Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review: KARN vs. Tommy Trouble (Wrestler4Hire)

KARN vs. Tommy Trouble features two hot pro wrestlers playing hero-villain in a 27-minute match. Obviously, that's right up my alley, so it rose to the top of my list to check out with my Wrestler4Hire membership when it appeared as one of the 18 available-for-streaming videos. I've said that I only need a few matches each month to be winners to pay for the membership. Well, you can count this one in the 'win' column.

When the capes come off, it's a pro vs. pro battle

So, I liked it a lot. In theory, this is a supervillain video. However, I think it works just fine without the narrative. Once the capes come off, it turns into a solid pro vs. pro match with two big studs battling in a back-and-forth match. The guys, moves, setting and gear are all pro stuff, all engaging and all entertaining.

KARN always attracts my attention. He's big and ripped, with a great ring presence and skills. I enjoy him, even though a couple of his past videos haven't really worked for me. Here, he's once again playing a master supervillain. If it was me, I'd skip the acting and dialogue and just let the guy wrestle, but that's me. Luckily, Trouble pushes him harder, which keeps the pace quick.

Karn is a must-watch on W4H

The big man knows how to entertain

The villainous KARN is trying to turn semi-reformed villain Tommy Trouble back to the dark side. I say semi-reformed, because Trouble is fairly chill about the whole thing. He's like, "Sure, if you can beat me I'll be your minion" then offers to remove KARN's cape as a sign of respect. Perhaps he's Ambivalent Man, but I'm not sure he quite has this whole hero-villain relationship thing down.

Lucky for Trouble and us, he's got a hot pro wrestler body, sexy trunks, and can wrestle, so I'm good with it all. His powerful muscular body exudes strength. He's wearing the very nice flame trunks Brute was wearing against Kelly King. The pattern is perfectly placed and suitably suggestive. And I would definitely watch him again based on his performance here.

The reformed muscleman impresses

Trouble has a great body in great trunks

The video features a lot of pro action. There's a lot more energy to it than KARN's previous supervillain video. And it's not a squash. Trouble doesn't lie down for the villain at all. It's back-and-forth with a lot of great moves. I enjoyed the wannabe hero's targeting of arms and legs. And the villain really knows how to punish a muscular stud.

Does KARN add Trouble to his minions or does Trouble convert KARN to the good side? This one goes down to the wire, so I won't spoil it. Either way, I think you'll be happy with the whole thing. There’s a nice combination of power moves and submission holds.

This is a surprisingly even match

Powerful pros put on a show

Trouble keeps fighting back hard

It's not perfect, but the strengths certainly outweigh the two issues. However, this is a review, so I'm going to talk about them anyway. First, I guess the dark room and intense central spotlight is meant to look like a supervillain's lair and add ambiance. Unfortunately it has three consequences: the guys have to keep moving into the light, the bright light washes out definition of Trouble’s chiseled white flesh, and they're often wrestling in bad lighting. Second, you have to endure some acting and dialogue that aren't exactly ... good. If you can get past these two things, and I could, then I think you'll like this.

Does Karn get shown the light?

Or is Trouble destined to be a muscular minion?

So in the end, I enjoyed this video. Both guys are keepers in my book and there's a fast pace with lots of hot action.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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