Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review: Joey King vs. Scrappy (Thunders)

Joey King vs. Scrappy is sequel of sorts. Thunders Arena could've called it Scrappy vs. the Pros 2: King of Pain. Why? Well, the guys openly discuss how Scrappy has just been manhandled by Billy the Kid and now it's "Joey the King" taking a turn.

I actually think this was released first, but based on the dialogue, I did watch them in the correct order. Not that either way is 'wrong', because both videos are great, albeit similar in theme.

Aw, Scrappy is resting on Joey's lap ... so sweet.

Joey King is another winner from Thunders Arena's series of ring matches. Like Billy, he smoothly makes the transition to the mats. The hairy, beefy stud is an excellent choice to have a go at young Scrappy. Joey is all-man, looking awesome in his pro trunks. I love his pro swagger and attitude. The handsome hunk is more playful than Billy, but no less dangerous.

Apparently Joey likes to play with his food

The pro can't help but laugh at Scrappy's favorite hold

I praised Scrappy's hotness just two days ago, but I'm even more convinced of it now. I especially like how he acts in this match. The young muscle-boy sweats and plays helpess beautifully. I don't know how tired he really was, but he sure looks exhausted as the match wears on.

Scrappy gets stretched and worked perfectly

Scrappy is so worn down that he can't resist a simple hair pull

This is a long video for Thunders - 25 minutes. It's entirely one-sided, except when Joey allows things to turn. There are multiple submissions, as Joey takes it to the young jobber. Not that Scrappy doesn't deserve it. When he tells the hairy hunk that Billy did it better, you just know Joey is going to hear that as a challenge. He accepts and proceeds to take Scrappy down even better than Billy did.

Did Billy do this?

Is Joey trained for back manipulation?

Thanks for the view, Joey!

Joey manhandles young Scrappy, twisting and bending him into so many hot positions. However, it's the little moments of humiliation that make this especially fun. The smacks. The verbal taunting. The submissions. Joey's pure joy in his physical domination. While the young stud gets sweaty and weak, Joey's fresh from start to finish of his testosterone-fueled assault.

Man vs. muscle-boy ... was the outcome ever in doubt?

Damn. Where can I get a Scrappy doll of my own?

In the end, I really enjoyed this match, even more than Billy vs. Scrappy. It's close, but this one is more fun. Joey's charming, even as he's so incredibly rude to poor young Scrappy. The contrast between the hairy he-man and smooth muscle-boy adds excitement, too.

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  1. In a production company best known for its competitors' physiques, I'd argue that Scrappy has the best physique in the history of Thunder's Arena. He's perfectly proportioned without being overly ripped or bulky, and his skin is absolutely flawless, with not a single noticeable birthmark, tattoo, or blemish to distract the eye. All that, combined with the paleness of his skin, reminds me of the white marble and alabaster statues carved by the ancient Greeks and Romans. He's the very definition of the "classical physique", and his choice of gear in this match highlights his physique perfectly (particularly from a lateral view).

    Scrappy also has great camera presence, great athletic ability, and great attitude. He's the total package for Thunder's -- I just wish they'd pair him up more often against wrestlers his own size (Z-Man, Archer, Bolt) to give him a chance to win more. Scrappy could easily be the next Z-Man for the company (they tried pushing Eagle as "the next Z-Man", but Eagle's size and tattoos make him more like "the next Big Sexy"), but to do that, they need to let Scrappy win more to establish his credibility like they did when Z-Man first entered the scene.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I can't disagree with your assessment. Scrappy is awesome in every way. If I'd watched these in November, it might've changed some of my Cavey decisions.

    2. Just piggybacking on this comment because I love Scrappy as well. Check out Scrappy vs Blayne and you'll get to see Scrappy in a different (and totally hot!) light.

    3. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check Scrappy v Blayne out soon.

    4. That's funny cause I was also going to mention his most recent match against Blayne. I thought it was incredible. It shows that Scrappy is just as breathtaking playing the victor.

    5. Another Scrappy v Blayne fan? Okay, message received! Thanks.

    6. I just purchased Scrappy vs. Blayne based on the comments above, and I have to say it's one of the best -- if not THE BEST -- domination videos Thunder's has ever produced! Who knew Scrappy was such a sadist and exhibitionist?! His perfectly proportioned physique in is on full display here, and his attitude and trash talk seem completely genuine. Why isn't Thunder's using him in this capacity more often?!

    7. Nice! Appreciate the update and to hear this blog had some impact on you. Fingers crossed for a good New Years sale. LOL.

  2. Now I really wish Thunders Arena could get Brian Cage back. I would love to see what kind of damage he could do to Scrappy.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Brian Cage would definitely manhandle Scrappy, bending him into all kinds of shapes. A gorilla press would be mandatory, too.