Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Billy the Kid vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

Billy the Kid and Scrappy are two of my favorites new guys of 2016. Thunders Arena keeps finding the studs that make me happy. Of course, it's not usually the guys who are the issue. Fortunately, Billy the Kid vs. Scrappy is a really enjoyable video with lots of action, especially for an exercise in one-sided domination.

Billy the Kid gets mean with Scrappy

Billy the Kid is a big, beefy pro wrestling stud who so far can do no wrong in my eyes. Here, he's like a young, smooth Arn Anderson in look and attitude, finding joy in beating on some ripped prettyboy rookie. The bearded bruiser really impressed me a ton in the ring against Beast, Talon and NJustice. I'm glad that he was just as good as a bully on the mats in the garage.

A young Arn Anderson with classic mat work

Billy brings a ton of energy and action to the mat

Scrappy might be the best looking small guy at Thunders ever. He's as sexy as fuck with a gorgeous physique and a cute, expressive face. His small posers are a perfect contrast to Billy's pro trunks and help add to his aura of vulnerability. I'm not sure how much he knows about wrestling, but he does a good job with selling and struggling against an overwhelming force.

Scrappy is perfect for this kind of abuse

Scrappy might not be enjoying this hold,
but I sure am!

Everything goes as you'd expect. Billy shows up with attitude. He's a hungry badass and Scrappy is on the menu. For his part, young Scrappy doesn't seem impressed, smirking and smiling until his ass starts to get kicked. Other than a full nelson, I'm not sure Scrappy has any offense. If he does, it's minimal and ineffective.

Scrappy learns the snapmare

The chinlock puts Scrappy on display

Scrappy sells the vicious crossface

Billy is relentless. The first six minutes are really fast-paced. It feels like an entire match. Scrappy is sweating after being put through the ringer by the beefy pro. Nelsons, headlocks, crab, all the usual stuff. There's an awesome torture rack and I love how Billy spreads his legs as he cranks on a headlock. That's fan service, baby.

It's a weird camera angle, but I like how Billy
controls Scrappy then does the OTK backbreaker

Billy puts the torture in torture rack

In terms of the video, there are a couple of awkward cuts here. The one at the end is disconcerting, but I got over it. And the small space can barely contain big bad Billy, but it's okay.

In the end, this was an absolute winner for me. It's exactly what I expected and played into the strength of the talent. Billy plays a young Arn really well and Scrappy is a classic young hot jobber.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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