Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Lazlo Kohl (BGEast)

BGEast is back with more Biff and I was immediately on-board. Released under the Hunkbash banner, Biff Farrell vs. Lazlo Kohl is full of intrigue (mostly in my head) and sexy destruction. In the end, I liked the match based on hot talent, winning performances and solid wrestling.

It's blond vs. blond in the latest Hunkbash

As you know, blond Biff Farrell is a cute, built and powerful fireplug. You never know with these guys, but he usually comes across as someone who'd be cool to know. In this match, Biff's attitude shifts from earnest to arrogant. The muscle hunk is a flexing machine with his speedo pulled high and muscles pumped up. He's cockier than normal, showing more interest in looking at himself than wrestling. It's fun to see something different.

Biff's got the beef, but can he bring the heat?

Is Biff going to tap? He looks close ...

In Lazlo Kohl's previous match, he was an eager jobber for Masked Menace. Here, he comes in with more attitude and a heel look. Even though both guys are blond with facial hair, Kohl's blue collar style is a definite contrast to beautiful Biff.

Lazlo goes from willing jobber to hunk-basher

It's a simple story, but I have to admit that I over-complicated it in my brain. These two share enough similarities that my mind immediately started making up elaborate storylines for them. Brothers? Is Biff the arrogant, self-absorbed golden child, while Lazlo is the roughneck black sheep of the family? Is Lazlo a country uncle here to show his cocky city nephew a thing or two? Is Biff the hot new stud in the federation, with Lazlo as a fading former star?

The possibilities are endless, but the idea of a guy like Lazlo taking down a guy like Biff is the stuff my story fantasies are made of. Especially since Biff ignores Lazlo at first and just keeps flexing. It's such a sign of disrespect from Biff. He's obviously not concerned, nor should he be. The younger fireplug controls most of the first few minutes with his muscle and I wondered where this Hunkbash was going. Would Lazlo continue to be a jobber for sexy men?

What's your storyline?

Whaaa? Is Biff not the hunk being bashed?

However, after an early pinfall, Lazlo gets dirty and from that moment on, Biff is back on the bottom. I must say that I liked that there's logical reason for Biff's downfall. Recently he's been lying down a little too easily. Not here. Once he's in command, the older stud does a good job of controlling, punishing and displaying the smaller muscleman. Classic holds keep Biff under thumb for the most part, giving him a chance to use his world-class selling ability.

I've said that I think Biff's looks made him a jobber and that's likely true. However, it's his moans, whimpers and cries of pain that keep him there. When he rolls around helplessly, the fireplug hunk makes you believe.

Oh, okay, he is. Lazlo puts the jobber on display
for our amusement.

Biff gets taught a devastating lesson

Lazlo treating Biff like trash. That's what the
muscle boy gets for showing no respect.

Poor Biff and all his useless muscle.

In the end, I enjoyed this video for the guys, the action and my untold extensions of a deeper relationship here. The start allows Biff to do more than lie down. Coincidentally, I just finished my 2016 Cavey Awards (posting 12/18-12/20) and this is (sort of) something I bring up, so I was intrigued by a more competitive Biff.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I loved this match. Good action, pacing and great selling from Biff. For me Biff is the ideal babyface right now, especially in that gear. In my view he never looked better.

    1. Thanks for the comment, WR. I agree that Biff is a great babyface both for his looks and selling ability, which is probably under-appreciated. He is one of the most expressive guys around.