the spirit of things

Austin throws Quinn for a loop

And so, it's mostly the wrestlers that make this interesting. It's UCW, so of course there are a lot of wedgies, ball grabs and low blows, but I found that those antics really overwhelm the rest of the action. I think both these guys are capable of more than they show. I did like it overall, but it's not a great or memorable match, except as Tyler's debut.

Quinn goes high on Austin

What goes up, must come down

Classic spladle has Austin open for business

In the end, this video served its purpose with a hot rookie stud, a skilled veteran and some great moments. I'm glad I bought it. Austin is an exciting addition, so I look forward to seeing more of him. I think Nero could work wonders with him, as could Axel or Tyson, so hopefully there's a lot more of Austin to come.

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So that's my take. What's yours? What're you thinking about Austin, Quinn or this match?



  1. armageddon is an amazing match between the hard trash talking veteran and muscular young challenger. quinn is a favorite- i enjoy his swagger and trash talking style. i was excited to see him up against the newbie. usually, axel breaks in the new guys. quinn looked ripped and hard as he commanded the mat but i was surprisingly intrigued with he young muscular new guy. quinn appeared small against the pumped up stud. i was pumped! check it out. great match. not one sided at all.