Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 14: City vs. Country

"Oh shit. I don't know if I'm ready for this, Brody."

My buddy just laughs at me, "C'mon Buck. Don't be shy. The guys'll love you. And I mean that literally. Don't go home with anyone without telling me. And don't go into the bedroom or bathroom with anyone without telling me. I know all these guys. I'll protect you from the creeps."

I just stand there, dumbstruck by the beautiful men walking into the house. The street is lined with fancy cars. When we get closer, I hear music is blaring. In the backyard, it looks like there are shirtless waiters, all tanned and ripped. At a house party. When we reach the front door, I ask, "Am I dressed okay? Maybe we should -"

Me (Buck)

Brody grabs my shoulder, "You look great. It's just a housewarming for this guy Luke who's a friend of my buddy Ryan. Everyone is chill. If anything, your jeans and tee will be overdressed. We'll get a few drinks in you, the shirt'll come off. You'll be the hit of the party."

I feel like a fool, being nervous like this. I'm a 35-year old bull for fuck's sake. At 6'2"/240-lbs of farm-built beef, I don't need to be afraid of much. And I've got Brody's 5'10"/220-lbs of muscle looking out for me, too. Thing is, fighting ain't gonna help me against the problems I might have when I meet all Brody's cool and beautiful California friends. Can't bodyslam a stupid comment. Can't headlock myself into being smarter or cooler.

It's just that this is my first trip to LA. Actually, it's my first trip pretty much anywhere. The biggest place I've been before this had 50,000 people. And I call that the big city. Now I'm visiting my old high school buddy Brody who's been out here since he was 18 and I feel lost and intimidated by everything. My first plane ride. The people. The traffic. The noise. It's so big. So different. It's a big change from farm life and I feel out of place.

See, it's Saturday and I only arrived on Thursday. Brody is already dragging me to hang out with his hot friends. I just wanted to see Disneyland or that Chinese theater place. In my heart, I'm just a big old country boy. These guys all look like movie stars and models. Brody starts introducing me to supposedly 'regular guys'. As I meet more of them, I feel like an old, fat, ugly monster.

At first, I just wanna run, but Brody's buddies are actually real friendly. They keep talking to me and kinda flirting with me. They act interested in everything I've got to say. They're not condescending or rude, they're actually interested. They're talking sports and movies and shit I know about. After a couple of drinks, I'm finally relaxing and having fun. I get why Brody likes these guys. They're pretty down-to-earth. It's like they don't even get how hot they are because they're all hot. Maybe this ain't so bad after all.

My buddy, Brody

Uh oh. I see Brody whispering with one of his buddies, Javier. He's our age, 5'10"/200-lbs, muscular and hairy. Sexy as hell. They're giving me the side eye, obviously talking about me. Fuck. I get nervous again. Why am I here? Javier came with a 21-year old gorgeous date named Ramsay who playfully bumps into me. He's 6'3"/230-lbs of young smooth muscle.


Ramsay puts his drink down and grabs me around the waist, pulling me in close. The boy ain't shy as he rests his other hand on my stomach. It feels nice. He whispers, "Yeah, they're talking about you, Buck." I try to shrug it off, but he smirks, "Don't look so worried, it's nothing bad."


I ask, "What makes y'all think I'm worried?"

The young stud smiles as he runs his hand up and down my back, "I'm new to this crowd, too. I still get the exact same look as you have right now. That 'oh my god, what're they saying about me' look."

I relax again. Ramsay seems like a nice guy. I ask, "So what ARE they saying?"

"Javier wants to fight you." I must look shocked, because Ramsay laughs. He caresses my left pec, "Oh, that face is so fucking hot. I'm just playing. He just wants to wrestle you. You wrestle, right?" I nod. "Us, too. Ever see any Cave matches?" I nod. "Javier was Night."

I look again and I see it. Fuck, Night and Day are awesome. I look Ramsay up and down, but he shakes his head, "No, I'm not Day. That asshole is - never mind. Anyway, there's a big circle of wrestling buddies and we're in it with Brody. Javi's just checking if it's okay to get you into the ring while you're visiting."

I smile at the thought. Javier is hot and a huge stud in the ring. I'm flattered and feeling confident about myself that he'd even be interested in me. Wrestling I can do. As the young muscle dude grabs his drink, I ask, "Shouldn't he be talking to me about this?"

Ramsay laughs again, practically snorting his bright green cocktail. He squeezes my ass, "He's asking Brody outta respect. If your buddy thinks you'd be cool with it, you'll be naked on the mats with your legs up and shoulders down before you know it. Luke has mats in the second bedroom, so maybe it'll even happen tonight."

I raise an eyebrow, "You think so? Maybe I'm not even interested."

Ramsay declares, "You are." He gulps down the rest of his drink then signals for a hot stud carrying a tray of shots. He gets two and hands me one. We pound them back, slapping our empty shot glasses on the table. He tests my bicep. I lift my arm and flex it for him. He rubs my pec again and I growl.

The young stud says, "Very nice. Oh, looks like Brody is giving the all clear. If you're still scared, I can try to block Javi for you. Your call."

I look at Javier then at Ramsay  I don't know what comes over me. Maybe the shot. I grab Ramsay  pulling him against my body, "Maybe I'm more interested in wrestling you, boy. I bet you look great on the mats. Legs up. Shoulders down."

The half-drunk younger stud grinds his bulge into mine, "Fuck yeah, now you're getting into it." Javier and Brody arrive. The smaller hairy stud looks pissed at how close we are until his new boyfriend says, "He's in, boys. Looks like we got ourselves a tag match."

Late Sunday Morning

"Welcome!" I shake Ramsay s hand as he escorts us into the warehouse. I look around, in awe of the setup. It's got a real pro wrestling ring in the middle, along with some seats for fans, a table for announcers and some signage for Rival Pro Wrestling '83. Everything looks bright and clean. Ramsay tells me that we'll be the first guys to use the ring other than him and Javier.

"So this is Javier's? Wow, why?" Ramsay just smiles while Brody tells me not to worry about it. He says he'll explain later. I just nod as we get escorted to the locker rooms. As we pass through the curtain, I comment, "Fuck, it's like a real pro federation."

From behind me, I hear, "That's the point."

I turn to see Javier standing there in black pro trunks, boots and pads. His trunks have a radioactive symbol over his bulge. Damn, the man is hot, his hairy muscle body even better than I thought. And dressed in gear, he looks like the real thing. I ask, "Wow, are you a real pro wrestler? You look so -" I pause, unable to think of the right word.

Javier moves in and pats my left pec as he passes, "Don't strain your brain, big man."

I just watch as he walks away through the curtain out to the ring area. Ramsay grabs my attention, literally, when he clutches my semi-hard cock. I moan as he plays with me. The kid says, "Don't blow your wad yet, Buck. I really wanna fuck this load out of you."

I can't say anything as he stares into my eyes. Brody grabs my arm, pulling me free from the younger stud's grip. He drags me into the locker room, telling me to focus. I ask what the fuck is going on, but my buddy says it's just a tag wrestling match. I tell him I thought it was just fun, but this feels like a real deal, like we used to watch and imitate when we were kids.

"This is just fun. We're just four guys playing around."

I nod, still overwhelmed. As we strip down, I look at my gear. Denim-patterned trunks with 'Country Boys' across the ass. I'm stunned. When Brody and me were kids, we used to pretend to be wrestling stars out in the barn. Country Boys was the name of our tag team. We'd wear cutoffs and boots and whup all our friends. I look at him, "What's going on, Brody?"

Brody laughs, telling me that we need the right gear if we're gonna be a tag team. I love it, but I never expected this. I'm smiling like a kid. We pull on the trunks and I squat in them. Tight, but not too tight. My buddy smacks my ass and fondles it, checking me out. He says they're perfect. I just nod. They do feel and look good.

After we get our pads and boots on, Brody takes the red bandana and ties it around my neck in a slip knot then puts the straw hat on my head. He puts his stuff on and we look in the mirror. Damn, we look like a real tag team called the fucking 'Country Boys' all right. When we start to stretch out and get ready, I relax a little. This is LA. Perfect place to live out a childhood fantasy, right?


My buddy reads my mind. He says, "This is a little gift to you from me, Buck. I've waited 17 years for you to come to LA. I'm gonna make it a trip you'll never forget."

The Intros

I hear an old time Country song with a clear banjo twang start up. Brody grabs me and tells me it's time. We head out through the curtain and I realize it's entrance music for us. I look at Brody and I see that he's not surprised by any of it. It relaxes me, but I wonder why he didn't tell me anything. Oh well, I guess he wanted this 'gift' to be a total surprise. Mission accomplished.

We make our way to ring. We climb up the stairs and slide in. I test the ropes and look around, still amazed. It's all perfect.

The music switches to the guitar solo part of a hard 70's Rock track. Brody grabs my shoulders and points me to the curtain. Javier and Ramsay come out and my cock twitches. They're in matching black gear with the radioactive symbol over their bulges. Pads, boots and leather studded cuffs on their wrists.

Fuck, they're smoking hot. They've got black eye makeup on, which makes them look kinda intimidating as they stare at us with contempt. They're just like the kind of bad boy heels I used to boo when I was a kid. I let out a small whimper, but Brody's in my ear, telling me to keep it together. It's just fun roleplay. I nod, but I'm still kinda out of it. It's just ... wow. Wow.

The Match: Brody vs. Javier

When the heels enter the ring, their music stops. Brody pushes me out of the ring, telling me that he better start. I nod, agreeing that I need a moment. Javier starts for his team. He stares at my buddy with a scowl and they circle. The bell sounds and they move in together.

Javier and Brody lock up in a classic collar and elbow move. They strain, but my tag partner is stronger. He powers the smaller stud into a side headlock. He works it hard. As I watch his bicep swell and crush the hairy hunk's head, I realize that this is a full pressure match, just like me and Brody do. The gear and stuff is play, but looks like the wrestling is real.

Brody flips the hairy heel over with a hip toss. Javier rolls up immediately. He spins around and charges, only to get taken down with an arm drag takedown. The heel flies into his corner. My tag partner takes a step forward, but Ramsay hovers over Javier. Brody holds back. The smaller muscleman rises in front of his young buddy. They confer then tag.

TAG! Brody vs. Ramsay

Ramsay comes in, looking nothing like the sweet guy who was so friendly last night. Brody and him circle. When the muscular heel circles near my corner, I get a great look at his big fat ass. Wow, it's amazing. I gotta admire his butt in his tight black trunks. Damn, that's hot. Suddenly, the younger muscleman spins. He flies at me, slamming his elbow into my head. CRACK!

I fall off the ring apron to the floor below. I'm seeing stars. What the fuck? I scramble to my feet, just in time to see Javier holding Brody in a full nelson while Ramsay is punching his gut. POW! POW! POW! I roll into the ring under the bottom rope. The young muscleman turns to stomp me, slamming his boot down on my back. STOMP! My dander is up, helping me ignore the boots and rise. Ramsay drops and rolls outta the ring when he sees my angry face.

Brody, meanwhile, has broken the full nelson and is driving Javier back with forearms. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The hairy hunk is following his tag partner outta the ring. Brody and me move together. He's smiling, "I knew you'd be a natural, buddy. Gotta stay focused." I just nod, my anger subsiding.

The heels move to their corner and Ramsay slides back in as I slip outta the ring.

Brody and Ramsay circle again. This time, I pay attention. He makes a move towards me, but my fists go up and he backs off. I see a slight smirk on his face and a subtle nod, like, 'now you get it.' The two studs lock up. This time, my tag partner can't overpower the bigger muscleman, so they strain and struggle hard before pushing each other back.

Ramsay beats his chest, inviting Brody to come at him. My tag partner ain't one to turn down a challenge. He backs up into the ropes then comes off with a shoulder block. SPLAT! The two hunks just bounce off each other, but neither one goes down. My bodybuilder buddy tries it again and again, neither one is toppled. Brody looks surprised and frustrated.

Brody tries for a third time, but this time, the heel lifts his leg. My tag partner runs right into the raised bootstrap full speed. It sinks deep into his rock hard abs and he bends forward, stumbling backwards. Ramsay looks at me then points at his head, like he's so smart. When he moves to follow up, the bodybuilder dives in, spearing him hard in the abs. THUD! They go down hard. But only Brody comes up fast.

My tag partner grabs Ramsay s wrist then forces him to his feet. He whips the younger stud into our corner hard. CLANG! Brody runs in, splashing into the heel hard. SPLAT! Brody looks at me and I nod. I want in. We slap hands and I breathe in deeply as I slide between the top and middle rope.

TAG! Ramsay vs. Buck

We alternate stomps to the big muscleman's stomachs then Brody exits the ring. I dive in, slamming my elbow into Ramsay s head. CRACK! He sags on the ropes as I lift my knee into his gut. OOF! I reach behind his head, turn and flip him over onto his ass with a snap mare. PLOP! The young heel slumps forward, dazed.

I drive my knee between his shoulder blades. WHACK! Ramsay instinctively pulls his elbows back, allowing me to grab his arms and pull back. I slide my hands over the smooth, pumped muscles, drawing his arms straight back. I hold his wrists tight and pull, straining his chest and big shoulders. I bet he looks hot from the front.

Ramsay fights the hold and he ain't gonna submit to it, but it's doing its job. I let go of his wrists then whip my hands around his head, grabbing under his chin. I pull back on the chinlock, pulling his head back. He grabs my hands and I see his feet kicking the mat in frustration. I keep working him then suddenly move in, slamming my body against his back. WHAP! I wrap my arm around his head and squeeze.

The younger muscleman pushes up on his feet, using my body to push against. We rise. I see him bringing his arms back and I know he's about to try some kinda counter. Instead of waiting to see what he's up to, I fall back, dragging him with me. I whip my legs around his body and squeeze on the body scissors hard.

I grab his arm in an armbar as I crush his torso in my legs. Ramsay grunts loud. His free hand is caressing my leg, pushing on it. He ain't got a chance of moving it, but it feels nice when he tries. I figure I've weakened him a lot, so I open my legs and release his arm. I kick him hard in the side, sending him rolling right into the corner in front of Brody.

Ramsay fights to rise, but I'm on him fast. I drag him up, but on the way, he fires a punch to my gut. THUD! OOF! I spin us around as he springs up, spearing my stomach. WHOMP! He drives me into the corner good, but too bad for him, it's the wrong corner. I bring my arms down onto his back with a double axe handle, dropping him to one knee. WHACK!

I lock on a standing head scissors then reach my hand back. Brody tags me.

TAG! Ramsay vs. Brody

Brody comes in, saying, "Tractor pull time, buddy!" I smile at the mention of one of our old holds. As my buddy grabs one of Ramsay s arms, I open my legs and grab the other. We pull out hard and fast, wrenching his shoulders. The heel moans loud as his arms are stretched out by 450-lbs of muscle. Javier starts a five-count, hoping to stop double teaming his tag partner.

When he gets to four, we kick out Ramsay s torso, my boot driving into his abs and Brody's slamming into his back. WHACK! THUD! The big muscleman cries out when he's sandwiched between our kicks. I let go at five like a good guy then slip outta the ring. Brody scoops Ramsay up then bodyslams him in front of the corner. WHAM! The hot heel bounces from the impact.

Brody reaches out for a fast tag and I accept.

TAG! Ramsay vs. Buck

Brody leaps up and splashes onto Ramsay  SPLAT! As soon as he lands, he rolls out of the way. I come over the top rope with my own splash, dropping my 240-lbs onto his body. SPLAT! The younger heel coughing and gasps for air. I hook his leg, going for a pin.

ONE! I hear Brody warn Javier. He's all the way across the ring, so he has no shot of breaking this up before he's stopped.

TWO! I lift my arm to slap the mat for a third time when I hear Javier yelling, "Foot on the rope! Foot on the rope!"

I look and see his free leg draped on the bottom rope. Damn. I drag him up by his arm. He makes a dash for his corner, his free arm outstretched in hopes of a tag. I hold tight, using his momentum to spin him around. He flies into our corner, slamming in front first. CLANG! I run in and splash on his back. SPLAT! As I bounce off, I reach out and tag Brody, calling "Cow tip!"

TAG! Ramsay vs. Brody

I land behind a wobbly Ramsay  I drop to my hands and knees behind him then Brody gives him a hard shove. The big young stud flies backwards, tripping over me and landing on his shoulders. WHAM! I grab his legs then spin him positioning him for Brody, who leaps into the ring and comes down with a big leg drop on the heel's smooth, meaty pecs. THUD!

Brody rises and we slap hands, hooting. I look over at Javier as I exit and the hairy heel is pissed. We've got his boy isolated and we're working him over real good. My tag partner grabs Ramsay s legs, using them to flip him over into a Boston crab. The hot young stud groans in the hold. I see the pain on his face and it makes me smile. Even like this he's handsome.

Ramsay won't give. In fact, he pushes up and pulls himself towards Javier. The smooth muscle heel crawls on his elbows, using his power to actually move Brody with him. Oh fuck. My buddy is moved one step then another before he digs in. They struggle, but Brody's legs are stronger. He walks the big muscleman back towards our corner, taking him farther and farther from a tag.

When Brody gets close, he switches to a single leg crab and reaches out. I slap his hand, anxious to keep beating on the beefy heel.

TAG! Ramsay vs. Buck

Brody keeps the crab on, so I come into the ring then come down with a big leg drop to the back of Ramsay s head. WHACK! He goes limp as my buddy lets go of his leg. I roll him over, trying another pin. ONE! Javier takes advantage of my tag partner being half in and half out by leaping over the top rope and charging at me. I release the pin and move, but he still clips my temple. WHACK!

I grab my head and Brody chases him off. Ramsay rolls onto his side. I drag him up into a big bearhug, slamming our big beefy bodies together tight. WHAP! The younger heel groans while I crush him in my arms. His big muscles feel good against mine, especially as they go weak from the pressure. I shake him vigorously, making him really feel it in his sore back.

I lift, actually getting him off the ground and he throws his head back, crying out. I bet he's never had his 230-lbs of beef manhandled like this before. With a thick torso like this, I bet he normally laughs off bearhugs, but we've weakened him and I'm a beast with this hold. Ramsay s going limp, but not giving. I eye the neutral corner then run him in, slamming his back against the turnbuckles. CLANG!

Ramsay sags in the corner. I bend forward then give him a hard shoulder block. WHOMP! OOF! With the big hunk slung over my shoulder, I lift, hoisting him up. I slap his ass, telling him how light he is, compared to the calves and bales of hay I carry like this all the time. I bounce up and down, driving my shoulder into his abs. I feel him hang limp, not doing nothing but cough and gasp.

I turn then whip forward, throwing Ramsay down onto his back hard. WHAM! I stomp his abs, breaking him down some more then I drag him to his feet. I push him into the ropes. Brody signals for a tag, but I shake my head. He gives me a thumbs up, knowing how much I'm enjoying beating on this huge slab of California beef. I whip him off the ropes, aiming to finish him off with a big clothesline.

Suddenly, Ramsay reverses the whip, sending me into the ropes. When I hit, I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my back. WHACK! I stumble and fall on my face. I hear Brody complaining that Javier kicked me in the back. I try to rise, but wobbly young stud just dives on top of me, driving his elbows into my back. THUD! His 230-lbs of dead weight flattens me down, enabling him to just bulldoze forward, rolling me to his corner.

I fight to rise, reaching my hands and knees when I hear the familiar sound of two hands slapping.

TAG! Buck vs. Javier

Javier leaps over the top rope, landing on my back. I collapse under the weight. The two of them stomp the crap outta me before Ramsay heads out for a rest. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hairy heel drags me up, driving me into his corner. I move to escape, but the younger muscleman grabs the back of my trunks, holding me in place, but hidden from Brody.

The hairy heel starts in pounding my body. POW! THUD! POW! Even though he's the smallest one of us, his alternating fists, feet and knees break me down fast. Javier's been out of the ring for a long time, watching his tag partner get abused. He's full of adrenaline and pent up anger. My stomach and pecs are red from the force.

With my trunks stretched out the back, Ramsay distracts me by sticking his hand into my crack. He fingers my hole then reaches down even more to grab my balls. I cry out and throw my head back. THUD! POW! THUD! Brody finally sees what's happening as my trunks are pulled down to the base of my cock in front and the young muscleman's hand must be visible between my legs.

My tag partner warns them, so Ramsay lifts his hands up, acting like he wasn't doing anything. Meanwhile, I'm sagging on the top turnbuckle. Javier has backed up, but only so he can leap up for a standing dropkick that slams into my chest. WHOMP! I'm crushed in the corner. Fuck, I need to tag.

Javier backs off then charges in. I turn, throwing my elbow wildly. CRACK! I manage to land it on his jaw and he staggers backwards. I move to my corner, trunks hanging down off my ass and barely held up in front by my cock and the string. I make it two steps when the hairy heel spears me in the side.

We stumble into a neutral corner where I hit in my side. CLANG! Before the smaller muscleman can rise, I club his back. WHOMP! I do it again and again. WHOMP! WHOMP! I spin him into the corner then give him a big knee lift to the gut. THUD! Javier bends forward, so I lock on a side headlock, squeezing tight.

I wave my arm in the air, shouting, "WHOO!" With Javier locked up, I run out of the corner then leap up for a big bulldog. As soon as I leap, though, the hairy heel pushes free and I fly up on my own. I land hard on my tailbone, jamming it when I land. WHAM! ARGH! I reach for my butt. Javier comes in behind me with a boot to the back of my head. CRACK! I'm seeing stars, slumped forward between my knees as I sit there.

Javier drags me up from behind then positions us back to back. He pulls my head onto his shoulder. Uh oh. Before I can stop him, the smaller stud drops down. PLOP! CRACK! My head jams onto his shoulder in a picture perfect neckbreaker. I fall to the side, stunned and unmoving. The hairy muscleman kicks me onto my back then poses over me.

I can't react as he flexes. Javier stomps my torso, adding big bootprints to the red fist prints he left before. I try to roll to the ropes, but he grabs my hair and the back of my drooping trunks. He wrenches them up the other way, wedging them up my crack. I'm forced up then whipped into his corner where I run right into Ramsay's raised boot. CRACK!

I fall back onto my back, perfect for Javier to stomp the shit outta me again. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He walks over my stomach, pausing to put all his weight on my abs. The hairy heel finally steps off then turns and splashes down on top of me. SPLAT! I'm coughing and wheezing as I lie there. I'm in the wrong corner, but I know I gotta fight to get to Brody.

As soon as I roll over onto my hands and knees, Javier's on me. He reaches over my shoulder and between my legs. The smaller muscleman powers me up then drops me onto his outstretched leg into a gutbuster. WHOMP! OOF! I hang on his leg coughing until he pushes me off like my 240-lbs of beef was nothing.

I try to start crawling for a tag again. I know the hairy heel is stalking me, but I can't worry about that. I make it to the middle of the ring before Javier grabs my boots. He drags me backwards away from Brody's reach. I get dragged up into a front facelock then powered up for a suplex. Instead of falling back, I get dropped forward, landing on the top rope with my stomach. OOF!

The rope cuts in deep and I bounce off, flipping onto my ass. I sit there, holding my stomach until Javier gives me a hard kick to my pecs. WHACK! I fly back, falling over the bottom rope. I lie there, half in/half out. My head hangs off the ring apron and the bottom rope elevates my torso.

Suddenly, I'm getting stomped by both heels. Ramsay attacks my chest and Javier my stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I lie there helpless and trapped until they break off. Javier grabs my boot and drags my carcass to his corner. As soon as he lets go, I curl up in the fetal position.

As I lie there moaning, I hear their hands slapping.

TAG! Buck vs. Ramsay

Javier kicks me onto my back. He stomps my body while Ramsay comes in. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The bruising heels work me over hard while Brody counts to five. When he gets there, the stomping stops, but the smooth stud scoops Javier up. Next thing I know, 200-lbs of muscle crashes onto me as the hairy heel is bodyslammed on top of me. WHOMP!

The older hunk rolls out of the ring, leaving me coughing and suffering at Ramsay s feet. The young heel looks recovered from the earlier abuse. Kid is resilient. Now I need to be the same. As the big heel drags me up, my abs are screaming every time I bend. I shoot my hands up, pushing his away then stand up fast. My gut shoots out pain, but I ignore.

The smooth muscleman is shocked, giving me the chance to kick him in the gut. THUD! OOF! He bends forward so I lock him in a side headlock. I crank on it hard then start walking to my corner where Brody is calling for me. Ramsay wraps his hands around my waist, so I can't just run. The heel pulls against me, slowing me down. My stomach tenses, but I focus on moving ten more feet.

Ramsay suddenly shifts one hand behind my leg. He lifts, powering me up off my feet then brings me down in an atomic drop. JAM! I feel the shockwave fire up my spine. Luckily, I bounce forward, aimed right for Brody. I'm squatting, arm stretched out, but the smooth muscleheel grabs the back of my trunks and stops my momentum. I just miss the tag.

The spandex ricochets me backwards right into Ramsay s thick arms. He locks on a reverse bearhug, squeezing me hard. The smooth muscleman is strong and my midsection is weak. I fight as he spins me away from Brody. I throw my elbow back, clipping his head. It's enough to get free and I fall into the ropes.

I hang there for a second then rise. Brody warns me, but I can't process the words before I feel a battering ram slam into my right kidney. WHACK! Javier kicks me between the ropes and I fall to my knees. Ramsay grabs my hair then yanks it back, WHAM! I lie on my back, trying to fight the pain when the younger heel puts his foot on my stomach.

I hold up my hands, begging him not to do it as he lifts his other boot. Ramsay stands on my wrecked abs, his 230-lbs of muscle digging into my stomach. He sinks deep, but then he grabs the top rope. He pulls up on the steel cable, making the force even greater. The heels mock me as I suffer. I thrash under him and it's enough to throw him off-balance.

Ramsay steps off and I roll, arm outstretched even though I'm a mile away. The young muscleman lets me crawl forward, stalking me. I must look pathetic, crawling slowly, arm out, desperate for a tag. When I reach the middle of the ring, the bigger heel grabs my boots and drags me back to his corner. My sweaty carcass slides easily on the mat and I'm back in the danger zone.

I get flipped onto my back then a knee right to my gut. THUD! OOF! Ramsay drags me up then moves behind me. He steps over my hip, bends me to the side then powers me into an ab stretch. I moan as my side is strained and the muscles are torn from all the abuse and now this. I groan in the hold, but suddenly the pressure increases and I cry out. ARGH!

The pain is too much and I'm about to give, but Brody yells from the across the ring at the heels for cheating. The pressure eases as suddenly as it started. I figure out that Ramsay had reached back, locked hands with Javier to add to the intensity of the hold. It worked. I almost gave and now I feel weaker than ever.

When the younger muscleman adds an ab claw, I'm whimpering in the hold. I won't give. As I'm moaning 'no', I hear a slap.

TAG! Buck vs. Javier

Ramsay releases the ab stretch, but powers me into a full nelson. Javier wastes none of the five-count from Brody. The hairy heel pounds away on my abs like a prize fighter, tearing up whatever is left of my stomach. The smooth young muscleman lets go at five and I bend over then drop to a knee in front of a laughing Javier.

Javier slaps my head. SMACK! SMACK! It's humiliating and I wanna tackle him, but I'm more focused on not puking. The hairy muscleheel forces me up then pushes me into his corner. Ramsay locks on a chinlock, keeping me trapped. Brody objects, but the younger heel laughs, "Go ahead and count to five, country bumpkin! We'll only need three to finish this big jobber off!"

As I struggle to get free, Javier lines me up. Right as Brody hits three, the hairy heel hits me with a spear. His shoulder slams right into my gut, driving my ass up onto the middle turnbuckle. WHOMP! OOF! The smaller muscleman hoists me onto his shoulder, smacking my ass. He mocks my earlier taunts, by telling me that in the city, this is called taking out the trash.

Javier gets a sadistic pleasure outta doing to me what I did to Ramsay  He parades my 240-lbs of dead weight around the ring on one shoulder, showing off his strength. Like I did to his tag partner, he bounces me and I feel like I might throw up. The hairy muscleman slaps my ass and then squeezes it. He tells Brody, "It's over. Get that ass ready for me. Again."

I focus on the big black-spandex ass in front of me. While they're talking, I reach my hands up then yank up on the trunks, wedging them up the heel's ass. HEY! With Javier distracted, I kick and slide off his shoulder in front of him. I might be exhausted and beatdown, but I'm still 240-lbs. I barrel forward like a bull, just using my bulk to push the shocked heel into my corner. CLANG!

I squash him in the corner, falling against him just to hold him there. Brody slaps my shoulder and I hear Ramsay let out an expletive.

TAG! Javier vs. Brody

I drop then roll under the bottom rope, glad to finally be out of the ring. My gut is killing me. From the ring apron, I watch Brody tearing into Javier like a house afire. He's saving our asses by pounding the hairy heel with big forearms and fists. WHACK! POW! THUD! Ramsay comes in illegally to help, but my tag partner kicks him in the gut then gives him a DDT! CRACK! My buddy gets up fast, but the young musclestud is out of it.

Brody kicks the young stud out of the ring where he collapses to the floor below. I pull myself to my feet. Javier is up and eying my tag partner's broad back. I warn my buddy and make a big sweep, reaching for the hairy heel. I miss by a foot, but it's enough to distract the smaller muscleman. He looks my way then when he turns back, Brody's coming at him with a big clothesline. WHOMP! Javier goes down hard and I slump over the top rope.

My tag partner starts in with stomps, breaking down the hairy heel. THUD! THUD! THUD! These two are the freshest guys, neither one taking any real punishment yet. Brody reaches down to pick Javier up, but he gets a punch to the gut, instead. POW! OOF! The muscleman in black adds an uppercut when my buddy leans forward. WHACK!

Brody stumbles backwards into the ropes. The older heel moves in fast. He whips my buddy across the ring. When the country boy hits the ropes, I use my huge wingspan to reach out and slap his shoulder. The tag distracts Javier, allowing Brody to run him down with a shoulder block. WHOMP!

TAG! Javier vs. Buck

I come in as Brody is stomping Javier. I join in then we drag the hairy heel to his feet. We lock him in a front facelock then suplex him over together. WHAM! My buddy and me high-five, but he has to help me up. I tell him, "Don't go far." He reaches out and caresses my red stomach, nodding that he gets it. As my tag partner moves to our corner, I drag the hairy heel up.

Javier goes for a low blow, bringing his arm up between my legs, but I'm ready. I close up, locking his arm between my thighs as I bring my arm down, clubbing him behind the head. THUD! He's stunned long enough for me to pull him up then scoop him across my chest. I walk to my corner, letting Brody slap my shoulder.

TAG! Javier vs. Brody

I turn then bodyslam the muscular heel down hard in the middle of the ring. WHAM! I move to exit, my adrenaline running low again. Brody leaps from the top rope, coming down with a big elbow drop to the hairy chest. WHACK! He bounces up, immediately leaping up and coming down with a leg drop across the face. BOOM! Javier is stunned as my buddy slides around to lock on a figure four head scissors.

Brody squeezes hard, trying to put the hunk in black out, but Javier's a tough bastard. He squirms and shifts, keeping my bodybuilder buddy from locking it on perfect. Still, it's wearing the smaller muscleman down. My tag partner releases the hold then drags the hairy heel to his feet by his wrist. Javier tries for a kick to the abs, but Brody is rock solid. THUD! It just bounces off.

My tag partner pulls on the arm and spins, whipping the hairy heel over with an awesome arm drag takedown. WHOA! WHAM! He moves in fast, pulling Javier up by his arm again. Brody shakes and wrenches the arm, really testing the shoulder. The muscleman in black actually cries out. Brody whips him over into our corner, shoulder first. CLANG!

Javier sags, so I grab his sore arm, pulling it over the top rope. I drop to the floor, pulling his arm with me. The rope digs into his armpit as I hang from his arm. He slaps his shoulder in pain. When I let go, the rope snaps the hairy hunk backwards, right into the waiting arms of Brody. My buddy grabs him in a belly to belly suplex, planting him in the middle of the ring. WHAM!

Brody hooks a leg and goes for a pin. ONE! Suddenly, Ramsay is up on his feet. He rolls in and dives onto Brody to break up the pin. I come in after him. He rises, not seeing me charging. I slam my forearm into his head. He staggers backwards, falling into the ropes. I clothesline him across the chest, sending him over the top to the floor below. I turn immediately to see how my tag partner is doing.

Brody has Javier up in a full nelson. He yells, "Time for the Country Boy Jamboree, tag partner!"

My eyes go wide at the mention of one of our boyhood finishers. I'm transported back to playing in the barn in our underwear and boots, pretending we were real pro wrestlers. The Jamboree was our big move, although we always did it on a big pile of hay. I don't really hurt there. Here, it's gonna be different. I hesitate, "Really?"

My tag partner says, "Really! Now GO!"

I run into the ropes then charge in with a big boot to Javier's wide open gut. THUD! OOF! Brody lets go and the hairy hunk instinctively bends forward towards me. I grab his wrists while Brody grabs his ankles from behind. We pull hard and fast, suspending the heel between us. He screams, "No, no, no!"

Together, Brody and I lift then drive down, slamming Javier into the mat, front first. KABOOM! The impact almost knocks him out. We leap up, each coming down with an elbow drop, me to the back of his head and Brody to his back. THUD! WHACK! We slap hands over his unmoving body then my tag partner (as the legal man) rolls him over for the hook of the leg and the pin.

I quickly turn and rise to intercept Ramsay as he struggles to enter the ring. ONE! The young stud and me grapple, but he can't get past me. TWO! The young muscleman feels good in my arms as he fights to break up the inevitable ... THREE!

I can't see the pin, but the way Ramsay sinks in my arms tells me it's over. I hug him for real and whisper, "Great job, sport." He leans back and lets a smile come across his face. I tousle his hair, but he shakes it off. The handsome young stud scowls and I wonder if he's pissed. I must have a weird look, because he softens a bit.

The young muscleman whispers, "Oh, don't get that worried look, handsome. It's just too early for that, Country Boy. We still got stakes. It's your lucky day. You get a nasty heel to fuck, big man."

I smile broadly then resume the roleplay. My dick is getting hard as Ramsay gets his mean look again. It's more hot than fearsome. He pushes past me to check on his tag partner. Brody comes up and hugs me. We circle the ring, victorious. When we hug again, my buddy asks which one I want. I just look at him and he nods, "Okay, okay. The kid is all yours. I owe Javier a fuck anyway for all the times he's beat me over the years."

We turn and look at the losers with hungry eyes.

The Stakes

The heels sit on the mat. Javier looks pissed and I don't think it's just acting. The hairy hunk ain't blaming the younger stud, instead cursing at himself. You can tell he just hates losing. Brody and me mosey over, moving in front of them. They both look up at us then nod. The hairy hunk moves to me, but I point at Ramsay.

"C'mere, boy." The smooth heel's eyes go wide and he looks at Javier. Wow, the older stud must've wanted me. That makes me feel good, but too bad, he lost. I tell Ramsay  "Get the fuck over here, boy! NOW!"

Ramsay snaps to attention, crawling past his tag partner and taking a position on his knees in front of me. Brody looks down at Javier. I'm betting he's pissed that these two both wanted me so bad. He grabs the hairy hunk, "Get over here, fucker."

I look back down at my waiting boy. I admire him for a second. Such a fucking stud. I tell him to worship my fucking farm-built body. He starts at my boots, caressing my legs and putting his face right in front of my bulge. The young heel sniffs, taking in the smell of my pouch. He slowly sticks his tongue out, waiting to see if I say anything. I don't so he licks my balls and shaft through the denim-patterned spandex.

It feels so good, having him rub my legs then my ass. His mouth is awesome as he sucks on my manhood. Damn, this boy is so fucking hot. He grips my ass then buries his face deeper, sniffing and licking at my pouch. He moves to lick my abs then finally rises, rubbing my sides then grabbing my chest. He kisses each pec. I flex my biceps and he reaches for them.

Ramsay's a natural, telling me how strong and solid I am and how real my muscles are, not fake like his gym-built body. His gentle touch feels incredible as he moves behind me to kiss and rub my back and ass. When he's done and back on his knees, I turn and nod. I make him strip down my trunks. My dick pops out and the young stud smiles at my thick, cut cock.

After I step outta my trunks, Ramsay moves in and sucks my cock for real. Damn, so good. I grab his hair tight, slowing him down. This shit is too hot for me. The whole Country Boys deal. Ramsay  Brody dominating Javier right in front of me. I breathe slow, just enjoying the feeling of his lips around my cock.

Ramsay pulls off. I look down, wondering what's going on. Before I can say anything, he attacks my balls with his mouth, gripping my cock in his hand. I gasp and my legs go weak. Oh fuck, this stud. The big heel has me reeling, but I hold it together. Brody is already inside Javier, riding his ass hard.

I push the kneeling muscleman off my junk. I pull him up by his hair. I wanna kiss him, but I hold off, unsure if it's right. I lead him to the corner, pushing him in. I get him to peel off his trunks. Wow, he's got a fucking beautiful uncut cock and huge smooth balls. I got my cock hard and sheathed. I make him brace in the corner and hold onto the top ropes. I lift his feet and move in.

The heel holds his torso up while I got his legs, grabbing under him. I push in, getting my cock to his hole. I see hunger in his eyes and he growls at me, "Do it! Fuck my hole!" I smirk as I move my hips. I split him open and his mouth drops open. He whimpers as I plunge in, moving deeper and deeper. My rock hard cock is halfway in and he's moaning loud.

I start working, sliding in and out slowly. Ramsay s as hard as a rock, too, his thick dick pointing up his body. We lock eyes, keeping the stare as I pound his ass, breeding the young city boy stud. I work long, but I suddenly feel two hands on my back. Brody circles in front and I realize it's Javier. My tag partner makes him worship me as I fuck his boyfriend.

Brody grabs hold of Ramsay s steel rod and starts pumping it. The young stud moans then cries out as he's quickly milked, losing his load all over his muscular body. I was barely holding on when Ramsay was sucking me. Seeing him cum while I fuck him and his hot, hairy hunk boyfriend rubbing me is way too much.

I drop Ramsay s legs then strip off the condom. I shoot my load all over his still hard junk, coating his meat with my hot white seed. He just watches as I mark him as mine. When I'm dry, Brody gives me a pat on the back then pulls me aside. He tells the losers to clean the ring then meet us in the shower.

I grab my trunks then my buddy and me head to the back together. I whisper, "Thanks. Best gift I ever got." Brody just smiles back.

In the Shower

Things are still a little tense as the four of us wash up. I don't think Javier is used to losing. Brody's a big boy and really used his ass. Ramsay seems okay with the whole thing, but he's staying quiet to avoid an argument.

Javier asks me, "How long you in town for?"

"I'm here for three months. I gotta get back to the farm around the end of February."

Javier shakes his head, "The farm. Fuck, you're really a fucking farmer named Buck." He looks me up and down and I feel like prey all of a sudden. He says, "Look, I'm making some videos. Exactly what we just did. Old school pro vibe. Selling them. You'd be fucking perfect."

I'm surprised. Ramsay moves in beside me, "There's that fucking 'what the fuck?' look again. Damn, Buck, you're so hot when you're dazed and confused."

As Ramsay starts soaping me down, my cock powers up. Javier grabs it and jerks it, his soapy hand lubing me up. I moan as I'm worked. Brody just watches with a big smirk on his face. I mouth, 'Help', but my buddy just shakes his head. I frown until they two studs playing with me hit a right spot simultaneously. I moan, go weak in the knees and realize that I'm trapped.

With me under his control, Javier starts explaining his idea, which is a "found footage" deal featuring guys in classic pro gear doing 80's pro action - hard-hitting, methodical submission and power moves. Backstage sex and drama. He's even got guys willing to grow out their mustaches and body hair for some authenticity.

I start to moan as he talks about the old holds that have fallen outta favor and how he wants to showcase them. Slow. Rough. Sexy. Heels and faces. He's even got some soft-bellied jobbers lined up to put guys over. No high-flying. Small audience. He wants to recreate the whole feeling of the past, but with modern guys who know their shit.

Brody tells me that he's in as an investor and wrestler, but it's up to me. It's tough to concentrate as Ramsay slides his slippery finger inside my ass. My mouth hangs open as I'm lathered in soap and toyed with. The tag studs have me right where they want me. They trade places and Javier sheathes his cock as he talks about the action he wants to film.

I don't resist as the hairy hunk pushes me forward. I brace against the wall, my hands pressing into the tile on either side of Ramsay  The young stud kisses me as Javier slides inside me. I gasp into the smooth muscleman's mouth, but he holds my head while his boyfriend slides deeper into me. The two studs work me and I can't resist as I get fucked.

Ramsay stares deep into my eyes as he softly caresses me. His boyfriend is pounding my ass and it feels great. The young hunk grabs my dick. Brody hands him a condom and he puts it on me. I just moan, lost in the moment. It's like I'm a plaything more than a man. Ramsay Ramsay turns and presses his ass against my hard, sheathed cock.

Javier pauses, holding his cock deep inside me. I don't need to be asked twice. I guide my cock inside his boyfriend and together we plunge in deep. The hairy hunk resumes riding me and I ride the young stud in rhythm. We hump in unison and I'm quickly ready to shoot. Javier orders me to hold on. At first, I can't fight the rising load, but he's got such a fucking dominant tone that I obey.

Finally, I hear him gasping and he grabs my hair, pulling my head up. He commands me to shoot and I let loose another giant load, this time actually inside Ramsay s sweet ass. I immediately feel the warmth of Javier's load inside me as he unleashes his seed. The two of us explode in time, our cries echoing in the small shower room.

When we're done, we slide out and I'm a little dazed. Javier catches me and it feels nice to press against his hard body. My body is sensitive, so I actually feel his chest hair on my back. I hear him chuckle behind me. He clutches my pecs, squeezing them as I rest against him. Brody moves in on Ramsay and the young buck is fucked for the third time today, this time by my big bodybuilder buddy.

Watching Brody take the hot muscleman gets me hard again. Ramsay is jerking his cock, so I break from Javier then stop the young buck. I drop a towel on the tile floor then kneel down. I engulf Ramsay s cock. He moans as I let him face fuck me with every thrust from Brody. It doesn't take long before I'm swallowing his seed as my third fucking load oozes out of my cock onto the tile floor.

I sit my ass on the floor, watching Ramsay s junk flop around in front of me as Brody finishes up. I'm overwhelmed by the whole deal. The young buck pulls me to my feet, thanking me. The four of us hug it out and just enjoy each other some more. The guys make Brody and me make out as they fondle each other, getting off on seeing us do it. I wonder if this will ever end.

When we're finally showered and dressed, Javier asks if I'm in on his pro wrestling video deal. I just nod. It sounds cool. He smiles, telling me I can even have the US belt until I head home. He starts throwing out suggestions for characters and gear, even asking if I can do a Russian accent. When I try, the guys laugh, telling me that I better stick to a hillbilly-farmer face character.

Buck's Big Day Gets Bigger

As we're driving back to Brody's place, his phone rings. It plays through the car radio, so I hear everything. It's this hot guy I met at the party named Cody asking if Brody and me are free tonight. I smile when he says I seemed cool, so him and his boyfriend Jae wanna hang out. Brody accepts for us then tells Cody I'm here with him.

Cody asks me if I'm having fun in LA, asking what I've done. I tell him I'm having a blast and that we just got done wrestling. Uh oh. Brody noticeably tenses. Cody goes real quiet. He's finally like, "Brody, you said Jae and me could have the first tag match." My buddy tries to play it off, but Cody ain't buying it. He goes, "Fuck our plans. Meet us at The Cave. And bring some clean gear."

Brody's all, "I don't know, we're awfully tired. Let's just hang out then wrestle later in the week." Yeah, apparently that ain't gonna work for Cody. The guy starts to talk Brody into showing up and I'm surprised 'cause it works. They hang up and I notice Brody's thin gym shorts are bulging. I try to beg off tonight, asking him to call back and reschedule.

My buddy shakes his head, "You don't want to turn him down and I can't turn him down. Not now. I'm in the doghouse and with this whole Rival thing ... oh shit. Don't mention it, by the way. Please. We wrestled Javier and Ramsay for fun in speedos. Just fun."

I just say, "Okay." I trust Brody and figure he'll explain it all later.

Brody relaxes, "Trust me, I'll explain it all later. We'll rest up. Cody's the best and Jae is fucking gorgeous. It'll be an awesome time."

I mutter, "What're you doing to me, man?" My buddy laughs, telling me that his whole plan is to make it impossible for me to leave in February. I look at him, taking stock of the whole deal. It's only been three days, but I've made some cool new friends. I'll do more wrestling and sex in one day than I usually get in months. And I'm gonna be appearing in wrestling videos.

We ride the rest of the way in silence as my mind tries to take it all in. The heat. The sun. The palm trees. The shiny cars. Everything is suddenly more intense. The world looks brighter here. I notice all the hot guys hanging out in coffee shops. And walking their dogs. And cruising by in their cars. Everyone is smiling and laughing, without a care in the world.

I remember talking to Cody and Jae. They were so beautiful, but they were still so friendly. I talked to Cody about being a personal trainer. Jae and me talked football. He played in college. I would like to get to know them better. I tell Brody that I'm up for wrestling tonight. He just nods and pats my thigh. I lean back, starting to get hard thinking about tonight.

Oh shit, I think Brody might be right. Leaving here ain't gonna be easy.

The End


  1. Squeee! Love it love it love it!

    Best tag match ever. Don't know if I've ever loved all four participants in a tag match this much before. Three I already loved, and the new Ramsey, holy hotness!

    And the resilient Javier! Not returning to the Cave on a technicality, but starting his own--incredibly hot--wrestling promotion! I'm all for it, but what will Cody think of it all? Hmmm...

    This story proved that you can write hot as hell, even without an evil villain involved. (Don't get me wrong, obviously I love evil villains, but this totally worked for me.) And the Country Boys! Getting some bulls worked in, in what isn't just a one-off story. And adding some midwestern blood into the mix...just, thanks for everything! (I feel kinda guilty, like this was tailor-written for me, but I swear it wasn't!) :)

    P.S. I heart Ramsey's ass. And don't at ALL blame Buck for getting hypnotized by it early on.

    1. Sean, I'm glad you liked it! It was fun to bring these guys all back together. And the model for Ramsey was a guy I just had to use thanks to that ass.

  2. What a great chapter and what I'm assuming that start to something way bigger! First Love the new additions and Buck and Brody were so fun to read. I like how they have there own Tag Team moves its like Voltage when he named his moves I love that! Good to see Javier back and looks like he has big plans too. Im assuming his federation is going to be another series if it gets going. And maybe a rivalry between it and the cave kinda like a smackdown vs Raw type of deal. I wonder if Cody knows about Javiers plan seems like he might know something or might not react well to learning about it seeing as how Brody says not to mention it. Cant wait for the next chapter! Im gonna go on a limb and say it's a Cody&Jae vs Brody&Buck and since you teased that well see a favorite like we never saw him so im going to put 10 imaginary bucks on maybe a Darkstar version of the Bat? Or maybe Jae with another costume, or its going to be something completly diffrent haha. As always thanks for the great read!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the plan is for this to be something bigger, so I'm glad you liked it. And that's a great idea for what the next chapter could have been. However, I didn't think of that. The next story is completely different.

    2. And I'm glad that I'm wrong! Makes it more exciting to read what happens!

  3. Please give Ramsay a singles match with a win! I'm getting tired of young, hot, muscled studs constantly getting jobbered.

    1. Odds are good that young, hot, muscled studs will win again, since that describes most of my characters, but I have to go where the narrative takes me. Ramsey (and Javier) winning wasn't the right direction for this story.

    2. Two sides of the same coin: Usually for every young, hot, muscled stud getting jobbered, there's a young, hot, muscled stud getting the win. :)

  4. Buck has easily become my favorite. I can't wait to see how he navigates this new world!

    1. Wow, thanks! He is different than most of my leads in a lot of ways, so I really appreciate it.

    2. Ditto what Anonymous said. The fact that Buck IS different than other leads is probably what makes people love him--myself included! (Not that there's anything WRONG with the others, you know I didn't mean THAT, right?)

  5. I finally can comment! I was desperate to say something but had my schedule full. These type of story is very interesting for a few reasons. You got three previous characters, two of them from outside the Cave (brody and buck) and Javier who was humiliated by sexy MoneyMaker (Day at that time). These three characters haven't had much action previously, Brody and Buck only once, and I think that this is Javier's third time. Then you have a brand spanking (no pun intended) new muscle hunky boy Ramsey. This guy is a total playa. That whole party scene was vividly hot. What a hot party that had to be. Luke, Ryan, Javier, Buck, Brody, Ramsey...and I assume Jae, Cody and who else was there?
    The match was actually exquisite. Your tag team writing is just perfect. You had Buck getting beat up and abused, the same with Ramsey. Poor Javier seems to just be the one that always gets pinned! HA!
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    Going back to the match. I felt the action from beginning to end. The whole country boy act, was so damn good and original. The way the shouted the name of their moves had me smiling. Ramsey's attitude, was very surprising. Behind that pretty face and sexy muscle body, is one mischievous and dirty heel. I can tell. That's a killer pretty boy, at least in my mind. And that makes him awesome.
    Something that sticks in my head, is that it looks like Brody is really playing with Buck. Yeah I know he wants him to stay but he really set him up. Which is kinda in iffy territory.
    Javier really shined though, in that last shower scene. His dominant daddy side shined through even with such a beast as Buck. That was a powerful scene. He seduced Buck using Ramsey as bait. It was very hot.
    My overall take is..."what its going to happen after this". What is Javier up to? Does Cody know about it? It feels like a Pandoras Box was just opened.
    Anyways, this is the kind of story that if someone is brand new, then that means that they need to read at least a couple of other stories. I am very excited for whatever is going to happen with these characters. Previous characters that make a comeback is always good. If they are now, as it looks like, permanent, even better. Great Job Alex!!! Great Job

    1. Thanks for the comment! It's harder to write, but I've always loved tag team action. I don't know how many visitors are new readers, but I try to add enough setup so it can be followed. Obviously reading Encounters: Thanksgiving and Night vs. Day gives background, but hopefully not necessary.

      Javier, Buck and Brody all seemed to make an impact in their previous stories, so I was glad to bring them back. This was intended as Buck's story with plot advancement through Javier.

      We'll have to see about Ramsey, but he certainly seemed to be a great wingman for Javier. He worked Buck really well. When I saw Nick Sandell on Aronik's Tumblr, I knew he had to be a character. I plan for him to return, although he's one of those models who looks different in every shoot, so I need to manage the base pics.

    2. I'm glad to hear about Ramsey. My request for a singles victory was for a future match.

      I get frustrated sometimes by situations like Nick Sandell's. My sympathy!

    3. I just did a Google Image Search. Lots of great pix. More consistent than some I've seen.

      But the more I see, the more I want to read of at least one major win where he get his due in the Stakes round. It's be a pleasure to peruse!